Pink iPhone 6S May Not Be Coming But Features Confirmed [REPORT]

Rumors about the iPhone 6S are coming out practically daily now as the purported unveiling date approaches. As is the case most years, it seems like Apple won’t really have any surprises to pull out of its sleeve with the iPhone this year, especially in terms of the specs of the iPhone 6S.

But what about that rumored pink-colored iPhone we’ve been hearing about for some time? Sounds like that may be just a fantasy.

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China Telecom rep on iPhone 6S

The folks at G for Games spotted a Weibo post from a China Telecom representative which seems to confirm several of the rumors about the iPhone 6S. The representative is apparently the manager of China Telecom’s social media department, and he wrote a blog post on Weibo describing some of the features.

He’s got a pretty good track record in terms of making predictions about past iPhones. In fact, last year, he was quite accurate in reporting the features of the iPhone 6 ahead of time.

iPhone 6S release dates, specs

He “confirmed” rumors which suggested the iPhone 6 will be released sometime between Sept. 18 and 25, at least in China. This seems consistent with reports we’ve heard that Apple will unveil the iPhone 6S on Sept. 8 and put it up for sale on Sept. 18 in the U.S. It’s not uncommon for the company to start with the U.S. and a few of its big markets and add more markets exactly a week later, which would be on Sept. 25.

The China Telecom rep said the iPhone 6S will sport 2 gigabytes of RAM, an A9 processor, some camera improvements and Force Touch.

iPhone 6S features really “confirmed”?

G For Games notes that there have been reports that the Force Touch technology (which was used in the Apple Watch and can tell the difference between a tap and a press) would be limited to the iPhone 6S Plus. However, there have now been numerous reports suggesting that Apple will also incorporate Force Touch into the iPhone 6S as well. There haven’t been any reports about Force Touch in the rumored iPhone 6C, which would purportedly be an updated version of the iPhone 5C, but then it’s still unclear whether Apple will release an update on the low-end iPhone this year.

None of these features come as a surprise as we’ve heard them multiple times before. Of course just because he is reporting these features doesn’t mean he has any concrete information from Apple. Indeed, he could land his company in hot water if he revealed any information Apple wants to keep under wraps. 9to5 Mac suggests he might just be repeating back reports that we’ve already heard, and that’s certainly possible.

What about that pink iPhone 6S?

The China Telecom manager denied previous reports that there will be a pink version of the iPhone 6S. He said that despite all the rumors about it, he hasn’t heard anything about a pink model. There have been images of aa supposed rose gold or pink iPhone 6S model making the rounds of the internet, but 9to5 Mac and others have questioned the validity of those images.

Nonetheless, 9to5 Mac sees a “strong possibility” of Apple releasing a pink model.