Russia Reports Indicate US Is Militarily Vulnerable

Russia Reports Indicate US Is Militarily Vulnerable
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The early political manoeuverings of the 21st century have been defined by an increasing conflict between Russia, China and the United States. The US has, of course, been the dominant power of the 20th century, and has been the largest economy on the planet for several decades. The unrivalled position of the United States as a world power has often led to the 20th century being described as the American century.

But while it is too early to assess the 21st century as inevitably being the Chinese century, it is nonetheless largely expected by economists and geopolitical analysts that the East Asian economic powerhouse will play a more prominent role in world affairs during the existing 100 year period.

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Russia, China push for global power

With this in mind, both Russia and China have already pushed for greater inclusion in global economic institutions. The existing economic structure has governed the world in the post-Second World War period, particularly since the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944. The Bretton Woods Agreement was developed at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, from July 1 to July 22, 1944, and unquestionably paved the way for the United States’ global supremacy.

The Breton Woods Agreement led to the establishment of numerous global economic institutions, and these have been governed by an Anglo-American consensus ever since. It is notable that persons attending major global economic events and institutions have been almost entirely comprised from Europe and North America throughout this period.

This has led to accusations from the increasingly bullish and prominent Chinese government and society that the East Asian nation is disproportionately represented in the global economic system. Certainly this is not a viewpoint shared by the existing hierarchy of the United States, and Chinese and Russian representation in most major global institutions remains extremely limited.

With China and Russia craving a place at the top table, and demographics pointing to the legitimacy of this view, both nations have taken steps, at least rhetorically, in order to underline their new prominence in the world. According to the International Monetary Fund, China has now overtaken the United States as the largest economy on the planet, and even though some analysts disagree with this verdict, the inevitability of this is not seriously contested.

This has led China and Russia to be involved in the creation of the formalised BRICS group that provides a counterpoint to the dominant Anglo-American institutions. In particular, the BRICS nations have floated the idea of setting up their own central bank to oppose what is sometimes referred to as the Bank for International Settlements system.

China is also a particularly significant nation for the United States, as it is the largest holder of United States treasuries. While this suggests that there is something of a symbiotic relationship between the two nations – and this has recently been supported by the relatively harmonious cooperation of Russia, China and the United States over Iran – it also implies a certain power play.

With China holding such a large amount of US debt, the balance of power between the two nations hangs delicately. There is often economic disagreement among analysts regarding the consequences of this situation, but few dispute the fact that it plays a significant role in China-United States relations.

Russia, China, United States saber rattle

Considering the economic conflict that China, Russia and the United States are evidently engaged in, it is hardly surprisingly that there has also been military tension between the nations. The United States has condemned the actions of Russia in the Ukraine, and also indicated a keen interest in the South China Sea situation.

Considering that all three countries have been ramping up the propaganda rhetorically, it is clear that this needs to be backed up by military endeavors as well. So the military position of the three countries will be of keen interest to one another, and it is therefore significant that Russia is seemingly equipping itself with some military hardware that is beyond the existing scope of the United States.

According to reports, Russia has recently developed the BTR-82A; an 8×8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles. This has been hailed by defence specialist as a fully-fledged combat vehicle, notable for its 2A72 30 mm chain gun. Other new features included in this revolutionary vehicle include a laser rangefinder.

The BTR-82A is a powerful vehcile, featuring an all-steel construction, which provides protection against machine gun fire and artillery splinters, improved protection against mines and IEDs, and amphibious capabilities. But the ripples created by the 30 mm automatic gun has been particularly felt in the United States.

The US establishment is reportedly concerned about the opinion of American military experts that Russia is now able to outgun the most important US military units. It is therefore suggested that the Stryker-equipped 2nd Cavalry Regiment needs to be upgraded rapidly.

The intelligence community indicates that the United States military is currently focusing on how to improve the combat efficiency of its IFVs, and could be accused of having dropped the ball somewhat with relation to armored vehicles. Meanwhile, Russia is testing modernized armored vehicles, and the revolutionary machinery produced by the nation is apparently capable of engaging enemy forces at any time of the day or night without any form of additional support.

Russia also boasts the BMP-3 amphibious IFV, featuring a powerful 100mm cannon and 30mm chain gun that is considered powerful enough to engage an entire NME Battalion single-handedly. This information implies that the armored vehicles produced by Russia are not merely ahead of their Western counterparts, but in fact that there is a significant chasm between the two.

Russia, US conflict to continue

As the economic, rhetorical and cyber warfare between the three nations continues to develop, every possible perceived advantage that either Russia, China or the United States can acquire will be considered of importance. The US will certainly be concerned about Russia’s apparent advantage in this field, and one can expect the United States military to respond by the development and production of similar vehicles in the near future.

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Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics. Chris also contributes to Yahoo.
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  1. LMAO. You haven’t actually say anything about Russian military tactics. Yeah, what you learned in your Moms Basement playing video games would stack up to my time as a Soviet Analyst with a TSSCI Security Clearance. Sure. You are delusional and obviously need help. What a Punk.

  2. OldschollaminA is really the old brain indeed, act llike a ostrich under the sand . Google who has the fastest super computer rank #1 so far old brain…

  3. I was in grade school in the 60’s. So huh?
    There is nothing “even” about you and me. If I were you I would quit making such an obvious fool out of myself by commenting on things that are so clearly above your head.

    Some discussions ARE meant for the Grownups.

  4. That is the most simplistic analysis of the Russian War effort in Afghanistan that I’ve ever heard. That’s OK though, because it’s also wrong.

  5. Truth Vermin Seeker, are you HURT OF THE TRUTH, that the Chinese and Russian trolls are nothing but dolts from a sinister society full of coward and stupid twerps. What you just said is 100% correct, Russians are homosexuals, would crap their skinny jeans in any encounter with the mighty Americans. Fhucckkin Russian talking about SKINNY JEANS. Go away, you stupid piece of manure.

  6. That “breakdown” in the parade was just to give the West a false sense of security. The Russians are masters at “Maskirovka”.

  7. Yeah, they did a bang up job in Afghanistan. I was an Intelligence Analyst back then. I saw the photos. They may have had the Hardware, but the Russians WERE at a disadvantage there. How did that work out?

  8. That only matters if the tank does not break down in the parade route. The US has 10,000 Abrahms being upgraded to the A3 configuration at the best Russia will have 1500 new Armatas by 2020.

  9. okay–may not have said that the best way.
    But your “monthly mortgage payment is $4000:” not your Annual mortgage payments are $4000 a month.
    Your annual payment would be 12*40000 or 48,000 a year.

    Needless to say–the US debt is 1.5 times its annual GDP.
    so we have a GDP of 13 Trillion and a debt close to 19 trillion.
    With the government taking in 2 trillion and needing 3 trillion to meet current expenditures.
    This of course is not counting the 100 trillion in unfunded expenditures in social programs outlays.

    btw –your looking at it in the sense that its a mortgage payment.
    When in reality it is more closer related to a credit card debt.
    in other words its bad debt not good debt.

    So if the US government confiscated all the income/gross profit in the USA for the next year it and used it to pay only the debt it would still own 6 trillion more dollars.
    at the end of the year.

  10. Articles like this are amusing – especially if the Russian leadership and people believe its premise. Russia is rapidly turning into a big version of North Korea with it’s own Dear Leader, Vladimir Putin. It’s very entertaining. Like watching a freak show and I just can’t turn my eyes away.

  11. We will send ISIS to bring you to me, and I will have a barbecue with you like that Jordanian pilot, and we will dance and drink Russian Vodka.

  12. Russia and China occupy the center while the U.S. and its “allies” are along the periphery. Just like in the Russian civil war, those who occupy the center will prevail.

  13. Completely wrong The armata will be dispatched by drones or antitank missiles wake up. Your post is hilarious Russia is a backwater with a declining rubble and is 30 years behind in space weaponry.

  14. Wow you are dense. I have a $400,000 mortgage, and i earn $100,000 My annual mortgage payments are only $4,000 a month. I live comfortably, and next year, when i make $120,000 my life will be even better.

  15. Russia could be in a very good position if they didn’t isolate themselves. That’s not really my point though. The author lumped Russia’s economic position in with China’s even though they are not really on equal ground economically. Why not India or Brazil? Their economies are very comparable to Russia’s.

  16. I think it’s common knowledge that Russia is in a recession, I haven’t really paid much attention but I think it shrank by 1-3%. The thing is Russia’s economy was never really that strong to begin with.
    I am not claiming that Russia is going to crash like you seem to be insinuating. But the US doesn’t even have enough money to develop all new cutting edge weapon systems and mass produce them. And the US has a much larger budget than Russia.

  17. So Russia has less then 2% of the World population(144 million about the same as Bengladesh) and is really only a super power because of nukes. China, another nuke country, has 500,000,000 poor people. They both have so many internal problems why would 3rd world countries turn to them…..

  18. Putin has robbed the Russian people blind. He has done nothing to develop the Russian economy. The only reason the Russian people like him, is because he plays to their nationalism, with a false us-against-them meme. Its a dangerous game he is playing, and not to the betterment of the average Russian.

  19. Armata the tank that broke down in front of the world to see. The latest variant M1A2sepv2 Abrams is more of a match to the Armata parade float.

  20. This is a dimwitted article to say the least. BRICS is a joke China is experiencing economic decline the rouble is almost worthless and experts predict that Russia will experience a 9% loss in GDP by years end. Oh I forgot the 9 Russian military aircraft that crashed and burned in the last 60 days and crumbling delapidated barracks that killed 23 Russian conscripts. The only bright spot that Russia hinges its hopes on in this article it seems is a new armored combat vehicle supposedly made of all steel construction but definitely not strong enough to withstand a Javelin missile. I dont think NATO or the US has much to worry about.

  21. James Jerome
    Upgrade on what? Where are you getting your info’s from? You stupid or what! Do you even have a brain in that head of yours? US recent annual military spending even reached $800billion you ugly anti-Semite racist! Someone should put a bullet to your head Russian troll!

  22. And both Russian and China thinks US stands alone. Let me remind you that in Europe NATO stands with the US while in the Pacific Asian powerful allies giving America greater force and tactical advantages. China on the other hand stands alone in the Pacific and Russia in Europe. So who is actually weak here?

  23. The US is short of money too upgrade numerous weapon systems because Brer Rabbit,(US), has given all the money to its Tarbaby in the Middle East, Israel. This weapon systems along with the Armata systems far outclass any US comparable systems.

  24. Don`t you know what it is? You are then living in a stone age. Strategic nuke missile that unable to be intercepted and dispercing into 10 warheads that go on its own way but straight to the point.

  25. We should believe everything Russia says. Especially when they said that the only reason Russian soldiers are in Ukraine is that the don’t know how to read maps and GLONASS is only works in Moscow. *wink*

  26. LingbanRheetahrd, You’re a dull witted vermin, you ain’t know squat. Weak Russia is no close to the mighty US, you’re so hurt about the TRUTH. Who the phukkh cares what EVIL Putin did. Go away you mentally incapacitated Russian troll.

  27. LingbanDimwit, You fhockker knows Walmart too well because only LOSERS like you love to buy CHINESE JUNK there. You asinine twerp, put your stinking foot inside your stinking mouth. Dimwit.

  28. Rubbing two sticks together for fire. Obama is doing that now with his closing of coal fired power plants. He is be holding to all the waco environmentalists $$$$$$$$$$$. He does what they demand or he gets his money’s cutoff. Obama Yo Mama is also a faithful member of the religion of Al Gore, “Global Warming.” Believes it is the easiest way to tax he public.
    Obama Yo Mama has been planning to destroy this nation from the time he came here with his communists mom to visit his communists grandparents. His Indonesian step-father beat it into him about America’s colonial conquests. His step-father hated the U.S. and made sure Obama Yo Mama does.
    So, that being said, our military has fallen in technology. This was proven when the Russian fighter-bomber buzzed our destroyer with the anti missile Aegis System, knocking the system out, this happened at the end of May. Only one new media covered the info for more than one broad cast. Our Abrams tank had 80 knocked out in Iraq, sent back to U.S.for complete ‘rebuilding. The Russian made Kornant missile knocked out Abrams tanks in Iraq by ISIS Fighters. All the known weak spots on the Abrams, can be found on the internet.
    Everything else wrong with our military can also be found their.
    Putin does not need a lot of military hardware to kick the U.S. down the toilet, just few used at the right place and choosing.

  29. customer,



  30. Russia says a lot of things. We are socially vulnerable, but we have plenty of weapons and can wipe any nation off the face of the earth. Russia and the US are far from militarily vulnerable. Both have social holes the size of a mountain though. That doesn’t mean they can be bashed with weapons though. The Soviet Union fell, but their army is as strong as ever. Social weakness isn’t always a military weakness, since the new order simply takes command or the military becomes the new order, etc.

    No, you can’t be messed with when you can end the world. Russia and the US both have the power to do that.

  31. “Russia ain’t got nothing, they’re so poor, they sell their teen aged girls to the US just like China, they sell their baby girls to the US”.

    And USA is so concerned about their military might that they can’t stop raving about it night and day. Putin has turned Russia into a better place for Russians. They’re not living in the Soviet Union.

  32. USA talks proudly of the defense budget but the reality is purchasing power of your currency counts. You must know that Russia and China spend less on armaments than US, yet acquiring what US would only spend more to acquire.

  33. The cause and effect of America’s current President and his illogical Administration cadre Not focusing on National Defense, Military readiness, secure Borders, State and Federal Laws regarding Immigration rules and procedures, and not showing strong support for our Nation’s Law Enforcement and Veterans continues to be Our weakest link in ensuring our National Defense. If the major TV “News” broadcasts reflect what the Obama Administration wants them to put out then what you get is a failed and flawed Debate due to ignorant and stupid questions from childish moderators like Meg. Our People deserve the current thinking and possible solutions to be advanced from our future Political Representatives, like Donald Trump, and only 2 other candidates. The most difficult problems facing our Country such as: State sponsored, and their proxies, Islamic Jihadist capabilities and known active threats to our way of Life and property in the USA and for Americans living and traveling abroad. So, When we all read about the Russian or Chinese or N. Korean or other military plans or scenarios for action against America you can can then understand why they might be preparing for certain military action because, in the words of H. Bogart: “Is everybody asleep in America!” Thus, It is entirely possible that it is 1941 in America – again !

  34. It’s sad to see trends once again indicating that the aftermath horrors of a world war are being forgotten as generations ebbed away from it! Even in the midst of technological capacities to wipe out civilization at once altogether, nations are once again poised in an international power-politics scenario. Accursed are the ignorant and the arrogant. Accursed are the egotistic rascals in powerful leadership. Mankind may never learn anything which lasts longer than one or two generations.

  35. What you read in the news is not always representative of the truth. True that Russia has had some air mishaps.. but so has America… And by the way… What are American astronauts riding to the ISS lately?

  36. all-steel construction?….Ooooh it must be good then….Are these war machines going to roll across the ocean?…………….

  37. –While I agree that the Russians and Chinese have made significant gains in their Military.
    The problem comes down to economies. The Chinese have an economy based on their exports to the USA and Europe along with many countries in Asia that don’t like the Chinese. (or a better way to put that is they are afraid of the Chinese military) Once China starts flexing its muscle and pissing off the smaller nations in the area they are going start arming up and forming alliances and placing taxes on chinese goods.

    Russia has the opposite problem –their economy is based on energy and energy is cheap for the foreseeable future.
    So the Russian economy is not going to do anything in next decade or so.

    The USA–has the worse problem–it is in debt. Debt that is more than the yearly GDP. SO think about it this way.
    If you were the USA and you make $100,000 a year your debt would be $150,000.

    So how does the USA defeat either china or russia in a -NON nuclear war?
    The short answer is -it must be able to control the airspace and blunt ground attacks in Europe.
    Make is so expensive for Russia to take over their neighbors that Russia goes broke before the USA does.

    In the pacific–The USA must be able to blunt naval and air attacks–on the ground that will have to be left the to local nieghbors.

  38. we spend 7 times what they do on defense and we are vulnerable. seems to me we’re getting screwed. i have to say I’m tired of it.

  39. Haha so say the russians that cannot even get more than two fighters airborne at the same time without losing at least one. What a bunch of clowns.

  40. @whybeproudchinesetroll, what’s with that nonsense dumb comment? You’re the dumbest of all the dumbest trolls on this thread. TO HIGH TECH LIKE SATELLITES, So it’s a cheap junk people hated, right? How can you be ranked #1 in the world if you purposely build cheap, nasty and deficient stuff for public. Go away ineffectual TROLL.

  41. Come on Russian and Chinese dimwit trolls, Russia ain’t got nothing, they’re so poor, they sell their teen aged girls to the US just like China, they sell their baby girls to the US. You two hideous and evil countries ain’t got what it takes to surmise or ASSess the mighty US of A because you two mediocre, inferior states’ military are puny and scanty, super weak.

  42. More stupidity.
    Try a little reality for a change instead of blaming those for whom you have an irrational hatred, based on ZERO understanding.

  43. compare 2 decades ago; can’t believe that” the word ” China” are almost every day in Englo Atmospheres news ; from jealousy, evil by anti China, admired form her friends, cheap junk stuffs people hated but like to purchased and enjoy, to high tech like satellites,the world rank #1 supercomputer so far….. that is not a troll!

  44. The global financial system is supposed to be reshuffled.
    Global economic system is a phantom.
    If you are talking about global trade, I see the Russian position very clearly.
    It maybe not evident or clear yet. But Russia’s bet is on education.
    In the year 2014:
    In colleges of Russia, there were 490,000 fully subsidized first-year students.
    In higher education institutions, 504,000 fully subsidized “seats.”
    In total, more than 3 million of Bcs, Master and PhD students are on budget.
    This year they didn’t decrease the number despite all the troubles.
    Because it is the future. We Russian are finally at the very end of WW2 and 1990s birthrate absolute “down.” Next year there will be 30% more high school graduates.

  45. And you assume so because…. the US propaganda about the demise of the Russian economy? We’ve been waiting for that recession in Russia for two years now. You know, that recession that’s supposed to accomplish what Hitler and Napoleon couldn’t.

  46. “Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games”
    impressive credentials for discussing international relations.

  47. Was it the USA that was bragging about its nukes and how they would nuke any country that attacked them? Doesn’t sound like the USA but who was it…
    Russia actions are making them increasingly isolated. China sides with them now while it benefits China, but don’t be foolish enough to think that its permanent.

  48. liberal disgust gets it, You have the right to educate yourself Salamon not the right to force someone to educate you whether you have earned it or not. You have the right to work, not the right to be payed by someone whether you have earned it or not. You have the right to take care of your health, not the right to force someone to fix the damage you have inflicted on your body in order to make you live a long useless life. If you think education, and healthcare should be free and that everyone should have a job, then you need to stop writing idiotic rants about RIGHTS, and start trying to convince the people who have to pay for those services that they will also profit from providing those services.

  49. I do not understand why the author is lumping China and Russia together. Russia has a population of under 145M and a commodity driven economy. It is reasonable to discuss the right of China to have a greater economic say, but why Russia. Furthermore what use is a superior weapon system if you are too poor to produce enough to be of significance?

  50. We shouldn’t have to. We did what we were supposed to do. We trained their troops to fight and gave them the equipment to do so. We didn’t know that they were complete cowards and would just run when a fight came to them. There’s no way to know how the people you train will react once things get real.

    It’s easy to sit around from the comfort of your own home and say “We should leave troops there.”, when you’re not the person who’s going to be staying.

  51. How does the emergence of Chinese economic strength require more Russian inclusion into global economic systems? That doesn’t seem reasonable or logical.

  52. “Russia Reports Indicate US Is Militarily Vulnerable”

    blah, blah, blah blah, blah…a fight in Europe is totally different than what we presented in the Middle East…the U.S. military has a very large can of whoop ass…made just for Russia if need be opened…believe it….this article’s rhetoric is just propaganda!!! Do you believe the Stealth Fighter was our last secret that caught the world’s attention???

    Along with the EU the U.S. bailed China out of a financial collapse in the 1990s…China can’t think of messing with the dollar without collapsing their own economy…we have a can of for them too if they really want it!!! Stop believing our capabilities are lacking…look at our military budgets then combine those two countries and it still does not compare…we are able and ready!!!

  53. As I said, you have to be able to look at it from the other guys perspective. China woud day, “look at how America has acted in the ME. Regime change in three countries. Supporting our own version of terrorism while fighting other terrorists. I can see you have a rationalistic outlook and have no ability to look at our missteps in foreign policy other than Obama.. Our foreign policy in the ME for over 75 years has been keep the oil flowing. Everyone admits it has been bad, but you blame only one person.

  54. apparently Russia and China are inseparable allies while the US stands alone.
    Only fools compare Russian prototypes to formations on the ground – without an ulterior motive. Despite Russian rhetoric they don’t have the ability to mass produce these fancy new toys they are spending all of their money one.

  55. The U S didn’t create Daesh , it’s commanded by Saddam’s officer corps . and Obama’s middle east policies ….. if he had worked out an agreement in Iraq to keep troops we wouldn’t be in this position …..

  56. @ Richard , ‘ Concerns China and Russia who basically have stayed within their spheres of influence ” are you really that delusional ? The reason we are in the position we are now is because of Obama’s foreign policy failures of acquiescence , Obama’s actions are directly responsible for our problems , I’m sure the totalitarian regimes in the world would like America to STEP BACK and question our values while they make inroads and expand their influence unabated …… The OTHER GUYS position is tyranny and world domination ….. just look at how China has acted in the S China sea , infringing on it’s neighbors with complete disregard …… And you support this ?

  57. The US prevents most aggression from others. War is not the American way, America prevents war and atrocity, you don’t have to like it. I know Russians would like a try at the same job, being a world leader, but they don’t have what it takes. China may become a world leader, though I suspect they don’t have what it takes either, but if they do have what it takes, that would be a good thing, the US could use the help.
    And as for defeating Russia and China, ONE no we really don’t want to, there is no advantage for us to occupy Russia or China and TWO we have far too much to lose to start a nuclear war. IDIOT.

  58. Well duh America is weak militarily look at how many wars this country fought because of stupid intelligence over time you lose strength.

  59. Salamon , you have no idea what RIGHTS are …. Rights are from GOD , you don’t have the RIGHT to a job , if you compel someone else to give you one …. You don’t have a RIGHT to an education , if you compel someone to give you one …. You don’t have a RIGHT to healthcare , if you compel someone to provide it to you …. Rights are not dependent on someone supplying services to you whether they want to or not …. forcing someone to service your needs isn’t a RIGHT it’s SLAVERY . RIGHTS come from GOD they cannot be given or taken , only subverted by tyranny …. And about the Police , you indeed do pay the Police through taxes to protect the peace , they do not defend individual people , it’s not their job ….. you need to depend on GOD and yourself for protection …….

  60. NOTHING IS EVER FREE, IT IS A PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY. No Rights exist that we don’t fight for and make for ourselves. No government will ever give you any rights. I get work for myself, I get health care for myself, I get the education I need for myself.

  61. I’m inclined to see the present administration as a do-nothing / stand in placeholder where the prior two administrations set the US on the wrong path, putting political gain above the national interest. None of the thee administrations have been good for the US, and there is no qualified candidate in the current pack of presidential hopeful as qualified as the one guy in the last presidential race. Its a race to the bottom, and both parties are leading the way.

  62. With the anti America/military muslim and liberals in Washington or strength has been dramatically weakened. We need to boot all liberals in 2016 when the muslim gets tho boot up his arsh

  63. Quack author so Russia has a new infantry soldier carrying vehicle and all the sudden the US military is at threat? The has the more advanced conventional military in the world and the US has about 8,000 nuclear weapons ready to launch and another 20,000 nuclear weapons in storage. China has, what, 200 to 300 nuclear weapons. China is decades behind the US in conventional arm. Russia other than its nuclear arsenal is not any better.

  64. Good point, our defense contractors marketing is all about saying how weak we are. How we need to spend billions more and how we are going to get whipped if we dont upgrade this or that. Take a look at Sadam’s Russian and Chinese equipment million man Army that was defended in hours by a combat ground force one tenth the size. The Chinese and Russians never complain about being hacked, because we never get caught unless a guy like Snowden hands it to them on a Silver Plate. Its better to be under estimated and over estimate the other guy anytime. Than to have too much Chinese Face or too many photos of Putin with his shirt off.

  65. This is a pro China and communism propaganda. Yes, if we love to be under communism, then so be it. Ignore the free world, not just the US. The US remains to be the lesser evil between the three of them, and the whole free world must help each other side by side to keep the US and us depending on the US for hegemonic attitude of Russia and China.

  66. Add to this that both the Armata and the F-50 are far from ready for mass production! Both need several years of development!

  67. There is no way that any country will surpass us militarily or in cyber space. We have the largest budget and the brightest in the fields of kill science. Russia cant seem to keep an aircraft in the air do to poorly maintained equipment. China military has absolutely no battle field experience where it seems like we have been in a war somewhere since WW!. We have the most extreme battle hardened militaries the world has ever known. Like if they were to foolishly try to invade us here at home. That would really not go over to well with a population of roughly 300,000,000 people and an estimated amount of guns to allow each American to possess upwards of 3 firearms makes us the heaviest armed nation in the world. I have no doubt that we would sink China and Russia but at what cost. A war such as that would decimate the world. We would be rubbing sticks together to make fire. This would set the world back 300 years because no one wins a war on the magnitude that we are talking about and this is if no nukes are used. In that since the three people who survive will have to do a lot of shagging to repopulate.

  68. Job is a human RIGHT (everyone deserve to have a job, not only politicians) !!! Free education is a human RIGHT !!! FREE HEALTH care is a human RIGHT (you do not pay a policman who defends you, right) !!!

  69. One of Barack Obama’s many “legacies.” He has single handedly set America back 50 years and destroyed our standing as an exceptional nation. A walking, talking disaster.

  70. A very reasonable and balanced view, in my opinion.
    The Anglo-American elites should consider the global changes.
    A new Washington Compromise should be reached.
    We all still have time to do it.
    European Social-Democracies should continue their efforts as facilitators.

  71. “According to reports, Russia has recently developed the BTR-82A; an 8×8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles. This has been hailed by defense specialist as a fully-fledged combat vehicle, notable for its 2A72 30 mm chain gun. Other new features included in this revolutionary vehicle include a laser rangefinder”.

    This Wheeled Vehicle is also lightly Armored, and frankly not any more powerful than the Bradley in terms of firepower. Not exactly a strong point. And the idea that the “BMP-3 amphibious IFV, is considered powerful enough to engage an entire NME Battalion single-handedly” is absurd.

    I noticed that none of his “credentials” actually include any kind of Military Service, which would give him context and demonstrate to him that comments like he made about the BMP-3, which is hardly a brand new Vehicle, are absurd.

    He also seems oblivious to the Economic aspect of all of this. The new Armata Battle Tank that the Russians recently unveiled looks formidable, but that they can afford to actually build the 2700 that they want is highly unlikely. The US has over 11,000 M-1’s in its inventory alone, this doesn’t take into account the current generation MBT’s in NATO inventories.The Armata, though impressive, is not a “game changer”. Likewise the Russians new F-50, which the Russians want 700 of, but will unlikely meet a number anywhere near that target.

    None of this takes into account the advanced weapons being integrated into the US Navy, where a Laser Weapon is already undergoing trials.

    If this guy is “extensively published, I would like to know the pedigree of those publications.

  72. All this wonderful equipment is for current and future proxy wars. The nuke prevents these big players from directly going to war with one another.

  73. Humans are so uncivilzed both mentally and spiritually all over the world in all countries especially the high ranking politicians especially in the US that is why we have Capitalism, unemployment, wars and conflicts, paid health care (must be free in a civilized society), homeless, etc. Nothing will change to the better till the majority of people become civilized and become REAL humans, not monkeys looking for “bread and specticles”.

  74. The big powers can sabre rattle all they want, but the elephant in the room is Mother Nature….and they way things are going at the moment with emissions, she’s going to have the last word.

  75. We must consider why Russia and China do things the way they do. The US has the largest defense (military) budget in the world. We have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. We have more nuclear submarines than the rest of the world combined. We have more nuclear warheads than any country except Russia. If you look at our history of having our nose in everyone’s business and our troops all over the world, China and Russia view this as a reason to be concerned. With all we spend, congress is looking to increase the defense budget by a greater percentage than any other portion of the budget. If either Russia or China did this, we would be apoplectic. If you look at our stance on Iran with theP5 + 1 feeling that a good agreement was worked out and we have GOP congressmen considering military action, what image does that present to the world. We have some fools that believe we can “go it alone”. This also concerns Russia and China who basically has stayed within their own sphere of influence, but sees our actions and decides they can push in the South China Sea. We have to grow up as a country and learn that it is not “our way or the bomb”. We have to be able to step back and view ourselves from the other guys position and not the nationalistic and highly dangerous point of view. Nationalism is our biggest danger.

  76. your are nuts cpma100 The Russians show their tanks old and all their other outdated missiles on Red Square
    all the time and Pukin I mean Putin brainwashes his people for them to like him!! Listen cpma100 Russia has few friends and he is starving his people!!! where are you from Russia lol ? America dominates and when we get a tough President in their in 2016 Putin will hide.

  77. I am tired of these articles. Armchair generals fantasizing about war, using colorful language to make their articles look like they have substance and they know what they are talking about. Newsflash chris, war isn’t fun, it’s not a game, it’s not romantic, it’s not exciting, it’s hopeless and soul crushing. Any conflict with russia would mean nuclear war and extinction of the human race. There will NEVER be a conventional war between russia and the US or any NATO countries. Ever.

  78. USA doesnt want ”Peace” actually America is fighting against Peace !! Because the very
    last thing US Military Industrial Complex & Wall Street want is Peace !!
    ALL US governments ”Must” always to create new wars & new ”Enemies” !! So, MIC &
    WS can make Huge Money !! ”Wars & conflicts – it’s all buusiness !”
    Osama bin Laden…Saddam…Ghaddafi…Assad…Putin…& tomorrow will be Xi Jinping
    of China…WS & MIC, have unbelievable huge Money & they bribe US Media, Pentagon,
    NATO !! & they always have ”their men” in all governments !! Google to see what President Eisenhower was thinking for the MIC…& this was 70 years ago…now they are much more powerfull…look at the warmonger US Media…NATO & Pentagon’s generals…
    Hateful anti-Russian, anti-Putin comments…are we going to a WW3 ??
    btw , 1 year ago Russian generals were joking :” USA created this IS but it turned against
    Americans, so what they will do ? No problem, Americans have big money, they will create an IS2 much poweful than IS1 to defeat the original IS ! But what will happen if IS2 also turns against USA ? No problem USA will create an IS3 with more militias, more weapon more powerful & IS3 will defeat IS2…& it was going on… :0))

  79. Hey, thanks for the heads up. Once we get rid of the idiot Obama and get someone in there that actually loves the U.S. and not try to destroy it, we, unlike Russia, have the where with all to fix things. Good luck selling that oil!

  80. The point is that the USA is the only major power with a consistent aggressive policy;in fact war is the “american way”.the problem is that no matter what the USA can not defeat militarily neither Russia nor China.

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