Apple Finally Has A Stylus, But It’s Called A ‘Pencil’

Apple Finally Has A Stylus, But It’s Called A ‘Pencil’

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was always against the idea of using a stylus, as he believed styluses are klutzy and can be easily lost. At the same time, Jobs advised his successor, Tim Cook, to spend time on the right things, and that he did. Yesterday the firm announced the Apple Pencil, which is nothing but a stylus.

“Apple Pencil” different from other styluses

The Apple Pencil can be used simultaneously with a finger and can be charged via the iPad Pro with the help of the Lightning connector on the back. The Apple Pencil not only works with Apple’s apps but also with selections from the App Store. This stylus, priced at $99, can be used for multiple purposes such as marking Word, Mail, Notes, Paper or other documents.

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Apple’s stylus is different from others in the market. When the Pencil is used, the system scans twice as often to capture more data points with every stroke. A sensor also determines the degree of force applied to the tip of the Pencil. If someone has to draw thicker lines, then he/she will have to apply more force, and for hair lines, a lighter force is needed. And if someone needs to apply varying amounts of pigment, then the pressure sensitivity helps greatly. Converting shapes into graphical objects also takes place automatically.

Smart Keyboard for new iPad

Very soon the firm will also make available a Smart Keyboard for the new iPad. Using a keyboard with the iPad has always been possible, but this time the keyboard is a different and smarter. For accommodating landscape typing, the new keyboard magnetically connects with the tablet via a three-port Smart Connector. The Smart Keyboard, which also acts as a cover for the iPad Pro, can be unfolded when needed.

Both power and data are simultaneously carried by this new 4mm keyboard. The new Apple dome switch, derived from the MacBook, is also featured in the keyboard. The keys covered with “woven fabric” are built into a Smart Cover that attaches to the Smart Connector. A sheet of durable, woven, laser-ablated fabric is used in the making of the top layer, forming the shape of each key. The Smart Keyboard has a water and stain resistant finish and has been priced at $169.

Both accessories will become available in November.

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