What Should U.S. Do About China-Russia Alliance?

What Should U.S. Do About China-Russia Alliance?
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The U.S. has little time to come up with a well-defined plan on what to do about the relations between Russia and China that are getting more intimate by the second.

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Some experts, including a well-known expert on politics Joseph Nye, believe that the warming relations between Beijing and Moscow is “a marriage of convenience” based on mutual distrust, as cited by Pravda.ru.

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At the same time, Princeton’s Gilbert Rozman believes that the rapprochement may lead to a “new, post-Cold War geopolitical order.” Rozman and other experts who support this notion claim that China and Russia are building a durable alliance, which is going to challenge U.S. global dominance.

However, both of the opinions exaggerate the reality, which presents something in the middle. The fact that some of the interests of China and Russia do not align doesn’t create any obstacles for a cooperation between them, and this cooperation is getting broader every day.

As it was recently reported by ValueWalk, the Russian and Chinese navies will hold their largest joint military drills called ‘Joint Sea 2015 (II)’ to take place from tomorrow (August 20) through August 28.

The drills will be held in the Sea of Japan and is an extension of Joint Sea-2015 (I), which was the naval drills held by the two countries in the Mediterranean Sea back in May. Japan, the U.S. ally in Asia, is on full alert about the exercises being so close to its shores.

The week-long exercises will involve seven Chinese warships, five warplanes, six shipborne helicopters, 21 amphibious vehicles and 200 marines. From the Russian side, there will be 12 naval aircraft, 20 battleships, nine amphibious vehicles, two submarines and 200 marines.

It must be noted that the Chinese Navy has not conducted any military drills in this area before. Over the past decade, Beijing and Moscow have held five major joint military drills.

Strategic foolishness of the U.S.

As for the economic cooperation, China and Russia recently announced they will unite China’s Silk Road Economic Belt with Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union in order to fully integrate Eurasia.

Authors of the article cited by Pravda.ru note that some aspects of the cooperation between Moscow and Beijing pose certain threats to the U.S. For example, both countries support the notion of “cyber sovereignty,” which tightens the grip of the governments over Internet activity in their territories, thus destroying the notion of “free and open Internet.”

In addition to that, the fact that Russia is delivering modern S-400 surface-to-air missile systems to China can disrupt plans of the U.S. military in the Asian-Pacific region.

However, it’s not only bad from the relations between the two countries, as both of them greatly contributed to successfully reach the nuclear deal with Iran. Besides, the U.S. needs both Moscow and Beijing to monitor the fulfillment of the deal from Iran’s end.

In addition, Russia and China promise to collaboratively engage in the economic development of Asia, which, in the broad sense, would benefit the whole world, not only U.S. interests.

Therefore, the warming relations between the two powers is quite ambiguous for the U.S. And officials sitting in Washington understand that, which is why they cannot come up with a well-defined political course. As John Mearsheimer, international relations theorist, said in one of his interview, “driving the Russians into the arms of the Chinese…is strategic foolishness of the first order,” as cited by Pravda.ru.

China and Russia will likely fight for the influence in Asia

According to Mearsheimer, Washington shouldn’t apply pressure to neither Moscow nor Beijing individually to not let them tighten their ties. The U.S. doesn’t have any “attractive incentive” to breach the partnership between the two counties, the expert noted.

“Instead of trying to break up the two powers, the U.S. goal should be to provide the opportunities and space for China and Russia to create distance between themselves. This means not opposing – and even tacitly encouraging – each power’s efforts to extend its influence in the other’s backyard,” political experts in the article noted.

No matter how many times Beijing and Moscow officials have stated how eager both of the sides are to unite Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union with China’s Silk Road Economic Belt, at some point of their cooperation, Russia will most likely start worrying about China getting deep into Russia’s areas of influence in Central Asia.

As of today, the non-formal agreement that Russia handles security matters in the region, while China leads its economic development, is still taking place.

However, as China’s influence in the region continues to grow, local governments will most likely try to take advantage over some differences between China and Russia, which will eventually result in more open and more frequent disputes between the two countries.

What U.S. should and should NOT do about China and Russia

What the U.S. shouldn’t do is it shouldn’t get involved in this process, the regional competition will do its thing. Also, Washington shouldn’t engage in a confrontation against Russia and China in Eurasia.

Instead, the U.S. should let Beijing and Moscow to compete with one another while helping the world to counter terrorism, on the fight against which the U.S. has thrown so much resources and energy. At the same time, the more resources and energy China and Russia will throw into Central and South Asia, the less they will have for Europe and Eastern Asia.

However, the U.S. shouldn’t stop paying attention to the region currently dominated by China and Russia. Instead, it should carefully watch the developments in the region and be ready for signs that would allow to give birth to differences between the two countries.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. You must be thinking of government debt. Let’s not be mistaken, the rest of the US economy is in excellent shape. On the other hand, China is sucking some serious wind at this time. You are the one that is less than intelligent. Get a life!

  2. What other choice does he have? All the a-hole American lapdog nations of Europe pretend that it’s Russia that is at fault, instead of the U.S., who sparked the crisis by overthrowing the democratically elected government of Ukraine in Feb 2014.

  3. duro: China hasn’t killed any journalists. Only harrassed them.

    Don’t pretend we don’t know that the U.S. overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine in Feb 2014.

  4. LMFAO fat chinaman paid maggot troll! THE USA won by DEFAULT! LMFAO I think that nuclear bomb was NOT a default! STUPID as (s) wipe! LMFAO LMFAO Quit using a spanish name when your chinese! All chinese are sooooooo embarrassed that they use anyone but their own names! LMFAO at the embarrassing maggot! I think 1 billion people in China making USA $1.25 is wreckage! LMFAO Get them a toilet and paper before you call anyone else in the world a mess you gross chinese maggot hackers! Try inventing something! You INVENT NOTHING but Olympic cheating and stealing everything! LMFAO the MAGGOTS OF THE EARTH ARE THE CHINESE!

  5. So what does Russia offer other than oil and gas?

    The recent slowdown (China 2015 Q1 7%) shows that transition to domestic demand is not keeping pace with the desired growth for China. Big think is required. China might as well jump in and add an economy 1/4 the size of China to the world, AND permanently eliminate the threat of being blockaded by foreign forces.

    The new normal since 2008 is that central banks can print unlimited currency to spend, and there is no inflation. China has excess capacity in many, many industries. The key to 21st Century development for China would be to rapidly EXPAND DEMAND.

    So China prints another 12-15 Trillion Yuan and talk Putin into a rapid, multiple decade full scale development of Siberia. Think 10 million emigrants. China still has 100,000,000 rural folks living below the poverty line. IF the economies of Russia and China (and for that matter all of Asia as in some sort of economic union) become INTEGRATED, given the complementarity, the “bloc” would have all of the raw materials needed, and can produce most, if not all, of the products needed.

    Siberia remains the only undeveloped fertile land on Earth, where genetically modified farming has not yet been introduced. It has the potential of developing into the biggest organic farming base, with strict non-GMO rules. Russia has the land and water, but lacks everything else (capital, technology, manpower) to make it happen. China can supply the rest and the whole world benefits.

    For China, developing Siberia means making full and economic use of excess capacity in many industries – construction and transport equipment, steel, metals, cements, etc.

    For Russia, an undeveloped Siberia remains an empty promise, a hole in the ground that does not do Russians any good. Opening up Siberia means immediate foreign currency cash, AND sustained income for Moscow to provide all Russians better lives.

    Granted, this will take very strong commitments on both sides. But Siberia can produce as much agri products as Canada. Both Russia and China can greatly reduce food insecurity, and enjoy decades of sustained economic development.

    If Russia joins up, most likely will all the other EEC countries, and likely Mongolia AND India. Half of the world’s population, and the biggest, fastest growing markets. Russia would also immediately gets all the foreign currency it needs (within reason).

    From the security point of view, land routes would be well neigh impossible to blockade as navies would be useless.

    Also, such a combo would have 3 times the land mass and 4 times the population (8 times if India joins) compared to America, and the same number of nukes. So if America keeps up the aggression, it just speeds up the development.

    OK, granted it is not going to be an easy sell. But if the presidents (Xi and Putin) pull this off, the security situations for both nations and the whole world will greatly improve.

    In the last few weeks the first shipment of 40 T of pork is already shipped to Siberia. The two sides announced the construction of a 100,000 head milk cow farm, to be fed with fodder grown on 100,000 hectares of Siberian land. The opportunities are impressive.

  6. Bring on all China Navy to face up just one single US battle group and see the end results yourself. I think at the end it will create a lot of job opportunities for Chinese people to reclaim these Chinese warships from the bottom of the sea. Hahaha.

  7. Hah…Did Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and many more ask for America’s help. All of those countries have been destroyed and America should be held for war crimes! Millions of lives ruined, look what’s happening in the Mediterranean because of American “intrusions” in Libya! America puts countries into trouble, they don’t bail out ANY ONE….

  8. Do not do anything. This is like watching (2) people you have slept with hook up with each other. We all know how this ends! One will eat the other when it is over. Let them play! Putin does not trust the asians! Xi knows when push comes to shove the Russians always run back to their western DNA people! Lets let these trains wreck! LMFAO

  9. “Beijing and Moscow is “a marriage of convenience” based on mutual distrust,”

    Is this something we should worry about?

  10. More China/Russia propaganda… I especially liked the part where they referenced “Valuwalk”…

    Do some research into who owns all these new pop-up news organisations… What you find may interest you.

  11. Take this in jest. (I could have done the other “bowls” but too much typing).
    Revelation 16-19 And the great city was divided into three parts(Western Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine/Novorossia and Crimea, and the cities of the nations fell(To be announced): and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give
    unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath(clearly, God punishes Ukraine with His wrath for not being able to live in peace with the Russian speaking minority. The territory of Ukraine is the birthplace of the Slavic people or “the people of the Word”, but now they are speaking different languages, just like the residents of Babel).
    20 And every island fled away(Crimea, which is pretty much an island, quits Ukraine), and the mountains were not found(spokesperson for the United States Department of State, Jennifer Psaki, claimed that Ukrainians are fleeing Ukraine to “enjoy the medicinal powers of Western Russia’s mountain air”– western Russia is a steppe, there are no mountains).
    21 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven(Clearly describes the use of the Grad(‘grad’ means hail in Russian/Ukrainian, by the way) multiple rocket launchers and artillery used by Ukrainian troops and the rebels), every stone
    about the weight of a talent(mortar strike): and men blasphemed God because of the
    plague of the hail(shelling of civilians in eastern Ukraine); for the plague thereof was exceeding great(that’s in addition to the previous bowl of wrath that caused the boils on the skin — Ukrainian pig farmers have no clue what to do with the pigs because they are infected with the African plague, it’s an epidemic).

  12. Why should the US do something? World police much? Anyway, the US has done enough. Look at the Middle East that’s in ruins and overrun by the “freedom-fighters” and then look at its latest brainchild– the coup in Ukraine and the consequences. I guess the latter keeps Polina employed.

  13. What provocations? China and Russia “democracy”, killing of journalists and forcing their nation to listen to Great Leaders who are stealing their money is OK? It’s Ok that Putin made changes to Russia Constitution just in order to be “elected” for the third time? The US economy is close to collapse – look at Detroit for instance. Is it just because they are spending enormous amounts of tax money for military projects with no sense and practical gain? Maybe, but I think it is because the US policy is egoistic, as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist at all, so China economy grew with unbelievably huge rate. Heard about F-35? Billions thrown out a window, why? Where is domestic finance control? US doesn’t have discipline like China has. China knows exactly what is their target in the next 100 years, and America doesn’t. Russia goal is what Putin says, so it is oriented just to collect the money for Putin. US has lots of internal problems and what they don’t realize is that times of dominance in economy has been dead for a while.

  14. OK, I’m looking at this from EU perspective. As I know, US sea and air power is double as China and Russia together. In case of war, I don’t think China will engage because it will be death of their economy. But I can’t guarantee the same for Russia, because Putin is one crazy SOB. And, think about India, they will join who? In the possible 3rd WW scenario, no country on Earth will be put aside from this conflict and the only party in this which will have benefits is ISIL, a terrorist Muslim state. This could be the end of human existence on Earth. He who starts this war will be forced to live in some underground shelter until he’s left without food.

  15. “Some experts, including a well-known expert on politics Joseph Nye, believe that the warming relations between Beijing and Moscow is “a marriage of convenience” based on mutual distrust, as cited by Pravda.ru.”
    Experts that see the warming of relations between Beijing and Moscow as “a marriage of convenience”, but fail to see the same as more or less true of the relationship between the US and its allies are either really foolish or just playing the fool. Our divide and rule policy is working in Europe mainly because we have an ally, Britain, that wholly rely on it to retain its leadership role in world affairs. Otherwise, only a stupid “expert” will fail to see the mutual distrust between the US and the EU, or Europe as a whole. The same is true of our relationship with other allies in other regions as well. Simply put in the wise phrase “There are no permanent foe or friend in international relations, only permanent interests.” Need to add that even interest is not really all that permanent at all. With that reality in mind it is fair to argue that the US position is more precarious than that of either Beijing or Moscow and the relationship between the two in the present atmosphere of international relations whereby the US is viewed with distrust everywhere. Only the military might is on our side. However that is the very factor that compels and will continue to compel the warm relations between Moscow and Beijing, as well as other nations that do not trust the US or agree with our foreign policy but prefer something quite different. It is either the US forgo the dream of world domination and of being the sole policeman and dictator of world affairs, or we, with that same policy, continue to create its doom by forcing other nations into alliance with Moscow as the only power that is presently able to match us militarily with nuclear weapons. That will be mutual assured destruction (MAD), though. It is still unclear nuclear war of any sort could be limited in scope and not result in MADness.

  16. US should join them to fight terror and put an end to 50 years of the Israel-Palestinian and 3000 years of the Jews-Arabs conflict

  17. U.S. is no more the big kid on the block inheriting a place by default after WWII which made rubble everywhere but U.S. Forget Pearl Harbour, it was peanuts compare with Europe, Russia, China and Japan wreckage.

  18. China and Russia are both members of SCO. They hold biennial Peace Mission military exercises together. They’re used to cooperating.

  19. why the US can’t see other countries grow….? US mind your business in your own continent and let china and Russia Mind Asian Business….US stop bullying and killing Asian Now….

  20. No wonder then US had to gang up with so many allies, in so many illegitimate ‘marriages’ around the globe according to Polina, based on her logic. Real shocking truth!

  21. According to a former Russian official, “The defense of US is actually pretty ‘delicate’ (definitely against Russia, and most probable against China.) “

  22. US ‘Empire’ is in the sunset state, she will be reduced to second or third class state in 10 years according to ‘experts’ including polina. Shocking!

  23. The China-Russia alliance is the creation of American neocons, including the Clinton regime, and their spineless European and Australian lickspittles like Blair and Howard.

  24. Nothing. Let Putin throw his nation under the bus, including financial deals with China that are very unfavorable to Russia and already show signs of strain. China is not a safety wheel that will be thrown to Putin every time he starts drowning through his own mistakes and foolishness. And if Putin insists on making China his “guarantee” by burning his bridges and betting everything on China he will regret it, just like he regrets betting everything on oil exports and neglecting the rest of the economy.

  25. “What Should U.S. Do About China-Russia Alliance?”

    Short answer: NOTHING AT ALL!
    After seeing this idiotic title I didn’t even bother to read the article. We don’t need to worry ourselves about Russia and China joining together to become an alliance that threatens the US. China and Russia are NOT friends and likely never will be. They are simply each trying to use the other any way they can. They will soon be at each others throats. We don’t need to be the least bit concerned.

  26. @ Des mond, Russia and China are setting a new world order after America abused the world status it once enjoyed. There is no more USA as the world police. Russia-China relationship is the start of the creation of multi-polar world. And unfortunately America has no choice but to bend and accept Russia and China as equal players just, as Russian president is preaching.

  27. The only sensible venue for the West and the US to counter China-Russia alliance is to compete with price, quality, service of products in the market place and to win the hearts and minds of the people in the US, West and the world. Short of that, the other side will win as they show the world they are more for economic development instead of bombing the seemingly weaker people into submission….The West must gain moral superiority in legitimacy of the use of power/wealth within their own countries and in the world by demonstrating via deeds that they are a better alternative than than the Russian-Chinese system….Can the fraction of our 1% who has been the cause of many problems be controlled by the politically wise elites to do this? I wonder…..

  28. In other words the writer of this article is saying that USA is absolutely powerless to counter the might of Russia and China. Further, the Americans realize now that US world dominance is over once and for all.

  29. The Russia-China alliance, if it really exists other than in the minds of western media, is to be blamed on the US and partially on the speculative and gossiping-nature of the western media for competing for audience attention. The US kept on develop advanced weapons (like missile shield, hypersonic weapons), threaten them, interfere with their local affairs under the pretext of un-genuine human rights, invade other countries and fan the animosity between the population of US and Russia/China. But that alliance is only by convenience, hundred of years of animosity between Russia and China cannot simply disappear.

  30. Put Trump as President now! That is what the US can do to take care of this matter. ….Bring him on board in 2015 for the sake of this Country!

  31. Well installing puppet governments is our method. Same difference. If you look at our Monroe doctrine, we would behave similarly to Russia in regards to Ukraine. I’m not condoning Putin’s actions, but I like to see the argument through. How did we act with Cuba when the Soviets were going to install missile. This is how Russia views Western approachment to Ukraine. It sees this as an existential threat. . Again, I am just illustrating a holistic view to the crisis. In a way, we contributed to Russia/China marriage of convenience.

  32. Raymond Chow, what have you been drinking? You have no clue of what you are talking about. Do some research before making stupid comments.

  33. This is good for USA ,can you imagine Al Qaeda links with ISIS, Italian’s Mafia with Russian’s Mafia ? and what is happen after ? and tiger with lion ? they (China and Russia) will fight and hide something together to fight against USA. That is Chinese’s way, never share, help, collaborate and selfish

  34. deedee denise I can see your one sided. but maybe you should go check out the facts. because almost every time America got involved they where asked for help. or some country was hiding a know terrorist, or wmd. so its not America causing the problems, its America who has to always bail countries out of trouble.

  35. NOTHING! It is OK to have an opposition, in fact it is a GOOD thing.

    China and Russia won’t be in the conflict, the bigger problem is India/Pakistan, who are in strategic alliances with one of the larger countries.

  36. We should work on our own sphere. The move to open up Cuba could be a good start. Start mending ties with the Central/South American countries and create an economic rivalry on this side of the globe. It won’t be easy by any long shot.

    In Asia, I see India, Philippines, and Vietnam as worthwhile allies.

  37. You are going by the American propaganda. It’s America going around invading countries and starting wars. It’s AMERICA that won’t let the world be at peace!

  38. US shall stop penny trolling about China and Russia and mind your own problems and issues. The more you talk about it =, the more weakness US is showing.

  39. Both China and Russia know how to show power without firing a shot whereas US is into more aggressive show of force. Russia and China appear to be just defending their territory whereas US seems to be all over the world, behaving like some sort of hero but not really.

  40. Historically, Russia and China have fought together on the same side against the US. Their relationship is not just based on military power but on economic power as well. US seems more interested in projecting itself as a world military power. We read Putin and Xi Jin Ping signing economic deals with other countries but we have not read Obama cutting economic deal with other countries.

  41. Especially now that they’re starting to field women, gays and transvestites in special forces. There may have been gays and trans in the past but unknown to other members. When I was i n the service; when men were men and not sexually integrated, just looking queer will get you harrassed and wont last long in the unit.

  42. Problem is US policy of(military) Pivot to Asia is more and more been seen by China as a full containment policy, as it really is. Not to speak about the clearly tilted meddling and propaganda war in South China sea territorial dispute by the US.

  43. Our military strength you’re pertaining to was in the past during WWII, Korea, Vietnam but not anymore. The Russians have more and modern ballistic missiles. Our Navy is only superior in Aircraft Carriers but our ships now are coed run which never in the history of naval battle ever happened before. It will be interesting to see what happens if we ever have to fight a naval battle like Midway or battle of Leyte Gulf. Our land forces is greatly outnumbered (not including NATO which I doubt will even come to our aid when SHTF). If we ever comfront Russia-China…these countries are not Iraq or Aghanistan and would be better off not pissing them off.

  44. Problem is that US investment in China are not even amongst the top 3, never was, Its not Chinas biggest trading partner either, Its more like US are the one that have been puting apyware and in both hardware and software in every other countrys servers on the planet, not China.

  45. it would be nice to be able to do that Russia, china and north korea will never allow this world to be peaceful. the only that will happen is if we stay so far advance in military equipment, defensive equipment and very large number of people in our military. the only thing bully’s respect is fear.

  46. I agree with Polina Tikhonova regarding her assessment of Russia and China. It is more of a relationship built on self interest and not on mutual respect. It is best that the US just step back and watch while working with our European and Asian partners.for stability. Russia has always proven unstable in relationships with its neighbors. China has more to gain by working with the US. I have great respect for a country that has a long history and able to hold its country together the size of China. Despite what we think our type Democracy for China would be difficult. Russia and China will always have an unstable relationship. They have nothing in common..

  47. Leave them alone. They will fall out just as they did before. There’s an old saying – two rabid dogs are dangerous only if you isolate them and interfere with their madness. Leave them alone and they’ll tear each other to bits by themselves.

  48. naaa we need to start making peace and create a better future with a better world for our children`s children.Whatever nationality

  49. abbi abbi is so right……..the only wars we have fought were countries who did not have an Army.
    if we were so great why didnt we bomb, North Korea, Iran and get inthe middle of the Syrian war?
    the reason is that we will get out butt kicked…..

  50. I don’t know what the US should do, but I’ll tell you what it shouldn’t: Annoy the mexicans to the point that it becomes Russia-China-Mexico, you can pull the cord but you can’t break it. Desperate people does stupid things, so do desperate countries, if you take it to the point where they become desperate China will be more than willing to pick up the tab for some territorial concessions and will certainly bring the russians along, giving them an enormous bargaining power over the US.

  51. Do nothing and maintain the sea power….they just bully nation and they’ll do anything to show off there fire power. our military and nation are lot stronger to put this two together… Our military are more experience and precise. We’ll terminate them from different direction and surprises…..

  52. More US Propaganda where 1 in 90 are in jail with 1 in 9 black people in jail, US home of the slaving sheeple where the top 1% own 90% of the wealth, with more law’s, and prisoner’s on Earth, Controlled demolishing it’s own people to bomb innocent woman, and children in flip flop’s with billion dollar machines over poppy field’s, and oil!

  53. Polina is right: it’s foolish to push Russia into China’s hands. It is stupid to harass Russia instead of trying to make it an ally. It was so easy at some point to make it a good ally – just understand its strategic interests in Europe, and treat it fairly. By the way, Russia so far hasn’t done anything to hurt USA, contrary to USA doing everything to hurt Russia. Good luck to all people of America with such idiotic leaders as we have now.

  54. better get ready for war. Russia needs manpower and China needs technology and with them as brothers in arms it is us they will turn to and try to eliminate as well as our allies. Obama will do nothing and hopefully Hillary will be in jail and we will get a real president that will makes us who we are. The USA

  55. without wasting my time by reading the article

    Let me answer the Headline’s question

    What Should U.S. Do About China-Russia Alliance?

    Absolutely NOTHING..because even if the US wants to do anything, STILL, they can’t do (S H I TT)
    This is NOT panama or Grenada….these are 2 Super Powers


  57. yep that will sure work. who does the bully’s pick on they pick on the people who have weak minds and weak body’s. do they ever pick on the real tuff guys or girls. hell no. why? because they have respect and also don’t want to get their a kicked


  59. we need to start building up our military, increase the amount of solders we have, build strong weapons and bombs that will make anyone thing twice before attacking us.

  60. I just hope once this administration is gone we have a congress that see things for what they really are , very dangerous for the U S … I do like the Trump attitude of building the strongest military anyone can conceive. One capable of fight on multiple fronts . There is no doubt our enemies are joining forces for on purpose , the down fall of U S power … We as a nation can’t let that happen ,, Regardless of cost .. Screw China and our 1.7 million debt ,,, They owe us not the other way around … Good Old Tricky Dickey keeps giving

  61. We can start by minding our own business and get away from our imperialistic desires to control every square inch of land and water on the planet!!!!!! Stop bombing or instigating regime change policies by starting civil wars in countries that have economic ties to Russia (ie. Serbia, Syria, Libya, and now Ukraine and most likely Macedonia and Hungary are next on the list). The school yard bully eventually gets cut down to size when the rest of the class decides they’ve had enough.

  62. Why does the U.S. have to do something about China and Russia relations? So no countries are allowed to interact with each other unless the U.S. is the big guy? It’s ridiculous. The U.S. should be cooperating instead making trouble everywhere!….it’s ridiculous!

  63. Shift US investments from China to its neighbors . Shift our trade to China neighbors . Sell our lethal weapons to China neighbors. Don’t buy China computer servers for our bank and our critical applications because they put hardware bugs to be activated in time of conflict by China to disrupt our daily critical operations.

  64. It’s time we turn Japan loose from WW2 constraints being they are a Democracy now. The Koreans and Chinese fear the Japanese so turn them loose, let them do what they want with their military.

  65. A bit too late, what’s done is done. They are together now and have one goal in mind – get rid of the “American” dollar dominance.

  66. And how do we know the Russians and the Chinese are NOT hiding “all the goodies” in their tunnels? No, we are not fine!!! We are the trouble-maker in this world!!!

  67. There is no union there… it exists in a Putin’s imagination only…

    Putin declared a pipe line to the China (The Force of Siberia) as a fact, but as for real, China just put it to the Russia’s expenses and will dictate the gas prices as it wants.

    Russia is a rabbit against China’s tiger…What tigers do with rabbits? Right, they eat them!

  68. Lying and deceiving, paid Washington’s troll, beside of your comment is being purposely misleading in order to deceive American public, its quite ignorant and stupid as well.

  69. When the USSR collapsed, was a stupid hope that the border between Europe, the US and Russia will be opened and the entire Northern hemisphere of the Earth, which is the main engine of modern civilization, some Christian values, all religions will be United! How naive dreams!!! For the Russians, over time, it became clear that the struggle between the West and the East is not a struggle between two systems, capitalist and socialist. It is a struggle of tribes. Where some want to tear other resources and territory. After the collapse of the USSR, the USA, did in my opinion a lot of strategic mistakes. They bombed Yugoslavia, the collapse of Iraq, got into Afghanistan, overthrew Gaddafi and bombed Syria. Now they staged a bloody coup in Ukraine! For all, you have to pay! Or as the Bible says: “may the Lord reward You, according to Your works”! The Americans themselves have created Needles, refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other African and Arab countries rushed to seek his fortune in Europe, and not the fact that together with refugees in Europe will not come ISIS and terrorism. Greece and other EU countries, ready to leave the EU and USA, clearly weakened after all military adventures! Against this background, military and economic Union of Russia and China, it is real! But! If Russia and China will ensure its currency in gold, the dollar and the U.S., it could mean the end!

  70. You never have to accept the status quo. Losers think that way. Alliances can be won over by the US. Nixon proved that by visiting China when it was taboo to do so. China has a lot to lose by breaking relationship with the US. They make billions in trade with us. We should fight for their loyalty. They would chose the US over Russia.

    BTW did you see the Arthur is a Russian?

  71. with America sailing the seas looking for war ,they got to cover each others backs—sure america has the power to make them disappear tomorrow -but america would be gone the next day

  72. The U.S. (neocons) kicked itself in the shins by not developing better relations with Russia. What can the U.S. do about the Russian/Chinese alliance? NOTHING

  73. What is obvious is that neo-cons adventure in Ukraine was a big time mistake.Kiev regime is in the r,costs to prop it go up and up and the benefits are ZERO.In the meantime an alliance,even a ‘marriage of convenience” between China and Russia mens the end of the uni-polar world and the irreversible decline of the USA.Go congratulate Victoria Nudel.

  74. The first thing that U.S. should do is to kiss Russia’s and China’s behinds. U.S. should not do, is to demonize, smear and tell fairy tales about Russia and China for reasons of creating negative public opinion toward them.

  75. Do nothing. Because the US-NATO alliance is stronger both economically and technologically. Military wise, we have all the goodies hiding in Area51. I think we are fine.

  76. let Hillary Clinton tell them she will take action against them they wont stop laughing until the next election is over. Then maybe will be strong enough to straighten them out

  77. Disrespecting Russia is ok, Russia is nearly on its knees due to the sanction, the biggest mistake was trying to push China and scare her into submissive by showing forces like the same way treating some third world nobody, Obama seems never knowing about Newton’s Third Law, whenever there is an action taken, there will be a reaction in equal force. He probably failed his physics class like rest of his fellow black brothers

  78. You cannot act like control freak of the world and expect no reaction from others. The US not only created problems for others but also for itself at the expenses of people from the US and around world. The world without the US domination would be a lot more peaceful and less conflicts between countries.

  79. The title of the article should be “What could the U.S. Do About China-Russia Alliance?” and the answer is…absolutely nothing. The US dug their own grave and they will soon be completely in it thanks to their jewish friends/bankers.

  80. What is the US complaining about? After all, what the situation between China and Russia is the result of the actions taken by US controlling freak. The US is lifting bricks and dropping on its own foot.

  81. China and Russia will end up breaking up as soon as China realizes how corrupt Russian Business is, and Russia will end up breaking up as soon as it realizes that China will eventually seep into every little part of Russian Manufacturing. Both countries suffer from their own form or paranoia and mistrust of outer countries. And… Even together the US and its Allies would still hold an upper hand in any Military conflict. China has built its Economy by serving as the manufacturing of all items in the West. Russia thanks to Putin’s actions in Ukraine and reactions to the sanctions, is against the West, you can’t feed yourself from a food bowl with one hand and try to help break the food bowl with the other. Somewhere down the line China will have to make a choice. The author is right, the US should just sit back and watch the Train wreck.

  82. US_can’t_do_sh’t_about_it.they_shouldn’t_have_pushedRussia_to_alliance_with_China_by_disrespecting_Russia’s_intererests_and_antagonizing_the_Russians

  83. The US is in the defensive and will be for the next two to three decades because it was her actions that pushed them together in the first place … meh

  84. This author’s long tirade can be sum up with just a few sentences. “As far as geopolitics is concerned, US is THE hegemony that no ‘experts’ from four corners of the world will dare to disagree, whether they are foes or friends of US.” Based on Politina’s interpretation, isn’t the alliance between US, Japan and Philippines a ‘triangle marriage of convenience’, more appropriately the ‘axis pact of evil’, and for what purpose but to contain China. What about the unions between US and
    Australia, US and Vietnam, US and Singapore, US and India, US and NATO, US and Arab, …… Are they not for confronting China and Russia? Who is the big bad wolf? In lay man’s term, all these ‘unions’ is not only marriages of convenience, more insidiously is gangsterism out to threaten peaceful citizens.

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