Leaked Images Give Clues Of iPhone 6S

Leaked Images Give Clues Of iPhone 6S
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With Apple already apparently working on production of the iPhone 6s, the leaking of next generation parts online is already coming to fruition. The Apple supply chain can always be relied upon for some useful leaks, and the latest iPhone 6s is no exception to this particular rule. Numerous parts have recently been revealed online, and these are certainly painting an interesting picture of this forthcoming smartphone from Apple.

Leaked iPhone 6s images emerge

A recent photograph particularly depicts the power, volume, camera and LED flash of the iPhone 6s, and Apple has clearly innovated in this department if these links are accurate. These several elements have seemingly been combined into one singular flex cable, with Apple looking to create a compact iPhone 6s according to this design.

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More key information from these images regarding the iPhone 6s suggests that this flagship smartphone will also feature a protruding camera. Pictures have also emerged of the Home button of this forthcoming device, and this has seemingly revealed beyond all doubt one of the color options for the iPhone 6s. It seems that consumers will certainly be able to choose a gold iPhone 6s based on this image when the smartphone releases later this year.

Earlier this month, further leaks provided some more useful information on this massive Apple release. A leaked logic board linked with the device revealed that the iPhone 6s will feature a brand-new NFC chip, a 16 GB storage version, and an overall reduction in the number of components utilized in the construction of the device.

The leaks have emanated from the French website nowhereelse.fr, which is becoming an increasingly highly regarded source of leaks of this nature. With the images in question providing visual confirmation of the components that will control the volume of the iPhone, the power of the device, the switching mechanism that enables muting of the iPhone 6s, and the camera module and LED flash, these are certainly some significant aspects of the iPhone 6s construction.

Certainly Apple fans will be hoping for something more solid in the coming weeks and months, but Apple of course has a reputation of playing its cards extremely close to its chest. Although leaks and murmurings from close to the supply chain have revealed a great deal of accurate information regarding Apple products while before they came to market, there have also been a wide variety of red herring as well.

Most notably in recent years, it was extremely strongly rumored that Apple would include sapphire glass in the iPhone 6 last year. Yet this never materialized, and the substance was instead introduced for the first time with the production of the Apple Watch smartwatch.

However, the latest pictures published by the French website do potentially answer a few pertinent questions about the setup of the iPhone 6s. As mentioned previously, the protrusion pictured in the images suggest that the iPhone will continue with the existing metal ring casing from the iPhone 6, which seems to supplant some earlier reports. It was suggested that the iPhone 6s could feature a significantly strengthened casing for the smartphone, but this would not seem to be wide of the mark.

Aside from this, it is difficult to work out too much more from these images about the makeup of the device itself. What can be said for certain is that Apple is expecting the iPhone 6s to make a serious impression on the smartphone market, with reports already indicating that the corporation is ramping up production. The consumer electronics giant is expected to produce 90 million iPhone 6s units before the end of 2015, and this is significantly more than it even produced of the hugely prolific iPhone 6.

iPhone 6c to be delayed

Meanwhile, it has been notable in recent weeks that murmurings regarding a smaller version of the iPhone being released alongside the two standard iPhone variants has died down considerably. The release of a four-inch iPhone 6c has been expected for some months now, with the device thought to correlate with the ethos of the former CEO and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

While the release of the iPhone 6c is still expected at some point in the future, it is now presumed by analysts that Apple will not release this device as part of the iPhone 6s roll out. According to Tim Arcuri of Cowen and Company, Apple was indeed intending to put out three versions of the iPhone during 2015, but has had to revise this scheme due to logistical reasons.

However, we should see the iPhone 6s featuring the Force Touch technology that was introduced with the Apple Watch. This innovative technology enables consumers to convey commands to an Apple device by pressing down with varying degrees of strength. This was one of the most warmly received elements of the Apple Watch, and it is thought that Apple could significantly ramp up the functionality of Force Touch when it releases the more complex device that is the iPhone 6s.

There are two other particularly notable aspects of the physical construction of the iPhone 6s that are widely considered to be at least possible. Firstly, Apple is expected to include the revolutionary form of aluminum that it introduced in the Apple Watch in the construction of the iPhone 6s. The 7000 Series Silver Aluminium alloy is considered to be particularly durable, and this would help Apple sidestep any embarrassing ‘Bendgate’ headlines.

Sapphire glass eyed for iPhone 6s

Additionally, as mentioned previously, it is certainly expected that sapphire glass will finally find its way into the iPhone range in this generation. Some analysts have suggested that there are still problems with the bending of this material, but considering the industrial quantities of sapphire glass that Apple has purchased, it is certainly expected to appear in the iPhone range sooner rather than later.

Apple continues to keep its plans for the iPhone range quiet, but these latest leaked images provide some of the best insights into the device yet.

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