Only twenty four hours after the burial of 16 year-old Neysi Perez earlier this summer, family members rushed to her mausoleum in La Entrada General Cemetery armed with tools sufficient to hammer away at the concrete tomb that encapsulated her coffin as various passerby’s believed they heard screaming emanating from inside her resting place.

Pregnant Honduran Teenager Buried Alive?

Was she dead?

According to Jo Tuckman of The Guardian reporting from Mexico City, family members claim that Mrs. Perez’s fingers showed signs of bruising if not breakage. Additionally, they claimed that the glass viewing window in the coffin was also smashed. With no disrespect to Mrs. Perez or her loved ones, perhaps a lesson can be learned from sea burials where people put a last stitch though the nose to ensure that the recently departed are indeed dead.

Demons involved?

Her husband, Rudy Gonzales, pointed out that his wife fell ill in a manner that made the family feel that she was possessed. The family sent her to a pastor.

“The pastor asked her to repeat the word of God and she refused,” Gonzales told Univision. “Another voice was coming out of her.”

Following those efforts she was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead mere hours later.

Pregnant honduran teenager: Opening the coffin

Her husband told Primer Impacto: “As I put my hand on her grave I could hear noises inside. I heard banging, then I heard a voice. She was screaming for help.”

He continued by saying, “It had already been a day since we buried her. I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic, full of hope.”

However, once the coffin was opened the body showed no signs of life; though family members believe that she was buried alive given the state of the body.

“She didn’t smell bad or anything,” said Gladys Gutierrez, the girl’s aunt. “Her body seemed normal, and her color seemed normal too.”

Maria Gutierrez said her daughter was still warm when she touched her.

“We were all so happy. After being declared dead for such a long time, everybody was saying that she had come back to life. We were all so happy. I thought I was going to get my daughter back,” she told Primer Impacto.

Cause of death

While the incidents occurred in the city of Copan in late July, video of the family struggling to break the woman from her tomb only recently surfaced.

The prevailing theories as to what caused her death are either heart attack or an attack of cataplexy, which causes a loss of muscle function due to stress or terror. It’s been reported that she collapsed after her hearing gunfire outside of her house. It is still unclear when she died, and that mystery is unlikely to ever be solved.