North Korea’s Internet Keeps Crashing

North Korea is having big problems with internet access inside its borders today as it has crashed twice in the last 12 hours. The nationwide outages come as North Korean officials discuss declaring war on South Korea. At this time, however, it’s unclear whether the outages were intentional, although RIPE NCC, an internet registry, suggests that hackers could have brought the country’s internet down, reports the International Business Times (via Yahoo News).

The registry said they aren’t ruling out a cyber-attack but that there are many potential causes for the outage. Further, it pointed out that there’s just a single connection to the internet running into North Korea, which means if that connection went down, the entire country would be knocked offline.

North Korea’s internet was also down earlier this month for four hours.

North Korea's Internet Keeps Crashing

North Korea’s internet was also down earlier this month for four hours.

North Korea engages in saber-rattling

CNN reports that North Korea has become aggressive on South Korea, firing at loudspeakers in South Korea that were spewing critical comments about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his regime. On Friday night, Kim ordered some of the nation’s military units to move forward and potentially prepare for war, calling the situation a “quasi-state of war.” Pyongyang previously warned South Korea that if those loudspeakers are not turned off, it will go to war.

South Korea doesn’t show any signs of backing down and has vowed to retaliate if North Korea continues to provoke it. South Korea accused North Korea of firing shells over the demilitarized zone between its border and South Korea’s border on Thursday. South Korea then returned fire, according to the nation’s Defense Ministry.

For its part, South Korea has also been on the receiving end of criticism from North Korea, which was arguably of a much worse nature. Pyongyang spread propaganda calling South Korean President Park Geun-hye a prostitute and showing soldiers firing guns at her image.