China’s Growing Submarine Strength Worries U.S.

China’s Growing Submarine Strength Worries U.S.
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In February, Vice Admiral Joseph Mulloy admitted that China had more diesel- and nuclear-powered submarines than the United States. The U.S. Navy currently has 71 submarines. Santa Clara-based think tank Rand Corp said in its latest report that the U.S. should reduce its focus on giant aircraft carriers in the Pacific Ocean and instead focus on submarines and space warfare.

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Two scenarios that could lead to a China vs. U.S. conflict

Rand Corp studied the military capabilities of China and the United States. They compared two countries using ten “scorecards” in maritime, cyber, space, nuclear, and air strengths. The think tank projected capabilities of China and the U.S. through 2017. According to, two scenarios could lead to a major conflict between the two countries: Beijing invading Taiwan, and second, forcibly occupying the Spratly Islands.

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China is currently building a third airstrip in the Spratly Islands even as Washington has denounced Chinese militarization of the archipelago. China is nowhere close to the United States in terms of military capability. But it doesn’t need to match the U.S. to take control of the South China Sea, which is at the doorstep of China and thousands of miles away from the U.S.

Can U.S. challenge China in the South China Sea?

Lead author of the report, Eric Heginbotham, said neither country wants war, but the balance of power will directly affect calculations of each country. China’s ability to challenge the U.S. Navy’s surface fleet has grown manifold in the last two decades. Beijing has deployed sophisticated cruise missiles, developed long-range surveillance systems, built stealth submarines equipped with cruise missiles, and acquired strike aircraft with long ranges.

China could seriously damage U.S. aircraft carriers, especially in the first stages of a conflict. In the event China invades Taiwan in 2017, the U.S. carriers would be at high risk. They will also face a lesser degree of risk in case of a conflict in the Spratly Islands. The number of diesel submarines in Chinese Navy  (PLAN) rose from just four in 1996 to 37 today. And almost all of them are armed with cruise missiles and torpedoes.


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  1. M-M — China has been a nuclear state for several decades… And currently is operating a substantial and successful space program (near earth and lunar explorations)..

  2. There are several issues here.
    The author thinks a diesel sub is stealth.
    Now I agree china has made advances in many areas.
    And yes china has more subs. But their capabilities are a decade behnd.
    I also think we need more subs. We need a 350 – 400 ship Navy.
    I’m glad we are stoping production on the LCS Class ships.
    I’m baffled why we are stopping the Zumwalt Class?
    And we need to keep our Aircraft Carriers, 10 at the lowest.

  3. “…China’s ability to challenge the U.S. Navy’s surface fleet has grown manifold in the last two decades. ”

    What is manifold, is it like a dispense manifold for fluid flow dynamics.???

    “…built stealth submarines equipped with cruise missiles, and acquired strike aircraft with long ranges. ”

    I had never come across any evidence that the Chinese are capable of building Stealth Submarine, provide sources please.

  4. @ Bitecorn , i it really that hard for you to read an informative article ……. what misplaced your where’s Waldo dictionary …….

  5. First before taking on CHINA( the other world’s superpower instead of RUSSIA and the U.S. ), why not taking on or messing with the nuclear-armed state such as North Korea( but should do it alone and without any single assistance from the South Korea’s military) as a test. Nothing! It’s just to examine and calculate how strong or powerful enough is the U.S.’s military strength. That’s all.

    The truth is the U.S. as of now is no longer the world’s leading superpower on earth, and on top of that the U.S. is no God.

  6. oh geez, china is not telling everyone what they build and have, is the western media trying to dig out whatever they have and make a hoo haa about it

  7. Oh geez. Every week there are a dozen articles about China gaining weapons. The one’s that are dangerous is the one’s that don’t tell but carries a big stick. What does it matter who has what? Do duel to the death then talk. Every time there’s an article about China and commenters rush to duel with words. Well, words don’t win battles. Let’s see some blood shred.

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    Did you watch it yet ? China will be destroyed by their own power

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  10. Tell that to the obsolete Chinese sub that surfaced within torpedo range of the USS Kitty Hawk without being detected. Go look it up if you’re not in denial.

  11. Sorry to beak it to you but China’s stock market is no gauge on the economy. If China’s stock market is full of shell companies as accused, it ain’t real. Does it matter if they would go to war if it crashed. People are paranoid that China would go to war being rich.

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    Rodman Scace … excellent comment !!!

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  18. China’s subs are old soviet hand me downs. Rusty boats with fresh paint and zero technology. I can imagine the pitrid smell of chinese people and their dog meat inside of a submarine.

  19. Paranoia again. If Albania bought a new submarine the media would panic about that also. Just crap articles one after another. One week Russia’s planes are falling out of the sky, the next week they are a threat. One week China is going to take over the world, the following week talks about how far behind China is. This is all just verbal diarrhea.

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  22. Stfu you sound absurd!! If China wasn’t a threat why do the Pentagon worry about them? You are so lost in your own ignorance and silly ego which will put you nowhere..

  23. Whatever dummie! The USA can’t manage another war no matter who is at the helm! You forgot Uncle Sam owes China over 17 Trillion!! Yes, it equates to if the US goes into another war their economy will implode, worst, a war with its debtor!! The US wouldn’t and couldn’t last in a one and one war with China by sheer numbers!! China has more Surface to Air and Sea Launched Anti Ship and Submarine Missiles than Russia and the US combined… Those massive Tomahawk CM and all those loud F16s and 15 along with all the other types of fighter planes only costs a lot of money but China can use a USD$3,000.00 missile or a salvo of them worth about USD$100,000.00 to take out each one of these aircrafts.. So theoretically fighting China anywhere is a lose lose.. The US will suffer another heavy defeat..

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  26. this is just a false propaganda written by a Indian dude who has almost no knowledge about US military. Having an MBA in finance and a deep interest in tech, science and politics does not make him expert in miliitary scince. China is a big worries for India not for U.S.A. India’s jets are falling down from the Sky.

  27. China and other countries throw the word ‘stealth’ around pretty well. And the products they have are a few generations back, and Im sorry, we could detect them before the threat. Even this new ‘carrier killer’ they have turns out to be only mach 5 at the most. and it operates like an ICBN nuke, and has to fly above the atmosphere, which is easily detectable.

  28. WHY can’t we retain China as an ally as in WW2, no matter of their of their government beliefs? The same goes for Russia. Look at the political nonsence we are having presently by our two paties before an election, but do get over it, after the election. Any government throughout the world can be a big pain in the butt. There is no perfect solution by any form of government throughout the world, therefore, all governments have to respect one another to maintain a sane peace throughout the world.

  29. However, China’s submarines are very noisy underwater and easy to locate. They are no match for Japan’s P3-C patrol aircrafts and Soryu-class submarines.

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