Sony Introduces Smartwatch-Like SmartBand 2 Fitness Tracker

Sony recently debuted the SmartBand 2 fitness tracker, which boasts features such as an improved heart-sensor, automatic sleep detection and a smart alarm clock function, which causes the device to vibrate to wake the user at the best time according to their sleep cycle. The device also comes with features more often found on smartwatches, including notifications of incoming calls, messages, emails and tweets. The fitness tracker also enables users to control music played on their smartphone or tablet.

Sony Introduces Smartwatch-Like SmartBand 2 Fitness Tracker

Sony’s SmartBand 2 features sleek but sporty design

The tracker was designed with a waterproof silicone casing and a metal fastening clip and features two-day battery life. The SmartBand 2 has no screen, and it uses LEDs or vibrations to deliver the notifications that messages were received. At launch, the SmartBand 2 will come in just two color options: black and white. Indigo and pink versions will roll out later. Sony’s fitness wearable is set to go on sale in stores next month in 20 countries. Although the device’s price in the United Kingdom has yet to be revealed, the euro price will be €119, which roughly equal £85 in U.K. currency.

IDC analysts predict 72.1 million fitness wearables will be shipped by 2015, and many brands are leading thanks to popular devices like Sony’s SmartBand, Jawbone’s Up, and Fitbit.

Smartband part of Lifelogger line

Sony’s upcoming gadget is rather hard to categorize. The Japanese brand considers the device a “lifelogger” as it pairs with the Lifelogger app to give key information on personal fitness, stress levels and overall wellbeing. The app doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of tracking, but it does pair up fitness data with information on user activity, like when the user took photos or listened to music with other devices.

Sony also offers an array of other products to work with the Lifelogger app, including the SmartWatch, and SmartBand Talk.