Latest Leaks And Rumors On The iPad Pro

Latest Leaks And Rumors On The iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is considered to be one of the least well-kept secrets in the history of consumer products. In common with Apple’s smartwatch the Apple Watch, the iPad Pro has been rumored for several years, and even though Apple has yet to confirm the existence of this device, its eventual release is inevitable.

Although Apple has been the dominant manufacturer and seller of tablet computers for some time, the iPad Pro is expected to fulfil a particularly important niche for the corporation. Tablet sales have slumped somewhat in recent years, and many analysts are already predicting that the technology may have peaked in practical terms. The idea behind the iPad Pro is to provide an extremely high spec tablet that is capable of mimicking the functionality of desktop computers.

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So what can we expect from the iPad Pro when it is eventually released, and for that matter when will it finally surface? Well, to take the second of those questions first, it is now generally expected that Apple will delay the release of the iPad Pro until 2016. The consumer electronics giant is still working on the iPhone 7, and tends to stagger its product releases assiduously. An early 2016 iPad Pro announcement could be on the cards, but Apple could instead sandwich the release of this device between the second generation of the Apple Watch and the 2016 iPhone range, or even delay it for its customary November release date.

In terms of specifications, many have been linked with the iPad Pro, but here are five particularly strongly assumed characteristics of this hotly anticipated tablet.

12.9-inch display

Arguably the most important aspect of the iPad Pro is a larger screen that will be compatible with the split-screen multitasking that Apple has notably included in the iOS 9 operating system. It has been suggested by some experts who have dabbled deeply in the iOS 9 code that the iPad Pro will feature a 2,732 × 2,048 screen resolution. This would equate to a display with an approximate pixel density of 264 per inch.

Regardless of the veracity of these rumors, the iPad Pro is expected to be large enough to plug into keyboards and other referrals, ensuring that it is an excellent productivity and enterprise device; anticipated to be one of the key demographics that the device is aimed at. Although there are also plans afoot to eliminate external keyboards.

Stereo speakers

Many analysts also expect Apple to include front-facing stereo speakers in the iPad Pro, particularly as the corporation has made such a public fuss over its music products in recent months. Apple has just announced that 11 million people signed up to the Apple Music service in its embryonic days, and it would seem to be remiss of the corporation to fail to arm the iPad Pro with sufficient music playing capabilities. Stereo speakers would be essential to this, and will likely be included.

USB Type-C Port

Recent reports have suggested that Samsung has dropped the inclusion of this technology in the Galaxy Note 5, but Apple has every opportunity to develop it before the iPad Pro is released. This brand new variant of the traditional USB port was first showcased by Apple’s MacBook laptop range earlier this year. The ability of the technology to function as both a traditional USB port and also a charging port is considered by many to be particularly nifty.

Rumors strongly indicate that this technology will show up in the iPad Pro when it is released next year, and it would certainly be a convenient and much welcomed aspect of any tablet computer.

Latest Leaks And Rumors On The iPad Pro


Steve Jobs was alleged to have reviled the stylus as a concept, but the market has moved on since the sadly late founder and CEO of Apple was involved in the mobile marketplace. Samsung’s S Pen has proved very popular in the Galaxy Note series, and Apple has already applied for a stylus patent. Apple will only want to deliver a stylus if it is an absolutely essential part of the iPad range, but it is easy to conceive some advantages to such an implement in a corporate-oriented tablet.

iPad Pro’s 2016 release date

Apple typically announces iPad models in October, with a November holiday release date considered ideal for the technology. This suggests that the iPad Pro could emerge before the end of this calendar year. However, the smart money increasingly looks to be on the iPad Air to be refreshed with a sequel in November, with the iPad Pro once more delayed for a 2016 release.

Some rumors have suggested that the iPad Mini 4 will launch with similar specs to the existing iPad Air series this year, and it seems unlikely that Apple would decide to release three tablets in direct conjunction with one another.

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