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How To Fix ‘Slide to Upgrade’ Bug After Updating to iOS 9

Now since iOS 9 is out, many users have started to update their iOS devices. However, some users are running into problems while updating. The issue is that after the download is complete, and when the iOS device is restarted, they find themselves stuck on the “Slide to Upgrade” screen. Even after sliding, this screen won’t go away. This bug renders the iPhone and iPad useless, but there is a fix for it

Official solution to ‘Slide to upgrade’ bug in iOS 9

In Apple’s official support document, the solution to this problem is provided. Basically, there are only three steps you need to take solve this problem:

How To Fix 'Slide to Upgrade' Bug After Updating to iOS 9

  1. Connect your iOS device to a computer that you’ve previously synced with iTunes.
  2. Select your device. If you don’t see it listed, force restart your device by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake and Home button for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.
  3. If you made an iTunes backup of your device before updating to iOS 9, restore your device from that backup. If not, you need to make a backup of your device in iTunes, then restore from that backup.

If you still see the Slide to Upgrade screen after completing the steps above:

  1. Restore your device. If you don’t see your device in iTunes, or your computer won’t trust your device, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home button for at least 10 seconds, until your device restarts and appears in iTunes. When prompted, choose Restore.
  2. After the restore is complete, set up your device as new.

This will be resolved soon in an upcoming iOS update.

As said in the third step, even if your device is facing the “Slide to upgrade” bug, you still can back up your data using iTunes and then restore it.

Problems with iOS 9

For some reason, iOS 9’s launch hasn’t been a smooth experience for users. Many users who tried to update directly from their device were left frustrated by error messages. Perhaps it was due to many users trying to update the OS at once, which caused heavy traffic on Apple’s servers. However, the solution was to stop downloading iOS 9  and instead download the update from iTunes. But apart from that, users also reported that their device started to lag after the iOS 9 update.

  • Kim

    Wish i had seen the thread two days ago… my only concern was the pictures of my children but luckily they were able to be saved to my computer before i restored it… hours of my life wasted I cant get back

  • Hate

    In launching its app, it ruined my memories, selfish. Not use Apple anymore to prove its launch a failure.

  • Shan

    Even after restoring in recovery mode still the same “slide to upgrade”

    what should i do now plz some one help me …..

  • thegteam


  • Tim Kramer

    Did this yesterday. Worked first try. I started the phone as new haven’t looked back. Thank you very much

  • James Wang

    See if has some of your contacts, photos… if you have used 5G of free space there.

  • dave

    Hahaha i know DMR is not from Apple, i got pissed off when i wasted my time reading all the terms and condition aggreement but then it happens like this.stck in the “slide to upgrade”… why apple is so special lol.. but why android is so easy and not even choosy.. since then, apple always have a bug issues.. i didn’t update all my apple devices then i started selling them… coz i hate it when all the time need to be fixed in computer from your itunes.. so i only have 1 left device which is my tablet… but now really pisses me off.. just throw it away haha.. i prefer android now.. easy and much better features..

  • dave

    Yeah thats right.. but at this time i dont have time and patience doing it.. … and its just pissin me off… coz it keep on saying turn off find my iphone device in the settings.. but how can i turn this damn off… coz im stuck to slide to upgrade… and plus im not that really good at computer thingy to do stff like this just to downgrade ios8… thats the problem of apple’s software eh? Unlike androids easy and not choosy? Lol

  • Will

    Ok. The fact that TJIS HAS EVEN HAPPENED is ridiculous. The most profitable company in the world should not have bugs that completly screw a $1000 device in the first place!!!!

  • Luke

    Can’t agree more.

  • Luke

    Unfortunately just expected things to work and had not backed up for a long time. Came across this “Slide to upgrade” freeze. Now I try to back up using iTunes and that does not want to work. Gives a crappy “iTunes cannot back up iPhone as it has not been set up” error message. Have tried multiple attempts to restart both computer and phone, have installed all updates and tried backing up to cloud, computer, encrypted and not encrypted. Either get the error message above or it JUST DOESNT WORK. Have tried third party software which does not work. Copied photos to windows PC (only bit in process that worked). Then tried a complete restore and even that has not worked. Have gone from a perfectly workable phone to a worthless piece of junk thanks to the horrendous piece of crap that is iOS9.

    I really like apple hardware but the software is so painfully useless and requires perpetual updates that are more obtrusive to computer function than any virus could be. I will gleefully be phasing out apple products from my use.

  • Ali

    I feel your pain….

  • Ali

    Thanks so much – however I think you’re right, I’ll hold off doing anything for now. I have an appointment at the Apple Store for next week where I will be giving them merry hell if they don’t get it sorted out. And they are surely going to fix the issue – there will be far too many disgruntled customers otherwise!

  • Joe Waters

    Apple is the worst thing iv ever experienced. Going to switch now and tell everyone to do the same. Everything on my phone was deleted, itunes said all of my data was backed up. This is one of many issues. NEVER BUY APPLE PRODUCTS!

  • Jiovany Beharry

    Yeah I gives that problem sometimes… This is what I did was connect my phone to my pc, with iTunes open I powered it off, then powered it on holding the power button together with the home button For approximately 10 seconds… iTunes then detects it in recovery mode… I click on update and restore… The only thing tho is that I lost all my photos, vids, and apps… It basically made the phone as if I just bought it

  • James Wang

    It never happened before, there is always a fix, This is applicable to all software development, it may take time for developer to find the bug, but once it is found, and it will always be found, the fix is relatively an easy job.

    A fix that only does a partial job, like no stuck on screen but no way to restore data, is not a real fix. No software company will let it happen.

    But if you want a peace of mind now, downgrade to iOS 8, save all the music to a machine, then either keep the iOS8 or upgrade to iOS 9 as a new phone, just to experience the new iOS.

  • DMR

    What if there is no fix that will allow you to restore from iOS9 at a later date and Apple removes iOS 8 from allowing you to downgrade, then you have lost all your music and pictures. It’s a personal preference.

  • Patrick

    I wasted a day following the “fix” multiple times. Installing as a new phone worked, but as soon as I restored from my backup it went back to the stuck at “slide to upgrade” screen. The only way to get my iPhone back was to downgrade to iOS 8.4.1. I restored my data and settings from the backup and everything was fine. I will wait for an update from Apple before going to iOS 9.

  • James Wang

    That is built in function, default to ON when you sign in icloud with your AppleID, here is how to fix it:

    Log into, go to find tab, under the list of all devices, find the phone, remove it from that AppleID,
    Then go through the restore process again. Just make sure to set up as new phone and don’t attempt to restore the old data yet

  • James Wang

    Log into, go to find tab, under the list of all devices, find the phone, remove it from that AppleID,
    Then go through the restore process again. Just make sure to set up as new phone and don’t attempt to restore the old data yet.

  • James Wang

    :) relax, this is the world we are living in, even Apple software has bugs :)
    DMR is not from Apple, only one of us.

    I am keeping my iOS 9 on the “new” phone and wait for the real fix (not the current workaround) to get back all my data.

  • James Wang

    1. Download the latest iOS 8 to your computer;
    2. shift+ restore in iTunes which will allow you to pick the downloaded firmware from your computer;
    Finish the process and you are done.

    I do not recommend downgrade though, unless you desperately want to have access to the music, or you want to be able to access so you can save it somewhere out of your iPad.

    Apple has to say no guarantee or they are bringing trouble themselves with this promise, but likely there will be no problem restoring all data.

  • James Wang

    Make sure under all devices there is nothing left, at least your phone should not be there. Then go through the restore process again. Just at the end, set up as a new phone and do not try to restore your old data.

  • James Wang

    I found it out the hard way

  • Jim Hicks

    Me too, I deleted my iPhone from the Find my iPhone devices list and it still says that I have to turn it off. Please help.

  • Tim Kramer

    I have the exact problem. Some one please help us.

  • Ali

    Thanks DMR – I have no clue how to downgrade though….is this an easy process?

  • Jack Muth

    OKAY EVERYONE, ive had this exact problem and was on the phone to apple for about 30 mins to fix it. put your phone into recovery mode and set it up as a new phone. it will then work however do not restore the backup from your computer THIS IS THE KEY PART as many websites tell you to restore it DO NOT DO THIS. they said youll have to wait a bit until a new update is released. but you can download apps and do everything else. So youll just have to wait to the upate comes out and then once youve installed it restore the backup from your computer. Hope this helps guys!!!!

  • DMR

    Downgrade to iOS 8.4.1. Once you have done that, select iCloud back up during set up, and all your music will download (assuming that you regularly backed up to iCloud).

  • DMR

    Yes, just download the latest version of ITunes on the computer that you are using. I had to do that as well. The only reason I downgraded was because I lost all my pictures, and that was more important to me than having the latest iOS.

  • DMR

    I am offering you a solution if you want all your pictures and apps back in there original form. If not, then stay on IOS 9.

  • Victor Lee

    to all those who have this problem, what i did was to use this tool call iTools to do backup first.

    1. you restart the device connect your device, launch the iTools app.

    2. Enter your pin(if you have) then carry on start upgrading, carry on till the stage before the slide to upgrade bug step.

    3. device would have as you to trust or don’t trust, select trust and proceed to backup all photo, music, videos, notes, and whatever you need to backup.

    4. in iTools click toolbox, select firmware downloader, select your device and download 8.4.1 firmware.

    5. launch iTunes your device should be recognised, hold on to your shift key + click on the upgrade, select the firmware downloaded.

    6. recovery done. you can proceed to restore the data backup using iTools.

  • Meryam Latif

    ok,i removed my device from my icloud account but still nothing, it keeps saying the same thing

  • Jiovany Beharry

    you have to remove your device from cloud and register it back as a new one

  • Meryam Latif

    thanx ,but ive already logged in to icloud but idk where to turn it off?????

  • Moi

    log into icloud from a PC and turn off find my iphone

  • Meryam Latif

    i cant restore my iPhone because it says that i should turnoff find my iphone first , but i cant get access to my phone to turn it off !!!!does anybody have any idea about this , please help,thanx

  • Meryam Latif

    i have the same problem 2 :( did it work!!! idk what to do,please help

  • Ali

    I have spent the past 3 days constantly on chat to Apple Support after upgrading my iPad2 to iOS 9. Screen was stuck on ‘slide to upgrade’. Nothing has fixed this – countless attempts to restore from back up – restore as new etc and all result the same. Apple Support have now informed me that I should restore ‘as new’ and then use my iPad without any access to my backed up info/music, until the next update. However she said there were no guarantees that the next update will ever allow me to restore my iPad back to normal. Could be thousands of hours of music completely lost forever – I am utterly furious!!!

  • Ali

    Same here! And I have been told I can just use my iPad as new (aren’t I lucky?!) and I may never get my music and all my apps reinstalled even after the next update. Absolutely furious!

  • dave

    well thanks for this info… after all doing that,, then downgrade it into ios8 ?? wow.. you wasted our time… fixing ios9 then downgraDE to is too much very special too much attention .. all i can say who ever updating into the public for the new software.. just stop it if its always having a bug issues… or just dont update your devices,,, too much work too much waste of time,.. just a garbage..

  • Dave

    well this is the most i hated from apple.. not all people are not good in computer to fix the problem when connecting to itunes..ok? i dont know how i am going to turn off my find my iphone device to my icloud from my ipad2 coz i already updated my ipad to ios9.. and stuck at slide to upgrade.. its a waste of time fixing this s .. better use android no more s s like this..

  • DMR

    If you upgrade to IOS 9, you have to set up as a new device and you will not have access to your backed up data on the ICloud. If you were on IOS 7 @Darth Nefarius and upgraded to IOS 9, you can downgrade to IOS 8.4.1 and restore all of your apps and pictures. You have to download 8.4.1 firmware file to a computer. You can google it, but make sure you select the file that matches your device. It will probably save as .zip file on your computer, change the extension to .ipsw. Download the latest version of ITunes on your computer and keep it open.
    On your IPad Turn off your passcode and Find My iPad.
    Connect your iPad to your computer using your USB cable, then force restart your iPad by holding the power button and home button at the same time, until the Apple logo appears, then release just the power button until the ITunes logo and a cable appears on your screen. This will connect you to ITunes. Hold down the left shift key (PC) or Option/Alt key (Mac) and click on Restore iPad. A new window with your folders will pop up. Select the IPSW file that you downloaded. It will only take a few minutes to download. Once completed set up your iPad, and select “restore backup” from the last date prior to upgrading to IOS 9. I hope this helps until Apple fixes the bugs.

  • joan nash-riner

    what if you cannot connect to the computer that you originally had iTunes on?? what if its a different computer now? can you install iTunes and try the restore method? stuck on “slide to upgrade” like everyone else and the a$$hole at the apple store said “there is no one here that can help you….you have to go home and restore…” I WOULDN’T BE HERE IF I DIDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! he was useless as tits on a nun…I have tried everything possible and am still stuck on “slide to upgrade”…anyone?? help?? please??!!!

  • Nic

    I have the same problem – can’t get into my phone to switch Find my iPhone off. Is the only solution to set up as a new iPhone? If so how do I do that? Thanks

  • James Wang

    Sorry that this trick does not work for you. I guess if Apple cannot help, we’d have to wait for the real fix.

  • Elaine Chambers

    Yes, I set it up as a new iPad. Got through all the first stages (choosing country , language etc) but it still went on slide to upgrade and stuck. Apple support can’t help me.

  • James Wang

    Just want to make sure: did you get to the point to set it up as a new phone?

  • fiona

    I am the same I am trying to restore my phone but it is saying I can’t because of the find my phone app but I never downloaded that app can someone please help I am lost without my phone!

  • Elaine Chambers

    I’ve already tried this and it still got stuck on the slide to upgrade screen. Apple said there’s nothing else I can try!

  • Elaine Chambers

    I’ve done a complete restore twice, via iTunes, and it’s still stuck on the “slide to upgrade” screen. Apple support said there is nothing further I can do and must wait for iOS 9.1. In the meantime my iPad is useless!

  • Darth Nefarius

    After my g/f’s 6 year old tried upgrading (w/o backing up of course )then hitting the error I tried to restore from backup ( the backup was ~9 months+ old in iOS7 ) but the slide error kept on coming back so I’m ( well the little kid) is screwed ( losing alot of data from games so now I have to deal with a little crying 6 year old )unless I can figure out how to restore back to iOS7 then try getting the old backup to work

  • thegteam

    My son has the 4s and loves the new update, I’m android as far as phones go but like I said, the ipad seems to have better battery life aftr the update and everything just looks cleaner and sharper, fonts, pics, etc…

  • James Wang

    I am sure Apple will have a fix, then the only thing for us to do is to get the new fix, then restore the old backup data, unfortunately it will overwrite whatever you have on the phone since you set it up as a new phone. Hope it is not a lot so you can save it somewhere before the restore.

  • James Wang

    It works better on my iPhone 4s, I jumped from 7 to 9, faster and no crash so far (due to less apps on the phone, I guess) :)

  • Halltrimm

    “Restore your device. If you don’t see your device in iTunes, or your computer won’t trust your device, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home button for at least 10 seconds, until your device restarts and appears in iTunes. When prompted, choose Restore.”

  • thegteam

    gotcha!! well i didnt have much on my ipad other than some pics but i was able to download those to my laptop and the restore as new ipad worked for me. I will say that ios9 seems a bit buggy but it looks great and I’m sure it will be great once apple works everything out.

  • James Wang

    That is the only way actually works for all. Not a fix, it is a work around, the fix will be in code, hopefully Apply will fix it soon and only then can we restore and get the old data back. For now, we only make the phone work again as a phone.

    My guess is that the attempt to restore the backup data is triggering this specific bug, setup as new is just to avoid it.

  • Jordan Rozelle

    so does that mean we lost all of that information on the back up? photos, notes, etc? I can’t believe this

  • thegteam

    thats the fix from apple, it is the REAL fix??

  • James Wang

    login account, remove release your device from your appleid,

  • James Wang

    confirm, I am waiting for the real fix then I can restore my old data

  • James Wang

    Exactly, that is the only way that worked on my phone.

  • thegteam

    have your computer that you’ve used to sync your iphone to on and ready to go, force your phone off by holding down the power button for 10 secs or so if its not already off. My fix worked with itunes off, next have your iphone cord plugged into your phone only and not the computer yet, hold down the home button and while holding down plug the usb end into your computer and keep holding the home button until you see your phone turn on and the little itunes logo appears, your computer will recognize your phone and itunes will open and go into restore mode, you may have to set up as a new phone and lose all contacts but you should be able to get them al back from the took me 4 to 5 tries so be patient, it will work!

  • thegteam

    Had the same problem with the Find my iPhone being on, I was able to backup all my picks to my laptop first, then had to try the fix about 4 o 5 times but it finally did work, I had to set up as a new ipad so I lost all my current apps but am able to download them again from itunes if I want.

  • Cas

    My I Tunes says I’ve got to disable Find my I Phone first BUT I CAN’T BECAUSE I CAN’T GET INTO THE PHONE! What do I do!!!!!

  • Author12

    Backup doesn’t work. Apple support is saying that the only solution is to force a restore and set the phone up as a new phone.