Shots Fired Nearby Pakistan’s Habib University

Shots Fired Nearby Pakistan’s Habib University

Gunshots were heard in the vicinity of Habib University in Karachi, although media reports suggest they were not actually on the university’s campus but rather nearby. A spokesperson for Habib University assured The Express Tribune that no shooting has happened on the school’s campus. He said the scene of the shooting is actually near Rabia City about a half kilometer away from the Habib University campus.

Police seeking gunmen near Habib University

The Express News reports that police have blocked off the area and are now searching for the gunman. There are no reports of any victims suffering from gunshot wounds in the area. Officials are reporting that the incident happened at Pehlwan Goth. Some are tweeting that the gunmen are hiding in Habib University’s parking area, a claim denied by a university spokesperson.

Explosions at or near Habib University

Twitter users are reporting three explosions near Habib University, although there are many conflicting reports about this part of the story as well. Journalist Sidra Iqbal reports that there was one explosion and it was only a cherry bomb.


Also a Habib University spokesperson denied that any mortar shells landed on the campus and said the university was not targeted. He said there were no students on the campus at the time of the shooting and explosions.

However, DIG East Munir Sheikh told SAMAA TV that someone fired three mortar shells at the university from empty plots. He also said a one of the mortar shells landed in the university’s tennis courts. According to Geo TV, two people were injured in the explosions, although this has not been confirmed as some are reporting that there were no injuries.

Peshawar school shooting recalled

Violence striking close to a school in Pakistan is sparking memories of the Peshawar school attack in December 2014, which resulted in 104 deaths after gunmen took 500 students hostage. Of those 104 people killed in the bloodbath, 84 of them were children.

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