iOS 9 Direct Download Links You Need For Your Devices

iOS 9 Direct Download Links You Need For Your Devices
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iOS 9 is officially here, and if you own multiple iOS devices, you might find it a bit time-consuming to dig around for all the links for each individual device. However, there’s good news! We’ve collected all the iOS 9 download links and included them at the bottom of this article so you don’t have to spend time searching.

iOS 9 officially out

Today Apple has pushed out the public version of iOS 9, which developers have been playing with since the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Although a small subset of iOS users have had a chance to check out the new version of the operating system in beta, most are just getting their own personal glimpse at it today for the first time.

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There’s also now a beta version of iOS 9.1. so clearly Apple is ready to push out updates as soon as possible. iOS 9 will work on all devices that run iOS 8.

What to expect in iOS 9

After downloading and installing iOS 9 (which only takes 1.3 gigs, compared to last year’s massive size) you’ll find many new features. iPad users especially will see some big changes, like split screen capability, picture-in-picture, and a feature Apple calls Slide Over. Apple has also improved Siri, making it more proactive with the Siri Suggestions feature, and the Notes app. The company also added its own News app, improved battery life, and added a Low Power battery-saving mode to squeeze a little more juice out of your iPhone.

One much-requested feature Apple improved was the caps/ lowercase lettering on the keyboard. It was pretty common for users to become frustrated because it was hard to tell whether the shift key arrow was black or gray, so it was hard to tell whether the keyboard was in caps or lowercase mode.

Also a big focus with iOS 9 is being able to access whatever you’re working on or looking at across multiple Apple devices, so look for all of those new features as well. There’s also a new Selfies file, which will hold all the images taken with the front-facing camera.

It’s still too early to know just how many and what kind of bugs will pop up with iOS 9, so keep an eye out for problems after you install the update and back up all your photos, videos and other important files before you download it.

iOS 9 adoption expected to be faster than iOS 8

Crittercism expects adoption of iOS 9 to move more quickly than it did for iOS 8, although probably not in the early days. Most iOS users probably remember all the problems they experienced with iOS 8 last year, so they may be cautious about downloading iOS 9 until they see whether others have problems of the size and scale experienced with iOS 8.

However, Crittercism expects adoption to pick up and surpass that of iOS 8 over the same time frame pretty quickly as users realize that this year’s rollout is (hopefully) smoother and look forward to the added features iOS 9 brings

Full list of iOS 9 download links

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