Twitter Developing Teams To Push Content Partnerships In Asia

Twitter Developing Teams To Push Content Partnerships In Asia

Twitter discussed plans to accelerate its push into the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions for content partnerships on Tuesday. It sees Australia, India, Japan, Greater China and Southeast Asia as major markets for growth, says a report from Reuters.

Twitter to expand teams in Asia Pacific, Middle East

Rishi Jaitly, a Singapore-based executive, has been given the responsibility of developing the teams in these countries. Prior to this, Jaitly was the market director for India and Southeast Asia for Twitter. Jaitley will work to grow the teams in Australia, India, and Japan, and expand into new markets such as Greater China and Southeast Asia.

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“Since joining Twitter in the fall of 2012, Rishi has done a tremendous job of evangelizing the power of Twitter’s platform for our users, influencers and content partners in India and Southeast Asia,” Katie Stanton, Vice President of Global Media, said.

Stanton hopes the company will be able to expand to newer markets in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East under Rishi’s leadership. Twitter is aiming to build strategic alliances and higher audience engagement for these markets. Jaitly has been assigned the responsibility of attracting the best talent for the team to work on bringing to Twitter’s live, public platform the best content available across the world.

Massive potential still untapped

Jaitly’s team will handle the responsibility of prioritizing Twitter as the first and immediate platform for key publishers to reach, delight and engage with mobile audiences across Twitter’s live platform (Twitter, Vine and Periscope apps). Jaitly’s new team in Singapore recently closed a TV partnership deal with MediaCorp. Under the deal, Twitter’s SnappyTV platform will be exclusively used by MediaCorp to provide high-quality video clips of the country’s 50th National Day Parade via tweets during the live event.

Jaitly says that currently more than half of the world’s Internet, mobile and social media users reside in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Therefore, he considers Twitter’s focus on the region as an excellent opportunity to connect with content partners. Jaitly, who wants to bring premium non-English content onto Twitter, says the ultimate goal is to use Twitter to show current happenings across the globe to users in the best possible way.

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