Google Inc Working On A Affiliate Program For Play Store [REPORT]

Google Inc Working On A Affiliate Program For Play Store [REPORT]

Google, like Apple, is planning to start an affiliate program for Google Play, says a new report from 9to5 Google. Performance Horizon Group, which supported Apple’s affiliate program in 2013, is supporting this affiliate program too, says the report.

Google may expand the program to include hardware

Affiliate marketing is seen as the best way by many when it comes to making money on the web. Under this, one posts a link with a special code to some kind of product. And if a customer buys that product, then the person who posted the link gets a small amount as commission. Amazon is one of the best examples of affiliate marketing, but if the report from 9to5 Google is true, the search giant may also be exploring this segment with its own Play Store affiliate program. Citing an unidentified source, the report says content-based services like Movies and Music will be offered in the beginning, and the program will gradually extend to include apps and even hardware.

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On being asked for information on the Play Store affiliate program, Performance Horizon Group thanked the team of 9to5 Google for asking about the “Google Play affiliate program,” and CC’d “Google Play’s affiliate team” to give more details. The email address CC’d was [email protected] and was labeled “Play Affiliates Support” in Gmail, says the report.

Not the first time for Google

It is not be the first time when the Internet firm has come up with any such program. Google Affiliate Network was an in-house process which offered similar services during the Android Market period, but the program was shut down when the store was rebranded as the Google Play Store.

Google stopped its Affiliate Network services in 2013 to focus on other products that “will have the biggest impact for our advertisers and publishers.” This service initially belonged to Performics and was acquired by Google-owned DoubleClick in 2004. However, the service was never used to earn money from Google’s digital stores.

For some time, users have been asking the search giant to launch its affiliate program for Google Play. Its low free-to-paid conversion numbers may have deterred the Internet firm, but possibly not now. As of now, there is no more information on the program, which is still in the initial stages.

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