iOS 9 Bug Mutes iPhone While Using WhatsApp, Facebook

iOS 9 Bug Mutes iPhone While Using WhatsApp, Facebook

iOS 9 has brought its share of problems since Apple pushed out the update earlier this month, although so far it has proven to be less problematic than iOS 8 was last year even though there are still problems. But now a new bug related to WhatsApp and even Facebook is causing a bit of a headache for some users.

WhatsApp and Facebook are two of the most popular apps on all mobile platforms, so when there’s a bug linking a new version of a major operating system with them, people are sure to complain. Thus far, however, it appears as if only foreign language websites are reporting it.

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iOS 9 shuts volume off reports that many iPhone users, after downloading and installing iOS 9, have emailed and complained that iOS 9 shuts off the volume on their phones while doing certain activities. Some say when they’re listening to music or a podcast and then switch to WhatsApp or Facebook, suddenly the sound shuts off. They say that prior to switching, everything is running normally. Upon looking at the volume on their phones, they discover that it has suddenly been turned down to zero. reports on what appears to be a variation of the same bug. In this version of the bug, when iOS 9 users send an image using WhatsApp to a contact, the volume on the iPhone is suddenly moved to zero.

No workaround yet

It’s unclear at this point whether the problem is with iOS 9 or if it’s occurring because of bugs in the other apps. However, as there are reports of this volume problem affecting both Facebook and WhatsApp, it appears as if the issue might lie with iOS 9.

Since upgrading to iOS 9, users have been reporting several relatively small bugs. To be sure, this issue with the volume is annoying, but at least it’s not earthshattering. So far there are at least four other bugs, each varying in their level of seriousness.

One of the newer bugs that has been discovered was that iOS 9 shut off cellular access for third-party apps, which of course means users had to be on Wi-Fi to use them. This issue is bigger than the volume one because there’s no way to turn cellular access back on for some third-party apps.

However, there appears to be a subset of users impacted. According to Forbes, the bug appears to only be impacting people who had cellular access for any of their mobile apps shut off on iOS 8 when they installed iOS 9.

The other problems include random crashes (which is to be expected with every new version of iOS in the early days) and a bug that locked up an iPhone on the slide to upgrade screen.

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