iOS 9 Drops To Cellular Service When Wi-Fi Signals Are Poor

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Apple’s latest update should offer much relief for smartphone users who rely on Wi-Fi connections. The Wi-Fi Assist feature on iOS 9 update will automatically revert back to cellular service when Wi-Fi signals are poor. When the signals are strong again, the feature will automatically turn on Wi-Fi again. Right now the feature is exclusive in beta for developers. Those on iOS 8 will have to wait for the next operating system to be released.

Some Android users can devise a similar tactic with Samsung smartphones or third-party apps like Open Signal, which points users to stronger Wi-Fi networks and helps them keep track of their mobile plan’s data usage. There are also many special apps for Android users that help them boost their Wi-Fi or locate the strongest networks nearby.

iOS 9’s Wi-Fi Assist prevents data plan drainage

As Business 2 Community’s James Kosur reports, “Apple iPhone users will have the option to turn Wi-Fi Assist on and off, ensuring that data gobbling Netflix and YouTube apps don’t drain a user’s data plan before their data month even has a real chance to get started.”

As more restaurants, shops and businesses offer free Wi-Fi services, the new Wi-Fi Assist feature gives smartphone users a choice. Mobile networks like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile won’t share the same enthusiasm about the Wi-Fi option. These carriers make the most money peddling data plans, and giving customers the option to switch on Wi-Fi cuts into their profits.

iOS 9 Beta 5 comes with notable updates and features

The feature was first discovered by 9to5 Mac in a blog post about the recent iOS 9 Beta 5 exclusive release to developers. The update boasts many other notable features, including 15 new wallpapers, CarPlay support for Beats 1 and Apple Music, Wi-Fi call support for AT&T users, settings refresh for News App, new splash screen for the Calendar’s proactive features and more.

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