How To Take A Screenshot With Samsung Galaxy Note 5

How To Take A Screenshot With Samsung Galaxy Note 5
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Galaxy Note 5 is Samsung’s latest phablet, and it comes with a big 5.7-inch screen, Quad-core 1.5 GHz or 2.1 GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera and 32/64 GB of internal storage. The phone is available at most U.S. carriers and comes with many new features. That said, one basic thing that many people might want to know is how to take a screenshot with their brand new Galaxy Note 5. This quick guide will teach you how.


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If you have ever used a Samsung device in the past, then you know most of what you need to know already. There are a total of three ways in which you can capture the screenshot in your Galaxy Note 5. One way to do this is by using a shortcut key, another way is to use a gesture swiping method, and the third one is brand new to Note 5. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Capturing a screenshot in Galaxy Note 5

If you are a convert from iPhone or any other platform, then the easiest way to capture a screenshot is to use a key combination. Simply push and hold the power button and the home button at the same time, and then let go the buttons. You might need to practice the timing a few times but it’s easy. If the capture is successful, then you will hear the capture tone. You can then swipe down the notification area to open or share the screenshot from there, or you can also access the screenshot from Gallery. You can then also open the edit mode and edit the photo if you wish to.

The second method is also easy. You simply need to use a gesture to capture a screenshot. With the Note 5, Samsung has some nice gestures that you can use. To capture the screen, swipe the edge of your hand across the entire display (from one side to another). Samsung calls this method as palm swipe method to capture the screenshot. You might have also used this method by mistake perhaps when cleaning the screen, but now you know why that happens. If this method doesn’t work, then enable this option from Settings >Device > Motion controls and check mark the “Palm-swipe” gesture method.

Finally, the Note 5 also allows you to take scrolling screenshots; that is, a screenshot of the entire screen area from top to bottom. This can be done using the S-Pen stylus. Pull out the S-Pen stylus and then tap on the “Screen Write” option. Next, an edit mode will appear with new options, and you need to tap on the option named as “Scroll capture” to capture a screenshot from top to bottom of the screen. You can also use the option “Capture mode” to keep on taking screenshots. This method is very useful especially for websites and blogs, which require you to scroll the screen. It means that instead of capturing each screen area individually and capturing 10 screenshots, you can now capture one large image of the entire screen.

Now you’re ready to give these new screenshot capture methods a try on your phone!

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