Russia And China Race To Be Next Superpower

The increasingly close relationship between Russia and China has been well documented, yet the two nations are increasingly engaged in a race to become the world’s next superpower.

Russia And China Race To Be Next Superpower

The BRICS agreement

With Russia and China both members of the BRICS grouping, the general consensus of opinion regarding the countries is that they are working together for common benefits. Indeed, Russia and China are often common denominators in many geopolitical incidents nowadays. Most recently, that United States sought the effective blessing of both nations when drafting an Iranian agreement.

Moscow and Beijing have a great deal in common, beginning with a 2,500 mile border. Both have economies that are dominated by state-run commerce, and efforts have been made between the two nations to increase many aspects of economic and military cooperation. Yet Vladimir Putin has officially dismissed suggestions that there is a new Eastern military alliance with China. Putin has stated explicitly that he did not believe in a bloc-based approach, and instead emphasized that a more global effort was necessary.

What both countries do definitively share is a desire to limit American power. It is this that its most obviously reflected in the burgeoning trading relationship between the two countries, and both have a mutual interest in achieving a more prominent position in global economic institutions. Russia and China explicitly wish to be represented in organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements, with meetings such as those in Davos rarely populated by Chinese or Russian delegates.

With trade between the two nations having increased sixfold, Russian and Chinese worships having engaged in joint endeavors in the Mediterranean back in May, and both Russian and Chinese presidents appearing in Beijing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, it may seem inevitable that the two countries have an unshakeable allegiance.

Shifting relationship

But there are reasons to believe that the relationship between the two nations is more complex than many people presently acknowledge. The underlying conditions that have supported the cooperation between the two nations have been mutually beneficial, yet the variables that underpin this relationship are continually shifting.

So in an increasingly multi-polar world order, China is acquiring increasing military power, that is growing at a rate that seriously outranks that of Russia. Additionally, despite plenty of dramatic headlines in the West to the contrary, China’s economic penetration continues to expand. The devaluation of the Chinese currency this week certainly generated a lot of bluster, but the reality is that China is now established as a true economic powerhouse.

Meanwhile, China has successfully economically penetrated central Asia, and impending leadership changes between the two nations could alter their relationship. While the story in China is one of progress, Putin faces several challenges at home. Political dissent is becoming commonplace in Putin’s Russia, while energy issues have also blighted the country. The reliance of Russia on energy exportation has been seriously damaging considering the decline in the price over the last year or so, and this is exacerbated by the gloomy demographic prospects of the nation.

Russia And China Race To Be Next Superpower

Russia is currently experiencing a negative birth rate as compared to its death rate, and this is leading to a rapidly growing population. Russia is by no means the only country on the planet to experience this phenomenon, with both Germany and Japan also particularly seriously affected. But it is certainly a massive issue for a country that has an extremely disparate population in terms of geographical location.

These and many other plausible changes in the socio-economic and political makeup of the nations could seriously impact upon the relationship of the two countries in the foreseeable future. At the moment there is something of a comfortable entente between Russia and China, but as variables develop this is certainly not guaranteed to continue into the future.

Perhaps the most explicit indication of Russian and Chinese cooperation has come in the United Nations. The two nations have persistently coordinated their foreign policy in order to prevent Western nations from dominating the geopolitical landscape. This has drawn considerable criticism in the West, but Russia and China both contest that they have not been the aggressors in recent history. And while their behaviour in the United Nations is unquestionably motivated by self-interest, it is certainly impossible to disagree with this particular assertion.

Both countries have therefore shared a commitment to a philosophy of state sovereignty, emphasizing non-interference and territorial integrity. Yet the recent behavior of China in the South China Sea area indicates that when the Beijing regime believes that it can benefit from a more hawkish conduct, it certainly won’t be frightened of engaging in such behavior.

China to branch out

At present, Chinese and Russian officials refuse to criticize each other’s domestic and foreign policies in public. But there could certainly come a time when China in particular believes that it should engage in activities that are in its personal interest. At this time, it is far from inconceivable that Russia could actually oppose China in foreign policy ethos, although considering the cooperation between the two nations, this would almost certainly be handled tentatively in diplomatic terms.

What is particularly telling is that China has mainly sought a close relationship with Russia in order to strengthen its energy reserves, and in turn its economic position. This may still prove to be an extremely wise policy, considering the dependence of European nations on Russian oil and gas. But in a world in which commodity prices have slumped considerably, there is no guarantee that the particular assets that Russia brings to the table will remain as valuable to China in a longer-term economic outlook.

Based on the current demographics of Russia and China, it is certainly conceivable that the East Asian nation will strike out on its own at some point, and attempt to establish itself as a major superpower. This could occur with or without the consent of Russia, as its existing bargaining position seems to be weakened by events within and beyond its borders that it cannot control.


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  9. USA astronauts still use the 30 year old Russian Technology for mobility. This alone tells me everyting…

  10. By the way , Putin is really a genius cuz he know strenghts and weaknesses of his countyr unlike USA. He know he can’t race with China or America in terms of economy in near future because of that he puts all its power to fuel up ,millitary technology.So even they are rich , Russia keeps being Super Power status by real power, which is the knowledge.

  11. You American or Eu guys really brainwashed ,, Let me put it Simply its unlikely but in a China-Russia war , Russia dominates, Russia can’t capture USA without a nuclear war but if USA attacks Russia , Russia dominates, Russia as a land is close to every important location in the world while USA is away from everywere. In terms of millitary technology Russia is superrior to both China and USA , I can give details if you want.U KNOW THAT AMER?CA ACTUALLY HAS NO REAL ICBM LIKE RUSSIANS ? Russia is probably the winner of any full scale nuclear conflict, Russian Missile Defence way more better than USA, Most of your nukes wont even reach Russia.S-500 anti missiles can even hit an eagle or with a nuke even with mach 5. Population is not important against such a develeped millitary technology , China nas no chance aga?nst Russia. Russia = Millitary power, China= Economic power, USA= Economic power and the biggest army but not the the strongest.Im not a Russian and ? havent any sympathy for Russians but, As long as Russia keeps technological superriority in terms of millitary , USA or China can only dream of anything.Russia has the biggest reserves in the world of any important matherial so I dont th?nk It will be in bad condition in the future. U know that most advanced USA fighter , F22 raptor destroyed by 20 year old Russian s-300 in Syria ? ?n USA media they said it was due to technical problems ? U belive that ? In th?s century USA will fall , but who will emerge Im not sure.

  12. quote – And while their behaviour in the United Nations is unquestionably motivated by self-interest, it is certainly impossible to disagree with this particular assertion. Both countries have therefore shared a commitment to a philosophy of state sovereignty, emphasizing non-interference and territorial integrity.

    Really? After Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008 and Russian instigated, armed and supplied rebellion in the Ukraine in 2014?
    To write, that it’s hard to disagree with Russians when they say they’re not aggressive is somewhat bizzare.
    Instead sharing these remarkable observations of the international political outlook, maybe it would be better if the author committed his time to playing some more Space invaders.

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  22. Russia is lagging behind USA and China, soon Russia will be a third world country…half of Russia’s soldiers are dead now in Ukraine and China soon can invade Russia in three days with 1.4 million Chinese foot soldiers Russia don’t stand a chance… is time for China to get back the land she lost to Russia’s incursion when she was still the weakling of Asia…payback time, Ruskie.

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  44. José Raymond Herrera

    Russia and China are teaming together with the other BRICS to create a financial superpower that will significantly diminish U.S. pretension of eternal world domination. U.S., like a super NRA, only count on WMD. The world will become a better place to live for sure.

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  47. China and Russia don’t need to race to be superpower. In fact, they both already are in their respective regions. Unlike US, they are not interested to be world hegemony. They can coexist.

  48. I was in USA, still have your 3 years visa. Afraid of your cops ;D And never come again : ) Do not know about China (they banned FB and YOutube) but Russia in some ways, in quiet many is far more free than US today.

  49. USA will remain a big player. One among the equals. But the growing matters in Eurasia and consolidating Heartland Berlin-Moscow-Beijing logistical rails will of course limit US economic and geopolitcal power.

  50. In fact Russian nuclear arsenal and missiles are far more newer and superior than US. USA buys RD-181 engines from Russia, it is still cannot build one ;)

  51. Nope, it is USA which cannot prevail. Russia can take out US in 1 hour. It is the only country which can do it. So no direct conflict will happen. And US knows it – hence they mess around our borders.
    P.S. Conventional war with Russia will be 100% fatal for US as we will fight next to our borders or even within them ;) US aircraft carries will be useless in Baltics or Black sea. The only way is march through Europe.

  52. Russia is also the #1 in terms of peaceful nuclear. It builds up to 40% of the reactors in the world in more than dozen of countries ;) And we have lots of other things besides it to offer the world. So keep dreaming.

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  58. hope it will lead to world peace and prosperity instead of competition for War

  59. hope the coexist is good for all nations

  60. There’s no need to race to superpower. They both already are. Only the U.S want hegemony, China and Russia can coexist.

  61. It is cooperation rather than race. A cooperation that the West fears a lot.

  62. Nah… only the western Medias fabricate China who want to race with this or that nation. History of ancient China especially during Qin dynasty era had taught and already knew how paint-full being colonized victims by the British, Russian, German and Japan. China just want her own territories back like Hongkong or Macao .

  63. Reversed for one year, which doesn’t make a “trend”.

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  65. Russia is becoming a third world country with Putin leading the charge.

  66. China is an economic superpower while Russia is a military one. When the oil-gas era ends, Russian military will be a rusted military superpower.


    Exactly,China is not fool.China knows who opposed them for thirty years to occupy its seat in the UN’ Security Council,China knows who is against their unification with Taiwan.China knows that good relations and military cooperation with Russia is vital for its future.


    It is a fact the Russia and China complement each other.But above all both countries realized that,in order to preserve their independence,they have to link arms to prevent the aggressive,irresponsible policy of the ‘exceptionalismstan”(i.e USA).The present efforts of the USA to play Russia and China against each other is not possible any more.It is too late.

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  71. Russia and China know they could not prevail against a vastly superior US Military. Such a conflict would not happen…we will continue seeing smaller regional conflicts fought mainly by proxy.

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  74. Multy-polar world would probably lead to a better world as there would be check and balances on world power equation. The rise to power by China is not by accident and the rearming of Russia after the collapse of former USSR is neither a mere wish.Russia and China will be very instrumental in fulfilling biblical prophecies in this end time. It is very interesting how things are unfolding on the world stage.

  75. I say it does. So do economists (oops, look up that word, Yoori, as Communits don’t understand economics)

  76. Ukraine war is because Russia decided to PUSH its sphere of influence too far! Certainly, Ukraine should NEVER be a member of NATO. But, forbidding Ukraine from joining the EU was too much. Now, Pooty-Poot has………

  77. “political superpower”? Wouldn’t that mean that many nations are anxious to join with it? Rather, Russia just makes other nations…anxious.

  78. lol…let’s wait until it IS a true war! Why doesn’t Russia press on towards Kiev? Because it couldn’t hold Ukraine, with an insurgent populace against it. BIG JOKE: Russia, which has a terrible economy, is now stuck paying for the pensions/people of Eastern Ukraine! (ANOTHER “great” decision by Pooty-Poot!!!)

  79. Al queda is a superpower? A superpower is a nation that is able to project POWER around the world (no, quoting “we have 4000 nukes” doesn’t count…as WE have that many also!!) The US has TEN active aircraft carriers, (with 2 more in reserve), while Russia has…one. China has…one.

  80. Just wondering if people really take seriously the reporting from ‘Value Walk’ and ‘National Interest’…

  81. Oh please, this is a no contest. In every important barometer for an emerging global superpower China wins hands down. The only thing that Russia has is a large(and aging) nuclear arsenal. Other than that,Russia is a mere decrepit shadow of its former Soviet self. As for China,while they still have a while yet to catch up to the United States, the writing is clearly on the wall: CHINA WILL BE THE NEXT GLOBAL SUPERPOWER!

  82. There is always going to competition. No country wants to be a “Superpower” like the America seeing what the US has gone through. But difficult for Americans to comprehend.

  83. How have you concluded that I am from St. Petersburg? Such unsubstantiated claims diminish weight of your opinion in eyes of thinking people.

  84. I post from USA. I am Ukrainian.Why anyone who supports Russia has to be a paid troll? There are some people who can thinks for themselves.

  85. For outside world it does not matter GDP per capita. Country weight in global economy is defined by total country GDP.

  86. No worry, the world is big enough for both Russia and China to be prosper together.

  87. You know Ukraine is at war. But have you noticed that popular support from citizens of Ukraine is not so great as it should have been if that was a true war. The reason is that people know its just a dirty game with many participants involved, things there are not black and white there.

  88. And yet, you post from your Internet trolling nest in St. Petersburg.
    It “could” consist, and yet it never will. what advantage IS there to other nations that belong in the Russian Eurasion Prison?

  89. I never disagreed with you….China, with its population of 15 BILLION, has the worlds largest economy…yet per capita (do you understand what that term means?)…the amount of its economy divided by its population, it is still very poor…oh, and its an environmental mess!

  90. Russian union could consist from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and others. Ukraine being the biggest and most critical part of puzzle. Ukrainian hatred of Russia is not such universal thing as you might think. At the base levels Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. Ukraine is being dishonestly played by West. Ukraine will be used and abandoned. There are politicians in Ukraine who will side with whoever help them cling to power. I strongly believe Ukraine have chance for prosperity as part of union led by Russia. Because is has common culture and access to huge market for its products. Believe it or not I am Ukrainian from Ukrainian side.

  91. Sanction is a result of war in Ukraine conducted by Russia. Ukraine war is result of West trying to prevent Russia to build up its sphere of influence as minimum and dismember Russia as maximum. Russian choices are now either by force to assert itself or being devoured. If you were a president making that choice what would be it?

  92. Chinese are no fools! They trust Russia even less than Kerry does! They know on which side their bread is buttered and that is the USA.

  93. While USA is both political, economical and cultural superpower, Russia is political superpower, China is economical one. They should be both treated as ones in that areas. That will prevent many global problems, such as a war in Ukraine or possible war in Taiwan.

  94. Superpower status is defined by ability to influence events beyond its borders

  95. Um…HOW does it have a “leading role” in union of former USSR states?
    Lithuania…hates Russia
    Latvia…hates Russia
    Estonia…hates Russia
    Georgia…hates Russia
    Moldova…hates Russia
    Belarus….smuggles food into Russia because the don’t respect Pooty-Poot
    Georgia….hates Russia
    Ukraine…once solidly in the middle between West & Russia, now…hates Hates HATES Russia!

    Great job, Pooty-Poot!!

  96. The worry is not what China and Russia will become , Its what the U S will become . At least it is for me …

  97. HOW is Russia a superpower? Russia is Saudi Arabia with nukes!

  98. Russia is not broke. Its budget deficit is small, its debt is small, it has abundant natural resources, its has strong scientific and engineering tradition, it has economy of scale especially if it will integrate more states into economical union, it has smart people. The only problem Russia needs to solve is corruption that stands in a way of thriving economic activity. Do you think I am troll too?

  99. Yuri, the sooner that Pooty-Poot accepts that Russia will no longer ever be a superpower, but only a European one, then sanctions will be removed, and Russian govt will stop having to make fools of themselves by burning food!

  100. Check my sources – cia gov and imf, China is number one economy now.
    Russia is on 5st place, Eurasian Union in 5-7 years – 3rd place.

  101. Um…do YOU know the definition of Fascist?

    btw…Russia pays its trolls to post on Sundays?

  102. HOW can Russia compete on world scene when it is…BROKE!!
    Per capita, China is far, far, far, FAR below USA
    “New” tanks catching fire before parades does NOT make one a leader in military technology
    Russia hasn’t led in space since…1961? USA flag is on moon…where is Russia’s?
    Armenia & Belarus already want out of Russian “Eurasian Union” (prison)
    Russia DOES have biggest landmass (largely undeveloped, and STILL not accessed by modern roads!!)
    Russia employs Internet trolls to post on sites like this, because they know how unpopular the Russian govt is

  103. In fact living in America in many respects feels less free than living in Russia these days. America is more police state than Russia is. That is apparent from incarceration rates, unconstitutional spying, no chance for independent candidates raising to power, tortures, wealth concentration, paid for politicians.

  104. @ Yang Ed Wren ; Even a MORE accurate assessment would be ; China will become an economic AND military
    power , while Russia ( after China takes away the Far East AND Siberia ) will decintigrate , just like the Soviet Union
    did , because of economic failure !

  105. I don’t worry too much about China and Russia rising to be superpowers. The thing is they will not rise very far before internal conflicts hold them back. Anyone who has read their history should know that. They have never developed a system of government and society that is fair and just in which people feel they are the owners. The worry is that America is becoming more like China and Russia.

  106. Author need to better research a subject he is writing for whole world to see. Russia demographic trend has been reversed for few years already. Its population is slowly growing.

  107. Do you know what communism mean? If so please explain how Russia and even China are communist? Even though China ruling party called communist there is nothing communistic about it. How you have concluded that Russia is communistic is beyond me.

  108. 1. According to cia _ gov and imf China is now number first economy
    2. Once Russia reintegrate most ex-soviet republics including Ukraine in Eurasian Union, it can archive third place in economy
    As Russia lead in militaryspace technology and more active on world scene in can compete with China in next 5-7 years.
    RussiaChina conflict over super power status can start in 4-5 years in a case of fast Us collapse, due to huge debtracial problemsuneployment(if it happens)

  109. While Russia will never match USA or China GDP it can make it to a status of true superpower with its military size, landmass, leading role in union of former USSR states. BTW that war in Ukraine is about USA preventing Russia to build up economical union around Russia.

  110. No country is looking for “a common good”. USA should stop pretending doing so with its democracy preaching and work to integrate China and Russia into global institutions as undisputed superpowers. By doing so USA will be able to preserve its position as respected leader among “equals”. That is a basic message that Russia is trying to tell, but USA pretends not hearing it.

  111. Communist China and Russia are both Rouge States that international community Will reject their Dream of a superpower status.

  112. Every country looks out for their own interests, America isn’t unique in that regard.
    Nations looking out for their own interests is the reason why Sergei Lavrov ended up swearing at a meeting with his Saudi counterparts, frustrated at the fact that the Arabs aren’t putting themselves and their interests at a loss for Russia’s sake. The Arabs have their own agenda advancing their interpretation of Sunni Islam across the region at expense of secular regimes and the Shia majority nations Syria and Iran, those that just so happen to be Russian allies. Their attack on Yemen, their using military force to aid in the suppression of ‘Arab spring’ revolts, and their arming bad actors in Iraq and Syria, such are the things that happen in a multi-polar world.

  113. China just will eat Russia like it’s a breakfast

  114. A more accurate assessment would be China will be the Asian economic power of the 21st century and Russia will be the military power.

  115. They probably meant to say aging. And it’s not the only serious error in the article’s choice of words.

    “Russian and Chinese worships having engaged in joint endeavors in the Mediterranean back in May”
    I didn’t think they were so religious.

  116. So, which nation looks out for “a common good?”

  117. “””Russia is currently experiencing a negative birth rate as compared to its death rate, and this is leading to a rapidly growing population. Russia is by no means the only country on the planet to experience this phenomenon, with both Germany and Japan also particularly seriously affected. “”” Say what? GROWING population? Bad writing and even worse review by the editor.

  118. The sooner USA will accept inevitable change from single super power to multi polar world the better will be for the world and USA itself. USA is not not qualified to be single superpower because it looks out for its own interests, not for a common good.

  119. Its no about superpower why people always obssesed about power let them be because this power will help fighting against ISIS ISIS is major threat now if no one will help fighting against them soon the hole world will belong to ISIS ISIS will put terror on World people are so dumb Worry about power They wont use this power to provoke war they are no stupid to provoke World Haos USA also World Power but they dont use this power to provoke anyone they only help in my opinion why Countries should fighting each other world mean to be peacefull place Human beings were desigh by nature to fight each other all Human history was constructed of Wars and Revolutions damn why people couldnt live in peace

  120. China, yes. Russia is SO on the downward spiral it isn’t even funny! The $400 billion energy deal between China & Russia makes Russia the energy vassal to China. when Russia runs out of oil in 50 years, the idea of having Olympics & World Cup in Russia (while Russia has nearly NO modern expressways for a “developed” country its size) is ridiculous!

  121. Beat North Korea 1st before saying that those 2 countries are the next superpower. But that would never happen. Maybe in 50 years or more could be 200 yrs! But sad to say that people now are moving into a red planet! LoL!

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