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Here’s How The 3D Touch In iPhone 6S Works [VIDEO]

Apple has finally taken the wraps off the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The new phones come with an improved 12-megapixel main camera, 5MP selfie camera, an upgraded A9 processor, and iOS 9. One of the biggest highlights of the iPhone 6S is its advanced 3D Touch display technology. It would allow the new iPhones to interpret and respond to three levels of touch: tap, press, and prolonged press.

3D Touch to revolutionize how you interact with your phone

Apple Watch and the latest MacBook already use a variation of the technology called ‘Force Touch.’ However, 3D Touch is a little more advanced. It can trigger multiple functions based on how much pressure you apply. For instance, a gentle press could highlight a word, but a long press could look up its definition. It will require some getting used to, but Apple explains in a video how the technology works.

If you are going through emails, you can use the “peek and pop” gesture to quickly see what’s inside an email without navigating away from the list of emails. Gently press an email you want to take a look into, and a popup appears. If you want to read further, press a little longer to “pop” the full content into view.

3D Touch also allows you to interact with app icons on the home screen. For example, pressing the Mail app icon pops up a menu with options like Inbox, VIP, New Message, and Search. Using the same force to the Camera app quickly yields options like Record Video, Take a Selfie, Take Photo, Record a Slo-Mo. The technology works with a large number of apps including Safari, Maps, Multitasking switcher, etc.

iPhone 6S features a 1715mAh battery

Apple allows even third-party apps to take advantage of the 3D Touch technology. Probably the coolest use of 3D Touch in iPhone 6S is the new Live Photos feature. When you capture an image, you can make it come alive with a few seconds of video such as moving cars in the background.

What’s more, if you watch the above video carefully, you’ll notice that the iPhone 6S battery is marked “1715mAh.” That’s in line with previous reports that Apple would reduce the battery capacity in the iPhone 6S to 1715mAh from 1810mAh in last year’s iPhone 6.


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