Who Will Win If All States Of USA Declare War Against Each Other?

Who Will Win If All States Of USA Declare War Against Each Other?

Imagine there was no United States of America as we know it. What if each state declared war against its neighbors to grab more resources and expand its rule? Former Marine Jon Davis imagines this hypothetical scenario in immense detail, backed by facts and figures.

California, Texas, New York most powerful

Responding to the question If every state of the USA declared war on each other, which would win? on Quora, the Marine veteran said the states with predisposition for military bases, a large population, and people open to supporting the idea of warfare would be the most powerful. He looked at states with self-sufficiency and long-term military capabilities.

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Davis said California, Texas, and New York would have the best chances from day one. These three are the states that have military might, economic strength, the will to fight, and the ability to become self-sufficient. Others too have some, if not all, of the advantages. These include Washington, Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, Florida and Georgia. Hawaii and Alaska are so far from the mainland that they are unlikely to suffer or benefit from the war between states.

What would happen after the war? Chaos


Jon Davis presented his explanation in the form of a story. He used images and maps to show the progression of this frightening war. Click here to read his explanation in full. The hypothetical war lasts about five years. All the major information networks, computer systems, and circuit-based technology would be destroyed. There would be no official records of who fired the weapons. Wondering who would win this hypothetical war? Chances are it would go nuclear, and in a massive nuclear war, there would be no winner.

Besides infrastructural losses, it would lead to a loss of leadership. Cities would be evacuated due to no food, water or power. Without any government protection, micro-wars would spring up. Villages and towns would start fighting each other over water, farmland and salt mines. Local Sheriffs would declare themselves Generals of 50-men armies. Religious groups that spring up after the war would call it a work of God.


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