Russia vs. NATO – It’s War Time

Russia vs. NATO – It’s War Time
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Russia is getting ready for a war against the United States and its NATO allies, according to a European think tank that analyzed recent Russian military drills.

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The alarming warning comes a day after the British defense secretary, Michael Fallon, said that the conflict in Ukraine was “red hot” and Russian-backed rebels could yet claim more territory in the east of the country.

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Fallon added that he did not see any indications that the violence could end in the nearest future, especially after this week Russian-backed separatists along with – as it is widely believed – Russian troops have launched some of their heaviest artillery attacks on the Ukrainian forces’ positions in six months.

Analysts at the European Leadership Network think tank conducted an analysis of large-scale military drills that took place in March by Russia as well as smaller military drills carried out by NATO in June. Both sides were conducting the exercises with the other side’s military capabilities and war plans in mind, according to the think tank.

However, spokesmen for Russia and NATO were dismissing any war plans during their military exercises, and claimed that the drills were designed to practice military actions against “hypothetical opponents.”

The analysts concluded that the “nature and scale” of the drills showed that “Russia is actively preparing for a conflict with NATO, and NATO is preparing for a possible confrontation with Russia.”

Travelling to meet the Ukrainian prime minister and defense minister in Kyiv, Fallon dismissed such a notion, telling journalists that “Russia is continuing to test NATO’s resolve, but we have shown we are standing firm.” Fallon added that the situation in Ukraine is currently “serious.”

Obama’s softness saved us from a global war?

The U.S. remains firm in its position to not supply lethal aid to Ukraine at this moment. As it was earlier reported by ValueWalk, a Russian Lt Gen expressed his opinion that U.S. President Barack Obama’s unwillingness to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine allowed to not unleash an all-out war against Russia.

“If you supply weapons, then you have to send instructors, and it is a fairy tale that they can be somewhere in western Ukraine training Ukrainians, who then take the weapons and go east,” Gen Buzhinsky told the BBC.

The General also warned that if the Ukrainian forces decide to get across the ceasefire line to try take back eastern Ukraine, it would unleash a war.

“If Kiev starts a major offensive on the pretext that they are being shelled… then Russia might interfere, and that of course will be war.”

On Tuesday, Britain announced its plans to expand a training program of the Ukrainian forces as a response to an increased threat from sophisticated explosive devices.

The British defense secretary also pointed out that he would consider a request that came from Ukraine to send additional military trainers to the Eastern European country torn apart by the one-and-a-half year conflict that has killed over 7,000 people.

Ukraine is still “red hot,” not frozen

However, Britain stopped short of planning to provide heavy equipment such as tanks and artillery even though Ukraine has been repeatedly saying that it needs them in order to compete with heavy weapons supplied to the rebels from Russia.

“Seven thousand people have already died in the Ukraine, right on the doorstep of Europe, as Ukraine fights for its freedom. This is not a frozen conflict, it’s still red hot,” Fallon said, adding that there is still a high possibility of Russian-backed rebels seizing the key city-port of Mariupol, which is in southeastern Ukraine.

“While they retain heavy weapons in the Donbass [the region of Donetsk and Luhansk – ValueWalk], and significant numbers of troops, you can’t rule out this continuing threat to Ukraine’s eastern border,” Fallon said.

As of today, five NATO nations, including the United States, are providing training to the Ukrainian forces, while the British defense secretary has repeatedly claimed that the assistance is ‘nonlethal’.

“We are going to be adding training in ground threat awareness, train them in how to recognize mines and IEDs,” Fallon said, adding that the goal is to train more than 2,000 military personnel by the end of the year.

U.S. and Russia prepare for a global war for natural resources

The Kremlin believes that the Ukrainian crisis was organized by Americans in order to prevent Russia from preparing for a global war for resources, according to Russia military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer.

Felgenhauer reminded that back in February 2013 the chief of the General Staff of Russia, Valeriy Gerasimov, said that a ‘great war’ was coming.

“The so-called resource war. Sometime between 2025 and 2030 the world will face a complete catastrophe with an extreme lack of natural resources such as crude oil, gas, water and everything,” Felgenhauer said during an interview with Apostrophe.

“In that regard, a world war or a series of regional wars would be unleased, in which countries and people would fight for resources. And Russia would be attacked from all sides, as we [Russians] have a vast territory and a large variety of resources,” the expert noted.

Due to this, Russia “adopted a program of rearmament to rearm and prepare for this war,” according to Felgenhauer.

But then the Ukrainian crises erupted, which, according to the Kremlin, was designed by the U.S. in order to “disrupt that plan,” the expert noted. At the same time, however, “there are no possibilities to reach a deal to at least freeze the conflict.”

“Because freezing the conflict means leaving Ukraine to the West. And that’s unacceptable,” Felgenhauer noted, adding that any disruption of the Kremlin’s plans infuriates the Russian leadership to a great extent.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. NATO will get event worst surprise than hittler did get in moscow and berlin(russia storm ww2).today russia can easely wipe out any enemy troops getting too close to rusia borders,so far they haven t use their most powerfull advanced weapons but if they feel threaten yes sure they will use em ..NATO soldiers don t know they are almost entering the home of a fearless monster ,russia already stated the countries joining NATO will face consequences, maybe the ss-18 will fly to those countries joining .putin looks very confident when he already say DON T MESS WITH NUCLEAR POWER means russia is loaded and reloaded ,in my opinion if russia gets attacked they will release their power as fast as they can no matter what..on the other side china , iran and north corea will join russia to fight NATO they are just waiting for the tiger to jump.

  2. How is accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior a crutch? It’s a simple decision – to accept His salvation or to deny Him. If anything, it goes against the easiest route, which is to follow the course set by secular society.

    Becoming a Christian doesn’t make us perfect, nor does it make us live an easier life. What it does is makes us acceptable in the sight of God, and makes us His children. There is great peace in this, and the knowledge that when we stand before Him at judgment, we are ready.

  3. Religion is for people who need a crutch to get through life. It’s like a little kid who has no friends so he creates an imaginary one.

  4. USA is a joke now. Russia will prevail in World War III. US has weak leaders and weak young people. The Millennials are a bunch of gays, fatties, and hipsters. They have no fighting potential.

  5. Americans they are scum of humanity killer and terror supporter who back up ISS in Iraq and Syria to kill christian who kept silent when turkish dirty killed 3 million of Armenian and christian we hope china and Russia clean up this world from these rubbish Islam & Americans

  6. Since when is Assad democratically elected…? The job was handed down to him when his father died ….it’s a Frigin Dynasty….where the hell have you been?

  7. US Govt, NATO, NGO’s, SOROS.

    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.

  8. There are, in fact MANY neo Nazis in Ukraine.
    All anyone has to do is go to youtube and see the MANY documentaries made by private journos showing oodles of parades with nazis, nazis all over.
    Shut up.
    Ukraine has had nazis for 80 years plus

  9. Gordon I agree with you wholeheartedly. The are unfreezing 150 billion though not 250 billion. It’s a lot of money any way you look at it. Obummer is the worse thing that has happened to the US in the history of the US

  10. I think its best to leave “religion” (any religion) out of it. You can believe what you want if it makes you feel more secure and “all warm and fuzzy inside”, but the fighting between Israel and Palestine is a fight over “dirt/land” and who has the right to live there. That’s all it is. It is’nt “God’s land”, its just dirt. Personally, I’m sick to death of Israel and all the B.S over there. I think the U.S should stay out of it and let the two hash things out,”Last man Standing”. The only reason why the U.S is involved is because Israel is a strategic military point in the middle east and a means for the U.S military to remain involved in attempting to get other country’s and governments to “get along” (and also to do some douschey stuff which I don’t necessarily agree with). Most of which the efforts are wasted because they have been fighting and killing each other for so long, most couldn’t tell you why they are fighting and hate each other. They “just do”.

  11. The Palestinians are on land that belongs to GOD. Reference Genesis 15:18, Leviticus 25:23, & Joel 3:2. These are the word of GOD. I believe in HIM, do you?

  12. Stevie stop using translators. Even my Chinese co-worker could not understand that. I believe you said you spoke Spanish. I am still waiting for your response in Spanish to what I wrote you, and believe me I will know if you are using a translator app.

  13. En verdad que si estas mal de la cabeza. Primero me acusais de ser Ruso y despues de ser Chino, por que mejor no vas mucho a chingar tu puta madre y dejas de hablar pendejadas. O, y mientras estes ahi dile a tu mujer que aca la sigo esperando con el sandwich de verga que le prometi… Ja ja ja ja. a ver ahora que dices pinche pendejito…LOL

  14. You don’t know much about Trump beyond his “reality show” and his “bad hair” do you Ernest? All the candidates are “MOUTH PIECES”.ESPECIALLY TRUMP. All he’s been doing is saying whatever is on his mind (uncensored) to get “media attention”. Go ahead and vote for a business man who had filed bankruptcy more times than anyone in the U.S. and “he is not a self made” millionaire…he was rich first from “daddy’s money” and like Romney, he has lost more money than he has made.Yeah…”that’s the answer”. A selfish prick and a liar for president…worse than the last 10 presidents.Send all Mexicans and S. Americans back because they are obviously “all criminals and rapists”, not that we don’t have enough of our own here. You are TOO DUMB to explain any of this too.

  15. Trump is a JOKE and is only interested in selfies and keeping his name in the media to satisfy his “attention whoring”. He doesn’t know the first thing to do to fix the country, only ideas(from others) he is plagiarizing. He’s pandering to the masses and telling people what they want to hear. He won’t do $h!#.

  16. No America will keep electing big mouth do nothing politicians SORRY a born successful builder leader stepped up to the plate TRUMP 2016

  17. Again you demonstrait that you have NO CLUE what is happening out there and think that “illegal aliens” are the problem. Congratulations…”you are a p!$$ed off redneck”. You are about as smart about what is happening in the world as a brain washed North Korean who believes what he’s told by his government.Thanks for proving that.

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  23. So, you are only interested in yourself rather than others? Just about everything happening out there affect the U.S, I thought you would have known that. Do you think the U.S should continue to support and arm Israel to finish their ethnic cleansing goals in Palastine. Iran hates Israel and is basically their “next door neighbor”. Who is to say they won’t start arming Palestine, then after that…the U.S gets involved due to the long commitment U.S has pledged to Israel. Oops! Another war…do you see where this is going? Considering your view and attitude, you don’t really know or understand what is happening with your, “I don’t care, its not my business” attitude.

  24. Let’s get one thing strait, I don’t recall asking you to speak for me, so lets put that to rest right now. I’ve read a few more of your posts ,and seems like you are a “Trump” fan. Basing on what you have been saying in your posts…you can’t really be taking Trump seriously? Trump is out there beating his drum and more or less “speaking his mind uncensored and telling many what they want to hear”, but he isn’t a serious candidate or leader in the most basic of its definitions. A business man like Trump (and an attention w^$@^ore) is out there for one thing and one thing only, and “that is himself”. He’s out there to get attention and more or less stir the pot. Most all the current candidates aren’t worth a $h!#.They are pandering to corporations and billionaires to make sure they get their massive tax breaks while everyone else takes it in the @$$. Most all of them have no domestic policy and an even worse foreign policy. Neither have a plan other than to “stay the course” and do things much the same way as before, make empty promises. Those of you who are Trump followers, want to put your faith into someone who is more interested in seeing his face and name on the news to gain popularity points than to actually make serious changes.

  25. I’m sorry to read your reply, Bob. You’re very wrong in your analysis of Christianity.

    First of all, there is no question about God – at least as far as Christianity is concerned. There is but one true God, and that is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Second, the God of Christianity is not as you say “newest”, as Christianity and Judaism both acknowledge and worship the same God, and that dates back to the earliest days of mankind.

    Your assertion about hundreds of “gods” throughout history is correct, however they are all pagan, pseudo gods, idols of animals and demonic spirits, not the true King of the Universe. Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. He didn’t come into existence 2,000 years ago, He has always existed.

    You may deny God, or you can choose to make money, sex, or a head of broccoli your god … but that doesn’t change a thing. The eternal Lamb of God has come into the world to reconcile a sinful mankind to Himself. He has given you free will, so you are free to accept His free gift of salvation, or reject Him and be responsible for your own account. It’s completely up to you. But I’m hoping you’ll open your eyes and heart and receive Jesus, as He loves you more than you can imagine. So much so, He died in your place, if only you receive Him.

  26. Touchy, touchy there miss Jewess. I was making a point. You want to point out all the faults of the U.S, but completely avoid other county’s evils and infractions. Very “one-sided”.

  27. “Israel?”
    I live in USA.
    If you wish to address me, please put American issues first.

    PS: And, you dont care about the palis any more than I give a crap about the illegals here.

  28. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black isn’t miss Jewess? Israel isn’t exactly doing Palestine any favors by attempting to commit genocide.

  29. You religious types are all the same. None of you can decide which “god” is the real one. PErsonally, I consider christians to be among the dumbest since their god is the newest fairy tale. There were 100’s of religions on this planet before Jesus’ dumb ass came around. All of them were as fake as he is too.

  30. Are you really this stupid? Well, you are half right, YES the Kremlin had great influence and a great deal of political control over Ukraine while Yankadik was still acting as Ukraine’s pathetic president. I don’t know where you are getting all of your other half @$$ed information, but you sound like a r%$@%&*ard writing it.

  31. February 10, 2015

    U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting
    ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to
    change the economic development model that has been reigning for at
    least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,”
    she said.

    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:

  32. YOU go vote for Hitlery…. My vote is Trumps. Again, he has EARNED it! I love all of you arm chair warriors that sit around posting on politics who have never even voted and dont have a clue as to whats going on in this country. When YOU can name a BETTER candidate hit me up and fill me in. Until then stfu idiot. Your post is without merit and invalid.

  33. Yes, sure, US and Ukrainian governments, who ordered this poll, pay Gallup exactly for that! I mean, to interview “Putin supporters only” and to leave the rest out . Because US and Ukraine governments are controlled by Putin, it is clear for everyone! John, you need to be careful – they all around you and closing in! Putin is right beneath your bed, and controls and manipulates CNN, FOX, Gallup and the rest of the Universe right out of there! You know what to do – take this old good 12-bore shotgun out of the cupboard and deal with it! Be a real man!

  34. EVERYONE READ THIS RUSSIANS POSTS! He is nasty, low-class, russian paid maggot troll. I am glad you are struggling and supporting that dictator! Keeps us number 1 and you below Spain! LMFAO MAGGOT

  35. You have got to be JOKING? Trump? Really? This is a guy who gets his rocks off on a stupid reality TV show by saying, “YOU’RE FIRED”, a guy who likes to hear himself talk and has filed “bankruptcy” more times than anyone on the planet. Donald Trump is “a mouth piece”, nothing more.Not a leader, not by a LONG SHOT. You’d be better off wasting your vote on Hilary or that delusional egomaniac from Jersey. How about you vote for Kim Kardouschian as “vice President” while you are at it because between Trump and Kim fat @$$, I don’t know who likes taking selfies and seeing their name on TV more?

  36. Listening/watching news reports from CNN and FOX News is like getting your news information from Russian state controlled news media/propaganda. Now you are going to quote a “gallup poll”? Most likely only interviewed/questioned “Putini supporters” ONLY and leaves the rest out…a “very one-sided” view of what is really happening in Crimea and Russia. The Kremlin doesn’t like “negative news/reviews” of its politics or policies so what you get is allot of “B&*^#$LL S&*%#@$%&T and hardly anything that is truly accurate.

  37. “And if you even DARE say Hitlery you seriously lose any and all credibility….”

    Sorry, premise not granted.

    It will probably be Hillary. I’ll be voting for whatever Democrat gets the nomination.

    I’d vote for a yellow dog before I’d vote for a Republican. Especially an opportunistic one who changed parties and positions just to get the vote of the likes of you.

  38. Well you tried Somalia, Lebanon, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistam, tried to rescue some people in Iran, perhaps you should try Russia or China and get lucky!

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  41. So don’t control them, what can you do? Pound sand? Come to Austin, I will serve knuckle sandwiches all day long. Bring the little misses along too so I can have some fun with her while you are out cold! LOL

  42. Oh yeah, THATS a wonderful idea. Butchering our constitution even MORE is such a great option…. And I never said that multi billionaire businessmen dont lie. What I eluded to is the FACT that he is the BEST option for president than we have had in a VERY long time. Prove me wrong and name some better who’s actually running???? And if you even DARE say Hitlery you seriously lose any and all credibility….

  43. I might find the Russian threat a bit more credible if they would stop crashing airplanes… and they have a nasty habit of announcing wildly-ambitious weapon systems and then never following through.

  44. And, multi-billionaire businessmen don’t lie.

    Perhaps we should have a constitutional amendment to allow Schwarzenegger, or even Soros run.

  45. I don’t believe so. However, I’m not his psychiatrist.

    He’s a product of the old school Soviet Union. Former KGB colonel, and later head of its renamed follow-on the FSB, before becoming both President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

    Throughout 50+ years of the cold war, through dozens of proxy wars, near-confrontations during exercises, and general antipathy, nobody used them.

    Unlike fundamentalist religious whackjobs, the Russians appear to be rational actors. And, I don’t think it would be rational for either side to use weapons that would immediately draw an equal, and catastrophic, response.

    Of course, if I’m wrong, I’ll be one of the first to discover it, as I live in Warsaw, Poland.

  46. What do you want Putin to do? Nuke America for all its assassinations of other countries’ leaders, or for invading Iraq and creating Daesh (IS) or its support for Jihadis in Syria? Just because the few media-owners and the leveragers and banksters in Wall Street are as clever as mainstream America is gullible does not mean Putin should nuke America. It’s none of his business any more that Europe, north,south, east and west is America’s business.

    But what we in Western Europe can do, is not to allow Americans hiding behind NATO, Balts or whatever to endanger our youth, our people, our cities. American military are as welcome in Europe as Muslim or African invaders and Ebola.

  47. Ukraine is a sub Sahara nation of Europe. That’s all there is to this country. Sorry to offend you but Sub Sahara countries tend to be pretty bad but Ukraine is worse.

  48. Sorry Chad–this was for Comrade Alex

    Umm….Russia did take most of Europe.
    Need I remind you of East Germany, Hungary, Romania Estonia, Latvia The Ukraine, Czechlovakia. Poland –Look at the map–EVERY country the USSR took from Nazi Germany became–COMMUNIST.

    After the collapse of the USSR these countries all became Democratic.
    Why were they Communist before the collapse. Because the USSR held them under their thumb–even invading Hungary when it tried to revolt.
    Wow–Did you go to public schools in the USA.
    Or is Russian history classes so bad that you don’t know your own history.

  49. “When the revolution comes… ”

    {Boss and Obama, however, had a starkly different view. They believed that the economic stresses of the Carter years meant revolution was still imminent. The election of Reagan was simply a minor set-back in terms of the coming revolution. As I recall, Obama repeatedly used the phrase “When the revolution comes….” In my mind, I remember thinking that Obama was blindly sticking to the simple Marxist theory that had characterized my own views while I was an undergraduate at Occidental College. “There’s going to be a revolution,” Obama said, “we need to be organized and grow the movement.” In Obama’s view, our role must be to educate others so that we might usher in more quickly this inevitable revolution.}

  50. I have seen all that cherry picked RT Politically spun BS ,those geriatrics could’nt conspire their way out of a paper bag,how convenient RT was able to get these VIDEOS unrefutable Evidence of this conspiracy its all on tape …Hahaha,I’ve also seen a photo of Mc Cain with AlBagdhadi,this shit is better than Photoshop.

  51. Yes the Russians supplied the canon fodder and used up german resources so the allies won the war with minimum casualties,be grateful you were not a Russian born in the 1920’s as your life would have been very cheaply sold by your uncle Joe.

  52. The very idea that a nuclear exchange would remain ‘limited’ is naive. An arblast 10k tactical nuke over a battle fleet would provoke an even grater response from the opponent. Incorporated in their doctrine or not, everyone knows any use of nuclear weapons almost inevitably would escalate.

  53. in case you haven’t noticed, Obama has
    more wars going on at one time than his
    IQ.. we won Iraq, he lost it, Lybia, Syria,
    and God knows what’s going on elsewhere,
    that we’re not hearing about.. and he wants
    to start a war with Russia? really Obama?

  54. Mad Jewess;
    I AGREE with you on all points; and the rabbit hole runs ALOT deeper than what you’ve mentioned. I WASN’T being sarcastic. The Propaganda I was referring to is the absolute garbage the American Smear and Spin Machine throws at the American public everyday.

  55. Because i am sick and tired of Liying American Press why we need American Protection when Russia no Attacking Europe passed 1 year already nothing happen American Arms still in Eastern Europe for nothing for me America prepare war Europe agaist Russia but America wont be part of it America can only supply weapons and enjoy the fight let me tell you something war will no happen because i know that Putin is Hitler but he is no stupid to jepordize hole European and Asian Continents he knows what in stake here what in stake here its peace in hole world and why we talking about rebels what rebels did to Ukraine nothing seems to me Only Ukranian Soldiers attacking rebels and no rebels attacking Ukranian soldiers there is no rebel in kiev Capital of Ukraine

  56. Yes Hun our presidents have tried to remove and replace dictators in other countries, to better that country and some times it works and sometimes it makes the problem worse, but ask your self this, if America just avoided all countries what would the world look like? America is the one who is advancing the world, we make the web, we make the Google you love to use, the Facebook and so on,,,,,,, what are other countries doing? Let’s see…… Chopping heads off…… Building nukes…. Threatening our friends like isreal and even us…..hmmmm lets see….invading Ukraine, selling missiles to terrorists to kill …….. Slaughtering Christians by the thousands……the world would look like hell with out the United states……..

  57. Did you look these things up?

    This is not propaganda. I challenge you to look these things up—if you have the gutts:

    US Govt, NATO, NGO’s, SOROS .

    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.

    You need to really research this issue;
    You can go to Youtube and type in: ‘John McCain in Kiev, Ukraine’
    You can go to google and type in: ‘Pierre Omidyar, Ukraine, USA TODAY’
    You can go to google and type in “Cyberkut, George Soros”
    You can go to google images and type in “Nazis in Ukraine”

    You can google ANY of this info. Its all there, dont just choose to believe the lying American MSM

  58. Go look these things up:

    US Govt, NATO, NGO’s, SOROS .

    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.

    You need to really research this issue;
    You can go to Youtube and type in: ‘John McCain in Kiev, Ukraine’
    You can go to google and type in: ‘Pierre Omidyar, Ukraine, USA TODAY’
    You can go to google and type in “Cyberkut, George Soros”
    You can go to google images and type in “Nazis in Ukraine”

    You can google ANY of this info. Its all there, dont just choose to believe the lying American MSM

  59. Our govt is not just making mistakes, SWEETIE.
    It is starting proxy wars, changing regimes, trying to start WW3.

    I think YOU need to leave MY nation. I am Iroquois/Seneca. I aint going no place, you just support this fascist govt.


    Again, I hope you can READ:

    US Govt, NATO, NGO’s, SOROS .

    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.

    You need to really research this issue;
    You can go to Youtube and type in: ‘John McCain in Kiev, Ukraine’
    You can go to google and type in: ‘Pierre Omidyar, Ukraine, USA TODAY’
    You can go to google and type in “Cyberkut, George Soros”
    You can go to google images and type in “Nazis in Ukraine”

    You can google ANY of this info. Its all there, dont just choose to believe the lying American MSM

  60. Hun if you think it’s our gov. Is evil then do us all a favor and move, but yes we have made mistakes, but the leader we have in the W.H needs to go, the US had tried to make the world better but sometimes makes things worse, but least we aren’t chopping heads off, and invading other countries just because we can…… Hun you need to wake up….stop tring to research on utube and other sites on how America is evil……. I bet you can research and come up with a blog or comments on how every country is bad…..

  61. Ahhhh those friggin NAZIS they been in suspended animation for 70 yrs in the Ukraine…yes George Soros the Hungarian JEW is really a NAZI..and Senile old John McCain he is a Real James Bond fomenting revolutions all over the world…Conspiracy Theories the last refuge of the intellectualy Bankrupt…please have a little respect and don’t insult peoples intelligence,Ukraine is either an independent country or not and aparently Puto does’nt want to let it go and is intent on The Finlandization of Ukraine and the rest of the former Soviet occupied countries or maybe he just wants the Dunbass gas deposits after all Russia is the largest Gas Station in the world,and this little sawed off dictator rules it like he is God.

  62. its our US GOVT that is the evil.

    Look this up:

    US Govt, NATO, NGO’s, SOROS .

    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.

    You need to really research this issue;
    You can go to Youtube and type in: ‘John McCain in Kiev, Ukraine’
    You can go to google and type in: ‘Pierre Omidyar, Ukraine, USA TODAY’
    You can go to google and type in “Cyberkut, George Soros”
    You can go to google images and type in “Nazis in Ukraine”

    You can google ANY of this info. Its all there, dont just choose to believe the lying American MSM

  63. Oh I PLAN to vote! We FINALLY have a man who’s worthy of my vote. A leader. A representative of the people, for the people, and BY the people, instead of yet another lying career politician out only to line his pockets with money and power. Donald Trump can and WII make America great again.

  64. It is my effin business, I have relatives residing in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in a small city in Siberia and I care about their future. While none of them publicly claim there dissatisfaction with Putin they do mention the rising cost of goods and the effect inflation is taking on their daily lives. Most of my relatives lost their savings in Russian banks on two separate occasions and they have plenty of reason for concern. An economy driven by revenue mostly from it’s oil sales in the 21st century can no longer keep pace with the global economy. Everyday new and efficient recyclable energy advancements are discovered it is another nail in the coffin for the economies depending heavily on energy revenues Brace yourself for Russian economic calamity when Iranian oil floods the market.

  65. I agree Iran would love to use nukes, I also agree Russia would love to give Iran or isis a. Dirty bomb to use on the usa or our friends, I also agree that with a president like obama or a Clinton would let this happen…..democrats in the higher ups are tring to transform this nation to a 3rd would country, if the road we are now on don’t change lanes and take the first exit, the good ole US of A will be a foot note like the lost city of Atlantis, which was said was a country that was very modern, and smarter than most countries, which according to Plato disappeared in 1day and 1 night….. Kinda sounds like what a country in our age would look like if was hit by several nukes…… This country needs very badly, in I mean very badly a republican in the whitehouse, republicans are stronger people than democrats, the democrats care more about shinning gay lights on the White House, releasing terrorists back on the battle field, making my health insurance go up to what I now pay is 210 bucks every 2 weeks, closing prisons, making drugs legal, killing little babies and selling there body parts, man I could go on and on and on,,,,, what in the world is going on in our country, Wake up my friends…… We have enemies all around us, and they don’t wanna be ur friend,,,,,, if the republicans don’t win this time around, our children will grow up in a world we will not recognize…… And that’s if we still have a world or a country to live in……

  66. I’m not saying its a great idea but NATO, Russia, and China all have tactical use in their doctrine. A modern war between any of these parties would most likely employ nukes. It is a fact of life.

  67. Sorry to break this to you “Stan”, but CNN (The Chicken Noodle Network) is a CR@P U.S America propaganda machine. They do $h!#y coverage and are an unreliable news source. That vote to annex Crimea is the BIGGERST JOKE/LAUGH and insult to democracy to date and is about as believable as anything N. Korea proclaims “a unanimous vote” in favor of that f@# @$$ leader.

  68. one last note:


    it has to be tested on some country, and i believe
    Obama would love nothing less than for it to be US.


    Iran endorses nuclear
    EMP attack on United States

    yes, please Google..

    and ask yourself, how or why can they threaten
    to do that when they allegedly don’t even have
    nukes? then consider the deal O just made.. :(

  69. THAT was over 60 years ago. No. 2. Did you know a Chinese Nuclear Sub sat UNDETECTED for 2 weeks 4 miles out from San Diego approximately 2.5 years ago? Nah; didn’t think so. The United States is SO unprepared for ANY major conflict; its scary. Think a Bolt Out Of The Blue. NO ONE will see it coming; and the 1st Strike on America will leave NO room for a response.

  70. oops, on hold again,..

    still think we have “freedom of speech”.. hah!

    what do you think DISQUS was for, easier posting?

    i’m out of here..

  71. please Google:

    ‘Ukrainian neo-Nazis switch from theory
    to practice’ – Russian diplomat 3/23/15

    “The Neo-Nazis in Ukraine have switched from polemics and
    invasion of brains to practice,” the Foreign Ministry’s
    representative for Human Rights and the Rule of Law, Konstantin
    Doldgov, told reporters on Thursday. “People wearing helmets
    with Nazi emblems are committing murders there.”

    thanks again..

  72. agree, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but with the
    fanatical radical Islamist threat, not so much, as they
    would gladly die in order to kill US..

    the Ayatollah called it the “Blessed Bomb”

    and there is a way, collaboration with Iran..
    Iran would be willing to nuke itself to bring
    about the 12th Imam in the final days..

    all that said, can’t post links, so please Google:

    The Development and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons


  73. they’re lying..

    the powers that be are playing high stakes Kabuki,

    and Obama is playing US like a Stradivarius..

    but do not doubt the US will be hit somehow someway
    sometime, and Obama won’t be playing golf, if he’s not
    hula hooping in Hawaii.. he’ll probably be in the newly
    built underground bunker with all the luxuries of home
    and then some..

  74. okay, links aren’t going through;..
    ergot, Google the following

    1) Victoria Nuland’s Admits Washington
    Has Spent $5 Billion to “Subvert Ukraine”

    2) :Phone Tap: US Asst Sec. State Nuland
    Scheming in Ukraine with Ambassador Pyatt.

  75. Yes but they do have nukes and when you have thousands only one needs to get through to fry NYC. The other thing they seem to have is an insane leader who has now talked about using them

  76. EriKC that makes a lot of sense. But I am concerned that yesterday the US military said that Russia is our biggest threat in the world right now not ISIS, IRAN and the other lunatics. This leads me to think that they must feel as I do that Putin has something wrong mentally. In your opinion and you seem to know what youre talking about, is there a great chance that Putin could fire off some nukes? Or would there be safeguards? For example would his generals take him out? Thanks.

  77. Putin is refurbishing & building
    new Churches & raising Crosses,

    Obama’s refurbishing & building new Mosques
    for those who tear down Churches & Crosses..

  78. True indeed. What I think it would be like…

    Japan/US Allies in Paciffic vs China.
    Pakistan vs India
    Israel/SA and US allies in Middle east vs Iran
    NATO vs Russia obviously
    North Korea vs SK obviously.

    I’m sure US would be focused on China and Russia rather than any other country.

  79. I don’t think any modern country would use nukes, makes no since, they fire at us we will know in a matter of 2 minutes that a intercontinental ballistic has been launched, then what, we ready our interceptors and shoot it down, then we launch back,,,, only way a nuke could hit us is if 20 or more were launched all at once, then we would shoot down 90% of them and launch 30 of our own way more powerful nukes at them, our nukes are 5x more powerful than any our country’s nukes….. Why is that lol….. We are the one who invented nukes…. The Russians stole top secret plans from us on how to make and build nukes…… That outta tell ya how smart the leaders are over there

  80. And? It would be suicide for Russia to do that. Who knows what secret weapons NATO/US and Russia has.

    The US could strike first, as it could destroy a decent chunk of Russia silo’s and such.

  81. Um what?

    Why the hell would we take on Syria? Venezuela… doubt it.

    If we were to ever go to war with Russian allies…. Iran would be in combat with Israel and US allies in the ME. Russia would be at war with EU/NATO. China would be at war with Japan and US allies/ as well as countries that dislike China. Most likley south Korea would be at war with NK.

    Pakistan could start a war with India.

    So many endless scenarios. But I doubt a nuclear conflict would erupt.

  82. that’s exactly what the powers that be desire, lots &
    lots of deaths to make way for their New One World
    Order under the auspices of the UN’s laws & Global
    Military / Police..

  83. Putin is not the one starting this mess.

    US Govt, NATO, NGO’s, SOROS did

    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.
    You dont know a lot about this issue;
    You can go to Youtube and type in: ‘John McCain in Kiev, Ukraine’
    You can go to google and type in: ‘Pierre Omidyar, Ukraine, USA TODAY’
    You can go to google and type in “Cyberkut, George Soros”
    You can go to google images and type in “Nazis in Ukraine”

    I am sorry the truth is not on your side

    You can google ANY of this info. Its all there, you just choose to believe the lying American MSM

  84. When Sakashvilli became part of the nest, can there can only be one outcome (Possibly a mirror of 2008 in Georgia), with his own Country having an outstanding warrant for his arrest?

  85. I am very surprised that you would
    be defending Putin when he is testing western defenses all over the
    world. He has started a new cold war and is even talking about nukes.
    In this day and age that really strikes me as coming from a person who is unbalanced.
    And back around 2002 he was a friend to the west. Something I think has
    gone wrong with him mentally. I read somewhere they he may be bi-polar or
    something. Yesterday US military officials said that they consider Russia
    to be the biggest threat to US security.
    Not ISIS, not Taliban, not Iran, not North Korea. I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s under the
    threat of nuclear war. I honestly did
    not think that I would ever live to be in my 30’s let along 60’s but rather be vaporized
    or die a horrible death due to someone pushing the button. In later years I thought much less about this,
    thinking that it was far, far less likely to happen. But now with his threats I am worried more
    for my daughter and my grandchildren who I am sure would be oblivious to this
    stuff going on. Does the “Mad” in Mad
    Jewess mean “angry” mad or insane mad?
    Insane as in let’s have a nuclear war.
    No one would win that war.
    Humanity would become extinct.
    Surely you do not condone or support this.

  86. Really just trying to introduce a little more Reason to the conversation. Not paranoid about the MIC or wanting to bash corporations so much. But it seemed like as good a direction to point the others as any. Of course it’s all about control. It does rather boil down to ‘who’ is or will be in control though isn’t it? No, not a conspiracy theorist, Illuminati and all that, although there may be some truth behind it. Hitler was just a out and out psychopath and honestly, other than their own desire for hegemony in their own territory for expansion, [which the US sought to deny] I’m not real sure Japans ultimate goal was. You bet—MAD— or Bigger Hammer politics is the way of the world.

  87. Can we take on Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, all at the same time? Better check the reality of our current arsenal.

  88. Humans breed like cockroaches–7.8 billion and counting–time for the mass cull of WW III. It will decrease the surplus population. BRING IT ON!

  89. It feels like a bunch of whiny babies are in office in most of the countries of today. Whahhh, you took my oil, you won’t let me have heating fuel for winter, whahhh, I’m going to nuke you now, at least we’ll have some use for enriched uranium.

  90. It’s just going to happen. Most likely Russia or China will nuke us — North Korea is another possibility. You see Kim Jong Un has executed many of his military elite which keeps his regime intact due to money and property bribes. The fact that he’s executing many of them shows he’s losing control, and Kim Jong Un’s fix is what all leaders do–they start a world war. He has lots of nukes to do it too. China’s economy is crashing so they will also nuke us.

  91. BUT! The planes crash on take-off as usual and you bomb yourselves. LMFAO MAGGOT SOVIET TROLL! Out of 1000 ships only 295 are able to sail with out a tug assist. Your planes are all from the 50’s and 80’s! You eat beet soup everyday because you are sooo poor! YUCK NASTY TOO COLD COUNTRY! WINTERS COMING! YES! FREEZE AND STARVE TO DEATH! We will be in MIAMI and Honolulu and Cancun maggot troll!

  92. Well, that is one way to look at it, I guess. Sorry, but I don’t buy into the military industrial complex paranoia. Sure, it is better to use trade, buy and sell, than war. But, one thing you forget is POWER and CONTROL. That can best be accomplished by war. Assuming you win, of course. Did Hitler start WW II for the military industrial complex? Nope. He wanted to rule the world. Did Japan start the war with the U S for the M I C? Nope. They wanted to control Asia. The U S enacted a trade embargo with Japan to try and stop Japan’s aggression. The threat of war is enough to fund the M I C. We build weapons that we hope will give us a strategic advantage and our adversaries develop weapons to counter our weapons and build weapons to give them an advantage. Then, we develop weapons to counter that. No need for an actual war to “feed the M I C”. No, war is all about power and control.

  93. It might be very useful to keep in mind that Russia is not Iraq, Vietnam, Syria, Egypt, Libya or Yougoslavia and will never let any types of “Liberation of Lives” wars kill it’s innocent civilians without a charging in full the “liberators”.

  94. Obviously, you’re not planning to be in the front line.
    Even if Russia is badly beaten and nuclear war is avoided, there will be lots of casualties, and no one is likely to really win, no matter how decisively the battlefield conflict goes.

  95. America has such top secret weapons just waiting,for a stupid country like Russia to start a war, if he wakes up big bear usa he will regret it…..I promise you that

  96. I’m well aware of the alliances formed. And I’m actually rather surprised at Modi and India joining such. But considering the proximity of all of the above? Can’t really blame the guy.

  97. Thank you Dutch. Despite the name and its implication, I try not to talk trash. See you around the neighborhood. Rarely—but on occasion.

  98. Strangely you’re the first one to notice, or at least the first to point that out. Which I actually appreciate, as that was my intent when I first created this character. So thank you for being bright enough to point out the obvious. Regardless of the name used, it doesn’t make the statement any less true.

  99. ok…simply put russia isnt quite invading its more so the other way around. nato is invading russia. it was a coup precipitated by hegemonic ambition of nato and its allies and if one digs deeper may have far deeper world implications.

  100. BRING ON THOSE WAR MACHINES!! YES!! All those right-to-lifers with their fetus fantasia even they will be incinerated, buried alive or poisoned by nuclear radioactivity…

  101. Doesn’t matter who is starting it. WW III just needs to happen–with 7.4 billion humans and counting it’s the only way to decrease the surplus population; the human race is too much a cancer it just needs to be wiped off the face of the earth so World War III will accomplish exactly that. In a mere 300 years all the nuclear waste will be decayed and the earth will once again be a paradise—WITHOUT humans on it.

  102. Not sure what type of literature you prefer, but I quite liked Big Breasts & Wide Hips by Mo Yan and Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie; both are novels based on authors’ personal experience and are about major historical changes in China and India. Of Russian – try The Life of Insects by Victor Pelevin.

  103. Putin is not the one starting this.

    US Govt, NATO, NGO’s, SOROS.

    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.

  104. The Scary thing to all of this is that The Russian Federation formed Alliances with China, India, Iran and North Korea, all been doin joint Military excercises, Its all fact if your paying attension please Google China n Russian alliance 2015

  105. Well Putin has support of China, India , Iran, North Korea, Syria, they all formed an alliance go google China Russia Alliance and educate yourself

  106. World War 3 is around the corner, The USA and the Russian Federation have too many Nuclear weapons to blow both Nations this can get ugly by 2030

  107. Any politician’s national friendship visit can be viewed from a perspective of full range of political motives, which range from the overt goal of encouraging all-out Warsaw Pact repudiation to simply bolstering bilateral relations with the West (and its military arm of NATO). The real crux of the current Ukraine civil war or international crisis (NATO vs. traditional Warsaw Pact control of the Ukraine military) militarily can best be seen encapsulated in a close pass or socio-political analysis of this question: Is Ukraine a Russian buffer zone for Putin like Cuba was for America to JFK? If so, then we again are posed at the brink of war. And if this is so, should the West back down like the USSR did in Cuba? Didn’t we have NATO missiles in Turkey when Cuba got the Russian nukes?

  108. probem playing this kind game is how us ack if texes wated to leave ooo wait they did now us troops now in texes
    not only that the sentrors was said to be isis. per Obama we got to many probems here in usa to worry about them. sorry they was part of Russia they want out they cant drag the hole world in to what we know is a unwinnable war for eather side, they must be a way to end this with out war, but u think about this may be all countys want war,
    why u ask, to many people to feed all countys in so much deute they cant get out, war end all this, and most of us
    our government has lot to win going to war distoying all the banks government not owe any one anything
    but they be only ones alive. if war did start u bet NY, CA would be hit so would all the army baseing in usa
    129 from what I last seen that’s enouf fall out to kill most all of us with cancer, u got wounder if some other way play this that dose not end in all out nuker attack . my be our government see it the only way to start this new world order where no one can oppose it, this more about one county this is about a lot things that’s wrong they don’t know how fix it so why not destroy it all, I know how that sounds but think about it for min, but then if I was Russia just hack govement computers when ever they went on line hay some one going be bame for it. in the end most of us wont even know what hit us and this twitter thing of the past, throw we the people can stop it. u see would sove one other government probem we the people having guns, the government taken long look this and seen
    they cant change things in usa so when u cant change them u force change by war, in this case most of us will die wile the rich be safe in underground bunkers o there money worthless yes but they covert most it to gold silver
    Obama is the biggest trader usa ever had, u see usa not ready for any kind war ack no nation is so this game must wait probem is next presdenent. key to this hole war this next presendent that only meen this election will be rig
    they want person in who will support the war no other, of couse Obama make law keep him in office then we have civel war here at home we cant win we wont win

  109. the mil.-ind complex does not want to reduce a single thing. They will absolutely manufacture an “enemy” where there is none. Americans are already the most scared people in the world and a threat of war with Russia will just reinforce this idea.

  110. “It’s war time”. You idiot. A statement that never should be made, unless you’re the American Military Empire’s spokesperson for the military-industrial complex.

  111. I’m talking to Polina, not to you. However, if you have something on the subject, say so, if not – go f–k yourself, imbecile.

  112. The US isn’t risking anything. This is a coalition. NATO is risking far less by preventing Russian advances than if they allow them to gain control of that territory and resources. Russia would be too strong to fend off without serious investments in lives and resources. It’s obvious you’re pro-Russian so therefore blind to the truth.

  113. Elwood your comment shows that you have mixed up the wrong vowels in your last name like a “u” and and “I” instead of the “”i” and the “o”..

  114. Classical paid america troll. Insult to chase away commetners… Russia didnt fire a single bullet while USA support bombing of civilian cities in Ukraine and put army on Russian border… keep teling that USA lie propaganda whole world have eyes and see who attacking and who defending. You liers cant denie facts and make whole wolr stupid.

  115. What is stupid about all this is… we are, for the most part, European like Russia? That we are at odds with one another makes little sense when we are confronted with radical Islam. We should be natural allies…not enemies. What the hell is wrong with Russia, Europe and America that we don’t see this and drop the animosity toward our brethren.

  116. that’s because you are an idiot. Russia has always been the aggressor in every single war. Russia always sucked as a nation and aways will until the mentality of serfs living there changes..

  117. You are right and I am American.

    Here is the truth:

    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.

  118. lay off that crack pipe, troll, Russia has no friends, the only friends they have are the ones who are getting paid for their friendship, if you think China is Russia’s friend think again.

  119. You dont know a lot about this issue;
    You can go to Youtube and type in: ‘John McCain in Kiev, Ukraine’
    You can go to google and type in: ‘Pierre Omidyar, Ukraine, USA TODAY’
    You can go to google and type in “Cyberkut, George Soros”
    You can go to google images and type in “Nazis in Ukraine”

    I am sorry the truth is not on your side

  120. You can go to Youtube and type in: ‘John McCain in Kiev, Ukraine’
    You can go to google and type in: ‘Pierre Omidyar, Ukraine, USA TODAY’
    You can go to google and type in “Cyberkut, George Soros”
    You can go to google images and type in “Nazis in Ukraine”

    I am sorry the truth is not on your side

  121. Everything I have posted is fact.
    All of these things occurred.
    Whether one is pro-Russia or pro-Ukraine, these are all facts.

    You can go to Youtube and type in: ‘John McCain in Kiev, Ukraine’
    You can go to google and type in: ‘Pierre Omidyar, Ukraine, USA TODAY’
    You can go to google and type in “Cyberkut, George Soros”
    You can go to google images and type in “Nazis in Ukraine”

    I am sorry the truth is not on your side

  122. That’s why we are the “world’s cop”. Other countries accepted and blessed America’s role in the world. Nato members are guaranteed American protection from aholes like putin. At least that’s how its supposed to work, deter aggression, all that jazz.

  123. Interesting isn’t it, that when anyone disagrees with the ruling party line in America, the response is to stick out the tongue and shout paid “Russian troll!” How grown up. The other definition of a troll is someone who is capable of critical thought who is not afraid to express it. My facts are based on first hand experience–I have been to Ukraine many times and in the affected regions. The people in Europe that are afraid are the ones like you that actually believe the propaganda–Heil Hitler Sean! I’ll see you in the camps. Oh and thank you for your concern about my bowel movements, very mature.

  124. Facts are missing from this piece:
    In December 2013, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Sen Chris Murphy were in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting revolution.
    Pierre Omidyar donated half a million to the phoney Ukrainian revolt to unseat the elected Yanukovych.
    In early 2014, George Soros claimed responsibility for the bogus revolt saying it was his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
    Obama, McCain and most of the house voted to send aid to Ukraine, knowing that they were supporting fascist elements, even Nazis.
    In 2015, Cyberkut hacked Soros emails which proved that Soros has been the one in charge of the Ukrainian SNAFU from the getgo.

    Why journalists leave these facts out is beyond me.

  125. You’re not very bright are you? When has Putin ever looked for world support, he has china, iran, Syria, etc., you mean “western support”. anyone that has bombers flies them anywhere they want to. Yes war is like chess. If its better for everyone to buy and sell then why doesn’t everyone buy and sell, what makes you think this way??? Why would putin want surrounding territories? There are countless reasons! You really come unhinged after that so i’m letting it go from there. Your liberal view of the world is slightly askew, well except for the “slightly”. Its funny to hear idiots like you rave on about corporations but I bet you have a starbucks in your hand right now. What do you wipe with, your hand, bark, rocks? Do you drive a care ride a bike, skateboard, wear shoes? Have you ever seen a doctor or taken medicine or even been inoculated? Do you hunt and kill and clean and preserve your own food? Do you have electricity? Corporate elite? You sound very naïve, shallow, and semi programmed. Good luck with that whole being a corporate consumer and yet bashing corporations. Do you hate your parents for having you also?

  126. This is the stupidest series of posts I have ever read. They must be written by Russians. Newsflash Jackasses – your Putin is losing his mind and drifting quickly into some sort of insanity. He is playing very dangerous games in the nuclear age and is going to get the world destroyed.

  127. Tell that to the American troops who greatly appreciated the Canadian snipers watching over them. Canada by the way lost the most soldiers of any allied country in Afganistan by percentage.

  128. Putins continued aggression on all fronts certainly isn’t buying him support on the world stage. Even before Ukraine Russian bombers made ‘training sorties’ as far as Greenland and the Aleutians. Continued ‘training’ with ground forces sparring with NATO forces resemble a game of chess in which the opponents test each others mettle and resources. So how is any of this new news? Will there be continued need of resources by all the developed countries in the future? Of course. Is it necessary to go to war for access to those resources? No. Believe it or not, it is better for all parties to simply buy and sell resources as needed. Russia is better off spending on developing and harvesting oil & gas to sell on the world market, instead of building war machines. Why would Putin even want the surrounding territories? What do they offer? Will climate change continue to effect water supplies and cause drought affecting crops worldwide? Absolutely. Does any of this predict war 10 to 15 years in the future? I think not. Those who chose War, do so for the sake of war to feed a military industrial complex. In plain language “to benefit a few corporate elite.” Any excuse of protecting resources is just that. “A poor excuse to justify corporate greed.” You want to go after someone or something? Focus on the head of the snake. The corporate leaders.

  129. There is not really NATO, just USA.We use NATO to show World we have somebody on our side.NATO’S troops other than USA are basically cowards.Their pitiful performance in Afghanistan are case in point.

  130. Ukrainian military and people day for the Juwish Porosenko, the half government its Juwish. Mr Putin the best President!!!!!

  131. Because i want peace and no war Maccormick I am sick and tired of Ukranian Conflict this never ends and i doubt that war with Russia will ever be because i dont wont European Continent in Ruins

  132. i don’t know what the F is going on with the minds of these people. First they want to reduce their nukes but then they keep on engaging into war. If they really want to reduce it might as well use it to really reduce its stock pile and its enemy into ashes. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

  133. That’s the spirit! We can fight a LIMITED nuclear conflict without earth-ending consequences. Well, lets rock. I mean, earth supports nearly 7 billion people. We could use a haircut (good grief).

  134. ExtremeRC Do you know how many times Parashenko Lied to Press??? and what he said many times contradict himself and world bielive in his lies Ukranian already dont like him Yarosh will do everything to take him away of President chair its matter of time you will see so relax and enjoy Americas Parashenko will be gone its just matter of time

  135. It’s the sovereign nation on Russia’s border that has the right to choose it’s friends and enemies, is it not? I would agree with you if NATO were to plan to place offensive weapons (especially nukes) in Ukraine or any neighboring country. But it’s Ukraine’s business and their business alone to determine their allies.

  136. Russia is ready really??? what else USA Lier Press will tell us this time First of all USA Press told us that Russia will attack Eastern Europe so they put USA artilery to protect Eastern Europe passed 1 year and nothing happen Russia no attacking and American Weapons still stay without any Use of Course for America its easy because they will stay a side they on a other side of the ocean Who will Suffer is Europe I am European and i am sick and Tires that America cross Russia and Europe for war but let me tell you something War will no happen so this weapons are useless

  137. Russia dont invade nothing you americans lie. You tell that same lie everyday and in 2 years you didnt provide a single picture of a single russian soldier in Ukraine soil. This is because you lie. This is a 21 century where even a 10 old kid have smartphone with camera and you cant give a single picture proof in 2 years. Its obious you lie and whole world knows it, and its obvious you call whole world commenters “russian trolls” because USA order you to trow youre own crap on others in order to chase away commenters and truth – you are paid troll. Whole world is against you, only USA commenters support USA, ofc because they are paid trolls. World dont need to justify Russia defending but you trolls need to justify USA aggression and attack on Russian border. This is a pure fact. Everyone knows it.

  138. You are hypocrite. You mention biblical references and have heavy USA aggression war machines as avatar… There is only one ticket for people that justify murder and aggression on peaceful countries – hell…

  139. Only trolls are one who justify USA on Russian border. Just to remind you its not otherwise… Whole world see it and you true paid trolls know whole world comment here against USA aggression and you shamelessly call whole world “Russian trolls” and insults because its sick USA tactic to chase away worldwide commenters. Its obvious you are paid to do this

  140. By way of returning the favor, can you recommend a good read? I’m between books at the moment and nothing on my waiting-to-be-read pile seems to be clicking.

  141. Another USA sick propaganda. Its not Russia on USA border its otherwise. USA is evil aggresor that daily kills thousand people. This is a fact and whole world see it.

  142. I mean 2 referendums, which took place in Crimea when Putin was still carrying briefcases for Sobchak in St.Pete.

    And with regards to last one – I was watching the live coverage of it on CNN and when the CNN correspondent (US lady) started asking people how they voted and it came out that all asked voted for independence from Ukraine and association with Russia, and the correspondent said she did not see any people who were not happy about joining Russia, CNN abruptly cut the coverage, put on some silly ad and when resumed – it was not already live from Crimea, but a middle of a recorded interview from Africa about some agricultural problems there.
    BTW French parliamentary delegation visited Crimea couple weeks ago and also witnessed overwhelming people’s support of its current status.

  143. Vladivostok is beautiful nowadays, Khabarovsk is way better comparing with 90’s; can not say much about Petropavlovsk and Chita, as have not been there for the last 8 years or so.
    My comment about Yankees separatists and British colonies was actually a joke to illustrate that the same events can have different interpretations:) Personally, I am on Yankees side in the war with Brits. Thanks for recommending the books – will sure read them.

  144. Hilary the wife of a former president and Jeb the brother and son of two other former presidents…that’s what you call choices?

    Yes, thank you too and God bless.

  145. That’s funny. In America, we still have choices on whom to vote for.

    I read news from countries all around the world. Russia is one exception however, since the Russian media only follow the official government line. I want facts, not government propaganda. If you felt the same, you wouldn’t support your government’s use of paid trolls.

    Thank you for the conversation. I’m moving along now, but wish you the best as you weather the storm that is coming to Russia. I know that Russians are used to hard times, and can tough it out. The shame is, this stuff needn’t happen. If Russia wanted to get along with the rest of the world, they could. You already live in the single largest landmass of any nation, yet your economy is only the size of Spain. You make incorrect political decisions, and then have to pay the price for it.


  146. I think the US attacked Iraq and Libya because both of them where selling oil in currencies other than the US dollar.

    We need to spend time reading some foreign news sources if you want to learn what the rest of the world thinks of the US foreign policy because the corporate controlled media in the US isn’t going to tell you.

    I’m hate to be the one to give you the bad news but the people who really run the US don’t care what the American people want.

  147. Your very first post – with this name, that is. It’s so funny to see so many Russian paid trolls here, most with a number of posts under 100. You’ve got to keep changing up the ID’s, right?

  148. Why Jim, what’s up with the hostility?

    I would suggest that people who don’t see Biblical prophecy coming to pass, are simply burying their heads in the sand.

  149. Why do you think America attacked Iraq? Have any clue? Think Kuwait. Think Kurds. Think Saddam.
    Or how about Libya and Syria, both models of democratic values and human rights.

    Russia lusted for the warm water port in Crimea, and since many of the citizens are Russian (from the old Soviet Union days), they thought they had a legitimate way to steal sovereign territory. However, it doesn’t work that way, which is why nearly the entire world stands against the stealing of Ukrainian territory. 3 of the 4 largest economies of the world are turning away from doing business with Russia. That is never good. And it won’t change as long as Putin continues his arrogant course, with designs on foreign territory. The same goes for Georgia and the Arctic.

    Americans don’t agree with our own government in a lot of things, and we make that known. It’s very sad that the Russian citizenry can’t see that it is never smart to march blindly behind your government, in lockstep in everything they tell you to do. A smart citizen of the world will always question authority.

  150. “International norms” is that what the US is calling the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Libya, and threatening Syria?

    The people of Crimea asked (voted) to return to Russia and Russia agreed, despite the objections of the US. Sorry, I mean the objections of Obama.

  151. You meaning not willing to live by international norms. Which is why Russia illegally annexes parts of neighboring sovereign countries, Iran sponsors terror groups, and China builds pseudo islands far from their own territory.

  152. The mess that Russia has few friends left in the world. But the Russian population are ignorant to this fact, or don’t care (which is even more telling). China is only soaking up some incredibly good deals, at the expense of a desperate Russia. But go ahead and chum up with the likes of Iran and North Korea. It speaks volumes.

  153. No, but it’s fun. Russia deserves all the troubles it’s going through, because they created this mess. And the trouble is, the Russian population can’t even see it. Putin will do the same thing to Russia that happened to the Soviet Union.

  154. Polina life has existed for billions of years and water and other resources have not been exhausted. How dumb can one be to predict that will happen in 10 yrs time? Its even dumber to imagine that only Russia will be remaining with the crude oil, gas and water. Let me not speak of water. Crude oil has not been started to be extracted here in Africa. Countries like our beloved Kenya only discovered it has the largest oil deposits in Africa but not a liter has been extracted. Your imagination on the reason US is interfering with the situation in Kiev is illogical. And if you people want to continue making sophisticated weapons and nukes for preparation on war over resources, please assume Africa does not exist when you play WWIII.

  155. America is the only country with the balls and the ability to defend against tyranny in the world. But note that America does not ANNEX another nation’s territory. Can’t quite say the same about Russia, can you?

    America’s 12 aircraft carriers patrol the entire world. Russia’s lone carrier limps along, with a tugboat closely following, just in case. Sad.

  156. Wow, that reply took you all of 5 minutes. Really Zerbey, just follow your “talking points” there in front of you.

    The US economy is growing at a slow but steady 2%. Russia’s is dropping now at close to 4% this last quarter. OUCH! Unfortunately, more pain is to come.

    The US debt is not the issue you try to make it to be. In fact, nearly half the debt is owed to the American taxpayer themselves. And a $17 Trillion economy is not at risk, which by the way, is about ten times the size of Russia’s. The dollar is soaring while the ruble is plummeting. US inflation is about 1%. I hear Russia’s is running around 15% these days. With the ruble falling, it will worsen.

  157. Crimea and the Donbass region. Where they even now have troops stationed, warring on the sovereign state of Ukraine. Are you retarded?

  158. That’s actually completely bullshit. More than half of the people in Europe are afraid of war being caused by Russia invading the Baltic states. Your facts are worth about as much as the turd you left in the toilet last night before bed. Ukraine threw out their corrupt government because they were sick of the oligarches and fake elections. Period. You’re just another paid putin troll.

  159. Which country… Russia? Because that’s obviously where you are posting from. But go on, continue to believe every lie your government feeds you through the media it owns….

  160. Dialogue will break down when resources become more scarce. Superpower governments with nuclear weapons don’t give a crap about peace. They care about staying in power, and for that they need resources that other nations currently have.

  161. Russia’s near future, ill-fated move against Israel, described in Ezekiel 38 is described as motivated by the desire to “take spoil”. We are seeing this same behavior in Russian behavior, even now. In Ukraine. In Georgia. In the Arctic. Coming south soon.

  162. Mrs Tihonova, come on right your stories in Kiev the chances that some would really listen to you there are substantially higher than Yahoo. Other than that
    I am not certain who hired to spread lies on social media !

  163. Alex, Russia has done exactly what you said. So let me ask you this Alex. If were the aggressors then . . . why is Russia trying to take over Ukraine??? Why didn’t we take over Ukraine? In WWII we could have taken most of Europe for ourselves. We didn’t. Why is that? What did Russia do? They took countries that was not theirs to take and put up what is known as “The Iron Curtain” Check out a world renowned history book. You’ll be quite surprised. Of course if you live in Russia they might forbid real history.

  164. Those intelligent people who want for a War may now fly to planet Mars and bring all your modern Weapons there and do it there until you finished what you wanted to finish! and let the innocent people here on Earth who still want to live in peacefull lives! Can we understand Mathematics? If you do not want to live, take a suicide alone.

  165. Polina: don’t be a demagogue! It’s not Ukraine is fighting for its freedom, it is “separatists” are fighting for their freedom from Kiev. And nobody is crossing a division line, not “separatists”, at least. If it were their plan it would’ve been implemented long ago. One more thing you are right about – Russia is getting ready for a war with NATO and USA, but it is not Russia which is going to start this war. This conflict is between Kiev and “separarists”. NATO and USA don’t have any business to meddle into this conflict, which could’ve been resolved long ago if not for USA and NATO. These 7000 dead mostly civilians from E. Ukraine is a direct result of NATO and USA involvement into this conflict.

  166. Polina Tikhonova, get a life iborn yesterday Ukrainian Hitlerenko iidiot, stop brainwashing people and GO BACK to your most fraudulent European Nation led by Peter Hitlerenko , mob , crime and fraud gangs of Kiev .

  167. Not if they were tactically used. ARMYs like to fight in the field where a nuke would just wipe out the ARMY and some wheat. It would take 5000 Nuclear blasts to create a cloud that could wipe out the planet.

  168. The Budapest Memorandum.
    The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
    Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their
    commitment to seek immediate United Nations Security Council
    action to provide assistance to Ukraine, as a non-nuclear-weapon State
    party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, if
    Ukraine should become a victim of[4] an act of aggression or an object of a threat of aggression in which nuclear weapons are used.
    So yeah I guess I was kind of wrong. Thank you for making me take some time to research this.

  169. Yes and no, when Ukraine was a part of ussr it did have nuclear weapons. It voted to be own state part of agreement was dismantling nuclear power. So technically the nukes were actually the ussr’s not Ukraine’s. I think people tend to forget that these new states countries use to be one.

  170. WW III IS being fought today, and history books will refer to it as the Cyber Wars. The war over resources is coming though, as populations surge and food and energy supplies dwindle. The idea that any war would include thermonuclear weapons is laughable. Nukes would destroy the very things the developed countries are fighting over.

  171. Russia is the aggressor, so what are the options.
    We must make it very expensive for Russia to invade it’s neighbors.
    I would prefer economic sanctions, But if we supply the Ukrainians weapons then are we escalating the conflict.
    How hard would it be for Russia to claim that the Ukrainians invaded Russia and launch a full assault on them.
    Which is what the Russian General alluded too.

  172. Unfortunately we should already be at war with Russia. The Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons under the agreement that the U.S. would back them should they be invaded by a nuclear power. Not only did Russia not seem to care, apparently the U.S. didn’t either and had no problem not honoring their agreement.

  173. Garry Crompton (typical Russian troll handle) Comrade Boris …. get a real job because Putler is on the slippery road down hill to nowhere and will soon be in the dumpmaster of history ! Every post is not made by Americans (most could not careless about Russia or Ukraine) I’m a Ukraine ex Aussie for near on 20 years.

  174. Vladimir Putin, the Iranian regime, the North Korean regime, militants in the middle-east are all paranoid and falsely think someone is out to get them. And they prioritize those false beliefs over the well-being of their own people. The paranoia was inherited in their DNA from long ago and few are even aware it affects their thinking because it is sub-conscious. Even Stephen Hawking recently said, “Human aggression threatens to destroy us all”.

  175. Oh, this is my old time favorite – America love it or leave it – fallacy.
    I’m waiting until Putin reunite California with Russia and I would not have to cross the ocean, ha-ha.

  176. It is a part of evolution that is not well understood. The paranoia was inherited in the DNA of all of us from long ago, but it is on a continuum – some have more or less than others and the more you have, the more you will have symptoms of paranoia. It fully explains the traits and ideology of people.

  177. It is Nature ! Populations go up , conflicts arise and then populations go down ..This time it could be a great reduction of world populations ..The Illuminati may be main planners to incite Russia to attack america. Just kidding.

  178. Britain Britain Britain…come on..they can’t even defend themselves besides they are no longer a “superpower”…Britain is only great at Britain eyes…

  179. Putin is a great leader for Russia. Americans don’t have a leader, you have a Corporation. Americans instead of being up in arms against the Banks for taking your homes and Wall Street for taking all your savings rather follow your corrupt politicians to death. To the slaughterhouse of hell. Go on and start WWIII for you to die for your Banks. Putin is not your enemy. China is not your enemy. And the lovely people of Iran are not your enemy aether. Look within your own borders and protect your own instead of preaching the world how to live. NATO’s charter has no reason for existing at all because the Soviet Union is no more. The communists are gone. Who are you fighting? What is your ideology Amerika? Greed? Who is your master the Banking Cabal? Wake up Amerika!

  180. Have you not listened to America’s own commanders… NATO would get slaughtered. And should Russia start to lose a conventional war, they have already professed they would use nukes to defend their interests. So why would the US risk Armageddon over Ukraine? Perhaps the US should be more concerned for its own borders than the ones bordering Russia…

  181. The US has no reason to want a destabilized Russia. To what advantage? If Russia would lose the small man complex and realize this is 2015, not 1915, Russia would be a wealthy country and be a world power through its economy and resources. Instead they are concerned about being feared and controlling their neighbors. Instability in Europe benefits no one especially the US and its allies. If I was Russia I would be Europes gas station and rake in the Euro’s.

  182. Wrong. 7 billion dead and all the nature on Earth dead. There is no way the Earth’s atmosphere could ever support the destructive capability of today’s nuclear arsenal. Say good bye to humanity my friend. Follow your politicians to slaughterhouse of hell Amerika!

  183. I don’t know where you get your information from, or if you might have symptoms of paranoia, or if you don’t understand what it means. Look up the definition if you have to. One of the most common symptoms is the false sense that someone is out to get you. Trust me, the West is not out to get the North Koreans. To the contrary, we would welcome them into the international community and do business with them. Otherwise, they have nothing to offer us. We all have some fear in our DNA that was inherited from long ago. It is on a continuum, which means we all have a different amount. The more you have, the more you start taking on the symptoms of paranoia and there is absolutely no doubt that the North Korean regime is paranoid as is Vladimir Putin, militants in the middle-east and the hard-liners in Iran. The people on the street in Iran could care less about nuclear weapons, they just want a better life. But they have paranoid leaders who prioritize those irrational beliefs ahead of the well-being of their own people. Think how much better off the people would be if they just forgot about all the war-mongering and focused on their economy. The people would have a far better life. Totally irrational.

  184. I never got to Vladivostok. Spent most of my time in Khabarovsk, Chita and Petropavlovsk. Hated Petropavlovsk. It was early-mid ’90’s. I hope and assume that things have improved in the Russian Far East since then.

    Don’t get ALL your history from Howard Zinn.

  185. While our retard and chief is busy making enemies out of the free world, we find ourselves allies with the socialistic EU in a possible war. We are currently on the wrong side. Hopefully we get a real president in power before global war breaks out.

  186. First time I heard this “spooky story” 15 – 20 years ago. I still LMAO every time I hear it. We have only one Evil empire and it’s located in Northern America, far far away from China, he-he.
    I was telling this to my Russian friends (I left Russia in 97 and live in US since then) for years now, and finally they got it after Ukrainian Coup d’état.
    This is my “I told you so” moment.

  187. I share your concerns, John Bull. I am so tired and weary of these bitterness towards other nations and their people that at times I ponder on whether or not we human-looking creatures are all humans! The truth is that we are all not! Some of us are demons in human’s clothing…roaming the earth inciting conflicts and proxy wars! And the funny thing is that we have already elevated them to the highest of earthly offices and cannot return the genie to its bottle!

  188. Maybe you aren’t up on things but Russia has over seven thousand nukes, most of the ones ready to go right now are aimed at the United States and key cities across Europe.. At best it will end up a tie, a hundred million dead Americans, a hundred million dead Europeans and probably close to the same in dead Russians…is that really what we want? What do you think China will do, sit by while we are doing the exact same thing on their borders? Dream on pal, nothing like a good make believe feeling, huh?

  189. We MUST learn from our past mistakes. WW I, WW II, Korean War, and many others accounted conflicts around the world. War is not the best way to solve conflicts. I believe in DIALOGUE. Nations suppose to seat together to discuss and solve conflicts peacefully. Ukraine which is situated at Europe doorstep can be easily solved if all parties especially Ukraineans can seat together side by side and recognize their mistakes and move forward. Europe, Russia and USA should support any peaceful initiatives not arming the Ukraineans to fight each other. We are living in the 21st Century international relations is about human live in peace and harmony not war. Many arguing that if US and RUSSIAN use their nuclear arsenals that the end of our planet and our species – hommosapiens.

  190. What I don’t understand is the “U.S. started it” mentality of the Russians. Why would the very people who are freezing all of the Russian gov. elite’s accounts… who want to avoid getting into an all out war with Russia, who instead are trying to cripple economically the communist hierarchy instead… why would the U.S. want to start this Ukraine quo un-quo conflict? It makes no sense. Come on Russia, admit to your intentions and get over it. The whole process of technological advances, sexy stealthy fight jets, ships, armament – its nice! In that aspect its pretty awesome. If it were for some stealth fighter jet Show and conventions, like if it were a bunch a dudes with their hooked up cars then we’d all have a great time! But war sucks, people die, family’s go through hell, people end up broken for life. I wish all this gets resolved without further complications. Life is too precious.

  191. Now for the truth, The United States and NATO are gearing up for a war with Russia, something they have wanted for decades now. I hope this country is ready for one hundred million dead citizens and two hundred dead soldiers minimum.

  192. And another child’s leg is torn from their body and they cry . Another generation of hate is born and bred. These sentences of death must stop now.

  193. The United States & allies will crush Russia. Russia’s navy and Air Force is no match for the coalition’s so bombs will be raining on Russia’s city’s and military installations, not ours. Even if Russia could hold out temporarily, this isn’t WW2 your factory’s will be bombed and your manufacturing capacity will be gone. You aren’t going anywhere and won’t make it to the United States if you tried.

  194. Sir, Russia is as much to blame as anyone. After World War II they set up a number of puppit governments to provide a buffer between themselves and the rest of Europe. They would have absorbed those countries if it had not been for the United States. Now, it looks like they also might be attempting to reclaim countries that elected to break away from Russia in the 1980’s. What is causing them to do this? Resources might be the driving factor. However, resources do not provide legal justification for violent and illegal take-overs of countries.
    Russia appears willing to go to war to grab the resources, needed by the entire world to survive. The rest of the world appears to be in the same mode of thinking. How unfortunate. Trillions of dollars are being spent on new technologies that will be used for war. I wonder what would happen if those trillions of dollars were spent on technologies that would help reduce or even eliminate the need for our dwindling resources.

  195. You clowns are begging for war with Russia and/or China, but we must all make sure our underground bunkers (or Godly righteousness) is in top shape before what we are begging for comes knocking at our door step!

  196. Good luck with that. When the US & Russia launch their combined total of over 15,000 nuclear warheads there won’t be a place left on the planet that will be habitable for humans.

  197. Your analysis is not correct. This fear of West is a result of concrete action on ground by the WEST. USA and West have continuously been trying to demoralize and suppress Russia since last 25 years, and North Korea for last 50 years. Only thing that saved Korea was the backing that they got and the Bomb they have. If they could not care less, why they are building bases around Russia, everywhere.

  198. If there is war, and very well it may occur, it will be caused by West’s desire to destabilize Russia using cronies such as Ukraine and Georgia.

  199. If Russia goes to war
    with NATO based off their paranoid narcissism, they will lose their
    resources even if they won. Once the first bullet/missile flies between
    Russia and NATO, the Chinese will walk into Siberia and annex it. Even if
    Russia won a conflict against NATO they would be too weak to shift their
    military focus thousands of miles to the east to push Chinese forces out.
    Either way Russia loses their resources. Their best bet is to deescalate
    things with the west and take the billions of Euro’s western Europe is willing
    to PAY them for oil and gas…..

  200. ??? The US produces
    more oil than Russia and besides Russian oil is in Siberia, not in eastern Europe.
    If I was Russia, I would be more worried about the Chinese taking their
    resources. Siberia is a long way from Moscow and not defended nearly as
    well as western Russia. Russia has fought a war with the Chinese over
    border disputes, and China has a history of laying claim over other countries
    territory to obtain their resources. Just talk to Japan, Philippines, and
    Malaysia. Go ahead Russia, keep selling China your advanced weaponry.
    They will be using it against you before long…..

  201. God I am so sick of these neo-cold-warriors trying to pick a fight with Russia. Look who has the globe circled with military bases and aircraft carrier fleets–it isn’t Russia. We are the global aggressors and Putin knows this. He will not let a repeat of June 1941 happen. Unlike America, Russia believes in a defensive doctrine which is part of a long historical tradition. Think about it–no I mean actually think–how would Americans feel if Russia staged a coup d’etat in Mexico and there was even more violence and even more refugees on our borders than there are now? It seems the only people who actually believe that Russia is the aggressor and not the US are Americans. What does that say about this country? Remember how we treated the German populace after WWII? They believed their government too. Just saying. . .

  202. Your right. Those
    are two of the most narcissistic countries in the world. The west has no
    desire to take control of Russia. The Europeans are content with buying the
    resources they need from Russia and nobody wants anything from North Korea.
    It is just paranoia triggered by the narcissistic mentality that they are
    the center of the world anything someone does is directed at them.

  203. Polina better go back to school and study international relations. A degree in linguistics hasn’t given her much insight into world affairs. This article does very little to distinguish SPSU’s or Oxford’s credibility for instilling an accurate approach to journalism, unless it is colored yellow.

  204. We heard all of this during the Cold War era. Russian troops like all communist troops trained and trained for the great war which never happened. Purely propaganda. The only real fear here is that the world views Obama as weak and unwilling which could lead someone like Putin to challenge the United States.

  205. What an appalling piece of propaganda! The report from the British thinktank said no such thing. It said that the rash of military exercises being conducted by both Russia and by NATO have raised the risk of a war in Europe. It most decidedly did not say only Russia. In fact, the US was quick to criticize the report because it put the threat of war equally on Russia and NATO.

    Dave Lindorff
    founding editor, ThisCantBeHappening net

  206. yes we do. my uncle fought in ww2 for you and was wounded. he suffered for his entire life from his wound. because some of you Europeans have no balls I do not want my sons over their fighting. not only that I have family throught out Europe

  207. I believe you are wrong – when given the choice between material goods and political correctness, people invariably choose the goods

  208. Not so – Instability in the world is the business of us all. Wars disrupt financial markets, world trade, and availability of resources. That impacts prices, interest rates, and availability of goods. In the end it means as much to people in the US as it does in Russia – except for the shooting and dying.

  209. well I am an American….seen a lot of destruction over the years…..and have known a lot of Russians over the years. One trait I always see (at least in the men) is that as intelligent as they can be, there is a flip side that borders on insanity. The pistol game Russian roulette was given the proper name from the people who originated it. Unfortunately for the Russians (and maybe everyone else) they are holding a grenade with the pin pulled…drunk on Vodka.



  211. There’s a great deal of paranoia in Russia that the West is out to get them. The reality is that the West could care less about Russia. North Korea has the identical paranoia.

  212. That means allot to me coming from a paid TROLLSKIE. Putini is an idiot and you people voted for that KGB P.O.S. That’s what happens when you vote a “:midget” into office who has allot of deep seeded, insecurities and needs constant approval from everyone. All Putini is good for is his homosexual, shirtless photo shoots and allot of braging and empty threats.You reap what you sow, enjoy the long, dismal spiral down the toilet. if you think things are bad now, wait a little longer.Or maybe you might want to go back on that all vodka diet Putini was encouraging you all to go on? Let’s see if the midget genius destroys “MORE” food while he is still in office?

  213. You mean that JOKE of a vote that Putini claims is “democratic”. Funny how only the eastern region was allowed to vote on that over a weekend non the less and that the Kremlin “mad sure’ the votes were in Russia’s favor. When has Russia ever run a ‘clean” uncompromised election?

  214. Putini doesn’t have the balls, brains or the finances to start a war. He’s going to bankrupt Russia alone just trying to play “catch up” rebuilding the pathetic Russian military and at the arte of him ordering “black market” foreign food being destroyed coming into Russia, Russia won’t have the stomach, let alone the strength to threaten anyone.

  215. Forbes magazine has slightly different point of view about Putin and his mental capacity.
    But obviously you, russophobic tool, know better.

  216. There are many kinds of fodder in America, cannon fodder like the poor guys who went to Vietnam and Iraq, media fodder, quite a few of these like putty in the media owners’ hands, whether celeb fodder or the “USA, USA” type. Interspersed among the media fodder, like a vegetarian’s fart, humble in sound but evil-smelling, you get the Canadian Ukie fodder. (Why Canada? Weren’t they good enough to go to Detroit or somewhere?)

    If I were a Ukie I would get angry not with Putin, but the oligarchic non-ethnic-Ukrainian band now in power , with an extremely unsavoury reputation, talking about corruption , but being so corrupt themselves, giving themselves the commanding positions in government and in the second tier positions actually recruiting foreigners, a staffer from the American Embassy (but a “cousin” ), a Lithuanian, some Georgians wanted by their own police…. It is as if ethnic Ukrainians were the “African natives” in the British Empire. Extremely humiliating.

    The order apparently came from Ms Nuland herself. Whether she thinks Ukrainians are inferior to the Oligarchs, or whether she doesn’t trust them because 70-80% of the Ukrainian army joined the Russians in Ukraine, is difficult to know for certain. But she is the boss, as they say, though George Soros (Schwartz) is challenging that position.

  217. This is totally disgusting and irresponsible propaganda article from Polina Tikhonova.
    But if the war for resources will start between NATO and Russia then what they will be fighting for???
    I think that Russia will fight for RUSSIAN resources (to keep them, where they belong, in Russia) and
    NATO (as usual) will fight to steal them from Russia.
    It is up to you to decide who are the good guys in that fight.

  218. That is usually the prudent steps that a country that is being surrounded by a historically aggressive superpower should take. It is the neocons in Washington that have abandoned the concept of “Mutually assured destruction’ that has keep nuclear weapons from being used, and now think that a nuclear first strike against Russia could be successful, not the other way around.

  219. I have a very good opinion of Putin, compared to the filthy jews and their bought and paid for shabbos goy in charge over here. Let’s hope and pray the Kagans and their ilk bite off more than they can chew ( that’s quite a feat considering their girth…lol) and this post-modern Marxist shithole gets annihilated in a ball of fire along with Israel.
    Better dead than gayjew red. :)

  220. ValueWalk at it again: trying to CREATE a war out of nothing. Very dangerous stuff. I hope Putin was right when he said, “Fortunately, governments do not create foreign policy based on media reports.”

    IGNORE ValueWalk. Every week it’s pushing for war.

  221. I understand men like Putin, ex KGB narcissists and sociopaths but I don’t get the Russian people. What exactly do you expect this idiot to bring you that you haven’t had before? An empire? you didn’t even have toilet paper for gods sake. People were starving physically and mentally. Wake up and smell the rotten deal you are going to get again.

  222. Of course he is getting ready for war. Recently, he began a call up to establish a second ready reserve…….What does that
    tell you?

  223. “Russia is getting ready for a war against the United States and its NATO allies, according to a European think tank that analyzed recent Russian military drills.”

    The United States is getting ready for a war against Russia (and China), according to what has actually transpired in the respective regions, not Propaganda from a ‘think tank’ that gets its ‘talking points’ from the State Department…

    There, fixed it for ya…

  224. Well, part of Russia’s problem “is Russia itself”. Any Russian denying that is either STUPID or a brain washed MORON. You morons elect a KBG r%@%tard who is little more than a military analyst, but has NO leadership skills. Putini’s idea of leading Russia into the next century is taking his shirt off to show off his fat, hairy body and balding head and then slap his man boobs about nuclear strikes and taking back long lost Soviet territory. Yeah…”great leadership skills”. All you ruskies are the same, at least the TROLLSKIES whining on U.S media web sites are about the demise of your country; when largely…”your own government brought this on you”, yet you still like to blame others for your problems when the problems stem directly from your midget and chief. I just wonder how long it will be before you crying poopy diaper babies are going “to wake up and grow up”?

  225. You know what I have to say about this?

    F WAR. We do not need war against one another to solve problems. It’s stupid that in the 21st century we are still fighting each other. Think about your children and what everybody will lose in a war.

    Nobody wins. At this point in time, we need to cooperate with each other and leave the Cold War bul in the past and move on. That’s what we already do in human relationships, so why can’t we do it with countries?

  226. The Ukrainian crisis is 100% the fault of the US neocon foreign policy designed to surround Russia with US vassal states.

    Russia is acting to defend itself against blatant US (NATO) aggression.




  227. Thanks Balmoralscot – right on the point…Russian FSB stooge somewhere in Perm, Murmansk or some other scenic place in Russia.

  228. And you know what happened to you in Cuba *almost stumbled into WW3), Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Sudan Somalia, (African states that gave you the boot), , Egypt slapped you by switching sides to America can you spell Sadat),Syria (failed coup) Sino-soviet split, with China, North Korean invasion egged on by Russia – failed, Warsaw Pact crumbled Afghanistan a total miltary failure for Russia and as far as Vietnam is concerned — who is Vietnam’s chief trading partner? nope not Russa think again….oh by the way, where’s the Soviet Union? That’s right, that crumbled too leaving Russia behind in a lost cold war run by the Russian mafia

    And now a little history lesson for you
    The American presence in Europe is based out of two unsuccessful world wars which originated in Europe. America was traditionally an isolationistic country but was asked by allies (one of them being Russia) to open a 2nd front in Europe to relive the Soviet suffering( 20 million dead in WW2 alone) Prior to America’s involvement in WW1 and WW2 Germany was kicking Russia’s ass left and right until Stalingrad. In fact Ivan, your would be speaking German right now had it not been for the USA becoming involved to defeat Germany from the west – Russia alone couldn’t do it, France fell and Britain was on it’s knees. After the war, NATO survived…Warsaw Pact died – get the picture. Afghanistan a failure for the US? Uh, if your brain allows you, revert back to 1979 when Russia invaded Afghanistan…now there was a big failure…don’t even try it.

    Last time I looked, Russia had a basketball team….inspiration came from where? Putin? Rasputin? I just love russian Rap groups don’t you – totally copied from the US except Russian rap has no placing on global charts nor bootylicious girls in the background unless you count those 230lbs girls from Murmansk eating potatos in string bikinis. Celebs? Does Russia have celebs? Mafia ones yes, but I haven’t seen the paparrazi in Moscow too often….still busy chasing after the coffin of your late drunk president Yeltsin or has Putin placed a hold on them too? Let’s see, Dollar, Euro, Yen….ruble..not! Sorry Ruble not on the global markets and deflating as I type. Global language: English — Russian…not! another fact you can’t deny. Military strength? Don’t go there, don’t be stupid and foolish at the same time. Do yourself a big favor, put down the vodka, stop spiking the borscht, wash ur feet without the caviar and stay in school….you’ve got much to learn grasshopper.

  229. I doubt that anyone knows for sure. “Samolet” word was used in Russian fairy tales for 200 something years, and initially meant any flying object, which could be used for magical transportation (like carpet, etc). Airplanes in Russian initially were called “Aeroplany”, and only in 1930s “samolet” gradually replaced “aeroplan” as the main word meaning aircraft.

  230. I donot think so, neither will be russian or americans working together because everyone understands who needs this war (will not call their names), the solders has to fullfill the command they are given by their superiors they neither want to fight and die especially for the war in a foreign country like Vietnam on other continent

  231. If Russia and America goes to war I am wondering if cosmonauts and astronauts will fight each-other up there in the International Space Station?!?! Personally I doubt it – war is only for the stupid ones!

  232. I have been to Russia only once to Ukraine four times and I wish all of them well . Lovely beautiful people . And not fat. And not loud. These people are fellow Europeans. Americans aren’t. Neocons aren’t. And the present regime in Kiev is certainly non-Ethnic Ukrainian.

  233. I’m really sick of these war mongering speculative articles on this site, especially the ones from the armchair generals glorifying war like it’s a game. An eye grabbing title with colorful language and quotes to make it look like it has substance and the writer knows what they are talking about, when they obviously don’t. Any conflict between Russia and NATO would mean nuclear war and the extinction of the human race. There will NEVER be a conventional war between the two because of mutually assured destruction, the second either one initiates a conflict of any kind, nukes WILL be used and we and the rest of the life on this planet will be annihilated in a week. War isn’t glorious or exciting, it’s not a game, it’s not romantic, it’s soul crushing and hopeless.

  234. Idiot I am a Western European, a European. Ukrainians, Russians, Italians, French, Greeks are fellow Europeans. Americans aren’t and certainly not your NeoCons.

    We in Europe, north,south, east and west do not want our youth killed and our cities destroyed by outsiders!!!! Easy isn’t it. If you like war games play them in your own country.

  235. But then again, a fat lot of good the huge budget did them in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan,Lebanon etc. The people they fought against are basically the rulers now.

    So the only result besides the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilian men, women and children, the tremendous destruction, the death of thousands of American young men, the maiming and maddening of tens of thousands of American young men is that a few people in the huge industrial-military complex have increased their wealth dramatically. For example IS took 2,300 Humvees in one day. These need to be replaced with fresh American money from American taxpayers passed on to the large shareholders in the military-industrial complex. They will be given free to the Iraqi army who had lost them!!!

    Some people complain when the colossal war budget derived from taxing Americans is reduced!!! .

  236. But I have my opinions and am entitled to them. I live in a country where I don’t go to jail for having them. Ask your FSB employers what opinion you could express without fear of being arrested.

  237. In general there are 50% of Ukrainian trolls and 50% of Russian trolls commenting on this site. Americans do not comment. While less than 1% are rusophobians/racists mentally challenged idiots from the Russia’s nearby countries who have plenty of free time on thieir hands and 0 brains in their heads, articles like this one is music for their ears.

  238. You need to do some research and learn something. NATO would attack Russia on so many fronts and with so much firepower they couldn’t possibly sustain a war more than a handful of weeks before they were out of resources so far from their strength to the east. The dominance would be apparent within the first week. NATO wouldn’t pursue Russia to the east as that would be suicide, especially with winter coming. But make no mistake that Russia loses a conventional conflict quickly and convincingly and only causes heavy losses if they include nuclear weapons which as we all know means the end of the world. The US on a distant front would stand no chance against 18-20 countries attacking simultaneously especially with one of the countries being Russia. This isn’t a matter of if the US is stronger than Russia militarily, it’s a matter of simple math. US, France, Germany, Britain and Canada are all top 10 in military might. Not sure what pipe you’re smoking.

  239. Khruschev was Ukrainian party boss for a long time, his wife was Ukrainian and took the decision about Crimea after several days of heavy drinking with high ranking communists from Ukraine, probably still being drunk.

  240. Then why are you so ill-informed about what happened?

    It was Serbia that lead the break up of Yugoslavia by refusing to hand over the rotating presidency to Croatia as mandated by the constitution at the time.

    So, Croatia and Slovenia declared independence, which was allowed in the constitution, because of this.

    After that, Serbia began it’s bloody attack on Croatia leveling the city of Vukovar in the process.

    Then Bosnia declared independence and the bloodthirsty Serbs slaughtered them by the hundreds of thousands and laid siege to Sarajevo.

    And you whine about the NATO bombing in 1999?

    What an idiot.

  241. The loser in the white house and the failed ex-secretary of state Hillary Clinton are the cause of this with their Russian appeasement “reset relations” with the nasty little Russian thug that is trying to imitate Hitler.

  242. Europe, north, south, east or west has nothing to do with you.

    I know a little about “the sleeping giant The United States of America! …God Bless and God Speed our greatest country in the world, universe, USA!” They went to war against the peasants in Vietnam, the mountain tribesmen in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq…..So?

  243. Of course they aren’t legal. We are protective of our schools. You gotta pay a hundred grand to one of our overpriced institutions to work in the US. It has, however, much more to do with politics and protectionism than the quality of the schools. Russian students rank very close to ours in math and science and ahead of us in reading.

  244. Putin spent 500 million dollars to make trolls attack Western internet forums but the results are bad – most people in the West have a negative opinion of Putin and Russia

  245. Obummer could stop this if he had the balls, if he can give 250 billion to Iran for Nukes, he can help Ukraine, but he doesen’t give a dam he want’s a war, it’s just that simple, just saying. GOD BLESS US ALL

  246. Funny how you KremlinBot ™ trolls always ignore the nearly TEN YEARS of war started by Serbia against Slovenia then Croatia then Bosnia when bringing up the NATO bombing.

    Serbia should have been bombed back in 1993, if not 1992, for starting that war in the first place.

  247. The media do not have anything to cover so they just keeping spreading about war which is NATO vs Russia. Might at well said that there will be all out nuclear war all around the planet we all call EARTH.

  248. Russia and Europe are no concern of yours. Your lambs or lions is your business. But here in Europe the probable leader of Tony Blair’s own party said that Tony Blair would be investigated and tried in court for starting a war in Iraq which had nothing to do with Britain.

  249. Where do you live StanS? St. Petersburg? The Russian one, that is?

    Coup d’état? You don’t know squat about American/British history.

  250. That’s because W was the one who basically told Sakashavili to attack South Ossetia. W provided Georgia with all sorts of weapons and military support.

    Problem is, Sakashavili didn’t understand that the US will never attack Russia directly. Same with NATO.

  251. I agree with what your saying, Russia needs a little dose of there own medicine, and if a republican gets elected they will get it, if they haven’t destroyed us before that, Putter is a crazy person that you never know what he will do.

  252. Ah, why,,,Americans kinda bailed you out during world war 11,,,,,a lot of Americans died on your soil helping Europe out.
    So why don’t you want Americans there?
    If Europe was attacked theye’d be begging for Americans.

  253. No European politician would even dare send our youth to war or allow alien people to bomb our cities. Having said that I am aware that America’s politicians and military people know that Russia can turn America into Hell Valley or the Sahara.

    These articles are usually intended to make the large shareholders in the Industrial Armaments complex even richer, tapping into the minds of those Americans who have never been abroad, can’t speak any other language and have been educated in the American public school system the worst in the industrialised world. In other words easy fodder for such articles. Every European knows that many Americans are extremely gullible to “news” (though not to advertising) and these articles are not intended for them.

  254. Will you KremlinBot™ trolls stop it with the idiotic ‘what if’ scenarios involving Mexico and Canada? They are just tiresome and not germane to the subject matter.

    They do, however, show your profound lack of understanding of what NATO is.

  255. And what’s the price of gold these days?

    The US, in case you haven’t been paying attention, has substantial resources as well and one of those is the ability to print money because people actually want the dollar.

    Russia can also print money out of thin air. Problem is, no one wants rubles.

  256. German rearmament wasn’t worth it. German remiliterization of the Rhineland wasn’t worth it. Austrian Anschluss into the “Greater German Reich” wasn’t worth it. German seizure of the Czech Sudetenland wasn’t worth it. The German-Soviet non-aggression pact wasn’t worth it. The German (and Russian) invasion of Poland was worth it – but it was too late.

    Russian seizure of Georgian provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia wasn’t worth it. Russian seizure of Crimea wasn’t worth it. Russian seizure of Crimea wasn’t worth it. Russian Seizure of eastern Ukraine isn’t worth it….

    The only question is what’s next on Mr. Putin’s list, and when will it be worth it to try and stop him. Russia will not be happy until it restors it’s eastern-European system of vassal buffer states and bullies all of Western Europe into neutrality.

  257. You have got to stop watching old black and white movies about the Soviet Union. Even American polling companies agree that the 90% approval is real. Why would they not love him? During Putin’s administrations the income of the average Russian has tripled, Russia has stood up to the most evil country in the world (US), car ownership has skyrocketed, modern malls and supermarkets have appeared everywhere, pensions have more than quadrupled. Even with falling oil prices and US sanctions, he has kept Russia totally out of debt, kept the pensions and salaries paid and increased domestic production of food, cars, appliances and housing. Whats not to love?
    Oh, I have lived in Russia. What happens if you publicly criticize Putin is that your neighbor thinks you’re one of those crazy communists that are always saying stupid things. If you get really, really loud and public about it, your boss might find an excuse to fire you because you are annoying. The FSB could care less. No one is going to knock on your door in the middle of the night. That died with Stalin.

  258. Sometimes you can hear some english speaking people say: “Russian plane flies you.” Ever wondered why? Because in Russian the word AIRPLANE (SAMOLET) literally means FLIES BY ITSELF. After my Russian friend explained me what SAMOLET means in Russian I asked him who gave the name to the airplane. My friend said he does not know. Anyone knows who? :) :) :)

  259. Well you try!! You know what happened to you in Vietnam, Afghanistan even last week, Lebanon, Somalia….. And that was against peasants, mountain people etc. You have many “assets” in Western Europe. We in Western Europe, in NATO countries, do not want rednecks and tropical men with guns running loose. We don’t want anything from you least of all your interference. Keep your effin hip-hop, your effin celebs, your effin basketball, all your effin crap but keep out of Europe. Frack off!

  260. Nothing to do with you or America.

    All I know is that a few who emigrated from the slums of Poland Russia and Eastern Europe now own you hook, line and sinker as the blunt-but-truthful Ariel Sharon said.

    We can’t help you being gullible to superior minds but rest assured that we in OUR Europe will not let any of our politicians or any American accepting that our youth go to war, or Americans bomb our European cities for whatever fabricated reason or even trying to hide behind proxies or NATO.

  261. The only possible form of fusion that will “break even” is that of aneutronic fusion. Tokamaks and Inertial Electrostatic Confinement, as well as those powered by lasers, are far too inefficient, and do not produce electricity. Fusion is not a viable option for many years. When it is ready, we will only need two to power the planet, but we are not there yet. Ten of fifteen years is not an adequate time frame. Thirty or fifty is more like it. Desalinating water is extremely expensive, and is not very practical. It would actually be more practical to have machines pull water out from the air, and it would be more practical if people in California stopped using millions of gallons of water a day to water their gardens, fill their pools and ponds. Las Vegas needs to dismantle all of their water features, except maybe for a few select pools. The desert is not meant to be green anyway, not to mention that all of those pools of fresh water evaporate, so you must continuously fill them. You would save so much water by doing that that there would be literally no drought to speak of. America is also not the largest user of plastic bottles anyhow, and is if I recall, the leader in recycling already. Europe is the biggest user of plastic, as they drink nothing but bottled water. To irrigate the deserts would be arrogant as well as expensive and frankly, needless. One acre feeds one man for a year. That is not practical. The only solutions include a World War, mass executions, or aquaponics/hydroponics. An acre of land that is farmed using aquaponics will support 127 people. 127 people per acre if far better and cheaper than anything else youve suggested. Not to mention that not all plants will grow in sand and salt as well as 130F heat during the day. The only viable option for clean power is either microwave transmission of power from solar stations in low earth orbit, or nuclear fission. The former is very expensive, but provides massive quantities of power, the latter being cheaper, and provides massive amounts of power. Even then, power production is not the problem when it comes to greenhouse gasses. It is, infact, methane, the gas that makes up farts. Methane is much more deadly to the atmosphere than CO2, and has been known for that for a long time, yet the media never covers it, and no one ever tries to do anything about it. Most of the greenhouse effect, if there even is one, is caused by methane (CH4). Cattle farms are the main problem anyhow, and if we cultivate the methane produced by cows, we have a very clean renewable power source, natural gas, which produces mostly water when burned. The greenhouse effect may not even be real because the Earth has been in a warming cycle since ten thousand years ago. In fact, the Earth has had many warming, and cooling cycles, and we just happen to be approaching the expected apex of the warming cycle. Of course, no one talks about this in the media, and “Climate Scientists” never mention it.

  262. The question in my mind is why did Khrushchev give the Crimean peninsula to Ukraine in 1954? The cause of all this grief sixty years later.

  263. So Bush could appease his debt with King Fahd , to pay back those companies that would profit from the war who donated thousands into his campaign. Of course…oil was never taken seriously because the world was calling his hand at it as soon as the invasion started and more oil meant lower prices…he already took all regulations off oil and Wall Street so his investments and those who helped him get elected would soar through the ceiling…..then, Halliburton got the big-time, “unbid”, contract that his vice owned…and they both profited quite nicely from that….

  264. NATO needs to bloody the Russians up a little bit so that they know that NATO means business! Putin is playing a dangerous games with lots of souls at risk!

  265. Pooty is a lying dog that has screwed the russian people relentlessly, the russian people are of three types 1. Patriotic no matter what (these are blindly-following idiots) 2. Indifferent citizens (also idiots) 3. Pooty’s buddies (smart people, but always looking over their shoulders). Pooty would probably not be defeated militarily because he could escape to one of many hideouts that he most likely already has built and fortified around the world, but russia could be defeated in a world war most likely with global lethal consequences.

  266. Putin and the kid from North Korea should have a sleep over because they both want attention and they both lie and cheat their own people.

  267. Keep out of OUR Europe. Europe is neither your, nor Obama’s, nor Clinton’s, nor any NeoCon’s , nor any American’s business. Just frack off and keep out!

  268. Putin has called Texas occupied Mexican territory. For Putin, it’s ‘whatever works for me, right now,”.

    He’d gladly support a separatist movement anywhere in the United States if/when the time comes.

  269. This is of course the usual propaganda. Most Europeans would not even be interested , let alone believe it. More dire is the situation in Ukraine.

    1. The Ukraine government is made up overwhelmingly of Oligarchs who can boast that they have not a single drop of Ukrainian blood.

    2. For some reason, probably because of Mrs Nuland, they only put “Nuland’s cousins” in their top positions, like British colonies in Africa last century. As a second tier they still don’t put ethnic Ukrainians in but Lithuanians, Georgians and even an American “cousin” staffer from the American Embassy in Kiev

    3. The 7,000 people killed are the inhabitants and the unfortunate conscripts dragged in and the motley crowd of Nazi/fascists, professional looters, convicts and Chechens

    4. The non-Ukrainian, non-Christian regime has lost the support of the Right Sector which had been used to remove the democratically-elected president

    5. Since 93% of the called-up conscripts escape to other countries, and even the Fascists/Nazis are getting cold feet, the non-Christian regime has formed three Muslim battalions, the Sheikh Mansur, Dudayev and Crimea formed of obviously non-Ukrainian Islamists. They can be relied on to murder Ukrainians who are Christian. The leader of the Dudayev battalion took part in the massacre of 400 Ossettian Christian children a few years ago (Check with The New York Times and the British newspaper “The Guardian”

    6. The American-owned KyivPost and other newspapers reported on a June poll which showed that the president’s popularity has slumped to 6.3% and the Prime Minister 1.3% . Since then even the Right Sector, which had removed the democratically-elected president has demonstrated in front of Parliament.

    7. There is some fear that the regime might not simply make a dash for it using their second or third passports but might resist to save their unmovable wealth

  270. 1. The Ukraine government is made up overwhelmingly of Oligarchs who can boast that they have not a single drop of Ukrainian blood.

    2. For some reason, probably because of Mrs Nuland, they only put “Nuland’s cousins” in their top positions, like British colonies in Africa last century. As a second tier they still don’t put ethnic Ukrainians in but Lithuanians, Georgians and even an American “cousin” staffer from the American Embassy in Kiev

    3. The 7,000 people killed are the inhabitants and the unfortunate conscripts dragged in and the motley crowd of Nazi/fascists, professional looters, convicts and Chechens

    4. The non-Ukrainian, non-Christian regime has lost the support of the Right Sector which had been used to remove the democratically-elected president

    5. Since 93% of the called-up conscripts escape to other countries, and even the Fascists/Nazis are getting cold feet, the non-Christian regime has formed three Muslim battalions, the Sheikh Mansur, Dudayev and Crimea formed of obviously non-Ukrainian Islamists. They can be relied on to murder Ukrainians who are Christian. The leader of the Dudayev battalion took part in the massacre of 400 Ossettian Christian children a few years ago (Check with The New York Times and the British newspaper “The Guardian”

    6. The American-owned KyivPost and other newspapers reported on a June poll which showed that the president’s popularity has slumped to 6.3% and the Prime Minister 1.3% . Since then even the Right Sector, which had removed the democratically-elected president has demonstrated in front of Parliament.

    7. There is some fear that the regime might not simply make a dash for it using their second or third passports but might resist to save their unmovable wealth

  271. This Russian Reporter is nothing more than a Propaganda puppet for Russia’s news agency. This article is designed to obfuscate and confuse Western resolve in the Ukraine.
    I am an Independent that thinks that Obama is wrong on this issue of Foreign Policy. Russia needs to get their nose bloodied to dissuade it from further aggression. If they want War…lets bring it to them on their doorstep…
    Watch what happens when a Republican President takes the White House in 2016.

  272. It’s a game. Nobody wants a big war. Just a small one. Military people want more money. It’s going on for decades. And we just read the stories. We all are the experimental matereal. Day by day.

  273. The Media…one day they say ‘War’, the next day they say Putin wants ‘Peace’. Trump will take care of Media and any other Country standing up to the US. He’s the only one with the gull to do it.

  274. Africans, Muslims and Americans don’t care what you want and are there already and will continue to be there whether you like it or not.

  275. Same could be said for North Korea and kim jong un- he is doing what he thinks is best for his people. His approval rating is 100% and noone dares dispute it- and both countries remain stuck in a time bubble preparing for a war while their population eats crackers with cat food. Good Luck Russia- with love!

  276. Funny how none of their degrees are legal in the US…all must go back to school to upgrade their degrees if they want to work here…wonder what kind of level of expertise they set in their education standards compared to ours….They are a ruthless people…Patton was right at the end of WWII…we should have hit them then when they were about drained out…Politics again get in the way……..

  277. It is funded by the usual American bodies. It is meant for the average American reader who as we all know is “special” . Especially gullible, that is.

  278. you want your muslims taking over Europe you clown? you Europeans are spineless cowards…russia is a cesspool ….russia can have muslim europe

  279. His people hate him…what do you think happens if anyone publicly criticizes him…they disappear…that’s why he’s got a 90% approval rate….we got in debt financing a BS war….he made money selling weapons to those who oppose us, oil he stole from the Crimea and natural gas he robs eastern Europe with…he’s a thug…a KGB/Russian mob hybrid……nothing more than a fancy modern Stalin….

  280. The “technology of fracking” is basically to f… up the landscape and give the inhabitants’ cancer. It basically means the frackers make a lot of money (subject to Saudi Aarabia’s decision on levels of output) and the poor sods in the area get polluted lakes, totally polluted landscape and bear the cost of even cosmetic restitution of the area.

  281. Believe it when I see it. I do not take the word of any journalist or politician anymore because so many of them have political affiliations. You cannot trust that you are not getting a heavily slanted article

  282. First, Bush has nothing to do with this article, but I deign to answer to your question, no problem. Because they bred radical terrorism that attacked Americans and killed nearly 3000 people in the heart of the country.
    Now tell me when did Ukrainians blew up skyscrapers in Moscow and buried 3000 peaceful Russian civilians alive?

  283. But rest assured that we in Western Europe would give a “Mussolini happening” to any politician who even attempts to send our young men to war or to accept American bombing in Europe. It will be worse than the Vietnam days.

  284. By 2025 to 2030 we’ll have fusion figured out, with fusion we’ll solve all the resource problems. Need freshwater? Pump it from the ocean and desalinate with fusion power. Need carbon compounds to make plastics and other petro chem? Take the plastic we throw out and recycle it with you guessed it cheap clean fusion powered recycling facilities. The only resource which is truly finite is energy, once we figure out a way to get fusion energy, the other resources can be readily recycled. The only reason why many things are not recycled is the amount of energy cost required is more expensive than the raw resource. Need more farm land? Fill the Sahara and Arabian deserts with desalinated sea water from the ocean and the abundant sunshine there would be great for farming.

  285. More “think tank” press releases coming? According to it’s website,The European Leadership Network names and thanks it’s donors as Carnegie Corporation of New York, Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation (PPCF), TheWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Ploughshares Fund, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and NATO.

  286. You know better than Russians about Russia!!! No wonder American 15 year-olds rank about 40th out of 65 countries in PISA, the highly-rated independent international educational testing authority.

    I suppose you watch CNN, read the NYT or similar and can speak English. That makes you an authority about Europe or Russia. No wonder as Ariel Sharon bluntly put it a Few own America. Pssstt! Do you know who Ariel Sharon is?

  287. I am not sure exactly how you came to the conclusion that only the US and her allies are the only ones allowed to invade and occupy, as I made no such claim. However I did mention that normally allies don’t invade nor sanction other allies.

    In WWII, the US, UK, France, Russia and China to name a few were in a war against the Axis powers namely Germany, Japan and Italy. Oddly enough this whole them vs us thing led the US to sanction Japan to begin with.They were the ones stupid enough to attack the US and expect no retalliation.

    Also as far as your nuke comment, Germany was producing one of their own, did you think they were just producing it for fun? They intended to use it via V2 rockets on Ebgland, the US simply beat them to the punch, Japan simply guaranteed they were the guinea pig with their cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Since the US and France had been allies for several hundred years by then, what caused you to even ask the question of why the US never sanctioned France.

  288. Which part is not true? Tell me what has happened to Russian earnings the disagrees with what I said. Tell me what Putin’s approval rating really is and then explain to me how our leaders did a better job of money management when they got us $19 trillion in debt and Putin not only balanced his budget, but put about a half billion in the bank.
    LOL is a teenager response. How about some facts to show its propaganda.

  289. NATO is on their borders so naturally the Russians are afraid that a lot of flowers will be tossed across their borders. No belligerent intentions, right? RIGHT!!!

  290. This happens when America has a weak leader. The only difference between Obama and Carter is that Carter didn’t get a second chance

  291. well according to Putin “there is nothing that Russian people can not do” so that should not be problem for them. Russia is self sufficient!, We do not need nobody!- isn’t that what they were shouting when Ukraine invasion began?

  292. As energy production shifts to renewables, conflicts over energy resources will become moot and nations that rely on energy resource production will be bankrupted unless they plan now for the transition. Russia seems to be doing nothing in this regard and will suffer mightily from it. They have armed their own citizens who have been fighting in Ukraine – the rearmament will work against Russia as the government loses control of these weapons. Russia is likely to suffer severe internal conflict as their economy continues to decline.

  293. No, for being a good enough president to have a 90% approval rating. The real earnings of Russians have tripled since he got into office and the country has weathered two financial storms almost unscathed because of his stewardship. Our politicians should be so good.

  294. If you mean ripping off the Russian people and amassing huge wealth then yes i suppose someone would call
    Putin admirable. Thieves tend to stick together!

  295. War? Global war? The four main players in the two countries are Obama the Clown, Kerry the Incompetent, Putin and Lavrov. Somebody please tell me which of these major players is suicidal enough to start a global war.

    As for NATO and Britain, Ukraine is not a NATO member and no population in the EU is going to let their leaders get them into a war over Ukraine. It would be the last act in office of anyone who started it.

  296. Can’t wait, time for Russia to liberate Germany from the American occupation!!!! German Airborne troops will fight with Russia.

  297. That’s kind of what I was thinking. Sounds like fear mongering, Chicken Little stuff to me. Is this article supposed to make me happy about funding every pink elephant military toy that passes through Congress?

  298. Wow I have never seen so many Russky trolls on 1 comment line at once! The truth is, we American’s do not want a war with Russia but as we have showed in our past, if you want to piss us off we will not back down. I am in Minnesota and we are waiting, come though this part of the USA and see how many guns we have. Hope to see you soon! I got out of the Army in 1985 but stayed ready for just this type of thing, hope you like cjhp that’s copper jacketed hollow point if you needed clarification.

  299. One admirable thing about Putin, he is doing what is best for his people. As, opposed to what Obama is doing to the people of the United States.

  300. Why would there be war over resources?. US can already produce inexhaustible supplies of oil and gas out of nothing with shale drilling. Someone should notify Kremlin about that maybe?

  301. Russia has always been preparing for War ever since Communist took control,now there Fascist,very little difference,and yes they are always preparing for War,but now they will have the entire free world to contend with,there losers coming out of the gate LOL!

  302. Got it! Only US and their friends are allowed to invade and occupy other nations, others would be nuked (unless they can nuke US themselves). Now my picture of the brave new world is complete.

  303. Sadly, the status quo wasn’t enough for the EU and US. When Ukraine requested financial aid, US said no, unless Ukraine were to tilt away from Russia, to pave the way for Ukraine to join NATO. As a result, 7,000 dead and military exercises by NATOUS and Russia.

  304. Putin is anything BUT synonymous to Hitler.He is a responsible Russian patriot that refuses to be pushed around by anglo greedsters.In addition he KNOWS that he can not be defeated militarily.

  305. Sorry what Ukraine to which Russians moved in you are talking about? Lenin and Stalin took several Russian regions and made up Ukraine out of them in 1921. There was no need to move Russians, they lived there for ages.

  306. Putin is synonymous with HITLER… same story: go into Poland and Czechoslovakia to “save” the few German-speaking people… Putin goes into Crimea, Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova to “rescue” the Russian-speaking folks there——those who do speak Russian would tell you they had NO problem before Putin started trying to recollect the USSR—-besides, what is up with Putin? I understand he nursed from his mother till age 14…You KNOW that has had some kind of effect on his brain

  307. Yes I do maggot $800 a month paid uneducated troll. I am an idiot surgeon with an MD from Harvard. What does that make you? A real real real real real real real IDIOT? LMFAO MAGGOT TROLL

  308. Everybody mentioned is constantly planning for war with all other mentioned parties. Destroy all those terrorist governments. People should be warring with the system, not for it.

  309. Um, France invaded Indo-China way back in 1887. Back 100 years before that the French, and Spain for that matter, helped us out in the Revolutionary war against Great Britain. The US and France are still allies, hence the presence of both countries in NATO. So to answer your question, it isn’t exactly normal to invade an ally.

    Go ahead and ask me why we are friends with the English now too.

  310. wow, the war started on the bush clan, pnac group 911 false flag, really two planes vaporised and pulverized two steel framed buildings into dust, come on people you cant be that brain washed and now beleive the u.s. goverment isnt behind every war and regime change out there. go trump.

  311. There is no need for worry. President Puta is creating his own political doom. With an inflation rate over 14% coupled with the ruble losing it’s purchasing power on a daily basis, Puta’s preference to spend money on weapon production rather on infrastructure and manufacturing is doing more to crumble the Russian economy than the sanctions.. The days of the $100 per barrel of oil are over. Russia will be lucky if the price remains at the $50 level, which will be difficult once Iran floods the market with its oil. His political down slide began in 2011 when he removed his finance minister, recognized as one of the leading economists in the world, because he advised Putin to invest in manufacturing and infrastructure instead of military build up. Putin created the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine to stir nationalism and bolster his waning popularity. The Crimea invasion was meant to deflect from Russia’s economic blunders The Sochi Olympic games was another economic boondoggle and yet nearly 30% of the Russian population continues to live without running tap water and consistent. electricity. The Siberian region contributes most of Moscow’s revenue with its natural resources and sees little in return. It is the reason why there is a strong push by Siberians to secede from Russia. As long as Russians are willing to sacrifice economically Puta will remain in power but the older generations who were willing to suffer for the ideologies of the Soviet Union are dying off and at what point will the middle age generations no longer support Putin? Time will tell.

  312. This article is quite hilarious, really. But remember: You read it on the internet so it must be true! Will anyone who believes this nonsense remember it two years from now when you’re commenting on the newest great internet joke?

  313. The US is not afraid of you. You can’t rub two Kopecs together, Your planes are falling from the skies in disrepair killing their pilots and soldiers being forced to fight in Ukraine are deserting and your naval vessels can’t even leave port without a tugboat to help them get back.

  314. what is it that we Africans from sub sahara had to do with this events and article, you white people you destroy the world and blame it on us.

  315. 7000 people ‘plus’ have died in Ukraine. Russia still denies the existence of their troops and surely deaths as well. A wonderful country for the families of the servicemen that sacrifice their lives, whether willing to or not, and getting no satisfaction that there was any value to their personal losses.
    No value!
    Greed, ego, and the paranoia of the corrupt and wealthy regime. No individual lives matter, other than flowers on their graves and monetary compensation to the families if they keep their mouths shut.

  316. Russia prepares for war and the us is only worried Africa . We are cutting our military and the Chinese are stealing our military secrets and selling them to Russia. no one cares as long as they can go on vacation and go out drinking. boy is that scary

  317. Yes, sure. That is why 12 millions Gastarbeiters come from these vassal states come to Russia each year, flying away from “more freedom, more prosperity, more safety”.

  318. Well put. Wake up America and get out of your cacoons and realize what our Gov. is doing or not doing. Mostly not doing anything. Our world reputation has gone down the drain due to the past 8 years of being weak and letting other countries and pople push us around. Also not making good decisions for fear it will hurt a politicians reputation.We have become a JOKE to the world and need a big change in adminstration and need to put someone that has balls in power to get us back on track.Our congress and senate are a big joke. All of them. The media is a joke as well trying again to sway us in the wrng directon and belittleing the ain man that may posible get th job done. They are so bias its unbelieveable and people believe what they print and report on CNN & FOX and the Wahington Post.

  319. NATO equivalents already invaded Russia several times in the past, led by Sigismund III Vasa, Karl XII of Sweden, then Napoleon, then Hitler… RIP to all these losers.

  320. 28 countries with a combined population of almost 1 billion of people,
    combined GDP of 37.5 trillion USD, combined military budget of ~ 1 trillion
    USD- afraid (scared to death) of 1 country with population of less than 150
    million, GDP – less than 2 trillion USD and military budget ~ 70 billion USD.

  321. To author- you need to get your head checked. You are the fattest troll I saw since the start of the cival war in Ukraine.


    28 countries with a combined population of almost 1 billion of people,
    combined GDP of 37.5 trillion USD, combined military budget of ~ 1 trillion
    USD- afraid (scared to death) of 1 country with population of less than 150
    million, GDP – less than 2 trillion USD and military budget ~ 70 billion USD.

  322. Just like today, Russian minority numbering in the millions were on the RIGHT SIDE and “Ukrainians”, (and ethnic:) Lithuanians, Moldovans and Germans were on the other side – fighting for the “narrow mustache” and swastika!

  323. “Japan’s invasion and occupation of French Indo-China” FRENCH INDO-CHINA, Karl! – and why US did not sanction France, which occupied Indo-China before Japan?

  324. Bottom of the barrel ? Every post is from either an Obama Troll or another idiot American who’s never been to another country except Mexico and believes this Washington Bull

  325. My post was “copy & paste” from WIKIPEDIA! I’ve never been there or Russia for that matter – and I don’t even speak Russian! I only believe people have right to self-determination…or we here should go back and became English dominion again – a colony if you will!
    This time Russia is right! Ukraine is a LEGO country slapped together by Soviet Politburo and it should be dismantled!

  326. Might want to reread my previous post. You can’t blame someone for wanting to leave when your housemate is beating you to death, literally. If you’re any indication of the mindset, no wonder they wanted to leave. My way or the highway, or in Serbia’s case, the death camp.

  327. Ukraine is an independent country. A treaty was signed that guaranteed its independence. RUSSIA signed it. So did the USA. So it does not matter when it became a country. IT IS A COUNTRY. Moscow has no say over Ukraine or its sovereignty. To say it does also says that any nation that broke away from the USSR can order Russia what to do as well. How would Russia like to be told who it had to trade with ? Who it had to sign treaties with ? By another nation. This is exactly what Russia is doing. Russia is trying to govern states as though they are part of Russia. But they are not part of Russia. They see what the West has to offer. FREEDOM. That scares the hell out of Russia who only knows intimidation and brain washing. Russia need to govern inside its own borders where it legal for Russia to govern.

  328. I just hope Nato comes to them with full might as many countries who come together should have and not just match them and drag this whole mess out. This is not even in Russia’s best interest, what a waste of lives this will be

  329. Eastern European countries – former Russian vassal states – were desperate to have the protection of NATO and the West to keep the Russian bear from trying to return.sure enough, here it comes.

    Life is just better in the West. More freedom, more prosperity, more safety. Under which order would you want to live Stan? Russia’s or say, Germany’s or Britain’s or Sweden’s?

  330. Exactly my point. Putin isnt trying to start a war. He knows that Russia will not benefit from a war with the west. However, he also will not be pushed around like all these other subservient countries and if push comes to shove he will not back down. Dumb, definitely not. In fact to this point, Putin has played a brilliant game of geopolitical chess when you consider that he snagged Crimea in under a month and with no bloodshed, pushed the BRICS coalition forward YEARS beyond expectations, and managed to put China into a position to have the Yuan become a world reserve currency if the AIIB comes through and it’s looking like it will. The IMF has already approved Chinas bid to become a world reserve currency and both Germany and France have committed to buying into the AIIB. So dumb? I dont think so. But while Putin stays ahead of his game of “chess” Obama sits around chewing on red and black checker pieces wondering why they both taste exactly the same. Now is Putin insane? Well, thats to be seen.

  331. The State of Texas achieve its independence from Mexico in 1836 and subsequently joined The United States! Just like Crimea got their independence from Ukraine and joined Russian Federation!

  332. Hey V — I lived in Yalta in 2008 and have of course been all over the east coast of Crimea – and the best roads are there also. Still have friends there and we take a weekend trip every now and then and drive over from Caki. Still trying to get these Yanks to see the truth about this part of the world. I think there are now more Obama trolls than commenters. Pako

  333. Hi “Garry”? *(btw, the name is spelled “Gary”, better tell your fellow trolls that)…the Russian people have no idea what is even going on!

  334. “Being prepared to fight decreases the chances you will have to.” Now THAT I agree with! But I would also offer this. Which would you rather fight? An army of lions led by sheep? or An army of sheep led by lions? Sadly we’re led by sheep atm. Russia is seemingly led by lions. Just an observation man….

  335. War is upon all, it happen no matter now. Events too far gone to prevent, best prepare to win than allow devils to gain advantage.

  336. Sorry – Hitler FREED Ukraine – not occupied it!
    “During the military occupation of Ukraine by Germany, a large number of Ukrainians chose to cooperate with the NaziIs. Reasons for this generally included resurgent Ukrainian nationalism, aspirations for regaining Independence and widespread anger and resentment against the Russians over the Holodomor, which occurred only a few years before. These were coupled with rampant racism towards other ethnic groups (such as Jews, Tatars, Roma peoples and Poles) as well as a prevailing sentiment of antisemitism.” – WIKIPEDIA

  337. I m an American that got caught in-between Ukraine and Russia and an I see this a lot clearer than any American sitting in Hoboken N.J. —-Washington, Brussels, Warsaw and the rest of the NWO gang is the ones talking War – Niet Moscow. You all are being fed a bunch of hate the Russians because we don’t want to accept that we as Americans are into our 13th year of the Crusades Wars. Anfd they haven’t been pretty. I am a Realist not a propaganda woose

  338. WHY WOULD Putin START A WAR WHEN HE KNOWS THAT IN THE END HE CANT WIN? Lets face the facts, he is a DICTATOR, POWER HUNGRY, GREEDY and controls the country with an iron fist. He is destroying Russia and everyone knows it. Yes he is Smart to a certain extent but also Dum in another sense. Maybe insane.

  339. “I wouldn’t eat caviar from the Caspian sea without a AK-47 at my head!” – certainly, you would not:)) You need to go to school and get a job first, and in few year you will be able to afford a Big Mac!

  340. I wouldn’t say “Russian Putin loyalists” at all. I would say well informed and proficiently aware Americans who’s love for his country pushes him to pay close attention to what’s really going on in the world today. The fact that many of us respect Vladimir Putin does not negate our patriotism. It just proves that unlike the masses slurping up the government cool aide and lies, we wont be mislead or “told” who Americas enemy is.

  341. BS. I was an officer in the US military during the Cold War. Operations tempo, drills, exercises, war games, etc., were at a exceedingly higher level. And, as I recall, we never went to war with the Russians.

    Being prepared to fight decreases the chances you will have to.

  342. After reading some of their posts, I am starting to believe they get paid be the grammatical error…and they are richer for it. Perhaps they get paid by the number of times they try to convince us they are Americans, loyal Americans. Or..How often they site Putin as a good(great, is 5 extra rubles, and a 1liter bottle of vodka), peace loving leader.

  343. It was Germany that killed the Jews in Ukraine during WW2. 2.3 million Ukrainians including including 850,000 Jews were deported to Germany for slave labor. The plan was to populate Ukraine with Germans.

    Sorry to expose your lies.

  344. Russia I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if you wake up the sleeping giant The United States of America! …God Bless and God Speed our greatest country in the world, universe, USA!

  345. Sorry but the Russian people sure don’t look like they are gearing up for a War – everyone is on the Black Sea enjoying themselves. Washington is making off like Russia is Enemy #1 for 1 reason. America is getting ready to stage a Huge false Flag and Blame Russia for it . This is America’s/ CIAs—-Signature – Time will tell – but the Crusades are on it’s 13th year and Egypt and Libya has been taken down – there is only Syria left and Russia is there. Of course Iran is still around -!!

  346. The Holocaust in Ukraine took place during the occupation of Ukraine by Nazi Germany.[1] Between 1941 and 1945, approximately 3,000,000 Ukrainian and other non-Jewish victims were killed as part of Nazi extermination policies, along with between 850,000 – 900,000 Jews who lived in the territory of modern Ukraine.[2][3] Original plans of genocide called for the extermination of 65% of the nation’s 23.2 million Ukrainians,[4][5] with the remainder of inhabitants to be treated as slaves.[6] Over 2,300,000 Ukrainians were deported to Germany for slave labor.[7] In ten years’ time, the plan effectively called for the extermination, expulsion, Germanization or enslavement of most or all Ukrainians.

  347. Good solution is war, get war over with, crush red-white and red-yellow devil russia and china with nuke. World is better place.

  348. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN – Stalin was your ally Georgian (Gruzia)! But Ukraine has it’s trophy, too: it’s #2 country by slaughtering Jews in WWII – maybe that’s why Joseph was pissed at you! He might have been a Jew himself, who knows?!?!

  349. Yes its worth it for sure. Learned a big lesson from hitler. Dont say we here at home. Your a paid commie troll. Thanks for using an american name proving we are number 1. Bye russian maggot.

  350. You are quite right, Crimea is a sovereign nation, which was annexed by Ukraine in 1991, despite two referendums in which vast majority of Crimea population voted against it. Ukraine abolished the Crimean constitution and canceled Crimean self-governance and voting rights. In the USSR Crimea was never legally given over to Ukraine, USSR parliament never ratified this decision of mad Khruschev. And Crimeans had all the right to join Russia, which they did after 2014 referendum.

  351. Don’t foregt the millions of Ukainians killed by Stalin in the forced collectivization and the millions moved out of Ukraine and Russians moved in by that same Stalin..

  352. ‘“Because freezing the conflict means leaving Ukraine to the West. And that’s unacceptable,” Felgenhauer noted, adding that any disruption of the Kremlin’s plans infuriates the Russian leadership to a great extent.” –
    Gee, just imagine how those 7000 dead people feel.
    From the “fall of the Soviet Union” until this day – What has Europe – let alone the United States done to give Moscow and Putin this cloud cookoo pipe dream any more than pumping BILLIONS into the Russian Federation’s Economy where they feel they now have to spend hundreds of BILLIONS on ARMAMENTS taking the food from their people’s mouths (even thought they profess to endure it well) and closing down hospitals which only cared for specific maladies making them travel hither tither and yon for their care they can no longer afford? All in order to thwart all the “meanies” around their HUMONGOUS Borders (which the Russian People believe THEY should have even MORE of!) When they POLLUTE what they have NOW! They want the ARCTIC shelf off their already sullied lands when those living around the Aral Sea are dieing born with birth defects and can’t grow a damned thing?! I wouldn’t eat caviar from the Caspian sea without a AK-47 at my head! Buncha paranoid losers! But they want to be taken as a “Serious Global Player”? If I heard one supporting Putin along these lines – I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop laughing. If we’d wanted to take over the USSR – why didn’t we march in when they fell apart? I think that’s obvious. Resources or no – Putin’s got a hard on for the West in total.

  353. Don’t be concerned. This is just an FSB operation…. they have 100’s of people just posting propaganda to western sites… They probably have help from the author.

  354. Serbia was the only republic wanting Yugoslavia intact – almost all others wanted independence!
    So now instead of one pretty solid regional (Balkan’s) power you have a half a dozen of mini “basket-case” dominions! Please don’t discuss politics and history of the region with me – I grew up there!

  355. Deployed in Crimea and annexing Crimea are 2 completely different things or did that ever cross your mind? We have troops stationed in Japan, the Phillipines, Spain etc, but the US flag does not fly over those sovereign nations as the Russian flag now flies over Crimea.

  356. And another thing that I’d like to point out. Vladimir Putin is NOT Saddam Hussein and he is NOT Muammar Gaddafi. If you think for a second that a serious armed conflict with Russia, even using only conventional warfare, is going to be ANYTHING like what we saw with these piss ant middle eastern countries you are seriously mistaken. Russia is NOT the fragile and weak nation in possession of only out dated weaponry like the media portrays it to be or as governments would lead you to believe. Russia is the real deal and every BIT of a global super power capable of bringing hellfire & brimstone right into our back yards. Make no mistake, god for BID we went to war with Russia, be ready to defend your country when 300,000 China men led by about 50,000 Russians come stomping through Canada to get to us! Luckily for us, Russias leader is NOT the sociopathic douche bag that our leader is. Mr Putin knows how quickly an armed conflict with the west could progress into a nuclear one and no one prospers or wins.

  357. Tell this fairy tale to Vietnamese. They still take tourists to see the pit where they kept weeping John McCaine for a few months. There is quite a pile of McCaine’s petrified feces in the pit…

  358. Russia allowed CHANGING THE BORDERS – ie. re-unification of Germany for “western promise” NATO will not expand eastward – how long the west kept its promise?!?! Right!!!

  359. If the president in any other country drove their economy into the ditch with a -4.6 drop in GDP, they’d be run out of town. I have to give credit to Russian propaganda. They can blame anything and everyone under the sun except Putin’s own incompetence.

  360. Given that the US does not invade countries directly I’d say the funding of extremists whether they be left or right in order to overthrow a government, gain power, and in turn do the bidding of the US is technically a very complex version of invading. I mean who would have guessed that right after the coup and the new Ukrainian government was established you see Biden’s son put on the board of directors for the Ukraine’s top oil and gas company along with a friend of John Kerry. The media can tell you to bark and you’ll bark. Don’t believe this propaganda piece trying to instill fear that warfare is likely… its not. Start doing some digging jackwill and start off with the TPP. (((THE TPP IS THE REAL THING YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID OF)))))

  361. Actually you are correct the US did slaughter the Republican Guard along with Saddam’s sons, as the old adage goes “live by the sword die by the sword”.

    Now as far as Russia-Ukraine relations, that dates back to WWII when the Ukrainians fought with Russian soldiers against Germany’s Nazi advancing further east. So in a sense the Soviet Union happened directly because of Hitler’s desire for world domination.

    As far as your civil war comment, Russia and Ukraine are separate countries which kind of negates the possibility of this being a civil war. This is, however Russia attempting to expand it’s borders, possibly to get more warm sea ports in the Black Sea. No one but Putin knows what Russia is really up to, frankly I don’t trust Putin any further than I can kick him, he’s ex Soviet era KGB agent in control of an extremely powerful country.

  362. PUTIN would be CRAZY to think that Russia would last 3 weeks against the USA alone. Within 1 week, we would own the skies, then decimate their tanks. Want to go nuke… go for it. We have the technology to stop theirs.

  363. Maybe if the Serbians had treated the other ethnic regions of Yugoslavia a bit better instead of turning all the regions against them, Yugoslavia would still be around today. And there is nothing stopping Serbia from joining any military or economic group they want, unlike what Putin did to Ukraine when it wanted to have an EU trade agreement, the principal cause of the current conflict.

  364. Ukraine NEVER EXISTED before XXth century! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! I dare anyone to find Ukraine as a country on any map at any time in history!!!! That “LEGO” country is a creation of Soviet Politburo – and that is undeniable fact! It comprised of Kiev and surrounding region, Crimea (subsequently annexed by Khrushchev into Ukraine), Donbas region and a few regions captured from ex-fascist loser countries and that’s how THE BIGGEST COUNTRY IN EUROPE was created (not counting Russia).

    Kiev was the original Russian capitol but it was too vulnerable to western attacks so it was relocated to Moscow. Mongols killed half of population! So today’s “Ukrainians” are mostly converted Russians – they abandoned Christian Orthodoxy for Catholicism – that’s the gist of the difference! But you know what they say: “NO ONE LIKE A CONVERT”. Just like Croats – another fascist ally of Germany – they became bigger fascist than fascist themselves; even German soldiers were disgusted by the crimes committed by their “brothers in arms”. Well, Ukraine is the same case – it was #2 in WWII by the number of slaughtered Jews – another undisputed fact, consult any historical source!

  365. NATO should have stayed west of former East Germany borders, as Schroeder and Bush promised to Gorbachev back in 1989. If the politicians kept their words, the world would be much safer place today.

  366. Am I understanding right? valdanos, you are saying that W.Europeans help our land by freeing us from all these Tribes you mentioned? Not sure if i understood right but: Navajo’s, Cherokee, Sioux, Chippewa, Choctaw Apache, Pueblo, Iroquois, Blackfeet and others!!!! are the rightful owners of this land, from the North Pole to the Patagonias…

  367. NATO started the military drills, and expects Russia to sit quietly, then the Russians do their own drills and it is the Russians that are provoking, the propaganda machine is really quite funny

    Between 1860 and 1917 the Livadia estate was one of the favourite Imperial residences of the last three Russian emperors: Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II, and their families. The calm landscape of this part of the southern coast of the Crimea, spreading over the slope of Mount Moghabi, facing Yalta, fully justifies its name.

  369. ” we [Russians] have a vast territory and a large variety of resources,” so the Russians supposedly are re-arming so they can repel invaders who want to steal Russia’s natural resources!? Have the Russians ever heard of “trade”, that is what you do when one country has what another country wants to buy. Another Putin paranoia smokescreen to invade his neighbors.

  370. Boy you catch on rather quickly don’t you? Japan wasn’t attacking the US at the point the US embargoed them either. So to look at the US as provoking Japan to attack is a bit near sighted since it was Japan that started invading other countries first. However Russia has invaded the Western region of a certain ex Soviet country, to name others. Do the Ukraine and Georgia ring a bell. But of course Russia is the innocent one in those two events as well. I guess it all depends on who’s story you believe

    If people want to blame the US for heightened tensions between them and their old cold war adversary, Russia gets as much blame as they have been the ones who have been poking at other countries by either invading them, flying bombers and fighters close to the sovereign airspace of NATO countries, namely the recent flyby of Russian warplanes near California on July 4th. Imagine if the US were to do the same to Russia and do a flyby on June 12th, I bet they would be pissing and moaning about how unprofessional it is to pull a stunt like that.

  371. I am truly sorry David, but Russian troops have been permanently deployed in Crimea since 1774, that was few years before Yankee separatists staged the coup d’etat in the UK American colonies and created USA.

  372. Serbia is now land-locked by EU and /or NATO members countries as well as old enemies – EU membership is the only chance for survival! Serbs love Russia more than Serbia itself and were begging Russia for joining Russian federation or hosting Russian military bases – Russia refuses! There are not enough Russians living in Serbia, I guess! So much about “Russian imperialism”!

  373. No the U.S. didnt slaughter the members and families of Saddams Republican Guard. Errr, yes they actually did. And GUESS who the leaders of ISIS are? I’ll be damned, Saddams old henchmen! It took them a few years to regroup but I’d say in light of the fact that they are some of the best armed muslims in the middle east having jacked plenty of the U.S. arsenal that was there, they’re a few steps ahead of the game and absent an all out “boots on the ground” assault, there’s not a damn thing that anyone can do about it. As for Russia, the Ukraine and Russia have a long VERY long and rich history. Frankly, the rest of the world should keep their noses out of Russian affairs. And if Canada or Mexico were on the verge of all out civil war we would no DOUBT do the exact same thing that Russias doing in the interests of national security.

  374. What History are you looking at? Read a book or at the very least, research your rhetorical nonsense, because you are spewing false statements from your c*ck sucker

  375. @ Valdanos …. Just Another Crap talker , state your argument ….. lets hear your facts , the KID has it nailed ….. from the treaty with Ukraine so it would give up it’s nukes to japan ….. Instead of spewing out the side of your neck lets hear it according to you …..

  376. Of course, and innocent little Russia will have done nothing to provoke war at all. All other countries are at fault by virtue of their allegiance with the United States which is a member of NATO. With that thought in mind the US is at fault for picking a fight with ISIS, I mean its not like they were doing things like the mass murder of innocent civilians, and the includes non US citizens of Middle Eastern countries, not just US journalists that had no business reporting over in that useless sand box.

  377. How would you feel if a military organization, with Russia at the helm, whose sole purpose upon it’s creation was protection against USA, had powerful bases in Canada, Mexico, and Cuba?

    Would you feel, perhaps, a LITTLE bit surrounded?

    It is about perspective, you’re right, so you might try arguing it from that different perspective and not just eat what you’re fed.

  378. Yeah, because the history channel and government approved paper backs depicting world history are accurate and unbiased. Just ask the Obama administration. And Von Storch is the clown? Looks to me like YOU are the one with the bright orange hair and big red nose there pal…. Just an observation.

  379. What did Japan and Philiphines had in common?
    What did Japan and Manchuria had in common?
    Same people – same language – NOT!!!
    And now do I need CRAYONS to draw Russia-Crimea and Russia-Donbas situation?!?! I didn’t think so!

  380. Idiot indeed! Reginald, you can’t even write, spell or phrase properly. How do you expect anyone to even read your post through, let alone take it seriously.

  381. Now we have reached the bottom of the barrel of Russian trolls. Russian trolls don’t get paid much … but the move from using university students to using young children to cut costs is ridiculous. I know they use an idiot sheet to post replies, but they don’t seem to understand the comments !

  382. Yep, you got that right! About 14 million American children go to bed hungry every night. Yet when its all said and done we will have given iran 150 BILLION dollars. A country notoriously known for openly sponsoring terrorism. If you took just ONE billion of that 150 they could give every american about 3 million dollars each. You wanna talk about economic stimulus? But if they did that, because we are the world reserve currency, it would kick a lot of nations (most of whom HATE us) right in the teeth.

  383. He said it was a geopolitical catastrophe. But Western media, the powerful propaganda machine that it is, cleverly misquoted it as saying “Putin think collapse of USSR is a tragedy”, basically twisting his words. And dumdums like you bought it. In fact Putin, in his speech, goes on to explain why it is was a GEOPOLITICAL(look up the definition, it’ll help you understand) catastrophe. Basically stating that “that sh** sucked”, and all ex-soviet republics in the ’90s are confirmation of that suckage.

    If I remember correctly, either in the same interview or around that time he gave an interview saying something like “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.”

  384. Serbia wants to join the EU and has strengthened its relationships with NATO. Apparently Serbians can’t be trusted to know what’s good for themselves, right?

  385. Thank you Vijay. People dumb found me sometimes with their lack or knowledge especially in this day and age of information and history research. What Reginald doesn’t realize apparently, is we are not starting a war with Russia over Ukraine. We are simply honoring the peaceful,1994 treaty that we and Russia signed to give Ukraine its borders of sovereignty in exchange for their dismantling of their nuclear arsenal. Russia is the one that has back tracked, not the U.S.

    In that agreement we, in writing, pledged our protection militarily if anyone were to attempt to invade their sovereign borders clarified in the agreement. Russia signed that agreement and acknowledged that, so their actions backing the rebels, and invading is plain obvious and illegal.

    As far as the people, in Crimea, that would be like the State of Texas succeeding from the Union because the majority are all Mexicans and want Texas to be apart of Mexico now by their voting. Do you honestly think the United States would allow its sovereign land to fall to another Nation? When you take the complexity out of the Ukraine situation, it’s that simple of logic with the entire issue. Putin lied, and is illegaly breaking the world recognized agreement. Not to mention, the other pokes and instigations he’s been doing lately to other European Nations, Baltics and Norway, as well as, us.

    In my opinion.

  386. Van Storch, German maybe. Maybe you should read some history before your mopuith shows you for the clown you are. The US embaroged scrap metal and oil to Japen because of the war Japan was in China raping and killing. watch the Miltary History channel or AHC or jusst read abook maybe.

  387. Who gives the assignment and forces someone to write this stuff? Only nations that want a war is England, USA and Canada. Most of EU just wants Ukraine to shut up and stop stealing gas. That is all the world is asking from that Sub sahara ppoop hole.

  388. Actually Vijay is correct. US sanctions on Japan were due to Japan’s invasion and occupation of French Indo-China which first started with the invasion of Manchuria in 1931. Japan also invaded China which forced the US to freeze all Japanese assets in the United States. There was also an oil embargo placed upon causing Japan to only have about a 3 year supply of oil, backing them into a corner to the point that the Japanese saw no other way out than to attack the US.

  389. For a country like Russia, spending money on the MIC is money wasted. A smart leader would develop the economy first, as in building up businesses that make stuff that other countries want. Depending on the price of oil to keep your economy humming is simply idiotic and leaves you vulnerable to embargoes or a downturn in the price of oil. Putin apparently is hooked on his own propaganda and thinks Russia is doing just fine economically. Reality will bite him in the hind quarters.

  390. I am truly sorry Polina, but some folks figured out that Russia was wanting war when he sent troops to Crimea. that has been almost two years now? Where have you been? It would seem that common sense beat the news media by two years to figure Putin want s to go to war. Can you actually imagine that. Common sense.

  391. And Russia did nothing when NATO attacked Serbia and stole part of Serbian territory! You “Carlitos” stick to the Latin American affairs and leave Europe alone! Learn your own history and “be thankful” to W.Europeans for freeing your land from various occupying forces like: Navajo’s, Cherokee, Sioux, Chippewa, Choctaw Apache, Pueblo, Iroquois, Blackfeet and others!!!!

  392. Idiot. Japan took over/invaded other countries in the 1930’s, china, manchiria…ect. Thats why the US put the embargo on them. Russia is doing the same thing.

  393. More Washington propaganda. The U.S. is allways ready to start a war. Just look at the
    History. They sucked JAPAN into a war by their embargo of Japan. Now Washington
    wants to start with Russia. Washington cannot solves the myriad of infrastructure
    problems right here at home but they want to piss more money & lives overseas.

  394. Putin is spending so much money on military, just like his KGB predecessors right before communism feel. I guess he didn’t learn from history. Plus lets put something into perspective. He hasn’t been able to make the Ukrainians submit yet. If he goes after bigger game he’s going to get his ass handed to him.

  395. Why would anyone want that “basket case” of a country! Even their own minister admits that 60% of Ukrainians would leave the country if they could! That’s the main reason EU will not take’em in! Unemployment rate in many EU countries is still too high and the flood of millions of Ukrainians seeking employment would undermine the EU social structure!

  396. All Putin is trying to do is jump start his economy, after the cold war and breaking apart Russia has not been able to sustain its industry. Putin knows he has to have a war to get the military industrial complex going.

  397. “Hitlery” – XA XA XA – good one! She is a strange creature!

    p.s. and don’t pay any attention to that demented freak “Parker” – “there is blood coming out of his eyes…and wherever”!

  398. Even if Russia decided to invade Ukraine nothing would happen. Ukraine isn’t NATO affiliated yet, so it’ll just be the World watching and saying “Well that’s just mean. You shouldn’t be doing that”….

  399. Land belongs to the people who occupies it! But more important – who is financing this anti-Russian portal – Pentagon?!? In Yugo civil war it was clear the anti-Serb and pro-Muslim propaganda was “bought and paid for” by the (oil) rich Islamic countries. Today, due to change in the law, OPEC interests outright own major media conglomerates! Could it be that Russia (major non-OPEC oil exporter) has became OPEC’s target?!?! And large weapon contractors “smelling the blood in the water” are piggybacking on that agenda sensing large government contracts?!?! Who once said: “JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY”?

  400. $20.00 dollar oil will bankrupt Russia in one year, they have no money to wage war on NATO, NATO has no money to wage war on Russia? So what the hell are you people writing about here. World War 3 will be nuclear.

  401. I once had a stupid dog named Parker. He almost seemed retarded at times because he would jump around endlessly and for no apparent reason. Like a fricking Kangaroo no less! You just reminded me of him, and not just because of the name, but because you also seem retarded based on the responses you have posted on other people’s comments. LOL

  402. And so are we. The difference is our banking system allows us to print money out of thin air. Russia actually has hard assets such as gold, diamonds, and obvious land mass full of natural resources.

  403. I once had a stupid dog named Parker. He almost seemed retarded at times because he would jump around endlessly and for no apparent reason. Like a fricking Kangaroo no less! You just reminded him of me, and not just because of the name, but because you also seem retarded based on the responses you have posted on other people’s comments. LOL

  404. Putin would never go to war. He has a hardline stance on his moves and policies. I think the author of this article is jumping the gun and stirring the pot for reader’s points.

  405. I like how you have bought the propagandist notion that Russia is all but finished. Fact is they are not, and although NATO is far more powerful than Russia and would likely win in a conventional war we will certainly have severe casualties here at home. It all boils down to this, is Ukraine really worth it?

  406. Putin wants to save face and the only way he can do that is through a war with the U S /NATO .. Putin’s manufacturing of enemies to cover his maculation of the Russian economy over Crimea/Ukraine . He in my opinion , he did not calculate the perfect storm , the sudden drop in oil with the Sanctions was a bigger bite then he expected .. If the Iran deal is approved ? Oil is nowhere near bottom . China will demand a better deal . Putin has created a box for him and his cronies. Only way out is a war with his manufactured enemies , NATO/U S . Only question is CHINA

  407. Funniest article I have read! Nice fiction! Russia with its broken ships, its broken planes, its broken bank account, and its broken spirit knows full on a NATO clash would not end well right now. Fun article and a nice piece of fiction.

  408. If it’s not Iran then it will be Russia that blows s away! Obama is evil, and if we have to go to stop him from his evil ways then it will be worth it!

  409. Ridiculous propaganda as usual. The Russians are NOT our enemies. The criminal currently serving as the POTUS and Hitlery are the enemies that we should fear and pay close attention to. Europe wants to get into a pissing match with the Russians thats their business. It doesnt concern us and we should mind our own damn business.

  410. Rational people would agree with you, as do I. However, it’s about perspective. Many Russians (probably most of them) do not want a war; they too are rational and realize that there is no benefit. Putin is, unfortunately, in charge; Putin has been descending into madness for some time now.

  411. Putin had once publically stated the worst time for Russia was the fall of the USSR. Obviously, and given
    his ole KGB history, his goal is to build it back. The West and the break away countries are simply not
    going to allow that to happen, so while Putin strives to build back the old outdated military, sanctions and the
    plunge of the price of global oil has put him near check-mate, and all this at the expense of the Russian People.
    If only they all knew the truth they would be, should be, marching in the streets of Moscow for Putin’s head.

  412. Please for what reason would Russia want Putin or Putin want to start WWIII what benefit would Russia get? no one in NATO is threatening Russia in any form it is Russia who is invading neighboring sovereign countries.

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