China’s High-Tech Military Parade Could Cause Tension

China’s High-Tech Military Parade Could Cause Tension
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Beijing is to show off domestically produced high-tech weaponry in a sign of its increasing military confidence.

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A parade is scheduled to take place on September 3, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory over Japan in World War II. Ahead of the huge event, China has revealed a number of pieces of military technology, from ballistic missiles to fighter jets, according to Reuters.

China hopes to export domestically produced weapons

Beijing has invested heavily in its weapons industry, with the aim of exporting its technology to other countries. At the same time, China is becoming embroiled in increasingly acrimonious territorial disputes in the South and East China Seas.

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As China projects military power further from its borders, many have taken the parade as a sign of increased confidence in its military capabilities. According to military official Qu Rui, deputy director of the office organizing the parade, all of the weapons and equipment on display will have been made in China, and 84% will be on show for the first time.

“They represent the new development, new achievements and new images of the building of the Chinese armed forces,” he said.

Military parade may provoke unease among Asian neighbors

Qu has denied that the parade is intended to send a message to any other country in particular, although analysts believe that it could cause tensions to rise in the region. China has territorial disputes with Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, and a brazen display of military might is sure to provoke unease in those countries.

“It’s possible that Japan and Southeast Asian countries will interpret this as a kind of warning to them,” said Xie Yue, a political scientist at Tongji University. “I can’t say whether that’s warranted or not.”

Military delegations from 10 foreign powers, including Russia, will take part in the parade, which Chinese state media claims will feature the widest variety of weapons ever seen at a military parade in the country.

According to Qu the parade will involve 12,000 Chinese troops, 500 pieces of equipment and almost 200 aircraft. Bombers, fighters and carrier-based aircraft will all feature.

Wide variety of weapons to go on display

During rehearsals for the parade, analysts have spotted several ballistic missiles including one which can reportedly strike the U.S. base in Guam. According to the Xinhua news agency, China’s nuclear battalion, the Second Artillery Force, will display 7 kinds of missiles including conventional and nuclear warheads.

“The scale and number of missiles will surpass any previous outing,” an unnamed source told Xinhua.

State media has also reported that modern tanks and missile-launchers will be involved in the parade, and an upgraded long-range bomber will fly in formation over Tiananmen Square.

Rehearsals have featured the latest version of the J-15 fighter jet, air defense expert Fu Qianshao told the Global Times. Early warning and control aircraft, commonly used for surveillance missions, will head 10 formations in flyovers at the parade.

Last weekend a rehearsal saw a formation of military helicopters fly over Beijing, and tanks were reportedly rolling through the Chinese capital. Despite the high-tech weaponry on display, defense expert Jack Midgley does not believe that the parade is intended as a message to other world powers.

“It’s to demonstrate China has achieved first-world status with its military, and to display its products for foreign buyers,” he said, later adding that foreign intelligence services will already be familiar with much of the weaponry.

Relations with Japan particularly tense

Whether it intends to or not, there is a danger that Beijing inflames regional tensions as a result of the parade. Sino-Japanese relations in particular have been increasingly tense of late.

China is upset at the lack of an official apology from Japan over its occupation of parts of China during World War II. Historians estimate that millions of Chinese civilians died at the hands of the Japanese, a fact that Tokyo has never acknowledged.

The situation worsened recently when the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited a controversial shrine in Tokyo. Among the war dead honored at the shrine are former commanders who were later convicted of war crimes.

In addition to historical issues, the two nations are engaged in a territorial dispute in the East China Sea. China is becoming increasingly aggressive in its claims to the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, and has also been constructing oil and gas platforms in the disputed area.

Japan is concerned by Chinese activities in the South China Sea, where Beijing’s construction of artificial islands has raised concerns that it may restrict freedom of movement in the vital shipping lane. As a trading nation, maintaining free passage through the area is of vital importance to Japan, and the issue is a major source of tension.

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  1. yeah, it was designed in Germany by a Chinese, you third world idiot !!

    btw, I’ve been to more Northern European countries than the stems in your tiny brain… dumbdumb !

  2. Cannot be, what I heard from the Vietnamese slaving here was that 4,000,000 Chinese were killed and only one Vietnamese was injured. At that rate China would had disappeared had it not for the mercy of the Vietnamese. Anyway that happened in hell as Vietnamese and Chinese believe in the same gods. Probably many Vietnamese went to hell and came back.

  3. I don’t think that will make any diffenrence. China still has not shown it could beat anyone yet in a real In 1979, Chinese said they would teach Vietnam a lesson for getting rid of Chinese-backed Polpot. Chinese invaded Northern Vietnam with an overwhelming force but still lost to a bunch of Vietnamese militia. Carrying home tens of thousands of dead bodies, leaving behind a bunch of prisoners and then never talking about that war again. Was that a victory for China?

  4. Alex, you must be American cs you are really dumb! Little VietCongs are using you and till they faka you in the back, you will still ask for more!

  5. Need to get some cannon folder jobs for those left-overs from S Vietnamese army. Being a troll can’t be their job, unless they get some brain cell transplant.

  6. When they worship Mao or put those dead red guards in a shrine and worship them, then China would have a problem. Japan militarists doing those things to war criminals.

  7. Firstly, let me just make the point that I am against ALL wars, terrorism, barbarism, etc that result in deaths. Secondly, if there IS a war involving China today, the question does have to be asked not only about their army’s combat experience, but the quality of their army’s leadership in the heat of battle. There are rumours that many high ranking officers BOUGHT their promotions – just saying…

  8. China never invaded Philippines, Japan and US did. Taiwan are Chinese. There is no war there. There is no other problems. China borders with most countries in the world. Learn Geography.

  9. I agree that Japan did a bloody massacre in China, but they apologizes
    many times. It’s never enough for Chinese government who feed hate to
    Chinese people against Japanese. Good strategy to focus on Japanese
    instead of the mistakes the Chinese government did. I wonder when the
    Chinese government will apologize for Tienanmen massacre in 1989? Or the
    blood shed of the young Red Guards or the millions of Chinese dead of
    starvation at the Great Leap Forward?

  10. I agree that Japan did a bloody massacre in China, but they apologizes many times. It’s never enough for Chinese government who feed hate to Chinese people against Japanese. Good strategy to focus on Japanese instead of the mistakes the Chinese government did. I wonder when the Chinese government will apologize for Tienanmen massacre in 1989? Or the blood shed of the young Red Guards or the millions of Chinese dead of starvation at the Great Leap Forward?

  11. Vietnam claimed victory in the last of the indochina wars,so did you kicked America’s #$%$? that is only few million viet died and thousands still being born deformed, China went in burnt every Usefull infrastructure in northern Vietnam and delayed the economic development of Vietnam by 10 year is that still a win?if so then you viets have a very different sense of victory.”who ever creates more chaos in Vietnam is the loser:all the viets can do is to take it like a bit@h until the other country got tired beating.

  12. “Everyone knows China can’t beat anyone in a real war.”
    And everyone knows you’re wrong. And you’re comparing a limited conflict (Not a full blown war) between China and Vietnam along their border line back in 1979, and believe that defines what the Chinese military is today in 2015??? Get real!!!

  13. USA’s interference in the region tremendously increases the tension in the region, fearing that a Middle East scenario might happen there

  14. Though Hitler was a corporal in WWI, he directed initial success of the war against Poland, France..In all aspect he was acting as a general, thinking only in military terms. The more you try the better of the outcome. If Hitler had stopped after the initial invasion, Germany would be the only European continental power.
    Can’t blame on the weather or terrain for losing the war. MacArthur told Truman, China would not intervene and the war was won. Boy, he was wrong. The Koreans have no problem with China. With Vietnam, there is love hate relationship with China. China has little problems with other foreign countries.

  15. Funny how Chinese people are allowed to speak freely on Western websites, while China censors it’s internet more than anywhere else ^_^

    Hats off to a nation whose 2nd wealthiest man made his fortune off ripping off ebay, paypal and selling fake copy products on his copied sites^_^

  16. HItler was never a general. The weather destroyed Operation Barbarossa, not the Russians? And the only bad weather MacArthur had, came from the White House. But thats history already. Lets focus on the stupidity of Chinas excursion towards other nations territory.

  17. A parade in China will not cause 1/100th of the tensions that our military exercises cause in the Korean peninsula every single year.

    The article is just a rehash of existing conditions in the area, written for the sake of writing something about China.

    Byrne should focus his time into writing kitchen recipes instead of pretending to write serious prose.

  18. If China and Japan were to combine together and form a more powerful China, then China would have a much easier time taking over any variety of smaller countries. Of course, this may certainly need at least 10 more years, especially to combine military at the same time as technology advancement. Eventually, this more powerful China will become an overwhelming threat to America. This is exactly what happens in my screenplay titled; “The Last President” by Douglas Paige at; driveme89123yahoocom and asking only $2.5 million.

  19. Wherever US goes, there is chaos and war, like night follows the day. US is the de facto the arbiter of the middle east. How good a job the US is doing in there? Asia has been peaceful and developing their economies, shortly after the Vietnam war. Now US pivots back to Asia, expect chaos and war. But US has no appetite for direct confrontation with Russia, China, Iran, or N Korea. Remember Jimmy Carter lost re-election because of lost lives in rescuing the Iran hostages. The key is to find a new “Saddam Hussein” to start a new “Iraq and Iran” war in Asia, then dump him when he does not know his place. Who could be the candidate for that?

  20. Everyone knows China can’t beat anyone in a real war. The Chinese could not beat a bunch of Vietnamese militia the last time they were in a real war in 1979. They are about to make the biggest mistake in their history: make war against the USA and her allies. Chinese love to use the term “teach them a lesson,” but they always ended up teaching themselves another humiliating lesson. As deadly serious as all wars are, it seems like a comedy when Chinese are in them.

  21. China/Pakistan/North Korea i find many similarities in these countries.
    Feeding on War,fear,death no value of innocents.
    On the other hand IS is rising.World is again turning into chaos,at least it has started Doom days.

  22. Unrepentant Japan not only refuse to face up squarely to their WW II crimes, but has continually trying to challenge the international order, by embroiling in making unlawful territorial claims against her neighbors. Such massive military parades in China, and for that matter in Russia are absolutely necessary to deter Japan and her instigator master, the US. Only when they realise their dangerous venture, then only there will be world peace!

  23. I guess you have never been to Northern Europe. Mercedes Benz S class is the most common car seen because all taxi drivers use them. Nothing special. Designed in Germany by the way.

  24. Nation with over 1 billion people and they have only 10,000 soldiers? I’m surprise you even know how to spell “NUKE”

  25. Markov is a Ukrainian troll who are sucking up to Americans, double fist sucking for another financial support from the US.

  26. Vietnamese loses 5 million, usa loses 55,000 dead us troops. Vietnam end up fucked up beyond belief bombed like no other. Agent orange in your rivers producing people with 3 eyes. You call that a win. I am sure when the first bomb goes off you will run like a scared little cat.

  27. Your first statement is correct. China do not have warriors. The have numbers. However, China does not have new weapons. They have new copies of old weapons. The chinese red army never fought the war against Japan. They never had the means and cohesion to conduct an offensive war against the Japanese. It was Chiangs army supplied by the US that did that. The chinese red army was just conducting guerrilla warfare against Chiangs army. However by the end of the WWII, Japans left behind in Manchuria an extensive amount of weapons, which the Russian had control of. In turn Russia turn the whole weapons catch to the chinese red army. It was obvious during the Korean War, chinese regulars were caring japanese weapons. Unfortunately we had a president who thought he was the field commander and fired the General of All Generals.

  28. It’s pointless arguing with a troll reading from Chinese book. This fake nation lost & ruled by Mongolia, Manchuria & Japan, fact. Tried to cross Vietnam’s border in 1979 & 1981 & got annihilated over 40,000 pla without Vietnam pulling main troops back from Cambodia. China’s army is good to pick on country like unarmed Tibet! LOL

  29. What? Are you having a wet dream? Fake China got annihilated 40,000+ against Vietnam in 1979 & 1981. Of course your country don’t tell you that because Vietnam is still there! LOL

  30. Exactly bro. They lost & ruled by Mongolia, Manchuria & Japan, lost to Vietnam in 1979 & 1981. Their army did, however, invaded the unarmed nation of Tibet. LOL

  31. This country had a long history of humiliation for hundreds of years. Giangatic number of army but lost to & ruled by much smaller nations such Kim, Mongolia, Manchuria, Japan. Japan lost the war to the USA, not sick-men-of-the-East. This paper tiger nation stole intellectual ideas & products of other nations, and only bullies small & unarmed nation such as Tibet. The next humiliation for China will not be hundred but thousand of years. Nothing to be worry about this fake nation from the East!

  32. Not so fast. After Desert Storm where western military equipment slaughtered Russian military gear, sales of these items to friendly country soared. All combat proven technology, battle tested. Other countries dumped their Russian junk.

    You need to do some research about Viktor Belenko, the Mig-25 pilot who flew his plane to Japan to defect. Before western countries had examined this plane, Russians said it would clear the skies of western jets, was a whole new day for Russia. However, upon examination it was determined to be inferior to western aircraft. Until the Chinese toys have had a chance in combat, examined and compared to other aircraft, still Chinese toys.

    Lets also not forget China admitted they did not have the expertise to design and build these planes, had to steal tech from western countries to get started. Says volumes about how backwards China is.

    Agree on conflicts. China, having a total rookie military from the top down, is more dangerous. They are too concerned with “Saving Face” than doing what is right. As when the Chinese fighter ran into the US Navy surveillance plane in international airspace and crashed. USA plane landed safely in China.

  33. China is indeed slowly dominating the world.. and you can’t deny that !
    Even the most expensive class in the Mercedes Benz line up, the S Class is and was all designed and manufactured by the Chinese… dig that ! I bet many of you didn’t know that, did you ?? lol

  34. Its just a shell and show off. Those weapons probably don’t work the way it should be. Or you can call it paper tiger with no claws.

  35. Let’s not be naive and console ourselves.China is using the parade to display its military force in order to intimidate SEA nations,japan and the US.Others saying the opposite are kidding themselves or ally of china.From the attendees, you can already who’s who.Like SK will eventually go to china’s side because of NK.China can help in the unification and security of SK.

  36. The U.S. hardly lost Vietnam. Before the end of the war, the country was torn into two and we were fighting the communist Viet-Cong in the North. Last time I checked, Vietnam today, has one of the biggest economies in the Asia-Pacific region, is no longer partly a communist nation and is also a major ally of ours both economically and militarily. I think the 65,000 men who perished in that war would consider their sacrifice worth every penny if they saw how things did in fact turn out. unfortunately the same cannot be said for jung-il and korea.

  37. war is a natural state of being – peacetime is the exception – look at nature, every creature is in conflict – either eat or be eaten. mankind has always battled for resources and power, the only times of peace are times when the power of the time is so strong that they crush any and all competition. As our population keeps booming, war will happen, only question is how far and how damaging will it be.

  38. If you don’t think Obama’s pivot in South East Asia making too much tension, China is only using warm water cooking frogs.

  39. The time past by fast with many new weapon systems now exist in the world. No one could know how weaponry would play out in real world not to mention the war itself including factors such as strategy, economical factors, energy and food supplies, each nation’s alliance force, effectiveness of military personnel and logistics, etc.

    A parade with 84% weapon to show for the first time reveals the fact that there are many others on the drawing board or in experiment. Who knows if war starts, the same weapon showing today would be the ones applied in the battle fields.

    The bottom line is no major war is good for the earth and mankind. Great war has major adverse consequences than ever before among major forces. So all needs to be really careful, try to conserve good things and peace to avoid major military conflicts.

  40. In Korea US did not win anything against a primitive enemy. And US latest loss was in Vietnam. US latest gains were in the Middle East because those countries could hardly fight back. But what had Middle East become after all the US winnings. US finely trained Iraqi army drop their pants and run when they see the enemy from far and most of them were murdered. In the latest Ramadi offensive the even more finely US trained Iraqi army could hardly move forward despite their arsenal of US high-tech weapons which will be used to arm ISIS, as usual. All these scenarios tell us how good the US army is, its their big talk and the media that made them look and feel so good. But in war its the will of the people to decide the outcome, not the soldiers. And for that authocractic China had already won.

  41. We haven’t manage to win a war since world world II and that was practically won by Russia…so what are you talking about it???

  42. That so called non-existent combat experience during the Korean war
    drove US forces from the Yalu river, 25 miles from the Chinese border,
    all the way down to the 38th parallel where the DMZ is now. How much
    combat experience do you think the North Vietnamese had when they
    concurrently defeated a major power, France and a superpower, US, just
    drove them into the sea like a scalded dog. Your kind of common sense
    and anyone that thinks like you is why America is on the brink of total
    economic collapse now.

  43. That so called non-existent combat experience during the Korean war drove US forces from the Yalu river, 25 miles from the Chinese border, all the way down to the 38th parallel where the DMZ is now. How much combat experience do you think the North Vietnamese had when they concurrently defeated a major power, France and a superpower, US, just drove them into the sea like a scalded dog. Your kind of common sense and anyone that thinks like you is why America is on the brink of total decline now.

  44. First, don’t pretend to be an American, troll. Second, are you really that stupid? What makes you think we are trying to win a war in the middle east? If we finished it, we would have to find another place train, work in coordinated efforts with our allied forces, put new weapons to test, etc. The US has a huge advantage over China; when was the last time China fought a war? Our military is well seasoned. Furthermore, it gives us an excuse to spend massively on weapons, without raising too many eyebrows. Lastly, simply search “Afghanistan and opium” and then follow the money.

  45. So US troops are in Iraq and Afghanistan after having defeated their regimes but the Chinese warmongers for having a military parade down the main boulevard in Beijing? You’re an idiot!

  46. I wonder how many soldiers will show up who actually have combat experience? China might have a lot of new weapons (developed by US and Russia but produced in China) but without combat experience they still will have a hard time winning a war.

  47. Guess you must have had brain damage from the Chinese nukes that were tested in the atmosphere and taken by the wind to your neck of the woods.

    You are not very bright; if most of the stuff that you used are ‘made in China’ and they work, why the hell would the arms not work? lol
    You and you ignorance, delusion, arrogance and wishful thinking.

    Idiots like yourself will have to have a Russian nuke drop on your head before you will accept that your ignorance will get you bombed.


    Moscow (TP) Speaking to reporters at the Kremlin, a clearly peeved Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today Russian troops would not march as planned in the September 3rd military parade in Beijing because Chinese parade officials “refused to accommodate a simple request.” The Russian leader left the podium without explanation, but Russian government sources who were not authorized to comment stated off the record Putin had demanded a specially designed parade float of his own modeled after a T-38 tank. The Russian leader planned to ride astride the barrel of the main gun bare-chested wearing the Great Imperial Crown and sequined Speedos, smiling and tossing rubles to the crowd as he floated by. Sources say Putin dickered with Chinese parade officials over the special arrangements for weeks, but President Xi finally lost patience: “Dogs bark, but the caravan moves on,” the Chinese leader was said to have commented. A planned joint mission by the two leaders in a midget sub has been postponed indefinitely.

  49. I recognize China’s contribution to the defeat of militarist Japan. Millions of Chinese of all ages were killed by Japan’s Pacific War of Aggression. The US based B-29’s from China-based airfields until the Marianas were captured (recaptured in Guam’s case) from Japan and used to bomb the island into the stone age. Communist and Nationalist fighters helped downed Allied airmen reach friendly lines, as well as fighting at a disadvantage against the Japanese since 1931. It was a brutal war in Asia.

    The next war in the region is going to be a doozy. Anybody who thinks there isn’t going to be another war over resources in the region is deluding themselves.

  50. ok –the final weapon is device that can shut down all jet engines in flight and rocket engines as well —-no more war ! as in 1976 a Iranian pilot crossed a UFO and had his engines shut down for short time before it recovered able to fly back to his airbase,so it possible it can be done!,you can look this up if you put the time in

  51. Good for them… There is no nation on earth that has not used other countries technology to start or build their own weapons systems.

  52. You can be sure it IS NOT “domestically” invented. It’s all stolen from U.S. military contractors. That means the U.S. knows what’s in it.

  53. No country wants to spend billions on “unproven” military hardware built by a country with zero, nada, zilch, real world combat experience. Basically China has some shiny new toys but no way to prove they are any good against western military tech which has been used under real world combat conditions.

    Think back to Desert Storm and how fast USA military equipment swept aside Russian made junk. Will Chinese gear be any different?

    They will have to cut the price drastically to get any sales.

  54. I never bother to read this article pass the parade photo above …

    Know what? … the writer (Brendan) can even get the photo WRONG!!! It is a Russian parade, and NOT a Chinese parade! What a goof! I suspect his earlier career stint (restaurant work) suits him better!!!

  55. Just the way fascist regimes show it, China needs an ego-boosting parade to feel superior and dominant the same how Russia kicks its own egotistical glorified Soviet style military celebration in Moscow. Filthy nasty warmongering people.

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