Russia Shows Off Its Newest Killer Weapon: An Armored Battlefield Robot


Russia has been showing off a variety of its latest military hardware as tensions with the West continue to escalate. And now the country has unveiled a new universal armored robotic platform that is scheduled to undergo factory testing later this year. This multi-purpose, artificial intelligence-capable robotic platform can be used in nuclear fallout, battlefield, extreme Arctic environments, and rescue operations in human-unfriendly environments.

Russia’s new system doesn’t need a classic OS

Dubbed URP-01G, the machine was designed by Systemprom Concern, reports RT News. Aleksey Simulin of Systemprom Concern said the robotic platform was designed to do “virtually anything.” It can carry various types of working payload. It weighs up to 7 tons depending on the type of armor and equipment requirements. URP-01G is less than 2 meters wide and 3.5 meters long.

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It could easily be transformed into a communication repeater or a radio-electronic warfare unit. Simulin said the system has a maximum speed of 40 km/hour, and can carry up to two tons of hardware. URP-01G has a tailor-made control system that works without a “classic operating system” like Windows or Linux. Russia has been planning to get rid of the U.S. software platforms, especially in critical sectors like defense and security.

Systemprom developing two versions of the robotic platform

The robotic platform’s systems load to readiness in just 1.5 seconds. Simulin said all the electronic components used in the machine were produced in Russia. It can work smoothly even after falling from two meters’ height. Simulin claims the robotic platform can make a U-turn on the spot. Systemprom is building two versions of the machine: a scout version equipped with reconnaissance drones, and a battlefield version loaded with heavy machine gun and grenade launchers.

In June, Russia showcased a highly advanced “microwave gun” that could destroy drones and missiles from up to six miles. It can also disrupt the radio-electronic systems of low-flying planes. The country is also developing hypersonic missiles and airships equipped with ballistic missile defense radars. Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to spend a staggering $400 billion on modernizing Russian military by 2020.