Tesla Motors Inc Shows A New Snake-Like Charger

Tesla Motors Inc Shows A New Snake-Like Charger
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a habit of surprising audiences with announcements of new releases and then introducing something beyond people’s expectations. This time it’s a new charger with a most peculiar snake-like look.

Tesla not providing many details

In December, Musk tweeted that his company was working on a charger “that automatically moves out from the wall and connects like a solid metal snake. For realz.” At the time, it left many wondering what he was talking about.

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On Thursday, a video of the new charger was shared, and it can be said that it is much more bizarre than one could imagine but at the same time is mind-blowing too. Introducing the charger, Musk tweeted, “Tesla Snakebot autocharger prototype. Does seem kinda wrong :)”

“The video is just an example of some of the cool stuff we’re always working on behind the scenes,” Tesla told CNBC. However, the EV maker has not revealed when prospective buyers can expect to buy the prototype or if it will be offered for purchase or not.

Not new technology

Tesla’s new charger is in the testing phase for now, and the company has confirmed that it is compatible with all Model S versions, but we don’t know if it will work for the upcoming Model X. The Model S has won several awards and comes with interesting features like automatic upgrades, self-driving and self-parking abilities.

While it’s still unclear how the new charger works, the fact that the charging port of the Model S come with sensors that can sense a charging nozzle nearby and then automatically open up the door of the port, we can guess how it will work. The technology behind the new charger is the same as is used in the cars in which the door handles come out automatically when the driver approaches with the keys.

It is possible that Tesla will install the new chargers at its 487 Supercharger stations spread across the nation.

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