Tesla Partners With Airbnb For Chargers At Prime Locations

Tesla has partnered with home-sharing startup Airbnb, pushing its efforts to install more Superchargers for Model S owners. The EV firm has already spent millions to build a network of charging stations around the world, and the latest move will help it put chargers in select rental locations.

To address “range anxiety”

“Now Tesla owners have more awesome destinations with the launch of @AirBnb Tesla charging http://airbnb.com/tesla,” the EV firm said in a tweet.

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A few month ago, Tesla CEO Elon Mush introduced features like range assurance and a trip planner to address the so-called “range anxiety” issue among drivers. Similarly, the partnership with Airbnb aims to ensure that Tesla owners are not far from a charger.

This program is an extension of Tesla’s Destination Charging program, in which the firm installs High Power Wall Connectors at hotels and in parking garages. Such chargers can add 58 miles per hour to a Model S with dual onboard chargers. They are not as efficient as the Superchargers that can add 170 miles of charge in half an hour’s charge. Apart from partnering with Airbnb, the EV firm is also in the process of installing chargers in Manhattan garages.

“From remote deserts to lush forests, we’re unlocking highways, backroads, adventures and unique homes,” the firm says.

Tesla lays out eligibility criteria for hosts

It must be noted that not every Airbnb location will have a charger as it needs to meet some minimum requirements. To be eligible, the hosts must list an entire home, have at least five bookings, and also have an average rating of 4+ stars. From there, Tesla will select 100 properties.

The selected hosts will get a free charger that costs $750. However, they will have to pay for the installation, which can costs them up to $900. With a Tesla charger, Airbnb locations can hope to get extra rental traffic to compensate for the set-up costs, plus $10 for a night’s charge, which the Tesla owner is expected to pay

As of now, the program is limited to Airbnb rentals in California, but the firm plans to expand the program globally going forward. So far, 12 Airbnb rental homes have been fitted with the chargers. The marketing slogan for the program is “Be free. Go far.”