Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton’s Height Are Most Popular Google Searches


Google, the most preferred search engine, has revealed some interesting search trends about Donald Trump, reports Bloomberg. Not only is the billionaire the most popular Republican nominee for president, he is also quite popular on the internet.

‘Trump’ is the most searched-for word on Google

Google notes that outside of Vermont, Trump was the most searched presidential candidate in all U.S. states. In Vermont, Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders was the most searched for. This information revealed by Google is based on an analysis of search trends for the period July 24th to July 30th. Sanders is a U.S. senator from Vermont.

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Topsy, a website that engages in tracking social media mentions of celebrities and other influential personalities, claims the term ‘Trump’ has been mentioned on Twitter in about 3.3 million tweets in the past month. It also noted that of those tweets, 100,000 were made in the 24 hours ending Tuesday afternoon. The other Republican, Jeb Bush, had only 27,000 mentions in the 24 hours ending Tuesday afternoon, while the figure for the last month stands at 727,000, says Bloomberg

Common questions asked of Google

Americans have many questions regarding the candidates, and Google offered up a few of the most poular. Among the top questions asked on Google about the candidates competing for president next year, “Who is (insert name of your candidate)?” is at the top spot.

Google also pointed out that people have shown a lot of interest in knowing more about Trump’s age and his net worth. The answers to those questions are 69 and more than $10 billion, respectively. Another commonly searched question on Trump was “Will Donald Trump be president?” as revealed by Google’s trending page based on data from July 22 through July 28.

Some of the other queries about the political candidates were also quite unique. For example, one unusual question was “How tall is Hillary Clinton?” to which Google answered: 5 feet, 7 inches. The interesting fact is people know who she is, as many Googlers are unaware about the other candidates including Trump, and thus want to know more about them. The other most searched-for topics are immigration issues, education and same sex marriage, according to Google.