North And South Korea Reach Agreement To Defuse Tension

North And South Korea Reach Agreement To Defuse Tension
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The United States is ready to deploy B-52 bombers to South Korea amid its escalating military standoff with North Korea, which increased the number of its artillery deployed along the border.

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The United States and South Korea are discussing the schedule of a strategic deployment of assets to the Korean Peninsula. A spokesman for the South Korean Defense Ministry did not identify which U.S. assets will be deployed in the peninsula during a press briefing on Monday.

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On the other hand, South Korean Yonhap news agency reported that the U.S. Forces may deploy B-52 Stratofortress bombers and a nuclear-powered submarine, which is currently stationed in Yokosuka Jpan.

On August 7, three B-2 bombers and approximately 225 Airmen from Whiteman Airforce Base in Missouri were already deployed to Guam to perform familiarization training activities and to maintain readiness in the Pacific region. The strategic bombers are ready if needed to defend South Korea against North Korea.

The United States considers North Korea’s military buildup on the border as “serious,” which prompted the Pentagon and top U.S. commanders to review the war plan to protect South Korea.

North Korea started limited military mobilization last week

Based on the assessment of the U.S. military intelligence, North Korea started a limited military mobilization last week including:
• Activation of several air defense radars to detect incoming aircraft
• Deployment of additional artillery pieces near the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and one- third of the coastal surface vessel and submarine fleet
• Showed signs of potential preparations for a short or medium-range SCUD missile launch

The United States is currently trying to determine the intention of North Korea in maintaining a military presence in the DMZ since it has limited financial ability to carry out large military operations. U.S. officials also considering the cancelation of the potential flight of a B-52 bomber to take part in the ongoing military exercises with South Korea after its military planning during the weekend. They are concern that Pyongyang may consider that flight of the B-52 bomber as an escalation.

North and South Korea agreed to defuse tensions

The top negotiators of North and South Korea reached an agreement to defuse tensions at the border, according to Yonhap news agency.

Since Thursday, the militaries of both countries are on alert after a brief exchange of fires, which was ignited when two South Korean soldiers were injured by a landmine. North Korea denied placing the landmines and shelling South Korea last week.

The report indicated that North Korea agreed to express regret over the landmine incident. In return, South Korea would stop its loudspeaker broadcasts, a psychological warfare against North Korea.

Earlier today, President Park Geun-hye of South Korea emphasized, “This is a matter that concerns our national security and the safety of our people. We will never back down even if the North continues to escalate the provocative situation and threaten our security, as it often has in the past.”

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