ValueX Vail 2015: EnerNOC, Inc. (ENOC) – Hazelton Capital Partners

ValueX Vail 2015: EnerNOC, Inc. (ENOC) – Hazelton Capital Partners

Hazelton Capital Partners presentation on EnerNOC, Inc. (ENOC) from the ValueX Vail, June 2015.

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EnerNOC: Can Energy Be a SaaS(e)-Business?

Enernoc: Operates in niche segment of the Electrical Industry – The Company does not….

Enernoc: Helps C&I Companies Actively Control Energy Expenses Through Demand Response & EIS

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Energy = 30 - 50% of C&I Operating Expenses



EnerNoc –Demand Response

Been Rewarding to ENOC

Lucrative Business

  • $470m from $10m
  • - GM ~ 40%
  • - 40% CAGR

Strong Acquisition Model

  • 6,500 DR Customers
  • - Reward C&I with $
  • - Low Churn

Business Transition

  • US Growth down Intl up
  • - Volatile Pricing
  • - Govt Regulation

EnerNOC’s Energy Intelligence Software

Our solutions focus on the three energy cost drivers


How you buy it

Budgets and Procurement

  • Develop accurate energy budgets
  • Track cost accruals before the billing period ends
  • Manage exposure to real-time prices
  • Procure energy through competitive auctions

Utility Bill Management (UBM)

  • Collect historical utility bills
  • Track trends in utility usage & cost
  • Discover & report billing errors
  • Streamline accounts payable


Visibility and Reporting

  • Track trends in energy use & carbon impact
  • Visualize real-time energy data to understand consumption patterns
  • Automate ENERGY STAR reporting
  • Disaggregate and track actual consumption and demand costs

Facility Optimization

  • Benchmark & com pare facilities
  • Analyze meter data to identify cost saving opportunities
  • Prioritize actions across a portfolio

Project Tracking

  • Track the impact of measures


When you use it

Demand Response

  • Earn revenue to fund your energy projects
  • Measure & manage DR event performance
  • Track payment history

Demand Management

  • Alert on demand thresholds
  • Quantify cost impact of demand peaks
  • Forecast new facility & system peaks
  • Alert on real-time and day-ahead index prices

EnerNoc –Competitive Edge

Niche Segment of Electricity Industry

  • Market is Nascent & Fragmented
  • ~35% Market Share in DR

DR Help Paying for Customer Acquisition

  • Established Customer Base to Migrate to EIS
  • Strong Brand Recognition & Trusted Name

EIS – No Longer Software Package

  • New EIS Platform  SaaS Model Upside
  • Actively Manage Energy Procurement, Expenses & “Real Time” Costs

See fill PDF below.

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