Tesla Making Preparations For Model X Release

Tesla Making Preparations For Model X Release
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After years of anticipation and a frustrating tendency to shift launch dates, it appears that Tesla is finally ready to release the Model X crossover. This is going to be a massive event, not only in electric vehicles, but also in the entire auto trade. Perhaps electric vehicles have yet to become a mainstream technology, but it is hoped that the Model X can play a major role in achieving this for Tesla.

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Model X due for release next month

There has been a raft of news regarding the Model X in recent weeks, ever since Tesla confirmed that it would release this vehicle in September. Fans and those who have pre-ordered this vehicle could scarcely believe this news, considering the number of times that the Model X have been delayed already. But it still seems certain that we will finally see his vehicle on the road at some point during the next month or so.

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As Tesla prepares itself for the release of the Model X, the electric car manufacturer is working on developing its showrooms to support this release. Bloomberg has reported that Tesla is intending to sell more accessories and apparel as a result of increased interest in its range of vehicles caused by the release of the Model X.

Tesla has been forced to endure a slide in share price in recent days, as its stock continues to be one of the more fluctuating among large companies. The analyst community can disagree violently at the best of times, but Tesla has certainly prompted severe disagreement regarding the potential of the corporation.

Many believe that the electric car niche is one with huge potential, and that major releases such as the Model X later this year will play a role in Tesla maintaining its market position. Others believe that Tesla’s share price has escalated far too quickly, and that the stock is seriously overvalued in the existing market.

Tesla attempting delicate balance

With Tesla looking to establish itself as a lifestyle brand, the company recently hired Ganesh Srivats from Burberry. Tesla is thus attempting to balance being perceived as a luxury manufacturer, that appeals to high-end consumers, with the practicalities of producing affordable vehicles that shift large numbers of units.

It is ironic under these circumstances that Tesla has been linked with Apple so strongly, as the Cupertino-based corporation has perhaps been the most successful beneficiary of this strategy. The iconic Apple iPhone is both a mass market smartphone, as well as something of a status symbol and harbinger of coolness. This is precisely the sort of combination that Tesla will be attempting to achieve with its vehicle range in the foreseeable future.

However, many analysts instead foresee a future where Apple strides into the electric car marketplace and seriously challenges Tesla’s supremacy. Indeed, in recent weeks there have been a number of reports that suggest that Apple is certainly working on a so-called Apple Car for release in the coming years. There is no doubt that a consumer electrons giant such as Apple could deliver an excellent electric vehicle, and its very presence in the marketplace would certainly be challenging for Tesla.

But Tesla has stated previously that it believes Apple entering the electric car marketplace would be good for the company. The theory behind this is that Tesla would ultimately end up with a smaller slice of a much larger cake; effectively greatly increasing its revenue and market value. Whether or not this will turn out to be the case remains to be seen, but what is certain is that reports have strongly linked Apple with the production of an electric vehicle, and this now seems to be something that the California-based company is seriously contemplating.

Model X specs

So what do we know about the critical Model X vehicle ahead of its release? The first thing to note is that this is very much an electric car aimed at families, with the Model X having the capacity to seat seven people comfortably.

It is also notable that Tesla has kept the weight of this vehicle down pretty impressively, ensuring that it is able to boast a staggering power-to-weight ratio. The Model X will only weigh 10 percent more than the Model S sedan, indicating that its overall weight will be around 5,000 pounds.

The Model X will also offer all-wheel drive as standard, and Tesla has stated that the system will deliver “unparalleled traction control in all conditions.” It is clear that the electric car manufacturer has attempted to ensure that the model X is a powerful vehicle, but also one that is relatively easy to drive. Considering that it is likely aimed at families, it is essential for the Model X to feel like a safe vehicle, and the Tesla hierarchy believe that it has achieved this.

Model X autopilot

But the reputation of Tesla is of a hi-tech company, and so it is not surprising that there are a few tricks up the sleeve of the Model X. Tesla has introduced the autopilot system in the Model S this year, but it is suggested by leaks close to the electric car manufacturer that the Model X features a significantly more advanced version of this technology. The autopilot system will enable drivers of the Model X to navigate traffic, avoid obstacles, and obey the rules of the road such as speed limits more easily. Whisking yourself off from one location to another will become a more assisted process, with the Model X constantly helping you in your driving.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the Model X comes in the design of the vehicle. The “Falcon Wing” doors of the Tesla Model X are hinged on the roof rather than the sides “to allow easy access to third row seats.” This creates a striking aspect to the vehicle, and one that will undoubtedly make the Model X stand out when it hits the roads for the first time.

Reports emerged this week that Audi is working on a competitor to the Model X, so the release of this vehicle for Tesla will be essential as it attempt to cement its exalted position in the electric car marketplace.

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  1. Apple joining Tesla in the auto market, no doubt forcing Samsung to follow suit – each with superb gasoline-ICE competitive advanced semi autonomous EVs would spell rapid death for old auto makers and lat the market at Teslas feet in whatever quantity it can gulp down. Nonsense silly talk to suggest there is any issue for Tesla in this picture. Top dog and first mover with a decade’s worth of R&D and repetitional lead. All the money in the world cannot buy time that has already passed.

    Apple has no experience in heavy engineering and no leadership prowess in the subject. It has no battery manufacturing and no charging network. If in fact Apple is designing an autonomous driving technology to attach to third party vehicles – which would seem like a safer corporate bet for Apple, Tim Cook style as opposed to Steve Jobs style – then Tesla will eat Apple’s automotive customers for breakfast. Why? Apple’s prospective customers like Ford or GM cannot even service their own vehicles, Tesla can. If Ford or GM tried to reduce the cost of servicing their fleet by taking that function in-house, their dealers would sue them to death and win. Tesla can even fuel its own fleet and add lowest cost power generation as it sees fit. It is also quite unlikely that Apple would be granted access to monitor deep service status data within vehicles. Tesla can already monitor everything about its own fleet. How is Apple’s AI system going to detect a brake-system leak and stop driving at full speed towards an intersection if that information is legally privileged service information that can only be monitored by Ford’s franchised dealers? Even now Tesla can detect deep-level service status issues and request an owner arrange with service to address them before it becomes a problem the owner would notice. You need that for an AI fleet – cars in need of attention automatically returning to base for service to before they have issues that affect passengers, not cars that at perpetual risk of breaking down with no driver on board and attracting absorbent ambulance/taxi plus dealer towing and service charges. This one of the reasons that Uber cannot compete with Tesla either.

    The entire cost base of a Tesla AI EV fleet would cost less to operate than gasoline cost alone in a Ford or GM fleet no matter what AI technology was attached to a Ford or GM car. The other thing to bear in mind is that AI shared asset transport as a service devastates and likely decimates the business model of selling cars to owner drivers. Gridlocked cities represent a broken transport system in which individual car ownership is just an expensive nuisance for the most part. Nobody would start from scratch and design a smog filled city filled with metal boxes averaging 10mph between destinations, many of them driving in circles looking for somewhere to park. In this context the car is a 20th century solution that promised freedom that has evolved into a 21st century problem that has become a trap. Everyone would benefit from a massive reduction of vehicles on the roads, none of them producing smog, non of them needing to park all of them travelling swiftly.

    Ford and GM cannot so easily deal with demand for its products dropping to 1/10th of former levels. For Tesla, growing into a 10 Million vehicle per year market is a bonanza, for Ford and GM the global vehicle market dropping in demand from 100 Million units annually to 10 Million is an unmitigated disaster and a bankruptcy threat beyond their wildest nightmares.

    What I foresee is the likes of Google and Apple developing autonomous AI driving technology. Milking the existing auto market, allowing Tesla to send it bust and then joining Tesla in buying up surplus manufacturing capacity out of Chapter 11 to repurpose as AI EVs. Tesla will win that race hands down and set the standards for others to follow and very likely before that transition occurs Apple will no longer be bigger or more valuable than Tesla.

  2. “There is no doubt that a consumer electrons giant such as Apple could deliver an excellent electric vehicle, and its very presence in the marketplace would certainly be challenging for Tesla.”

    I find it funny that people are continually doubting Tesla, a company that has proven record of building excellent cars that are the envy of giants like Audi, and yet people think that ‘there is no doubt’ that Apple can beat Tesla at this game.

    I doubt.

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