Google Introduces Simple Wi-Fi Router OnHub

Search giant Google just introduced a simple Wi-Fi router called OnHub. Google teamed up with TP-Link to create the router, which retails for $199. It was available for preorder but sold out quickly. OnHub features an interesting design as it doesn’t look anything like a typical router. It has no wires or external antennas. Instead, it features a large cylindrical shape with a large light on top.

Google Introduces Simple Wi-Fi Router OnHub

OnHub router’s unique design and appearance 

There are 13 antennas inside the OnHub router, and most of the antennas pick up the signal, although one checks for signal congestion. The signal check antenna should prove to be a big help for those who live in apartments. The device comes with the Google On app, which allows users to set up and manage Wi-Fi networks. The system will find the user’s smartphone the first time using audio. The app then saves the password and sends a text to guests as a way to save users from the trouble of saving a note with the password. Another unique feature with the OnHub router allows users to prioritize bandwidth on devices.

OnHub’s router updates automatically

The new router updates itself automatically, but the best thing about the device is that it was made for all internet-capable devices. This is the first OnHub router, and Google mentioned that it was working with computer maker Asus to create another router which will debut later this year.

Google believes the sleek, modern design will entice people to keep their router out in the open rather than keep it hidden behind television sets or underneath desks — something that often hinders their Wi-Fi’s capabilities. The new router is sold out on Google’s online store, but other retailers still have it available for preorder.