North Korea Declares ‘State Of War’ Against The South

North Korea Declares ‘State Of War’ Against The South
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In a high-level meeting of the powerful Central Military Commission (CMC) chaired by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, North Korea ordered its frontline troops to be fully prepared for war against South Korea. North Korean troops are on war footing from 5:00 p.m. local time Friday. The meeting was held soon after Pyongyang issued an ultimatum to Seoul anti-North Korean propaganda broadcasts by 5:00 p.m. Saturday.

 North Korean troops are ‘battle-ready to launch surprise operations’

On Thursday, North Korea fired shells into the South, most likely to destroy the loudspeakers broadcasting the anti-Pyongyang propaganda. South Korea responded with heavy artillery shells across the fortified border. According to the state-run KCNA news agency, Kim Jong-Un ordered the frontline and the Korean People’s Army (KPA) to enter a wartime stage.

KCNA quoted Kim Jong-Un as saying that the troops should be “fully battle ready to launch surprise operations” and the frontline be placed in a “semi-war state.” South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said, citing government sources, that North Korea was preparing to fire short-range missiles. The gunfire exchange on Thursday heightened the cross-border tensions to extremely high levels.

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Seoul wants North Korea to apologize

It’s nothing new for North Korea to issue threats. But it’s one of those rare instances that Pyongyang has attached a timeline. Kim Jong-Un has given Seoul until 5 p.m. Saturday to stop the propaganda broadcasts or face military action. So, someone has to blink here first. South Korea had begun broadcasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda after two South Korean soldiers were severely wounded in a landmine blast that Seoul blamed on Pyongyang. North Korea has denied any role in the landmine blast.

South Korean Vice Defense Minister Baek Seung-joo told Reuters that the broadcasts would continue unless North Korea took responsibility and apologized for the landmines. The joint South Korea-U.S. military exercises have further infuriated North Korea. South Korea has placed its troops on high alert. During a meeting of the National Security Council in Seoul, President Park Geun-Hye ordered a “stern response” to any provocations.

The United States has stationed about 28,000 military personnel in South Korea, and the Pentagon was closely monitoring the situation.

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  1. James,
    Your suggestions are the very reason why two sides exchanged artillery fire. Sanctions never work as documented by over 50 years of sanctions against Cuba. It creates middle markets which then sell to the other side. Think Lend-Lease. Having 250,000 hungry NK troops going viral across the Ceasefire line at thee 38th parallel before the SK and others could form a defense is not acceptable and deadly to about 25,000 SK civilians. This is a true case of THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IS ONE WITH NOTHING TO LOSE.

  2. Someone needs to explain to this fat turd that there will be consequences to his actions. He should imagine himself being dragged out of a hole by US forces and getting hanged by his own people like Sadam in Iraq. He’s in for a real spanking if he keeps this up.

  3. The Korean war ended because Stalin died. If NK attacked the SK the outcome is certain defeat for NK, and most likely the fall of the Kim dynasty. NK couldn’t hold out for more than a week or two, but in that time they could cause a lot of damage by shelling Soul and other methods already discussed.

  4. You are correct. I mistyped the number. N.K. has specialty forces which are very respected by our troops in S.K. When the N.K speakers said a G.I. would die, one did. There conscripts are not as qualified but are numerous. … Now, the reality is both sides are willing to pay this “game” of tic for tac to gain negotiating position. I see a few things like less propaganda being bellowed over the loudspeakers, a step down in rhetoric and military alert levels and probably a relaxation in food and medical assistance sanctions. And the beat continues, until next year when Un need to talk tough again.

  5. Teach North Korea, and their supporter China, a lesson – no support for food or fuel this year. Keep the manufacturing zone shut down. Tighten sanctions against North Korea. Let China support them. This way both China and North Korea will learn bad acts have severe consequences. And, if China decides NOT to support North Korea, maybe someone will grow a set in the North and take the Fat Boy for a one way ride. It is my opinion he is in over this head and in major trouble. I see no other reason to keep executing senior members of the government.

  6. Commonly known in military circles as ‘ a target rich environment’!
    Their Navy and Air Force would not last long. Their special forces would be a concern. Their Army would last awhile as it takes a while to kill 7+million people.
    If they used a dirty or regular nuke on the South, we are obligated to take out the North in kind – problem solved ! But before it got to this, I think China or Russia would back a group to arrange the passing of ‘Fat Boy! – the Dear Leader, not the son of ‘Fat Man’ or brother of ‘Little Boy’ the nukes used on Japan !

  7. It is said that “The Koreas’ mine-strewn DMZ is a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War”.

    Now, one may ask: will the South take a military action each time one of those mines explode? Knowing the border is strewn with mines, shouldn’t the South demine the border before another injury of its men?

    Also, some S Korean movies depict the spies from the north frequenting the border. Will there be any chance that those mines were planted by the South back half century ago to deter those spies? Since the North denies its responsibility and requests photo evidences,
    for the sake of fairness, shouldn’t the South present its evidences before making military retaliations and demanding the other to apologize? Half century old mines perhaps are different from the current ones. And, those from the North might be distinguishable from the South’s.

  8. Another war, and we’re in it again; I keep hearing all this nonsense about Iran being these Evil Empire, but from where I’m sitting, they haven’t attacked anyone, been involved in a war for over 2 decades, if this jumps off and we get involved it will be 3 wars in 2 decades, who are the war mongers? and I’m an American.

  9. Terry,
    You know their state of readiness better than I. I am just concerned they have kept the parade to masquerade a new front such as the “pilotless bomber” the Iranians announce exactly 6 years ago. It resembles a V-1 “buzz bomb” with a range of up to 650 miles depending on payload weight but accurate and inexpensive. I agree any assault by NK would have to be fast, furious and limited in scope and time. In any effect, I get the idea this is just a negotiating ploy. Neither side wants a showdown. BTW, I had friends who were sent to the Korean DMZ. It is still very much a “hot zone” with daily incursion by the North Koreans. More on that later if you wish.

  10. Rick, your facts are a bit off. Please see my response coming from a US military person. We have 28,000 troops there, not 2800. Their Navy is small and nowhere near adequate and their professional air force consists of old 50’s-70’s outdated Russian aircraft. Numbers mean nothing when comparing against a first rate 21st century military such as the U.S. and South Korea. I do agree with you that is no game when nuclear weapons are put into the mix. Even one nuke can do severe damage.

  11. Chris,
    I was in uniform the same time you would. You are correct in your analysis. Their military is current enough for any longer term technological operation. The numbers I used was “self defense” from the vacuum headed cheerleading elsewhere on this blog. In Desert Shield, my brother was upset when I told him to “look at the toys the Republican Guard” was using in Falusa (sp?) in December, 1990. I know how to evaluate a situation. The North Koreans probably need face saving to prevent Western successes from creeping into their area. Hence, many South Koreans are allowed to commute daily to enterprise zones in North Korea. What we have to guard against is a massive early assault before we are prepared. The ill prepared planes and ships can inflict enough damage to create the need to retaliate which precipitates more carnage on each side. Let us not forget the Iranian “pilotless bomber” which looks conspicuously like a V-1 “Buzz Bomb” Rocket with a range up to about 650 miles with accuracy. Personally, I am guessing the possibilities of a biological attack with a non-legal agent is also a possibility. Thus, a bacteria or virus could temporarily incapacitate and drastically reduce the response of S.K. Can we say something along the lines of a common cold? …. I look for a negotiated settlement where SK doesn’t play load propaganda and music and NK doesn’t shell but gets to buy food stuffs.

  12. Ric I am afraid that I completely agree with KJD on this I also remeber getting the talk about Saddams forces way back in 1990 when I was in uniform- They told us it would be no easy nut to crack and we would be taking casualties left and right. That he had about 100 thousand republican Guards that were well trained and committed and at least a million that were the equivalent of our National Guard and that they were vets of the Iran, Iraq war. We kicked their combined butts within the 1st 24hrs of hard contact it was over in 72hrs.
    Now North Korea is no Iraq the people are tougher, yet their equipment is much older, the haven’t had the fuel needed to train with, and none of their troops have seen combat- Their Airforce is antiques of early Soviet vintage not even of later Soviet vintage except for about 50 mig 29’s and it’s a guess as to how many are flyable due to spare parts shortages. Their Pilots don’t fly near as much as ours due again to the fuel costs of flying a Jet fighter or attack aircraft. Again their pilots have no experience attacking defended targets. Their navy modern?? Look up Janes fighting ships- All their subs are 50’s and early 60’s vintage- All obsolete even by Former Soviet standards. Their patrol boats have jury rigged sails due to chronic fuel shortages- Not a single one of their Corvettes or light destroyers have any anti missile systems.
    They have a huge amount of 1960’s era tanks that even our modern bazookas can take out, let alone wire guided systems- It would probably be best for everyone to get this done know before they have a nuke that is small enough to be put on a warhead- or even lifted by a bomber- there smallest nuke is about the size of our little man or about 20k pounds. The North Korean people have been abused enough and deserve a happy meal with extra fries. We will be pushed into this sooner or later best get it done now while we can before our own economy collaspes because we have been printing and spending so much our dollar is but a push away from being worthless.

  13. KJD,
    I didn’t rely on the media for any of this. Your points are very valid and reassuring. I agree with everything you said.
    However, the world is highly vulnerable to a new variety an EMF blast at high altitude. One could disrupt communication and electric distribution. The blast could be with a 300 square mile target zone. Otherwise, Nuclear capabilities are not hugely necessary as just putting a radioactive coating into an area would send enough fear to disrupt economic activity. A screaming Geiger Counter will do interesting things. An already spent nuke power plant rod with only 2% enriched ore remaining would cause a public panic to rival 9-11. Another point, soldiers fight to stay alive. Fed or not, they will invade if they are ordered just to not be shot by their own.
    Further, a quick strike, Barbarosa style, would endanger Soul and much of South Korea before the S.K military could react or the U.S. could reinforce.
    Personally, this is just a public image process for a dictator and puppet of the military. The public rally last week, the changing of the time zone and now “facing down” of his international rival are face saving while the nation starves and is very dependent on the trade zone north of “The Parallel” for hard currency. He will see what he can get, spend billions in money he doesn’t have and throw a parade to celebrate it.

  14. wow ! this the first time I see those propaganda loudspeakers !! they must try playing Pharell Williiams “Happy” and see how the NKoreans react…

  15. Hi Ric, N.K.’s resources are completely spread thin. Although they do have a large military, it is a military that is heavily malnorished due to famine and inexperience to modern technological warfare due to not being in a war in decades. The fact that their country is suffering greatly economically makes their ability to sustain a war nearly impossible. Their equipment and resources is less than 1/5 of the U.S. and they have yet to fire a successful missile that can reach the U.S. homeland and their nuclear capabilities is still questionable. Don’t let the media’s exaggeration misguide you on N.K.’s abilities.

  16. This is NOT Disney people. N.K. has nuclear weapons, a huge army, an adequate navy, a professional air force and more. Remember, all that it would take is a small “dirty” weapon which turns a city district into a radioactive hot zone to serve the purpose. N.K is STILL AT WAR with S.K. The fighting stopped under CEASEFIRE and has boiled over numerous times since 1953 when Eisenhower threw up his hands and walked away.
    For those who disagree, the N.K. army has
    1.2 MILLION active troops
    6 MILLION total on short notice.

    The U.S. has 2800 troops there, about 2/3 that of the NYPD
    South Korea has 625,000 active troops with about 2.9 million in reserve.
    Enough said?

  17. He is like a 5 year old with a loaded gun. Don’t take him lightly because he will kill you. Millions starve while he feeds his war machine and it has grown as fat as he is. He has proven life (others lives) mean nothing to him. He could over whelm the south before we could help respond. Little fat boy will hide in his deep bunker and eat from his well stocked kitchen while people die !

  18. Yes Korea is a long way but when U have a mad man not that far way.we are still at war with North Korea started on June 15 1950. Some one will have to stop him in his tracks it was not dun at the time of the war. The US. Lost about 58Kjust like Vietnam I lost 58K  brother in that War.   F.Blake DunningtonP.O.Box 2066Terrebonne, Oregon 97760541-447-4528

  19. You wish Blake. This is not a H.S. football game. Each side is capable of using missiles, ships, massive troop movements and more. Read your history about the Korea War, which, incidentally, is still a “hot” war as there is only a CEASEFIRE. Also, Korea is a long way away, about 8,000 miles, and difficult to defend. We almost lost the last time we fought there.

  20. Bryan, you are the second post with the accuracy to post. This is serious. The Korean War is still “hot!!” It is in CEASEFIRE which has been broken numerous time since Eisenhower walked away from the problem and left it there.

  21. DEAN,
    Finally, you are the one shining hope here. There is no other post here which has read the history lesson from the Truman Administration which Ike basically decided to just call a ceasefire and walk away from. We don’t have the ships or the troops to prosecute this action the way N.K does.

  22. Don’t do it fat guy , Be nice , Be cool , Be friendly , Be kindness , Be respectful man , If you do it , You gonna have your half of your nation getting kills including you , Stop acting you are on top of the world , start feeding poor peoples in your nation Fat guy

  23. And the band plays on and on and on and on and on and on… I declare WAR ON ALL ARTICLES re this fat Turd Rocket, the Bald Turd Rocket in Russia, and every GOP INSANE in the MEMBRAINED Goofs, and the newest entrant, the White Hairy Goof with his Foot n MOUTH affliction who “JUST CAN NOT SHUT UP,” Same goes Stansbury and their half witted crap re SS, pending doom, geez us, bring back Doomsday Cartoons, least they entertain, these fools, cause Explosive Bowel movements..

  24. GOOD, it’s WAYYYYY ——– past time we and So.Korea give this lunatic the a e so richly desrevres. BTW, These last 70 years o (&murder of millions) from these communist could have all been avoided if that petty, jealous, vindictive, coward TRUMAN had left General MacArthur alone and let him do his job.

  25. If little fat leader of NK sends his military south they will defect to the south once they see what they have compare to the North

  26. North Korea does not have to declare state of war against the South because technically they are still at war that was temporarily disrupted by a signing of an armistice in July, 1953, Since then, sporadic provocations and minor confrontations are on going up to the present. It’s like a volcano that threatens to erupt at any given time.

  27. Have you heard the legend of Un?

    When he was born, he had a donut in his mouth.

    As an infant, he didn’t drink milk from a bottle because he preferred melted butter in a bottle.

    At the age of 10, he went into the kitchen and ate the entire meals meant for the 5 starving cooks the family enslaved.

    At the age of 15, he was supposed to teach the North Korean generals war tactics, but was found in the kitchen instead finishing off 2 gallons of ice cream … and a can of diet coke.

    At the age of 18, Un personally finished off a roasted pig meant for a whole town. At the tail end of the meal, while sucking on his favorite urinary organ of the male pig, an idea came to his head … the pig’s hairy urinary organ looks like the perfect haircut …

    This is the legend of Un. Know it well.

  28. It’s kind of hard when you live in an open and free society and the people on the other side of the border are ruled by a dictator who has completely closed off his people from the outside world and thinks nothing of starving millions of them to satisfy his own meglomania.

  29. One day North Korea’s fearless eater is gonna say one stupid thing too many, and his rule will end in a bright flash, with lot’s of radioactive dust…

  30. Just declared a state of war??? The two Koreas have been technically at war since the 1950s because they never signed a peace treaty.

  31. North Korea won’t do anything. They only issue threats to stay relevant and pretend like they are some sort of global power. They have a weak, propaganda filled excuse for a government.

  32. Reminds me of when soAndso said she was going on a diet. What did that mean? It meant that besides regular food soAndso would be eating soAndso would also be eating diet food.

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