London Is The Most Searched-For City On Google


London is one of the most important cities in the world for culture, so it’s not surprising to know that the city’s top attractions garner the most Google searches. The city’s promotional company, London & Partners, recently revealed that the U.K. capital’s legendary museums are the most searched-for attractions on Google: London’s Science Museum, Natural History Museum and British Museum take the top three respective spots. The revelation was part of the plan to promote the city’s Season of Culture.

Google Search results shine light on London’s culture

London Mayor Boris Johnson proclaimed, “London is without a doubt the cultural capital of the world. Tourists are certainly flocking to our great city in ever-increasing numbers, drawn by our exceptional cultural attractions and landmarks.”

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The Science Museum displays a variety of exhibits and galleries that appeal to curious minds of all ages. The center also boasts an IMAX theater to show informative films on science and history. The Natural History Museum merges history with science in a variety of galleries exploring the Earth, wildlife, ecology and more. The British Museum is a large gallery with cultural artifacts, artwork and antiques from all over the world.

London Museums continue to attract visitors from around the world

Ian Blatchford (director of the Science Museum) expressed his satisfaction that so many travelers around the world flock to London to see his museum. He also hopes visitors will get a chance to see the upcoming exhibit Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age, which opens next month.

Johnson added that the city’s world-class museums, art galleries and performance venues created blockbuster events and exhibits to attract visitors to the Autumn Season of Culture.

Cities in the United States also garner a lot of Google searches. The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art took the fourth spot, and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. secured fifth place.