Lucas Neely TEDx Talk: Is This The Death Of Investing?

Lucas Neely TEDx Talk: Is This The Death Of Investing? by Endlessrise Investor

I’m extremely excited to share with you a talk I gave as part of TEDx here in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands a little over a month ago.

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I’ve always been a big fan of TED Talks and many of the talks have been sources of great inspiration for me. Let’s just say I was more than honored to be invited to give one myself! And to have the ability to give the talk back home where I grew up was just icing on the cake.

I spent a couple of months preparing and planning on a problem that individual investors are having because I believe it needs reversing. The majority of the talk centers around the most important concepts and ideas at, and the book I wrote: Value Investing: A Value Investor’s Journey Through The Unknown.

Although I was a little nervous going up on stage — being the first person to EVER give a TEDx Talk in the Virgin Islands — I’m extremely pleased and excited with how it turned out (as well as the amazing feedback)!

The Talk centers around how individual investors are leaving the marketplace and how they can use a simple mental model to help understand investing to help them invest better.

It’s less than 17 minutes long. And I think you’ll love it!

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Lukas Neely

P.S. You can view the Talk on YouTube HERE.