Longform Podcast #152: Carol Loomis

Longform Podcast #152: Carol Loomis
Warren Buffett's Shareholder Letters

Longform Podcast #152: Carol Loomis by Longform


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Carol Loomis retired last summer after 60 years at Fortune. She continues to edit Warren Buffett’s annual report.

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“Writing itself makes you realize where there are holes in things. I’m never sure what I think until I see what I write. And so I believe that, even though you’re an optimist, the analysis part of you kicks in when you sit down to construct a story or a paragraph or a sentence. You think, ‘Oh, that can’t be right.’ And you have to go back, and you have to rethink it all.”

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Show Notes:

  1. [1:00] "Carol Loomis, Editor for Warren Buffett, Leaves Job After 60 Years" (Christine Haughney • The New York Times • July 2014)
  2. [14:00] "My 51 Years (and Counting) at Fortune" (Fortune • Sep 2005)
  3. [22:00] "You May Be Missing a Bet in Bonds" (Fortune • Sep 1962) [not available online]
  4. [22:00] "Should a Company Promote Its Own Stock?" (Fortune • Dec 1965) [not available online]
  5. [26:00] "The Jones Nobody Keeps Up With" (Fortune • Apr 1966) [pdf]
  6. [32:00] "The Inside Story of Warren Buffett" (Fortune • Apr 1988)
  7. [35:00] "Untangling the Derivatives Mess..." (Fortune • Mar 1995)
  8. [36:00] "The Risk That Won't Go Away" (Fortune • Mar 1994)
  9. [39:00] "Why Carly's Big Bet is Failing" (Fortune • Aug 2011)
  10. [42:00] "The Tragedy of General Motors" (Fortune • Feb 2006)
  11. [43:00] "AOL + TWX=??? Do the Math..." (Fortune • Feb 2000)
  12. [57:00] "BlackRock: The $4.3 Trillion Force" (Fortune • July 2014)


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