What If China And Russia Go On War Against Each Other

What If China And Russia Go On War Against Each Other
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China and Russia are two of the biggest threats to the U.S. national security. The two countries are coming closer to challenge the U.S. hegemony. China and Russia conducted joint naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this year, and they will hold another naval drill later this month in the Sea of Japan.

China, Russia both developing hypersonic weapons

However, relations between Moscow and Beijing haven’t always been good. China and the Soviet Union went on a war in the 1960s over territorial disputes. Currently, Russia controls the disputed area along the Ussuri River line. What if a resurgent China challenges Russia’s control over the disputed region?

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China has been aggressively building up its military to counter the U.S. influence in the Pacific region. But its high-tech weapons could easily be pointed towards Russia in the event of war. In June, Beijing successfully tested its hypersonic missile Wu-14 that travels at ten times the speed of sound. The weapon could hit Moscow in less than 20 minutes.

Russia has also been developing its hypersonic launch vehicle Yu-71 under the Project 4022. But its latest test in February was a failure. Russia has Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E, the most advanced Russian fighter jet in operation. This air superiority fighter carries an enormous payload and has highly advanced suite of avionics. China is developing its fifth-generation Chengdu J-20 fighter.

In the event of war, China may seize Vladivostok, the home to Russia’s Pacific Fleet. Beijing currently operates four Type 071 amphibious landing platform ships. Each can carry up to 800 troops and 18 armored vehicles. On the other hand, Russia has sophisticated attack submarines like the new Borei-class and the Severodvinsk-class.

A major war between China and Russia unlikely

China still uses a large number of Russian military hardware such as the advanced S-400 surface-to-air missile systems. The S-400 can track up to 100 targets simultaneously and engage 12 at the same time. On the other hand, Russia has S-400s as well as the highly advanced BrahMos developed in collaboration with India. BrahMos is a supersonic anti-ship missile that can launch from submarines, aircraft, ships, and from land.

Both China and Russia have a large nuclear arsenal. And they both know the consequences of a major war. A full-fledged war between the two countries seems unlikely considering they both are trying to improve relations to counter the United States. But a minor conflict may not be ruled out.

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  1. Learn English for English language forums you Russian moron.
    Russia is a pigsty and the Russian written language is for idiots. You are a prime example. :o)

  2. This article has the headline: “…What If China And Russia Go On War Against Each Other…”

    Then in the concluding paragraph says: “…A major war between China and Russia unlikely…”

    The bottom line is there is no prospect of a war scenario between Russia and China.

    Today’s war scenario is that of the Neoconservatives and their ancestors who have a 1050 year history of causing wars, conflicts and chaos.

    The facts speak for themselves:
    All major wars in the 21st Century are Neoconservative controlled wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, etc.

  3. China and Russia go to war against each other. That idea is not fresh. LOL. In history, Russia did go to war against old China. So what are the reasons for those folks here to believe that a war between Russia and China is unlikely.

    Even though both countries have nuclear arsenals, it does not mean that both countries will opt for a conventional warfare. Besides, I see lots of Chinese internet users on their own Chinese websites commenting that they trust America more than Russia.

    Will that make the said Chinese internet users US paid trolls? I doubt that too. These internet users make a list of historical facts that Russian invaded China and took China’s land. So we should research more before jumping into a reckless conclusion.

  4. Even though the US pushed the two together, doesn’t mean China should be lax and must be careful when dealing with Russia. Russia has always wanted to be part of the west, not east, simply because of the color of the skin. So yes, it is possible that China and Russia could go into a conflict because of this fact.

  5. Don’t you love how chicken Americans have become? Americans can’t take casualties. That’s a fact. You know the war is over for Americans when the only ones grieving when their soldiers die is their family. The only way you can keep Americans supporting a war is each soldier who dies gets personally mourned by the nation. When they become only a statistic, that’s when Americans will turn against a war. There are only so many movies of the week made for each soldier that can fit the prime time schedule. That’s a dilemma for chicken-hawks in the US government and the media. So these days the US has to outsource its foreign policy. Obama was too arrogant believing in the nonsense that the US is exceptional and indispensable nonsense that he thought he could take on both Russia in Ukraine and China with the pivot towards Asia. For some reason he didn’t think that would drive Russia and China together. Russians believe the US was behind Ukraine to undermine Russia yet somehow the US puts out how better it’s for Russia to turn away from China? China is a bad partner unlike the US who’s orchestrated the Ukraine coup? Now that’s arrogance to expect a country you’re actively undermining to side with you against a country that’s not conspiring against you. Now the media in their arrogance thinks they can get Russia and China paranoid of one another trying to use historical distrust. Like the US and Russia don’t have greater historical distrust of one another? Look at Syria. Obama outsourced his foreign policy against Syria to the Syria rebels making promises if they fight against Assad. Then he broke his promises. And what resulted from those broken promises? ISIS. You know why the pivot to Asia is not working? Because it was all about Obama thinking if he can isolate China, China would bow down under pressure to US demands on literally everything. Obama believed China so desperately wants to be accepted thus isolation would make China panic and yield to demands. China didn’t so easily roll over and now you have the worst tensions in Asia and the worst Sino-US relations since the Cold War. Because China is not bowing down Obama has been pushing China’s neighbors to do all the dirty work. Which in turn is pissing off countries like Japan, after they committed to go down this road with the US, because the US is now frozen on what to do next. The US can’t get into wars so easily these days because the US finds itself in a quagmire every time. And this turns voters off. That’s why the US has to outsource its foreign policy these days which is why you see articles like these trying to tell other countries what to scared of thus hoping they go to war so the US doesn’t have to suffer the consequences at home and abroad.

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