India Announces Huge Military Drills Along Pakistan Border

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Sources claim that the massive exercises will involve a large amount of equipment and troops, with a focus on rapid strike units.

In a move which could increase tensions, India will reportedly carry out military exercises in the western state of Rajasthan, according to INP. Tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbors are high due to a number of factors, and it seems unlikely that war games in border regions will do anything to defuse the situation.

Rapid strike units to be focus of military exercises

The focus of the exercise is believed to be quick, high-intensity attacks on enemy territory, and will involve armored units, artillery pieces and infantry maneuvers. According to sources quoted by INP, the exercises will be the largest of their kind in recent times.

War games are scheduled for October-November, with a particular emphasis on the 21 Corps, one of three main “strike corps” of the Indian Army. Despite this focus, the exercises will involve nearly all of the Southern Army Command, according to a report in The Times of India. India currently boasts the world’s second largest standing army.

“The exercise, which will peak towards end-November, will also include a major airdrop of paratroopers behind (simulated) enemy lines. Such a large exercise is usually held once in four years to validate, fine-tune war-fighting strategies,” said one source cited by INP.

India informs Pakistan of troop movements under protocol

Movements of armored vehicles and infantry units have already been noticed from Jhansi to Hyderabad, and sources claim that the Pakistani government “is being informed” of the scheduled military exercises, in accordance with the “advance notice” protocol in place between the two nations.

The protocol obliges both sides to inform the other of any major movement of military assets when they are not at war. The Pakistani government has revealed that a formal notice of the planned exercises has been received from India.

M.K. Narayanan, former National Security Advisor, believes that when conflict occurs between two neighbors, one of the biggest risk factors is not being able to predict how the situation will escalate. “Both countries are nuclear powers, so both have a lot to lose if the relationship escalates into a conflict,” Narayanan told a joint meeting of 10 Rotary Clubs.

High-tech military equipment to be tested

Media reports have claimed that India may test its nuclear weapons, heavy artillery and drones in the exercises. Up to 30,000 troops may also be involved, with activity predicted to peak towards the end of November.

According to Daily Pakistan the drills will involve the use of surveillance images gathered by satellites and drones, in addition to ground and airborne radars. An airdrop of paratroopers behind enemy lines will also be simulated.

Defense analysts in Pakistan do not see the exercises as cause for alarm. India has been undertaking large military exercises around every 4 years for a considerable time. Instead of worrying about Indian war games, they suggest that Pakistan concentrate on improving its own military capabilities.

Many commentators point to Kashmir as the primary source of conflict between the two nations, but the situation is in fact far more complicated. Alongside historical disputes, a number of other geopolitical factors are increasingly affecting relations.

Geopolitical situation complicated in Asia

While India has traditionally maintained close ties with Russia, Pakistan has found an ally in China. This friendship is cause for unease in New Delhi given its historic enmity with Beijing.

China and Pakistan have agreed a huge raft of important deals in recent years, including plans for a huge $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Although Chinese cooperation with Pakistan may be viewed with suspicion in India, the fact that part of the corridor runs through Kashmir has ratcheted up tensions.

India has also accused Pakistan of supporting terrorist groups which have carried out attacks on Indian soil, and contribute to ongoing regional instability. At the same time, Islamabad has signed a number of important defense deals with China, including the purchase of 8 submarines.

Other defense deals are also being discussed with Russia as Pakistan modernizes its armed forces. It had been hoped that the accession of both India and Pakistan to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization would improve relations between the two neighbors, but so far that does not look to be the case.

The regional grouping is dominated by Russia and China, and both nations have expressed an interest in working to end the enmity between India and Pakistan in the interests of regional prosperity. Thus far it seems as though the historic rivalry continues to make normal relations impossible.

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69 Comments on "India Announces Huge Military Drills Along Pakistan Border"

  1. We can judge a man by his treatment of animals–Immanuel Kant.
    Go slaughter your cow. Just remember what happened in Pak one year ago. Those Muslim animals came and slaughtered your children in Peshawar.

  2. Yeah, the Indian army has shown restraint for many years. The time will come when you get crushed and bombed the same way as your ISIS bretheren. Get ready for an east and west onslaught. We will destroy the middle east and outskirt muslim countries like Pakistan. Your bloody nation wasn’t even supposed to be an Islamic Republic according to your forefathers. They are probably turning in their graves over the state of Pakistan.

  3. Dear Jag Nathan,
    Nawaz Sharif and Raheel Sharif are not cowards. They are intelligent enough to avoid any possible conflict between the two countries. Hazards of war are not hidden from anyone.

  4. Modi is very untrustworthy and that makes the whole region in jeopardy. Fall out of the any Indian misadventure could be too hazardous for world powers to handle.
    The world is once again changing very rapidly and I genuinely feel that we are heading for another world war. This world war will bring more destructions to humanity in general.
    Indian and Pakistan people shall better be peaceful than become case study.

  5. Better be prepared and don’t take things easy. Modi is very untrustworthy and that makes the whole region in jeopardy.Fall out of the any Indian misadventure could be too dangerous for world powers to handle.

  6. The effects of the exercise would be highly dangerous ,if the wind blows to wards Pakistan. Epedemic of air born and chemical exolsion of the shell and rockets, would be the root cause of aerial born diseases, if what, if India advance hid drill and turn into invasion, is Pakistan would be able to defend, a sudden, rapid attack. My advise to Pakistan, let it get ready for advance and leathal defencive items, as well counter attack on navalsite, including deep pentration of the WMD, to stop the sudden movement. Remember India Knows this area is fasted to break Pakistan according to Indian Plan, and this the first steps to ward the planned war. As a matter is how India will acts as Pakistan takes a action in Kashmir.

  7. Muhammad Adeel Sheikh | Oct 6, 2015, 2:17 pm at 2:17 pm |

    Love U bro, Pakistan Flag raising high in Jammu and Kashmir.. after decades of Indian military terrorism on Kashmiri people.. U already lost Bro :*

  8. Keep laughing. Costs non one anything and its healthy for your body and mind. We have already set the agenda for you Pakis and its well on its ways. Proof – Nawaz Sheriff and his lieutenants at UN begging to stop India.

  9. Going by the comments here, the only thing unstable I see here are minds of Indian population. And that should be very embarrassing for you all … provided you have working senses to sense it all. Its old Indian habit of mobilizing the resources to Pak border where they enjoy camping and BBQ at tax payers expense for weeks and months and then unilaterally withdraw eventually seeing the red line. All this while, you all get this false impression of their capabilities and you all start dancing like clowns … now this is truly unstable behavior … isn’t it? LOL … dude this is Pakistan you are dealing with, not Bhutan or some small weak country which you “may” be able to scare … and some Indians dream of competing with China … ROFL … and I agree with you, we are very dangerous LOL and you are unstable.

  10. The fact that you guys are unstable and dangerous isn’t something you should be proud of. Its an embarassment, and the reason nobody wants to do business in Pakistan.

  11. Nothing, just displaying in a non combat safe mode all of the gear etc bought using tax payers money LOL

  12. Can easily say India is root cause for trouble in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir by employing Taliban and occupied forces to terrorise the innocent population. China needs to act once and for all to end this menace, for peace and prosperity in the region. RAW is totally exposed now. No wonder India banned the movie Waar, can’t allow ordinary Indians to find the truth.

  13. Muhammad Adeel Sheikh | Sep 26, 2015, 9:29 am at 9:29 am |

    LOL , Although i’m not one of those who quarrel on Indo-Pakistan relationship but Mr. Jag Nathan you made me Laugh Loud. I love to see true and propaganda free Media in US and India so people should be better educated besides getting malfunctioned Information.. take care

  14. India is provoking pakistan and distract pakistani forces who are killing Indian Terrorist Organization RAW terrorist from pakistan, every one knew RAW is funding terrorist inside afganistan to carry out attacks on nato and pakistan. There are 17 indian consulate along side pakistan afganistan border which are main source of money for terrorist

  15. Please keep your dumb war games on your side of the border just what exactly is india trying to prove here??

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  20. Why no earth can’t you read or refer to the studies being carried out by the international strategies organizations, notably the king institution in England about the capabilities of the armies in the sub continent. India is humanity’s ahole

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    Keep on dreaming you cannot even control the Muslim population living in India they clearly violates you in open …
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  44. Muhammad Adeel Sheikh | Sep 24, 2015, 4:59 pm at 4:59 pm |

    Once again after several failed Indian tactic and back footed foreign policy, Indians Govt. are again trying to hype up the Eastern borders of Pakistan to divert the Pak Army concentration from successful operations on West border to Afghanistan. Indian terrorism support via Afghanistan has been badly shackled and once again they are taking back step in Afghanistan and the conspiracy theories were rumored within the International media for last 2 to 3 month has been thrown to dust bins.. It is highly possible that in Current conditions Indians will back out form these military drills because of International pressures..

  45. I Love Pakistan | Sep 24, 2015, 4:59 pm at 4:59 pm |

    I can only tell you one thing YOU DON’T WANT TO TEST A Muslim’s Mind SITTING ON THE NUCLEAR SEAT ..
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    I will strongly suggest international leaders and Media as they have lot to loose in nuclear fallout to stop this EXTREMIST HINDU FANATIC MOODI from its schemes which can defiantly effect the whole world …

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  65. India got a kick in the butt from China in 1960 when Nehru ignored their peaceful offer of territorial negotiations. We need a repeat of this.

  66. India’s military exercise is a serious display of conventional power on the border with Pakistan. Their military will understand the consequences better than the politicians. They have a habit of brandishing nuclear weapons to neutralize India’s response for the cross border terrorism. Unlike past governments in India, no more of this will be tolerated by Modi. India has the capability to strike Pakistan on the entire 2000 mile border simultaneously with conventional forces. If Pakistan thinks it can drop a nuclear bomb on India in retaliation, that will be the last day that nation will exist as a nation. India’s nuclear triad system for retaliation is in the final check-off.

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