LG Introduces Portable Folding Keyboard

LG Introduces Portable Folding Keyboard
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LG recently introduced the LG Rolly, a portable keyboard that folds up into a stick. The device, which was made from ABS plastic and impact-resistant durable polycarbonate, works with both smartphones and 10-inch tablets. It also features foldable arms to keep it in place. To keep the device portable, Rolly is wireless and powered by one AAA battery that keeps it running for three months.

LG Rolly was designed for convenience

The keyboard features four rows of keys. Once the keyboard is folded into a stick, it can easily be carried in a bag or pocket, although some speculate it may be harder to fit it into a pocket. The LG Rolly will appeal to mobile device users who still want to use a keyboard sometimes.

The Rolly is just one of the many new accessories LG plans to roll out in the near future. It will be shown first at the upcoming IFA Electronic event in Europe before reaching the U.S. in September. The device will land in other countries by the end of the year.

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Microsoft introduced the Universal Foldable Keyboard at MWC

The portable keyboard is not a new tech accessory. There are many keyboards currently available, including one from Microsoft. The tech giant unveiled the Universal Foldable Keyboard during this year’s Mobile World Congress. The device looks similar to a plastic CD case and slides right into a pocket. When the keyboard is folded in half, it measures 147.6(l) x 125.3(w) x 11.5(h) mm. Once you open the keyboard, it measures 295.1(l) x 125.3(w) x 5.75(h) mm.

The device lights up one of the two Bluetooth emblems located on the upper left and one of the OS symbols on the right side. The lights appear if the device was closed for a period of time, but it won’t waste power by lighting up each time the device is opened and closed several times in succession.

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