Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal Is Obstacle To US Global Dominance

Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal Is Obstacle To US Global Dominance
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The power of Russian forces and Russia’s nuclear arsenal are both an ‘obstacle’ to U.S. global dominance, according to an American political analyst.

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“Russia continues to be the second most significant nuclear power after the United States,” said Keith Preston, chief editor and director of, a Virginia-based website that encourages revolt against domestic and foreign U.S. policies.

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The author also noted that Russia still owns the world’s second largest nuclear arsenal, which is considered to be a potential obstacle to U.S. global dominance.

“Also, there is the fact that Russia is a key component in the emergence of the BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] axis, which is essentially trying to create a reserve currency – an international reserve currency – that’s independent of dollar,” he told Press TV on Friday.

“Essentially, Russia is in a position of having a massive multi-national military alliance really camped out right on its border,” Preston said.

Preston noted that all these things combined are blocking the American global hegemony, and “it’s clear from American policy documents that this is what the policy makers in Washington want.”

The expert explained that there are many nations trying to resist U.S. global hegemony with Russia being “one of the primary nations that does resist this.” He added that Russia is the most “significant” nation to do it due to the size of their army and their nuclear arsenal as well as Russia’s growing alliance with China.

U.S. eliminates potential rivals to its dominance in Asia

“The objections that the [Defense] Department has raised to Russia are really in line with the similar criticisms that the [Defense] Department has raised, concerning China, concerning Iran,” Preston said, referring to the chief of Pentagon Ashton Carter’s Thursday statements regarding Russia being a “very, very significant threat” to the U.S. national security.

“The goal of American foreign policy throughout Asia is to eliminate potential rivals to the American dominance in Asia,” Preston added.

The fact that Russia is delivering modern S-400 surface-to-air missile systems to China has a potential to disrupt plans of the U.S. military in the Asian-Pacific region, as it was recently reported by citing military experts.

ValueWalk has recently reported that China poses a great challenge to all major foundations of U.S. military superiority, according to military experts.

Experts gathered at the forum of the Hudson Institute, an American think-tank, noted that China is challenging all three major foundations U.S. military superiority has been thriving on: (1) strategic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, (2) power projection capabilities, and (3) a dominant position in terms of technological advantage in a conflict of any kind.

U.S. is trying to achieve dominance over Russia, China and Iran’s resources

The experts cited by also said that a durable alliance between Beijing and Moscow may lead to a “new, post-Cold War geopolitical order,” which is going to challenge U.S. global dominance.

However, according to Preston, “Russia today is a much different society than the Soviet Russia. The United States’ elite, however, are still behaving as though the Cold War was still going on.”

Preston provided the “only rational explanation” for this by saying that Russia stands in the way of ongoing American expansionism in Eastern Europe and in Central Asia as well as Washington’s elite efforts to get NATO closer to Russian borders in order achieve dominance over various natural resources in Asia by pushing Russia’s influences out of the region.

At the same time, the U.S. is trying to do the exact same thing to the Iranians and Chinese, the expert noted.

What should U.S. do about China-Russia alliance?

In ValueWalk’s recent article it was laid out what the U.S. should and should not do about Russia-China rapidly growing alliance, which has been a prominent topic in the media this month.

Particularly, the U.S. shouldn’t apply pressure to neither Moscow nor Beijing individually to prevent the relations between the two countries from strengthening further.

As China’s influence in Central Asia continues to grow and expand, the alliance between Beijing and Moscow will most likely start breaking apart due to Russia’s unwillingness to share its present influence in the region with China.

What the U.S. should to instead – is let China and Russia compete against one another while helping to counter global terrorism and engage in the economic development of Asia, which in the long run would prove itself useful for the whole world, not just the U.S.

Meanwhile, the U.S. should be on full alert about the growing size of China’s ballistic and cruise missile arsenal, which Beijing can dispatch any second against U.S. aircraft and air bases located in the Western Pacific in order to defend its hegemony in the region, the experts at the Hudson Institute warned.

Japan on full alert over China-Russia joint military drills

ValueWalk recently reported that the Russian and Chinese navies are holding their largest-ever joint military drills called ‘Joint Sea 2015 (II)’, which will go through August 28.

The exercises are being held in the Sea of Japan. Japan, a major ally of the U.S. in Asia, is on full alert about the drills being so close to its shores.

The week-long drills will involve Russia’s 12 naval aircraft, 20 battleships, nine amphibious vehicles, two submarines and 200 marines. From the Chinese side, there will be seven warships, five warplanes, six shipborne helicopters, 21 amphibious vehicles and 200 marines.

The Chinese Navy has never conducted any military exercises in this area before. Over the last decade, China and Russia have held five major joint military exercises.

Besides, it’s not only China-Russia alliance the U.S. should be worried about, but also the emerging Russia-Iran nuclear alliance, which has become more of a reality due to Moscow and Tehran’s recent agreement over the delivery of the S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems by the end of 2015.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Where did I say Putin is a hero? Although he is certainly more heroic than all US presidential candidates combined… Not to mention that Obola commie desease you fvkwits elected

  2. yeah u r all talk and full of isht just like most amerikans.. worry about your own country dumazz .. those libs and niggez running it while spew your dumb hate u phat ghay koksvkers

  3. They might be neocon junkies, but, they are OUR neocon junkies, you keep messing with the eagle and you’re getting clawed boy.

  4. America is a great country. We in Russia know that and never dispute.. But your leaders and neocon junkies tend to overreach.. To your own peril

  5. true that we have the most powerful military force in the world, maybe more than the rest of the world military expenditures combined, but we can’t win wars in middle east……why? ironically our soldiers are fighting ( being killed ) by Muslim militants we trained and armed with weapons paid by us taxpayers?? Who are getting filthy rich in this game of American playing world police?

  6. US tries to deny other nation dominance(s)by ……….. dominance! your wholesale of democracy and peace is old and obsolete in the eyes of people around the world. pls stop brain wash our school kids with that!

  7. American dominance is for peace? by means of wars and killing you mean, in the name of democracy exports? are you still living pre-Vietnam war era? As you and I sleep every night, US military and contractors ( new money suckers) are engaged in fighting a dozen places around the world. Can you list a year or 12 months period that US military was not fighting since post WWII?

  8. Russian women are born fighters because they are fighters, while Yankee are cowards, so naturally their women are more Cowards :)

  9. The terrorist Yankees used nukes against japan not to save lives but scared of what japan did to the so-called mighty USA at pearl harbor, the Yankees were sitting ducks so to avenge the defeat at pearl harbor they genocide, massacred millions of innocent unarmed Japanese civilians, for these cowards Yankees could not fight ground battle with imperial japan :)

  10. There is this big Soviet mentality over the word “Dominance” in this topic. Only Communism seeks to take full control to DOMINATE its own region but ever since the creation of the United States of America “dominance” is never the goal or intent but DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM and OPEN MARKET!

    US does not seek to dominate the world. Policing is not dominating but maintaining peace and freedom, unless another Russian troll wrote this article and failed to realize they’re simply exposing their old SOVIET MENTALITY again failing to identify the very different colloquial mentalities with the WESTERN WORLD specially the US.

  11. Dominance??? We are not trying to dominate the world. We try to protect our interests, our allies, we are not interested in ruling over other people’s permanently but rather that they rule themselves in a friendly and peaceful way. There is much evil in this world and much evil to fight, we do not fight it all but that which is in our interest to fight.

  12. The Russians are becoming very entertaining. Reading articles like this makes me think Russia is becoming a big version of North Korea with its own Dear Leader, Vladimir Putin. Very humorous.

  13. The author doesn’t discuss whether global dominance should be the goal of US foreign policy. The mechanisms of the attempt are not clearly stated, which might influence the discussion The US is attempting world dominance by threatening 1st strike. The goal is to build and place nuclear missiles and intercepts so that a 1st strike by the US is plausible, while attacking the US remains suicidal. With Russia, plausible may mean that only 50 million Americans would die. US generals are willing to sacrifice that anytime. They have nothing but contempt for ordinary Americans.

  14. “US global dominance” is dirty and sick phrase so are the nationals that try to champion it. Co-existence is the only way out for US. Russia-China will not allow US and Japan to challenge the world order unless they decide to revive WW II.

  15. If the USA stooped as low as Russia, and we used our nuclear forces in the same manner, LOL i can see Russia and China crying already. NO ONE, or NATION in the world, has the abilities of the US military forces. We could take this game to a whole new level if needed.

  16. America has only served their own self interest. America has used freedom and democracy as an excuse to project their military might and destroy opposition. The world will get a long fine without America. Because America lacks transparency and credibility because of your clandestine mission of overthrowing small regimes who do not agree with American policies. American people think its their devine right to shape the world in their own imagine. Millions have died directly and indirectly in response to America’s aggression. America has funded many terrorist factions and when they go rogue, they deny all responsibility. American culture is also corrosive and unhealthy, which promotes homosexuality and other bad lifestyles. The more America gets broke or power are being concentrated in hands of big government . the more Americans will start to lose their own freedom. Freedom is an illusion just look at America as an example. With all the internal social strife going on lately is reflective of that.

  17. “Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal Is Obstacle To US Global Dominance” – title written by Soviet type mindset, which revealed her orientation up on values of pro-Putin’s propagandists.

    Kremlin’s trolls like their bosses don’t thinking about moral values of humanity. They
    are thinking in categories of global dominance they represent – communistic
    ideology murdered already millions of Russians and infected by them corrupted

    Rephrasing this title should be better to say “Russia’s Nuclear
    Arsenal Is Obstacle To Global Dominance of values the human moral”.

    Russia with her Nuclear arsenal is standing as an obstacle to dominance of human moral and defending the lie, robbery and murder.

  18. Do you remember last year`s meeting Donald COOk with Russian aircrafts SU-24 equipped with the most advanced radio-electronic in the Black Sea? If not, just go and ask marines what they think about it.

  19. Are we talking about the same poe poe poor broke America? Cause the America I’m in is headed strait to a third world nation status ,thanks to the current and previous admin Leaders.and their advisers.

  20. And unfortunately America will take a lot of innocent countries with them when they spiral down. America is just a name now – the real owners won’t lose that much but the common folks will it all. American people are stupid, thinking all that money is air to breathe !

  21. Very good comment – I live in Crimea now and lived for 35 years in the middle of Alaska. In 2006 I took a job in the “lower 48” in my field -construction management-and I thought I was in a foreign country. America was a completely different country with way too many unethical problems – Hard to explain how I felt about my home country – I got an opportunity here and there and moved here – it was Ukraine – now its Russia – very little difference between them to me – I guess the people in America like their New way of life – I didn’t – I left – been in many countries since and I guess I know how to adapt better than most – I just retired

  22. Global dominance is the strategy NO 1 in American foreign policy that is why the concept of globalization came about. The world being “a village” in which the community members know about one another thoroughly and the village that can be properly managed to benefit of the managers. The writer’s observation is right, Russia is there as a block to America’s dominance for if this balance is not there the world would go into a serious chaos.
    To me instead of the world struggling to achieve dominance state, why not opt for achievement of peace and equality?.If China and Russia as well as Iran could develop their own monetary market to counterbalance WB and IMF reducing dollar dominance that control economy of the world,I think there will be improvement in peoples’ welfare.
    As the writer points out USA should not panic but allow China-Russia relationship to grow may be the elasticity will break in the long run and they will either enjoy or regret.

  23. America is not all bad they saved uk & many countries in 2nd world war the uk would have lost to Germany if it wasn’t for American intervention.also stoped tiny Kuwait from being stamped on by Iraq need a strong America in this world they lost their way with idiot bush tony blair & afgan was a big mistake.obama trying to repair damage done that’s one uphill struggle.

  24. ru SS ia is a toothles bear– putin is losing evey war– and even crimea and donbass will show this fact in the near future

  25. You killed 50 times more innocent civilians in your terrorist act of bombarding other countries, you are the only terrorist which which nuked japan
    you lost no territory because no war was fought on your lands, & these lands belonged to the Natives RedIndians not to the coward, terrorist Caucasian white people,
    so stop barking like a Rabid Yankee Dog :)

  26. One bad thing the US did, in my opinion, was save the Soviet terrorists. You talk about the US? At least we didn’t murder our neighbors in their sleep, like the communist filth that once ran that broken land.

    Mass murderers and thieves, Soviets were and are worse than the Nazis in every way possible. They were more petty, they murdered more of their own people and their nation wasn’t even strong.

  27. Depends on what you call a win. In all those conflicts, we killed 5 times as many as the enemy and were grossly out numbered.

    We also lost no land, though those nations were split in half.

    I don’t think you have a very good system for measuring success.

    We also didn’t fall in the 90s, just so you know.

  28. We need to dismantle our military and invite Russia,China and North Korea to build bases on our soil to show our good faith=LIBERAL THINKING!

  29. And ours prevent their global dominance.

    Sounds like they should have no motivation to fight, eh? That would be the normal way of thinking. Sadly, we are not dealing with people you would consider normal, when we are talking about these two governments.

    They are pretty psychotic.

  30. What freedom???? In the last 2 decades u rained deth and destruction on ppl all over the world and you talk of some freedom??? Bunch of phat ghay clowns

  31. Riiiight.. #2 Russia is delivering your astronauts to ISS and sends more rockets to space per year than America and China combined. Not to mention the only way american sattelites can get to space including military is if NASA buys more Russian NK-33 engines… And if you want to see a ishthole go to Detroit or St Louis or better yet Ferguson… America is a fat ghay ishthole with LGBT clowns running the place. So please worry about your isht paradise before you mouth off nxt time dumazz

  32. Attacked 14 countries, having butted into every conflict, & after being defeated in every conflict fled as the Coward only major nuclear power, leaving friends & allies to fend for themselves against the enemy, USA a nation with no shame, a liar nation :)

  33. Really, downgraded? They put their photos on the postage stamp, gave them the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union, and their portraits were hung in schools all over the country, they were symbols of strength and courage to all Soviet women. And if you go to wiki on the Night Witches you can find the president awarding one of the survivors with an award.

  34. Considering that our politicians and president have repeatedly said that the US is “Unique” and, therefor, has the right to police the world, this article is probably valid. We have attacked 14 countries in 20 years and have butted into every conflict worldwide. If we were not the only major nuclear power, we might have to hold back a little.

  35. The best thing for America is the rise of China and Russia. America is not perfect but most countries of any substance would still through their hats in with them. BRICS is nothing but an acronym. Brazil is DOA and India isn’t going to side with China at all. Nukes may keep America from true global dominance and that’s good, competition makes everyone better but nukes are the only thing allowing Russia and China to politically torture their own people which is by far the more accurate headline.
    America is no saint but the alternatives are significantly worse

  36. Here we go again talking about nuclear weapons as if the use of the nukes is a viable option. It really shows how weak humans have become – sorry control is an illusion especially dominance a fantasy held by the so called elite of the world , what a joke!

  37. Since when the USA wants to be the world dominance?? With this present president?? It seems like USA will never possess the world as you think. The constitution of USA does not allow the USA such a thing. When we had the atomic bomb ahead of everyone we could have done it but the laws of this country forbids it.

  38. Oh, yes, this arsenal is the real obstacle. However, it there is something even more important, as together- China and Russia, or , if one likes it more, Russia and China, who are obviously just now are joining their military forces in mutual manoeuvres, is not simply the threat, but, obviously, much more probable and suitable entity for the world dominance,than the USA, is it not? Even if this really very essential nuclear arsenal of Russia is not under such special consideration.

  39. Only two things stopping you…fear and common sense.

    BOTH of Russia’s new fighters have systems that still cannot talk to each other…which is ironic given the 2nd fighter was only green lighted because of the first fighter’s systems failing to function.
    And what is the latest count for those lumbering Russian bombers they’ve been buzzing our airspace with, falling out of the sky? 3 at the start of June, have any more dropped?
    Putin held his stance, thinking he was dealing with the same USA as Bush, until that coward Obama and his multiple red lines in the sand. As soon as Putin saw that…he enacted the plans he only dreamed about for 8yrs.
    Don’t confuse one cowardly US president, with US capability…only the capability under the coward, and that only last a short while.

  40. The U.S has a history of using the nuclear weapon to kill or destroy a nation or its citizens. They also have long been threatened others whom they do not get along with, to bomb them with atomic bomb. Thats why they are so scare of others whom may have potential to possess the bombs. What come around go around.

  41. I’m sure you don’t know what you are talking about. The US has NEVER derided any system that allows for enhanced rolls for women…especially when you seem to clearly have forgotten that both Russia and Germany used rape as a weapon of war. The decision for both nations to include women is what must happen when it’s your homeland being attacked.
    It was both Russia and East Germany and later China that downgraded the contribution of women. If not for the US, the Chinese women that were part of the war effort that serviced planes even before US officially entered into war, would have been erased from history thanks to the communist takeover.

  42. You’re joking right?? LOL! This is the biggest propaganda article I’ve read from these idiots in a long time.

    There isn’t a single economy in BRICS right now that isn’t in a depression with 2 of those countries headed for long term debt insolvency.

    Russia is #2 in everything… That’s because it’s a #2hole and that’s all it willl ever amount to as long as it’s people keep following that heroin addicted bald headed midget in Moscow.

  43. The Russian women didn’t have to serve in the military, but during WW2 a LOT of them did serve. The most notable were the notorious Russian female snipers and the Night Witches night bomber regiment. Since there were a lot of educated Russian women, the majority worked as translators, decoders, and engineers. I’m sure this got twisted by the US propaganda.

  44. THE NWO United States ( A FORMER Constitutional Republic ) is leaning; and provoking Russia a 157 ways to Sunday. The Russians ( And Chinese ) DO NOT want to comply; knowing damn right well it WILL mean the COMPLETE loss of all National Sovereignty; Culture; and Idenity THATS what this particular conflict is about.

  45. Just explode one nuclear bomb 60 miles above the earth over America and it would give the EMD effect and destroy every electrical device and leave America at the mercy of any invaders ! Doing this way is what Iran has already said they can do soon thanks to the so called deal ! The country would be set back a thousand years ,the new dark ages ! Depending on how angry and hungry China and Russia are it might be an all out nuclear attack ! Humans do have a history of total destruction ! By the way Russia and China have been doing drills with the citizens of their country getting them by train to safe zones in mountains.They claim they can save 60% of their people. America has been stocking their military and politicians tax paid 100 year long shelters with food,water,medicine and entertainment ! What about the American people? Most will die of radiation poison and starvation ! We have full diversity we sure are lucky ! With the decline of world monetary system and food shortage hitting growing areas of the world with clean water being difficult to find . ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN ANY DAY ! Keep in mind Russia and China are used to HARD times Americans have been pampered and are divided soft people ! How much could we take before given in to their demand !We don’t have leaders we have talkers ! It’s true Russia and China have drills to save many of their people ,maybe America should think about a government funded private shelter for each of it’s people ! Before it’s too late !

  46. “The fact that Russia is delivering modern S-400 surface-to-air missile
    systems to China has a potential to disrupt plans of the U.S. military
    the Asian-Pacific region, as it was recently reported by Pravda ru
    citing military experts.” — OK, a couple of things. First, the S-400 is
    a defensive weapon. Second, what plans does the US have in the Pacific
    that would be thwarted by defensive weapons? Third, Pravda ru is a
    satirical online “newspaper”, much like the Onion.

  47. “The fact that Russia is delivering modern S-400 surface-to-air missile
    systems to China has a potential to disrupt plans of the U.S. military
    in the Asian-Pacific region, as it was recently reported by Pravda ru citing military experts.” — OK, a couple of things. First, the S-400 is a defensive weapon. Second, what plans does the US have in the Pacific that would be thwarted by defensive weapons? Third, Pravda ru is a satirical online “newspaper”, much like the Onion.

  48. Everything America criticized Russia and China for in the 50’s and 60’s America is doing now ! Schools taught children that Russia did not believe in God(Jehovah) come to find out ,Christian churches(St Petesrburg ) can be found all over Russia.We were told women were not protected and were forced to join the army for combat ! We now tell American women to join and become rangers and soon they can die for the cause,we tell men they can be mama’s ! No one ever said women can’t do it ,history has just proven we all have roles in(gender,family,religious,ideology) society ! Confuse the roles and positions in society ,can promise you society will soon fall ! America has done a flip flop in their morals and belief system ,has nothing to do with Russia and it;s bombs ! America once brought people together with the idea of freedom and fairness for all , courts have no standards,judges can punish at their own desecration give different punishment for the same crimes depending on race and money ! America is divided,people are afraid to speak up,people are scared to death of their police force as we were told Russians were in the 60’s .We can say without a hesitation we grew up in a better country then our children are growing up in ! HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOMBS !

  49. that good that Russia and its nuclear arsenal there, otherwise the owners of world banking, and oil corporations would be the masters of the world.

  50. Yes indeed! American’s are taught in their inferior public school system from DAY ONE that they are the superior nation and the goal of the United States is GLOBAL DOMINANCE! Shocking!

  51. The greed of USA ,its overreach pushed Russia and China together.It is not a thing USA could do,militarily,against Russia-China.The uni-polar world is dead.

  52. I think if you had substituted Russia for USA you would be closer to the truth. Try it and see how much more accurate your rant would be.

  53. USA is crumbling slowly…. They have been manipulating the market with new inventive schemes such as Quantitative Easing and zero interest rates to delay the inevitable crash. Not to mention overwhelming national debt, wasteful spending, budget deficits, increase inflation and looming currency crisis that will cause the crash of the American economy. America has over extended itself militarily and this will make American to be constantly become involved in many global conflicts. America has even lost the edge in technological advancements. I don’t think America is ranked in the top ten in global education ranking. Americans are constantly being fed with an healthy stream of propaganda by their government. An Americans are a complicit to their government’s actions. The only thing that is keeping America from a quick collapse is because of the petro dollar. This is why America wants to crush all oppositions against the dollar.

  54. I would much rather Russia were successful and continued placing orders for US products like the Boeing 747. It is much more profitable to have a constructive relationship than an adversarial one.

  55. China is far from the USA… but what about those nuclear bombs? I’m wondering, how it would look like a nuclear attack on a country which had an anti-missiles system (Patriots). There’s no need for the most powerful nuclear bombs to explode near the target. The biggest bombs ~ 250Mtons might destroy and kill even from a distance of hundred miles away. So…, those rockets and bombs might explode before being hit by anti-missiles. In that case the nuclear attack would not look like mushrooms on the ground only like suns in the sky.

  56. The impression is Russia is imploding from the inside because of corruption, organized crime with ties to Putin (money laundering, suspicious business activity, billions unaccounted for, etc.), medieval economy based on just 1 export. The best thing American can do is just stay away and watch the Putin clique destroy Russia. The worst thing the Americans can do is try to cause some kind of anti-Putin rebellion. If Putin is removed, he could be replaced by a competent man who will make Russia successful.

  57. Nuclear weapons are so powerful they are completely useless as policy instrument because they cannot be used in peacetime. Those are words from the mouth none other than Joseph Stalin’s.

  58. Military power is nice to have but economic power is much more important. Russia has weapons but it’s economy’s dependence on oil revenue makes it weak.

  59. Well, finally it came to many people that the United States should be considered with other countries and empires, rather than play the role of the main “peacekeepers”

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