West Cannot Afford Sanctions Against Russia: Chechnya Leader

West Cannot Afford Sanctions Against Russia: Chechnya Leader
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Even as the United States has further tightened sanctions against Russia, a Chechen leader claims that Europe cannot afford Anti-Russia sanctions because it needs Moscow. Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Russian North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, told Russian media that sanctions imposed by Europe won’t last long.

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Europe ‘will not last’ without Russia

Western countries have imposed massive economic sanctions against Russia over its alleged involvement in the Ukraine crisis and annexation of Crimea. The measures were meant to cripple Russian economy to the extent that Vladimir Putin stops backing separatists in Eastern Ukraine and comply with the peace agreements signed in Minsk earlier this year. Even though it hurt the Russian economy, tensions between the West and Russia continue to escalate.

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In response to Western sanctions, Russia had imposed a ban on the import of food items from Europe and the U.S. last year. Last month, Moscow extended the ban for another year. Kadyrov said “Europe will not last” without Russia. Whatever the U.S. says, European countries will lift sanctions “for their own economic security.”

U.S. imposes further sanctions on Russia

On Thursday, the United States imposed additional sanctions on Russia. The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has imposed measures on about two dozen entities and individuals. The list included five Crimean port operations, two entities in Russia’s arms sector, and another 13 that supported the evasion of existing sanctions. Washington also sanctioned four former Ukrainian officials associated with the ex-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Russia said the fresh U.S. sanctions showed that Washington wanted to aggravate confrontation with Moscow. Russian Foreign Ministry warned Friday that such “provocations” would destroy Russia-U.S. relations. Moscow will react to the sanctions, the Foreign Ministry added.

The United States is looking to provide lethal weapons to war-torn Ukraine to help it defend itself against separatists. Washington is also increasing military presence in Eastern Europe in a bid to counter Russian aggression. In response, Russia has been aggressively modernizing its military. Moscow has even threatened a nuclear war to drive NATO out of Baltics.

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  1. What neocons?

    “Russian was born in Kiev, in Poltava the battle was against the Swedish, people from Poltava were Russians” LOL. Did you even go to school?

    My ancestors are from the Poltava region and they fought your Peter the Great and they died. For sure the were not Moskali/Russian but Ukrainians.

    You Russians are Muscovites born in the swamps of Muscovy and centuries later renamed to Russians.

    Around 1141, Dolgorukii founded Moscow and the land became known as Grand Dutchy of Muscovy. That name was changed by Peter the Great to Russia and with that change he expected to CLAIM the history of Rus’ with Kyiv in its center. Those are facts, buddy, you can’t get around them.
    Forget the propaganda that passes for history in Russia and do your own reading.

  2. I have a clue, yours is propaganda as it get, Ukrainians are Russian brothers, you twisting the fact and read the history as the neocon now want to history to be read. Absurd, Russian was born in Kiev, in Poltava the battle was against the Swedish, people from Poltava were Russians. The people of Crimea have spoken laud and clear through a referendum. And they are happy about it, you mention minority, through the history all nation have a stain past. How many indigenous were massacred by Great Britain? e by US? in the last 12 years how many civilians have died by US bombs? as I said yours is propaganda, real Ukrainians are independent but also brothers and sisters with the Russians.

  3. You are a stupid sheep, Carrie – “we”, “us”, “our”, 17 years, etc. I’ve been here for 25 years being retired from The Dep. of Health, NY recently. I have observed how this country’s changed to the worse. I would like to see “under microscope” how happy your marriage is since I haven’t seen any. You have to be blind or submissive to the guy, so, just keep bragging, though. In addition to, I do not believe you are a surgeon here. A registered nurse comes to mind. Indeed, we do not march here under American flag but under the rainbow one which is a shame. Gays do exist everywhere but not every country has to legalize it into a marriage equality. You just promote a promiscuity spreading venereal diseases in the society. Are you the one working under PP dissecting fetus organs for sale?

  4. as of 7:00PM EDT
    You can get 64.01 worthless Rubles for a single dollar.
    Brent Crude’s ended the day at $49.52.
    110,000 interior ministry drones fired.
    Old women Begging in the streets of Moscow.
    Welfare fund getting drained out. Say goodbye to those bare subsistence pensions.

    It seems Vlad sent you folks down a long, dark alley in the dead of night. You won’t like what’s on the either side either.

  5. REAL Ukrainians are just that UKRAINIANS and not homogenized Russians who are willing to forget their own history and their own ethnicity and serve Putin.

    Common history–You mean the history where Russia COLONIZED Ukraine? REAL Ukrainians would rather forget that COMMON HISTORY, which includes Free Ukrainians being betrayed by Catherine and then turned into serfs…

    Thousands of dead Ukrainians in Poltava… killed by Peter the Great…. The river ran red with blood for weeks from the dead Ukrainians; thousands of dead Ukrainian serfs in Petersburg, when Peter forced them to build his glorious city.

    Your narrative is Putin propaganda… It is just as true as that Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia all wanted to be part of the Soviet Union. For that matter as true as your narrative that claims that Chechens want to be part of Russia…

    Wake up guy… those are Putin’s blatant lies.
    BTW, August 5 2015, NY Times Article on who is really killing whom in Eastern Ukraine might help you figure out that you are being lied to. Title of article is, “Cossacks Face Grim Reprisals From Onetime Allies in Eastern Ukraine.” It honestly talks about the fate of Russian scumbags in Ukraine, who are being killed off by Russian Special Forces… After all, Putin does not want that scum to go back to Russia and give him problems. Also similar articles in Russian Press… Make an effort and educate yourself.
    BTW, you have no clue what Crimeans want. The fact that less than 9000 have to date renounced their Ukrainian citizenship should tell you something… (That number excludes Government Workers)…The fact that the Prosecutor General is still threatening to bring to trial anyone who disagrees with the current Crimea situation should be another clue. At least 50 people of those arrested for anti-Russian Protests and Russian takeover still sit in jails … Thousands are still missing…

    Crimean Tartars at their recent Congress called on the World to recognize the Russian Genocide against Tartars in Crimea now…. Get a clue…buddy.

  6. The lives of many Ukrainians switched into emergency mode on Dec.1, 2013. That day special police units beat up students who protested in the Maidan, Kiev’s main square against ex-President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision not to sign an association agreement with the EU.

    Ukrainian television channels aired footage of police brutally beating up young girls and boys who were peacefully protesting on Maidan. The students were bleeding and shouting, some of them managed to escape only when they got inside the nearby churches. The next day a crowd of 100,000 outraged Ukrainians poured into Kiev’s streets.

    Their protest was no longer about European integration-it was about justice and dignity. People demanded an apology and a punishment for those responsible for beating the protesters. But instead of apologising, Yanukovych responded with repressions turning a spontaneous protest into a marathon stand-off.

    It was obvious at the time that if we allowed this to happen, we will turn into a bad version of Belarus for decades. There would be no elections in Ukraine, no economic competition, not even personal freedoms. We wouldn’t even get what I call a ‘freedoms in exchange for food’ pact.

    Yanukovich then flooded the city with armed thugs brought from all over Ukraine to intimidate the protesters. Some of the activists … went missing. Others were killed, and still others targeted. Nobody knew who was going to be next.

    A few days afterwards what was already called a Revolution of Dignity, culminated in an ugly way. Special troops shot dead about 100 people right in the centre of the capital, Yanukovych fled Kiev. Parliament cancelled the dictatorial laws. The next morning Yanukovych’s mansion … a symbol of corruption, opened its doors to general public.”

    We suddenly realised that Russian propaganda, which looked ridiculous from Kiev was extremely effective in the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine and Russia itself. What we thought was a Revolution of Dignity was presented on Russian TV as an illegal rebellion of neo-Nazis financed and managed by Americans.

    An anti-criminal revolution was shown as an aggressive offensive on anything that is Russian-culture, language, identity. The technique was simple: Russian media focused on a small radical wing of the revolution-it constituted less than 5%, the rest were young professionals, students, retirees-and blew it out of proportion mixing it with fakes and lies.

  7. I was forced to study that “civilized” language when your ducking Soviet Army occupied my country. That is why I love chauvinists Russians like you so much Vianka-Vstanka.

  8. Your beliefs are deluded. The “majority of population” did NOT vote in a free and fair election and its a WELL KNOWN FACT, that the world community does not accept. I don’t hate Russians, I married one and speak the language. But we ALL HATE the Russian Mafia state run out of the Kremlin… you know, those guys who pay you to post garbage and lies in english language media…

  9. I don’t really care what you believe. Majority of population in Krim did not want to be part of occupied territory used to be know as Ukraine. They choose Freedom and that’s a fact. Real Freedom and not that US pseudo-democracy. You can keep your Russian hate burning for as long as you wish. I’m done with this conversation.

  10. By imperial, I’m unsure if you’re referring to the tzar’s, but if I need to ask people in Krym, all I need to do is enjoy a meal with my in-laws as I do every other weekend when they come up to Odessa from there. Its an expensive police state there (criminal persecutions are so high, they had to use one of the MANY vacant sanatoriums as a new prison), and the prices there are crazy. You can try to spin what a wonderful paradise it is there comrade, but you’re an empty headed durok to think anyone believes you. Nothing good ever came from Moskval occupation for ANYONE.

  11. Keep lying Ivanovich, but it still won’t change reality. When the Soviet Union collapsed (a natural outcome from being lead by Moscow), there was a referendum, and the people of the UKRAINIAN region of Krym VOTED to stay with Ukraine. And even in this election, Putin’s own ‘Human Rights Council’ accidentally posted the real Crimean election results, putting briefly on their website that in the March referendum to annex Crimea, the turnout of Crimean voters was only 30 percent. And of these, only half voted for the referendum–meaning only 15 percent of Crimean citizens voted for annexation (http://www.forbes.com/sites/paulroderickgregory/2014/05/05/putins-human-rights-council-accidentally-posts-real-crimean-election-results-only-15-voted-for-annexation/). Since you read Russian, you can learn more why Russia’s FOURTH attempt to steal the Crimean peninsula is doomed to failure, from this blog from Crimea collecting ancedotes and tweets from the padded jackets complaining about how they were deceived and robbed; https://crimeaua1.wordpress.com/

  12. No one in Krim was asked if they want to be part of Ukraine or Russia. People knew that referendum was fake like everything in the Empire of Chaos. They wasn’t happy with being handed over to Ukraine but they had other troubles at the time. That error was corrected last year.

  13. What civi airliner did who shoot down?
    You say EU are Washington puppets, another of your comrades says Germany and Franch are ready quit the sanctions road. Who ever you fellows are, your not on the same page when it comes to telling it like it is. None of you dummies has got anything write. Most people in America on welfare. They are only interested in getting their government free money. They could careless about what is going on in Russia or Ukraine. Just keep the free money coming. That is how Obama Yo Mama controls this nations poor. He has the cabinet departments go after all others. Judical Watch is the party that is going after him and his gang from Chicago. No other party has the guts to do it, afraid of the news media.

  14. This is blatant lie, in the east Kiev is bombing the civilians, killing indiscriminately including children, plenty also of western media evidence, the true is really coming out now. Your narrative is the propaganda that is fueled by the neocons, and the lie perpetrated by people like you, I bet you are from the far-right half polish. Nothing to really share with real Ukrainians, real Ukrainians have a common history with Russia. By the way the vast majority of Crimea people want nothing to do with Ukraine anymore, also because of people like you.

  15. So you think,” Obama Yo Mama,” tells the truth?
    Why has Judicial Watch filed so many freedom of information law suits against the IRS, State Department, FBI, Justice Department, Secret Service, BATF, Defense Department, etc?
    The current Federal government under, “Obama Yo Mama,” & “The Gang From Chicago,” are the most corrupt in the history of the United States. OBAMA studied & learned from one of the best crooks in the past, when he was part of the Daily Organization of Chicago. They were organized crime, in the flesh. Didn’t do what you were told to, mysterious unfortunate things happened to your family members, your business, if you had one or you disappeared, extinct! Their is NO difference between Putin & Obama. Power hunger killers, out for fame & fortune for themselves, with any tools to get it done. Every willing participant is as guilty as they. This is what happens when humans love themselves, pleasure, fortune and fame. They are addicted to them.

  16. Really, apparently only in your mind. After all not even wikipedia reports/describes such a list for countries other than Russia.

    Russians way to deal with those who try to speak truth to power is to kill them off… No such tradition in the US.

  17. You misrepresent… Everything was not fine in Ukraine, Putin’s puppet was robbing Ukraine blind.
    However, it is only after Putin’s Thugs arrived in Ukraine and brought war to parts of Eastern Ukraine that Putin started the bloodbath that is killing off Ukrainians.

  18. Ukrainians care that Putin is killing off Ukrainian citizens most of whom are ethnic Ukrainians in Ukraine under the guise of “Protecting” Russian speakers…

    Most Ukrainians are multilingual and almost all speak Russian… Yet only those citizens living in areas that Putin wants to grab, seem to be at war…

    So Putin’s idiot claims make no sense…. I often wondered… what is it about Russians that makes them incapable of learning another language while living outside of Russia. Are they just stupid or dense? I conclude that they are neither. They are chauvinist pigs that have no respect for other nations or people. I read a recent article where Russian claim that “Russian” is an “Official Language in New York. What a joke.

  19. Sure there is genocide of Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine.
    Putin is killing off ethnic Ukrainians on both sides of the divide.
    The population of the occupied territories is majority ethnic Ukrainians. What does Putin, the thug, care how many ethnic Ukrainians die when he is land grabbing in Ukraine.

  20. Is there no end to your lies? Probably not. These lies are used by your Putin to keep himself in power of that sinking ship you call Russia.

  21. That’s funny… you are a total idiot or too brainwashed to be able to tell reality from Putin’s fiction…
    There was no war, there were no problems in Crimea, there were no problem in Eastern Ukraine until Putin brought his “Little Green Men” into Crimea and brought war to parts of eastern Ukraine.
    Protecting ethnic Ukrainian Russian Speakers — what a JOKE– Putin war has cost the lives of close to 7000 civilian Ukrainian citizens and has displaced millions more. Hope you Russian, Putin-supporting scumbags experience the same, when China pulls a Crimea in your Far East.:)

  22. i Just love it when every Ivan just happens to be living in the territory under discussion.
    I too live in Crimea… and know for a fact that there were protests against Putin’s “Little Green Men.” Most of the protesters were beaten, arrested and some simply disappeared and their locations is still unknown. However the Prosecutor General that little W***, who was left in that position becasue no decent human being wanted to dirty their hands on Putin’s mess just last week said that 50 of those arrested then sitting in jails now plead guilty and their sentences are just… So how about you, ????, stop lying…

  23. The Russians and YOU (probably one and the same) shamelessly forget the most important parts of history ..

    1. Shortly after the Soviet’s collapse in 1991 Ukraine became independent and a vote was done about Crimea staying with Ukraine or with Russia, the result was that the Crimean would remain with Ukraine…

    2, In 1997 the vote was officially recognised and confirmed by Russia’s former President Yeltsin that Crimea is a part of Ukraine and NOT Russia.

    3.In 1992 Russia, USA, UK, France and Ukraine signed a treaty which Ukraine would give up its nuclear arsenal to Russia. On the other hand , there was an agreement that Russia, U.S., UK and France will be providing a guarantee of the inviolability and integrity of Ukraine ‘s territorial boundaries including Crimea as a part of Ukraine.

    And therefore my little Russian friends, Crimea IS a part of Ukraine and is seen as that by the world and Russia before Putin lost his wits and had a psychopathic personality disorder and megalomaniac idea, about taking over eastern Europe and CIS and making a Eurasia union with him in all but name the new tzar ….

  24. I see nothing wrong with US energy security and independance.
    Powell didn’t lie. War in Iraq wasn’t about the oil, it was about how that oil is sold.

  25. I’m not delusional about Putin. I trust him as far as I can throw him but I agree with his actions 99% of a time. It isn’t just lying, that’s a natural part of politics. It’s the results that matter.

  26. Lying by governments is not limited to one side or the other in this situation. Both are guilty of it as well, to their own citizens, about what goals can be achieved here and what purposes.

  27. There is common misconception that he is leading the country. He is just a face. US is not a free and democratic country. It’s a sham. They change faces in the White House but the politics remain the same. There was only one president who attempted to lead the country since 1913 and he got shot dead. Imperial expantion and foregin petrodollar policy does not change no matter who is in the office.

  28. The Russian army just happened to help with armed guards at the polling stations and truck loads of pre marked ballots trucked in from Russia you sorry St. Petersburg Russian troll.

  29. Tonight after some of us on Disqus read through some of your other comments you’ve made to other people, its given us a better understanding of not who you are but what you are. I have other friends on here that are Russian like myself, American and a few more countries. You are nothing but a clueless habitual liar about the US and prompt yourself to be an intelligent person on the affairs of the American people and Israel. We’ve all put you on ignore so we won’t have to see any of your worthless lies and arrogant comments anymore. You must lead a difficult life and have proven yourself that you’re nothing more than a loser in life and a reject in society. You are to be pitied but we don’t pity losers like you, we ignore losers like yourself. None of your comments will be seen by us anymore. Take a look at your up votes, that tells a lot about what people that read your comments think about you. Not very much.

  30. Before US backed coup everything was fine and dandy in Ukraine. It was a beautiful country before Empire of Chaos invaded and ignited a civil war.

  31. LOL You are not forced to have a conversation with me. If you are not enjoying it, there is no need to continue. You seem to be convinced that imperial vultures do no wrong. That alone limits our discussion.

  32. Prior to March 2014 name one case of genocide or at least “threat to lives of … (take your pick here)” in Crimea or Eastern Ukraine.

  33. It is hard to take you seriously; you appear to be a ideologue, e.g. the incident in Austria. The U.S. has made no secret of providing trainers to Ukraine. These particular soldiers missed a connecting flight and left the transit area with weapons, causing a stir. What that has to do with our discussion, I know not, but that is Russian modus operandi – comparative morality. It gets tiresome and in the way of any meaningful discussion.

  34. There are no “invasion of Ukraine by Russia” Your propaganda twisted the narrative just like it did with WMDs in Iraq. Kiev puppets are slaughtering civilians. Go there and see for yourself.

    youtube. com/watch?v=6wYEJ4rkU3s

  35. I asked you a simple question.
    Prior to invasion of Ukraine by Russia name one case of genocide or at least “threat to lives of … (take your pick here)” in Crimea or Eastern Ukraine.

  36. It is cannibalization to support the gov at the expense of the citizens but they have little choice.They don’t devalue it further because they don’t want to impoverish Russians to a point when they rebel.

  37. Two words. Plausible deniability. Empire cannot openly support genocide in East Ukraine because the world (and especially EU) will see it as aggression. They are sending offensive weapons and troops. Just recently yank grunts got apprehended in Austria on route to Ukraine.
    and what’s with this ‘we’ crap? Your masters don’t care if you die on some dune or in Ukraine. Expendable assets. They only care about money and global dominance.
    As for “1st class military” consider that more grunts killed themselves than got killed by Afghans. they know they are not fighting for their country, ‘freedom’ or ‘democracy’ but so the stocks of some vulture in DC or on Wall st could got up a few point. You are slaves. Bought and paid for.

  38. If that were the case, we would have flooded Ukraine with offensive weapons. To date we have done our best to avoid the bloodbath you reference by limiting support. The bellicose rhetoric is coming from Moscow, not Washington. We don’t have an appetite for a fight and have proved that by now. Yet Russia maintains this aggressive posture with references to nuclear war, etc. Frankly, I think it is a bunch of hot air and Russia would fold like a cheap suit if really pushed by a 1st class military, but no matter we are not going there.

  39. Not sure I see that, Ivan. Are you thinking that since oil trades in dollars, they now get more rubles for the same dollar amount of oil and since their government programs are paid in rubles it enhances their position? That would be a double edged sword; people are also paid in rubles and their purchasing power is consequently decreased. I believe that is a big problem currently. And their central banks moves to support the ruble contradict your theory as they attempt to avoid further devaluation. Otherwise why not let is fall even further?

  40. Do you know what were imperial plans for Krim? A total war scenario. They wanted a multiethnic bloodbath that would start world war 3. Putin stopped that just like he stopped invasion of Syria.

  41. Not changing the narrative. The fact is it was an annexation and done at gun point from Russian soldiers. Your contention that the majority of people wanted to secede points out the big difference between your country and mine. Here, we are making an effort to protect minority interests, imperfectly, but an effort. Moscow is only concerned with it’s interest and if that suits you, fine, but if not you are s.o.l. BTW, my wife is Ukrainian and I am in country once or twice a year.

  42. You need to wake up sweetheart. You’re dreaming. USA is no longer a free country. It is a plutocratic empire hellbent on world domination. You don’t need Putin to know that. Just a functional and clear mind.

  43. Yes, Valera, I suspect it was easy to replace many of E.U. products, especially since Russia does not have the same standards. We import a lot of South American fruit here for the same reason…price and seasonality. As for our crony capitalism, no doubt it exists. Whether it is worse than the “robber baron” days, I don’t know. However, I do believe our corporations are true public companies and though they may wield a lot of clout in Washington, the opposite is true in Russia. Moscow dictates to the companies and if it doesn’t tow the line, it is raided and the “owner” is replaced by someone more agreeable. But the big rub with doing business in Russia, I believe, is the lack of an independent Judiciary. The recognition and enforcement of contracts is essential to lure international business and encourage entrepreneurs to invest. I understand Russia’s concerns about NATO and I think the west squandered a huge opportunity to bring Russia into the fold when the CCCP collapsed, being too busy gloating over our “victory”. That said, there is really very little standing in Russia’s way to joining the international community to their advantage except their insistence on “going their own way”. They are still living in the past and the world is passing them by.

  44. I grew up in Krim. Can’t really do any narrative bending with me. If you’re confused go to Krim and ask people. You media is lying to you.

  45. Ivan, um, I think it is because the Russians called it an “Annexation”. I don’t doubt a great number of Crimean residents preferred an alliance with Russia, though I suspect most were pensioners salivating over the more generous payments by Moscow. But certainly you don’t think that snap election was “by the book”? The west is not critical of what they did, but how they did it, what with the “little green men” and all.

  46. Sensible comment in the sea of ignorance.
    EU puppets are impotent and fully controlled by Washington. They will do what they are told or CIA will shoot down another civilian airliner. Kiev will do what they are told as well and right now they will do everything to continue genocide of civilians in East Ukraine.

  47. That’s right, US police killed 700 people just over the last year and only 300 killings were justified.
    American cops kills own citizens at a rate 100:1 to any other country in the world.
    That data is freely available.
    BTW National guard was deployed to put down protests in Ferguson. What do You call that?
    And yeah now call me Russian troll because I’m telling the truth!

  48. He is a problem for your masters because he knows exactly how your empire operates. He was there when CIA scum funded and trained chechens. Washington supports terrorism.

  49. Putin bad, Russia sucks. Standard imperial narrative. The propaganda is working overtime to stop “Russian aggression” Ironically that works to further expose and discredit the Empire of Chaos.

  50. Why is yank propaganda keeps lying about “annexation” of Krim? It was the people who seceded from Ukraine and joined Russia. Why lie about something that can be easily disproved?

  51. Hi Pete, your comments are respectful and you seems sincerely looking for answers. I spent way more than average “Joe” on this unfolding tragedy – about 3 hrs per day, scanning through US, EU, Asian, Ukrainian and Russian media. A few brief points. 1. Products from EU had been replace with S. American fruits and veggies, for more favorable prices, so their shelves are not empty. Yanukovichid did not defy Rada – at that time his party of Regions had absolute majority. Why Russia was afraid of EU agreement? Because the text of Agreement paved the way for Ukraine into NATO, effectively cutting Russia from the only its access to warm water and Mediterranean (Crimea). As for your criticism of Russian business, I completely agree, but need to remind you that US – despite its claims to the contrary – is not free market capitalism. Far from it. We have a crony capitalism, where big business and government in bed together and the majority of governmental regulations serve to protect big business from real competition. Sad reality, indeed.

  52. That is a very childish answer. Sounds like the “But Johnny did it too.” response that a child would give.

  53. You are absolutely correct and it’s great to see another American knowledgeable about what’s “really” going on. At least you are ahead of the crowd and can prepare!

  54. haha guess what?..I don’t believe you’re an American and barber is a nickname lol. Search Russia for Arina..I’m sure you will find 1000’s of us. I’ve done my time in the hospital today so I’m headed home to my family. I just bet they have a hot meal waiting on me and after eating I plan on spending some time our our pool cooling off and relaxing and enjoying our grands.

  55. Yes, Americans are ignorant about the goings on in international backwaters. Too bad for the naysayers that…. WE OWN EVERYTHING!

  56. ” Only you Putin loving Russians say the American people are brainwashed.”

    Actually, I am an American…a real one born and raised! I just have my eyes open vs most who refuse to do so.

    By the way, I seached for Barber’s in Russia. Guess what? Could not find a single one. How weird…right?

  57. Why certainly. I can also change your gender identity with SRS surgery and change you into a woman so you can be comfortable wearing lacy pick panties like your godfather Putin does. Please tell your therapist that diagnosed you with transgender dysphoria and started you on HRT, harmone replacement therapy that you’ve found a surgeon that will do SRS, sexual reassignment surgery, on you and will not change you one Ruble. lol

  58. Terry. Since I have started to refuse to do others research, I suggest that you google Russians assassinated, journalists and government officials. The list is extensive.

  59. haha you’re also pathetic. I’m glad I don’t have to fly to Moscow anymore, go to Kursky Station and get on the train, either 52 or 54 can’t remember, for a 13 hour overnight ride to Staryj Oskol. Working in the mines and the metal plants there are the major source of work for the people. Went to Belgorod State then went to Moscow State, Oh, our brother was born in Gubkin and my two sisters and me were born in Staryj Oskol. I’m a surgeon and several years ago I visited the new hospital in Staryj Oskol. Much nicer than the old one in the city centre. The reason you say Americans are brainwashed is because YOU’re brainwshed by Putin’s lying controlling bs. Only you Putin loving Russians say the American people are brainwashed. Pocka, I’m through with your entertainment for the evening here,

  60. Oh come on Carrie (the Russian…sure!). It’s a well known fact that Americans are brainwashed. You will have to do much better than that.

  61. Ohh and also, I could not list what the U.S. contributes here as there isn’t enough space. We are the best country in our world for a reason. Just so you know it’s not because we spread hatred like yourself. That would be why your country will never be the best country on our planet. EVER!

  62. Awe is somebody spewing hatred towards others because you’re emotionally weak.

    Why are you so insecure with yourself that you would hate someone else because they are different then you?

  63. Since they day I was born in the city of Starj Oskol. My comments also suggested to you that the American people are not brainwashed. YOU are the one that’s brainwashed from all of Putin’s habitual lying.

  64. “They are some of the most caring, loving and forgiving people in the world.” Have I ever implied anything about kindness?

    Basically Carrie, your post is actually worthless as it has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote. Furthermore, “Carrie Barber” is Russian? Since when???

  65. I’m not American, I’m Russian with US Citizenship. I also disagree with you about the American people. They are some of the most caring, loving and forgiving people in the world. American history is based on immigration and I feel blessed to be an American Citizen and have an American family and friends that loves my Russian children and me and have supported us from the day we arrived here 17 years ago. My Russian twin daughters inherited their American grand parents beautiful horse farm when they were 16 years old. How about that, two much loved “Russian” twin grand daughters inherited an American’s family farm. I doubt that would or could happen in Russia to an American kid. Sorry, but your comments are nothing but worthless to me and probably any other American that reads them.

  66. I’ve lived in America for 17 years. All of my family is here near my family now. English is the spoken language in America and all of my family speaks English. I’ve not had a computer with Russian windows and keyboard for a lot of years. I have no need for either anymore. None of us have any plans to return to Russia again not even for a visit as long as Putin controls the country. Sorry.

  67. a. The statement by Kadurov is too broad, narrowminded and speculative, it can not be taken seriously
    b. The fact that the Kadurov’s statement has been reported is appalling.
    c. Mr. Shukla should do his homework first before quoting someone and giving that someone a megaphone to address the world.

  68. Rediculous– Bluffers— Put BIGGER SANCTIONS ON THEN EVER AND CALL THERE BLUFF. Where is Europe in all of this nonsense going on? You dont care? What a society?

  69. I see how my life changed for the better from year to year. The problem of small towns is not unique to Russia. From the region, too much depends. Small towns of the Caucasus, the Urals and central Russia is a big difference.

  70. Vikas Shukla, you what?
    Quoting Putin’s pet gangster Ramzan Kadyrov? Do you even know what he is?
    “Europe ‘will not last’ without Russia” ???
    MBA in finance obviously went wasted on you… but perhaps it’d be beneficial for you to move to Russia to pick up more quotes like that for your headlines?

  71. I’m just a student. The state pays me studing in the university, an apartment, an annual vacation in Sochi. What I do not like Putin? Because Americans do not like him? Nonsense.

  72. It’s always funny for those who cannot accept the truth or better yet, even try to debate a subject pointing negatively at the US as you refuse to accept the truth.

    Pretty sad.

  73. What was posted is actually based on facts.

    What are you afraid of Carrie…the truth? That’s the problem with most Americans. You guys are so brainwashed that it’s impossible for you to see or admit to what your government does. Bear in mind it’s not all Americans as most that are educated can and will discuss what the US does. Others? Rarely do!

  74. No, ….I am not a Russian troll unlike you I have a brain and it works. I see your another stupid yank with no arguments. You do let the real American patriots down.

  75. George W. Bush looked Vladimir Putin in the eye,

    ,,,,,,, BEHELD HIS SOUL ,,,,,,,, and saw that it was ALL GOOD.


    Has Putin ordered assassinations without due process way, the way Obama has?

    Has he protected terrorists, kidnappers and torturers? No

    Has he sent drones to all parts of the world? No

    The views of Obama et. al. on transparency and press freedom stand revealed.

    It is almost axiomatic that free expression is better protected in Obama’s America than in Russia today. But is it true?

    Compare America’s corporate media with RT (Russia Today) TV, the television service now derided as Putin’s propaganda network.

    The level of commentary and analysis on RT is far superior, and the diversity of views is greater. If that is what a propaganda network is like, then bring it on.

    Demonizing Putin may be useful in the short run to the empire’s “bipartisan” stewards.

    But, they are dealing with someone more formidable than themselves, and they are getting in over their heads.

  76. Get a new line of bs troll. Your gay line about the US is getting old. I suppose you’re to ignorant to know any better though, typical Putin worshiper.

  77. At one time in my life I would have marched under the flag of Russia. Now that I’ve lived in the US for 17 years, very happily married to an American man, and a US Citizen, raised my “our” children in the US, I would march under the American flag. In Russia now you march under the flag of Putin not the country of Russia. I’m also a surgeon and if needed to I could change your gender identity with SRS and make you a female. Your line about the rainbow flag is old and all you Russian trolls that worship Putin as your god should try to find a new line of bs to entertain us with. You’re same old worn out bs lines are getting boring to us. Russia has as many gays as any other country in the world does.

  78. By the way boys and girls, let me tell you all a little story…well it’s more like facts.

    The US has been hit with economy collapses each 7 years. Just look it up for yourself. Every time it happens, citizens gets poorer, the government gets more in to debt and who’s getting richer? THE JEWS!!! They have been controlling your economy and crashing it every 7 years to gain more power and make all of you poorer within days. NOT A SINGLE US MEDIA EVER TALKS ABOUT IT!

    Here’s the fun part…the next crash is next month. 1980, 1987, 1994, 2001, 2008 and now 2015. Yep around the 15th of September which by the way is always around that date, but this time it will be a gigantic crash. A country destructing one. Why do you think Jade Helm was put in place? For fun? The government already knows what will happen and they are preparing for martial law as the people will revolt.

    Many money gurus predicts the end of the US dollar and the US world’s domination. Basically, what happened to the former Soviet Union will happen to the US starting next month.

    Enjoy boys and girls.

  79. Here’s another genius. By the way Donald, you do realize that Putin would eat Trump for lunch…WAIT Of course you don’t.

    Trump is just a loudmouth imbecile who will attack someone but once those people answer back, he cowards away and move on to someone else.
    Trump is just a flash in the pan…a nothing politician.

  80. In view of
    the last news on USA-Russia relationships it needs to be noted that Russia IS
    willing to cooperate with USA on global security issues which could highly
    benefit people of both these states and worldwide. If that happened it would be
    such a high potential and a good start for healing the wounded trust between
    the countries and that as a basement would definitely boost a progress for
    solution of all other current complex issues. This could bring important peace and
    stability. At the moment there would be a good chance for all the mentioned to
    come to real life if USA Leadership positively considered the question of
    cancellation of the current sanctions. It
    would really be such a pleasant feeling to be sure these major states aren’t
    and won’t ever be of a threat to each other by the end. Not to mention a positive impact on both welfare
    of the people affected and current economic tensions.

  81. How about that…HAHAHA Is that all you’ve got Mark? Labeling me and calling me a liar without even trying to prove me wrong?

    Typical idiotic, uneducated American.

  82. The only reason the USA has lost influence in the world and only some is because of that muslim terrorist in the WHITE HOUSE is a pussy that nobody can take serious …TRUMP WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT PROBLEM QUICKLY…2016

  83. Intellectual wealth in Russia ? Are you talking about the 18th century Russia or maybe about some recent exceptions like Alexander Solzhenitsyn? No, you must be talking about your Putin the Great. He is a poster boy of intellect. The fact that he speaks fluent German doe not mean that much but he is really wealthy (a good thief).

  84. It’s fun for me to bust our bubble but I”m Russian not Ukrainian but I do support Ukraine against your terrorist dictator Putin. And he does control your life.

  85. It makes me laugh when I read any article claiming that Russia is aggressive particularly when the US has been at war 93% of its existence. 222 years out of 239.

    Who’s aggressive again???

    Admit it Americans…you are the worlds number one threat and terrorist supporters. Before you uneducated fools jump all over my post, know this…the US supported some of the most vile dictators throughout history just as they still do today.


  86. Except, I have been to Russia and several adjacent countries – rich elite in big cities, some middle class that has lately been disappearing, o lot of poverty in small towns and villages; dope and cheap vodka there. Most of the smart and educated Russian living abroad…Cheers Semion.

  87. You have to buy Russian; one there is nothing else to buy and two, even if there was, the Ruble doesn’t have the horsepower to get it done. But I agree, the world is too big for trade wars; conversely, trade could go a long way in eliminating these political squabbles. This Ukrainian thing started about trade. It seems most Ukrainians wanted to trade with the E.U., but Yanukovich defied his Rada and eschewed that in favor of ties with Moscow. Why is Russia afraid of that? Russia should be more aggressive about trade with the west, though it does present difficulties with their current way of doing things in the business sector.

  88. Ramzan Kadyrov is a major recipient of Putin’s largess to thugs and oligarchs. Is it any surprise that he would tow the party line on the effectiveness and longevity of sanctions? When it comes to the damage to the Russian economy the sanctions are causing as well as most other issues Putin and his lackeys are either lying or in a state of denial.

  89. Sounds to me like the puppet is supporting his masters with this article. It’s hilarious to think a country like the US needs a country that makes and contributes little to nothing to the world community. But think what you want people!

  90. True, but all that is temporary – what the author is saying and what I agree with is that Russia will remain afloat and triumph over the sanctions sooner than the USA thinks.

  91. Make sure the nuclear weapon deployed by Russia knows the difference between Russians and the others because we do not want to see radiation act the way it generally does i.e., destroy every thing within its range. That goes for Chechnyan leader too.

  92. I am glad to learn that Chechnya “leader” is an authority on Russia’s relations with the West. It is my understanding that he is also an authority on the solar system, indeed on the entire universe.

  93. US is pushing for sanctions because it does not have any leverage – trade between US and Russia is tiny compare with Europe. “Buy Russian” is a new wave in Russia, significant boom in agriculture, farmers enthusiastically replacing import from EU with local produce, while farmers in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, etc. rioting because of lost business with Russia. So much for sanctions, indeed.

  94. Mr. Kadirov is a Putin’s supporter. All his actions and interviews correlate with Putin’s foreign and domestic policy. Moreover every his statement on TV and radio stations, as well as any encounters with foreign media should be approved by Kremlin otherwise Ramzan Kadirov with be eliminated like his countrypeople… and he knows that. This is very obvious.

  95. Mr. Putin is insanely jealous of the United States. Jealous that the world doesn’t look to Russia for help in a crises. Jealous, that the only threat he poses is military. Jealous because his military will be defeated without the bomb, unlike the United States. Just really jealous.

  96. Russian national poverty rate increasing from 10.8 percent in 2013 to 14.2
    percent in 2015 and 2016. Poverty is expected to increase because real disposable
    income and consumption will decline. This would be the first significant
    increase in poverty rates since the 1998-1999 crisis.

  97. Crimea is not worth fighting for. Russia is a miserable country that can’t even make any nice consumer goods such as cars, motorcycles, or commercial planes.

  98. I live in the southern Urals in the summer is not colder than in Miami. Somewhere in the north cold, but how many of the population? Most of the population lives under favorable climatic conditions.

  99. Okay, but with the same success we can say that Germans drink a lot of beer, and the Mexicans drink tequila. But the full range of drinking vodka – the most pure product. And no need to draw conclusions from the statistics (especially the US) if you have never been to Russia.

  100. Oh Chechnya –such peace and harmony. Democracy? How can you have true Democracy without free press? Well you can go to space but not pay your workers. Good luck there.

  101. Really intellectual? That’s why all scientists, engineers and educated people are getting the hell out? Russia is a corrupt eye sore of humanity get out your little St Petersburg apartment and go visit the towns and villages they are lucky to have electric let alone a paved road.

  102. Did US bombed Yugoslavia without UN approval?
    then why sanctions were not imposed on US?
    here goes Iraq too. war over a picture of WMD? laughable!
    Did US armed and trained Syrian “rebels” because they were in opposition to current president?
    Hmmm then why US bombs them now?

  103. Kadyrov is not a joke. He has been holding the most of clans in a relative peace.
    But his opinion regarding the sanctions is hardly relevant.
    I was wondering why the author picked Kadyrov’s opinion?

  104. yeah, Canadian dollar lost 30% of it’s value just over the last year, Canadian economy is shrinking.
    Is it all due to Russian sanctions on Canada?

  105. Alcohol is a serious problem in Russia men are lucky to live past their 50’s over 75% of Russia is Siberia Comrade lots of snow. Facts not stereotypes.

  106. Right! through Bush and Dick to jail for starting senseless war with Iraq and killing over a million people,
    bombing Yugoslavia, splitting that beautiful country in six!
    And while on it through other american presidents to jail for starting tens of wars, invading countries and killing the innocent!

  107. Hahaha, you mean that your danctions are made to you is worse? Japanese cars bought a few the most eastern regions of Russia, now cheaper to buy Russian cars.

  108. Since when Western press become “free”? lol
    I personally think Putin is a cool dude and he does what’s best for his country and his people
    and he doesn’t want a rainbow flag over kremlin lol.
    I was riding skytrain yesterday here in Vancouver and when passing the Science World building
    noticed rainbow flag hanging next to Canadian and BC flags!
    That’s more than just disgusting!

  109. Snow, nuclear weapons, bear, vodka, matryoshka … That’s all you know about Russia? It’s just stereotypes imposed by American propaganda

  110. They failed to mention the great harm that has been done in Russia in the last year with the sanctions. many businesses and people are suffering very much in Russia, but we never hear about that. Putin is living in the past when the USSR was a very strong country, Russia is not. He is in dream land because he needs Europe more then they need him.

  111. ever noticed how “West” helps SOME countries on the other side of the planet?
    while Russia was fighting Afghanistan US armed the opponent
    we all know what happened next.
    most recent years US armed and trained Syrian “rebels” Guess what? They’s getting bombed now lol
    Here goes Chechnya too. US was on Chechen side till Boston marathon bombing happened.
    Just wait and see when Ukrainian Far Right sector idiots come to American cities.

  112. lol Obama does not control the Americans like Putin controls your lives. Putin is going to be the death of Russia and it’s happening right in front of your eyes.

  113. Booya your bs line is two years old. get another one to entertain us with. If you think you’re so intelligent then why are you letting a psychopath dictator control your lives for you?

  114. My business partner in Japan used to sell lots of machinery to Russia.
    Guess what happened after ruble lost half of its value?
    He said he didn’t sell a single truck to Russia. Japan export is down.
    but hey, Caterpillar export to Russia was close to 1 billion dollar just a year ago.
    now look at the CAT number.
    All countries suffer but Russia started developing agriculture and manufacturing sectors
    not to depend heavily on import products.
    Sooner or later sanctions will be lifted but I’m afraid Russia will be using it’s own by then.

  115. Just because you think Russia is poor and hated doesn’t make it a fact. Russia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Just look at all the natural resources in Russia. But, most importantly, our wealth is not pecuniary, it’s intellectual. Something that you wouldn’t have a clue about.

  116. Some Russian villages do have internet. I visited friends at their summer home in a village last May and guess what?..they had internet lol.

  117. It’s nice of You to think Russian villages have internet lol.
    No really this “what Russian village blah blah blah…” is so yesterday!

  118. Buzz off, you dirty Kremlin leach! You earned your $.25 for the post. Now you can go, get a shkalik of cheap vodka, fish a pickle out of a rusty bucket in your kitchen, devour it after your empty a glass of vodka and kick off on your grandma’s stinky divan in a crumbling Khrushchev flat. Life is great, ain’t it?!

  119. What matters is- reality, and most posting here like Mr Hindsight -(Unknown User) -who’s imagination has got the best of him. Many have been allowed to see the future , We know what takes place ahead of time.

  120. Look, Russia is not the type of country that you can just boss around. America learned it first hand when Russian took over Crimea. Russia has weapons too and can play the same game as the USA, get it?

  121. The only reason YOU know that is because YOUR Russian media lies to you with every breath and the US is NOT controlled by a habitual lying deranged minded psychopathic paranoid murdering dictator like Putin that controls he Americans every move.

  122. Now just how many worthless Rubles is the Kremlin paying you to lie like that for Putin?. You’re just as big a habitual liar as Putin.

  123. Stupid fool. Despite the overwhelming evidence in front of your nose, you are clearly too much of an idiot to understand the simple facts. I am not going to educate you, we need people to wash cars.

  124. You need to unlock yourself from your closet in your village in Russia and realize Russia is one of the poorest and most hated countries in the world now because of Putin, Crimea and Ukraine and his habitual lying to YOU and the world.

  125. Kadyrov is such a fool. It is what happens when you take the village idiot and make him president. Much like Trump would be if he became president. Simply doesn’t have a clue.

  126. And you’re full of bs. My sisters and I (we’re Russian) were in Russia several months ago closing our business over there and we saw Russia is a mess especially in our city.

  127. America has lost its image on the world stage. Other countries have stopped listening long ago. Now to make them comply, America has to initiate conflicts and create reasons for war. This is pathetic!

  128. Wow Putin and Russia, this is so much easier than you are making it out to be. Get your ass out of the Ukraine and all will be well. This kind of BS article on your continued “threats” makes no sense. Don’t you understand that the west is making a stand against you? Haven’t you figured that out yet? We can’t have you and your corrupt machine running around causing trouble in other countries and then taking land from them and causing the deaths of thousands in the process. You want us to “respect” this kind of behavior? Really? Sorry guys, you’re just not as “powerful” as you make yourselves out to be. So, the sanctions will continue and your nation will continue to slide. Just get out of the Ukraine – simple.

  129. This was a power grab by the US / NATO to bring about REGIME CHANGE in February using agent provocateurs
    such as NATO’s “GLADIO” organization, Greystone and the blue hat group

    NATO and the US want’s to site military bases in the Ukraine and surround Russia, …

    Russia is NOT under the control of the West and the Banking elites, Rothschild etc. They want the assets.

    The EU / US offer nothing, the NGO’s, CIA , and NATO terrorists are in there stirring it up including US Senators like Mc Cain and the State Dept. Victoria Nuland

    This is nothing about, or, to promote democracy in the Ukraine

  130. i agree only Obama can afford it because he is a billionaire,but Russia cannot afford it too,And all because worthless east ukraine

  131. Despite the disastrous Iraq War, neocons still dominate Washington government policy-makers coordinating with think-tank
    opinion leaders to keep world tensions high and money flowing to military projects, a process personified by Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland.

    The neocons want a military escalation in Ukraine to remove the ethnic Russians out of the east, and dream of spreading the chaos to Moscow with the goal of forcing Russian President Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin.

    In other words, “regime change” a process that America does to many independent countries.

  132. The reason Russia is complaining about the sanctions that it will hurt the West is exactly the opposite, it will hurt Russia. It’s an old KB reverse phycology trick. It so ridiculous that you can’t even fool a fifth grader. Good try. This is the 21st century and not the 19th century.

  133. His career is doing well. His approval rating is up to 89%… Don’t worry about Putin. Start worrying about his neighbors. He is not done and Ukraine is not the last country that he covets.


  135. Police State in US… Have you tried living in Russia?:) Of course you have, you are a Russian troll…. nice touch…using a Russian metaphor to make your point…

  136. We really enjoy to live in Russia. It`s the sample of real democracy. While you kill blacks we have 190 nationalities living in peace and harmony. If we live in poverty as you say, why do you implore us to take your astranauts into space. Arctics is our`s. When you build icebreakers worth mentionig then we will talk

  137. LOL you are delusional……US is trying to push Russia out of Europe, because US wants to sell their shale gas to Europeans. US helped Ukrainians overthrow the legitimate government, all because of greed and need of control. US does not want to be safe, US wants to control the world and dictate what each country should and should not do.

  138. Attacked population of Eastern Ukraine?

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Russian troll.
    Putin’s Special Forces, after the Crimea success, invaded parts of Eastern Ukraine and brought war… Kiev had every right to defend itself and its citizens against Russians from Russia who occupied Ukrainian territories.

    Your Nuland script is a lie and too old to deserve comment. Get a new script…:)

    Your Crimea cr** is a huge LIE… Crimeans did not get to vote, they were forced by Putin’s Little Green Men to do Putin’s bidding. Crimea was a simple land-grab, nothing less and nothing more… Time to grow up and face reality.

    Russian aggression is ongoing and if Putin is not stopped in Ukraine it will spread like the plague across the rest of Europe.

  139. 89% of Russians cheer Putin on. They cheered him when he sliced off Crimea and they support his war in Eastern Ukraine…

    Given that they support his policies that break International Law, they should expect to live with the consequences…

    Close to 7000 innocent Ukrainians are dead because of Putin. Millions more are displaced, those in occupied territories live in horrific conditions. How about sympathy for them?

    I can’t find too much sympathy for people who don’t see what Putin is doing as evil.
    Russians brought sanction on themselves. More sanction and tougher sanctions is the way to go. Let Russians understand what their thug in charge is doing to Russia.

  140. Gee, let’s see the Russian Ruble is in rubble; Gazprom is sinking fast; Russia can’t get a loan anywhere…China isn’t lending to Russia and all projects with China are on hold, except the turning over of Russian Pristine Lands in the Far East to China…. Good plan Putin… You outsmarted yourself… :)

  141. the russians cry because the west is helping a country that wants to find it’s own indentity. they expect the west to just sit back and watch as they invade one country after another. first geogia then ukraine. they want the west to not move aggressively into eastern europe then they should start by becoming a good neighbor. the russian paranoia is unbelievable. fueled by putins propaganda machine they convince ordinary russians that america wants to control them. I’m an American and I can tell you all we want is the world to be safe for everyone.

  142. These days, whenever someone expresses an opinion, you have no way to know if its a genuine one from an independent and free minded person, or if it is just a russian troll making a living. Anyway I believe, sanctions are essential to send the message to Russia and Putin that their behavior is just unacceptable in the 21st century. Any appeasement of Russia’s behavior could just be catastrophic for the world and Russia itself. In other word, however hard that they can be, any real russian patriot (not Putin and his armies of trolls and paid agents who are the real traitors to the mother land, since they are puting their personal interests first before Russia’s) will rejoice for the sanctions because it is the best way to try to save Russia from itself.


  144. He is wrong. What the world can’t afford is to allow a thug that believes that whatever he wants he can take.
    In 2008 Putin sliced off part of Georgia; last year he sliced off part of Ukraine and brought war to Ukraine.
    Who is next of his list? East Germany was part of the old Soviet Union, is the thug going to try to return East Germany to his control.

    Putin is a rogue and terrorist. The world can not afford to let him get away with terrorizing innocent countries. Sanctions should be toughened and continued.

  145. This is true Joseph and the 28 nation EU will never hold indefinitely the Germans are getting hit hard along with the French and after all we did have two world wars with Germany so would it be a big surprise of Merkle says enough is enough? America’s suffering is next to nothing while Germans are losing thousands of jobs.

  146. Klown Kadyrov is full of crap. His terrorists have pulled out of Eastern Ukraine because they are broke. Russia’s economy is tiny, smaller GDP than California. It is Russia that can’t survive without the West.

  147. You have so many wrong numbers and facts that looks like you are russian propagandist and sleeping cell in the US. Ready to wave russian flag on Capitol and demand to defend russians on the US!

  148. America is in a 14 year stalemate with Iraq and US government feels this is a good time to threaten Russia and China this is Saturday Night live material without question if Hitler were alive today he would die laughing at America.

  149. First of all, there is no doubt that this entire sanction scheme was US effort to bankrupt Russia but Europe had to pay the price for it. So, the reality is exactly as the man said “Europe cannot afford Anti-Russia sanctions because it needs Moscow” It’s evident that the sanctions is causing Europe’s staggering economic and employment loses and worse the sanctions are without any visible effect … they should end ASAP and it could happen because Kiev finally asked Russia for direct talks regarding the rebel regions basically conceding that it cannot be done by military means …

  150. Are you a V.Lenin’s relative? No? So, why do you think as he did?

    Once, he said:

    “Capitalists themselves will sell to us a rope with which we will hang them”

    Come on, sell em more technologies to build the weapons to kill you!

  151. To me, I believe all this sanctions should stop…..Putin is very wealthy and his cabinets are rich, so no amount of sanctions will hurt them. The only people paying for this sanctions are the civilians. Crimea is gone and so it is and they even voted to be part of Russia…so, what’s the issue? Let Ukraine fight for themselves without any backings of the westerners. Since the beginning of sanctions, has anything changed? NO. Now, all stuffs imported from western countries are being destroyed by order, which will also affect innocent businessmen and businesswomen who are just trying to earn a living. Can you imagine the weight of that damage? Please enough of Sanctions.

  152. Fred – your total ignorance is only helping along the demise of our country. The propaganda won you over and you are not thinking. Read some history about the Ukraine as well. The police state in the U.S. is now well established, mostly due to sheep like yourself.

  153. Criminal Russian regime got what it deserves. For centuries it tormented central Europeans for and even now talks about stealing their independence (“questioning the legality of Lithuanian’s secession”) No sympathy for Russia. Russia stands alone until Russia breaks with criminal past and apologizes to the Baltic peoples, Poles, Fins, Czechs, Hungarians, Chechens, Crimea Tatars, all the people robbed, murdered or expelled from their homes by Moscow.

  154. If there is a public revolt in Russia Putin may be killed. It’s time to stop betting on the losing horse. At the very least, Putin’s career is ruined because incalculable damage has been done to the Russian economy and somebody will have to answer for it. Putin looks increasingly like Assad of Syria. Funny, the two used to be wonderful friends.

  155. Another Shytstain Putinazi trying to spread his BS for his dying Criminal State. Wonder why he doesn’t hear the loud Flushing sound?

  156. The lies from the skies. That is US and its puppets in Kiev, who attacked population of East Ukraine, to force it to recognize power of new illegal goverment installed in Kiev by US, after bloody coup for regime change. US invested in this operation $ 5 biliion. Ukraine democratic system and constitution were scrapped by US. US became the real ruler of Ukraine. New Ukrainian leadership was picked up from street trash. “Yats is our man” – Victoria Nuland. US strategic objective was to harm Russia by destroying Ukraine. After bloody coup US invested additional $ 10 billion to destruction of Ukraine. US managed to inflict demages to Ukrainian economy and infrastructure, bigger than $ 200 billion, just in one year time. After US aggression Crimea voted for exit from Ukraine to prevent slaugter of its population by US paid Kiev hords. Crimea joined Russia, and Ukraine lost natural resources worth trillions. Povery brought by US start to knock on doors of Ukrainian population. Before US aggression employement was high, saleries were about $ 400, pensions $ 200. Now after US help, millions of Ukrainians lost their jobs, salaries dropped to $ 100, pensions to $ 50. Ukrainians are hungry. Shame on US and its geopolitical dirty games.

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