China Has Turned Against North Korea: Some Convincing Facts

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There are clear indications that wars had been the primary reason China and North Korea had stayed together for centuries. In the beginning, the Manchuria battle China and North Korea fought against the Japanese Forces became the initial foundation for military and economic alliance between the two countries, as North Korean Army fought fervently alongside Chinese soldiers to drive back the Japanese they both perceived as their common enemy.

This collaboration had possibly led to the Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty signed in 1961, which mandated that in case either of the two countries was attacked by an enemy, the other will mobilize its troops and come to the attacked country’s assistance. China has always shown its resolve to protect North Korea right from the time the latter provoked a war with its southern neighbor, South Korea in 1950, which is popularly referred to as “the Korean War”. But new revelations confirm that many Chinese leaders have stopped seeing that war as an external aggression from outsiders (South Korea, United Nations’ Forces and the US inclusive), but that it was an errant act of offensive primarily perpetrated by North Korea’s yearning for military warfare then.

China’s shifting policies

Over the decades, China has long shifted its policies from fighting enemies to building mutually benefitting diplomatic relationships with many countries around the world. President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972 opened the doors to a flurry of trade agreements that brought the two countries closer than ever before. China also went ahead to rack up trade agreements with Japan, its erstwhile aggressor. Today, there are thousands of Japanese businesses operating in China.

On the other hand, North Korean leaders, beginning from Kim ll-Sung to Kim Jong-il to its current leader, Kim Jong-un, have technically isolated themselves and their people from the rest of the world. Juche, the Korean word for the philosophy of engaging in voluntary isolation, has been widely embraced by the North Korean leaders and their followers: A misleading ideology that had shut the nation away from receiving economic and humanitarian aids from international donors when it badly needed them. Take for example, the deadly famine of the 1990s that killed millions of North Koreans would have been averted if North Korea had put itself in a situation whereby other world leaders will be willing to come to its rescue whenever any unexpected disaster occurred. China still remains the largest supplier of food, energy, clothing and other resources to the reclusive country, and that good gesture may soon be truncated as China battles with its own economic challenges domestically.

For the fact that North Korean leaders have repeatedly refused despite China’s encouragement to open up their country and liberate their citizens, China may be gradually losing interest in the “headache” that is “North Korea” Considering its diplomatic romance with many nations, Chinese leaders can clearly see that keeping their alliance with North Korea is indeed a thorn in their flesh.

Another misstep that have always made Chinese leaders feel quite uncomfortable about their association with North Korea is the latter’s foray into the proliferation of nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction. The reclusive nation has developed its Yongbyon nuclear center to the extent that experts are concerned that North Korea may soon possess missiles with nuclear warheads that could reach South, Japan and the United States. Little information trickling out of the communist state confirms that active uranium enrichment is underway and North Korea has added more centrifuges (about 2000 of them) to its nuclear center that will facilitate this dangerous step. According to David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector, “Kim Jong Un’s regime could already have 10 to 15 nuclear weapons at this point. Pyongyang could increase its stockpile to anywhere between 20 and roughly 100 nuclear weapons by 2020,” he said.

This is an alarming figure for leaders in the region who had witnessed perennial tension in the past decades. North Korea periodically launched long-range missiles into the sea between Japan and South Korea in what experts referred to as “unnecessary provocations”.

Spearheaded by non-nuclear China, serious efforts to resolve this nuclear issue has always hit the rocks due to North Korea’s defiance and repeatedly walking out of The Six Party Talks, which comprised of six nations such as the United States, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan and North Korea itself. It is obvious that the most inscrutable nation in the world has no plan to scrap its nuclear program. Its unwillingness to give in to the recommendations from the Six Party Talks reveal deliberate determination to frustrate every attempt to absolutely rid the Korean Peninsula of all nuclear weapons.

China – South Korea relations, warnings for North Korea

Without cutting its ties outright with North Korea because of the Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty that is still valid until 2021, China has been making some drastic moves to send serious signals to the North Korean leaders. Just of recent, Chinese leaders and business people have been flying in and out of Seoul, enjoying a long-term business relationship that began when China opened its Embassy in South Korea in 1992. There are some trade agreements between the two countries, a large percentage of which are made during the current administration of President Park Geun-Hye, who maintains very close relationship with the Chinese leaders. Today, China has surpassed the United States to become South Korea’s largest trading partner. In the same manner, China has intensified its business alliances with Japan and the United States, two key nations that North Korea perceive as deadly enemies.

China Has Turned Against North Korea: Some Convincing Facts

North Korean leaders have not failed in detecting this change in China’s disposition towards them, and they have responded in the same demeaning way. Whenever a high-level Chinese delegation visits the isolated nation, North Korea will send low-level officials to hold meetings with them. And it is generally believed that Kim Jong-un doesn’t have deep-rooted trust in Chinese leaders.

Now that China has tactically abandoned North Korea to its fate, which nation will they turn to for friendship, military and diplomatic alliances? Russia? Cuba? Or Iran? It almost impossible for any country to throw its gates open and embrace North Korea as an ally. The country’s poor human rights records have caused some world leaders to quickly raise alarm about the inhumane treatment meted on average North Koreans. A report issued by the United Nations castigated North Korea for torturing, maiming and assassinating its people. Of recent, Kim Jong-un executed his uncle for what pundits perceive as an opportunity for the young leader to solidify power in the country. He may have seen his uncle as a possible leadership threat because he knew a lot about the country—he was Kim Jong-un’s father right-hand man.

As the world economies tumble and stagger, it is impossible to speculate exactly the state of North Korea’s economy. Are ordinary North Koreans having access to the basic necessities like food, water, energy, education and health? Or are they still suffering from famine but the North Korean propaganda machine hiding the truth from the rest of the world? No one can tell: But what is undeniable is that Chinese leaders’ attitude to North Korea has changed, and it may get worse if North Korea continues to choose the path of voluntary isolation!

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I have done some book reviews for the a top publisher of books on real estate, management. My articles on geopolitical topics have appeared in several publications, both online and offline. My poems have been published in an anthology and read on popular FM Station in Japan. I have taught English Conversation, Grammar, Reading and ESL in countries like Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia. And I have had experiences teaching at the elementary schools, Middle and High schools and a private university in Asia, apart from some English Language schools. I have masters degrees from top U.S. universities. Milton Mass is a pen name.

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    Or my favorite author, Wei Fu-Ku’m Yung, who wrote ‘Overpopulation in China: Why is it Happening?’

  2. Japan adopted three non-nuclear principles after WWII – non-possession, non-production, and non-introduction of nuclear weapons. They won’t even allow US forces to bring nuclear weapons onto their bases in Japan. They allow only the peaceful use of nuclear technology, which is why they have nuclear power plants.

    Japan’s Constitution doesn’t strictly prohibit the defense-only possession of nuclear weapons by Japan, and that has been pointed out by some politicians who believe that Japan should have at least a few nuclear weapons to act as a deterrent against North Korea. Shinzo Abe repeated that observation in 2002, and it was met with widespread public outrage. There are currently no nuclear weapons in Japan, and public sentiment is strongly against Japan obtaining them.

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  10. From past experience the U.S. being in Korea is for U.S. safety as well as its neighbors it keeps good alliance with. We know we have to be on guard ahead of time and be based worldwide incase another madman decides to invade the world. It is happening now. You have China and Russia together to try and dominate the world forcefully and not peacefully. So if we are strategically based worldwide we have a better chance to win in a military campaign.

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  18. Taiwan isn’t part of the six party talks. China would never sit down at a negotiating table with Taiwan as a co-equal. China considers Taiwan to be a renegade province of China. The only nation that’s participating in the six party talks that doesn’t have or host nuclear weapons is Japan, and they haven’t really “spearheaded the efforts to resolve this nuclear issue”. No single country has, for that matter. The driving force behind to effort to curtail North Korea has been the UN Security Council.

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    5. China and Russia have used this nation for their own plans and will continue, as
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    10. Vietnam is on a path similar to China, of economic growth with democratic nations,
    that have money and know how, so they can grow threw partnerships not military
    North Korea is a puppet nation. They have a one track mind, and it has nothing to do with peace or economic growth. North Korea exports what, besides weapons? Their population is one that does what is necessary to live. Freedom to the population is unheard of.
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  38. I know China does not stand up to the “Rule of Law”, example, his disregard of the Laws of the Sea sanctioned by the International law in Hague. With this, I believe China will disregard his vows to help N. Korea in case of conflict – it is not to the benefit or best interest of China in the “eyes of the world”, covering up for a lawless country like N.Korea.

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  44. Kim Jong-un executed his uncle-in-law, not his uncle. The article’s writer is wrong here. That also means the writer of this article simply don’t have enough knowledge to write about North Korea or North Korean. Be advised in Asian culture an uncle-in-law is more or less a remote person according to the blood-line. An in-law can be terminated as soon as he is found to be someone’s pawn, particularly in the political business. In this case Kim Jong-un’s uncle-in-law was China’s pawn … North Korean has never been happy with China’s claim to North Korean land. How could Kim Jong-un let a foxy uncle-in-law who was so much close to the Chinese live next to him? Best resolution is to terminate him. Kim Jong-un did. To me that proves Kim Jong-un is wiser than many people think. Ask yourself who among the world leaders has a nerve to say NO to Putin of China and to Xi of China. Only Kim Jong-un did. Doesn’t that mean something regardless how bad he was?

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    repeatedly walking out of The Six Party Talks, which comprised of six
    nations such as the United States, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan and North Korea itself.”

    Non-nuclear China? Seriously? Does the author realize that China is one of the five NPT- designated nuclear weapon states? That China tested nuclear weapons from 1964 until it signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1996? That China, while never acknowledging exactly how many nuclear warheads it has, is conservatively estimated to have between 100 and 400 warheads, with some estimates of as many as 3000 warheads in underground tunnels?

    China has not been non-nuclear since the early 1960’s.

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  65. Congrats on picking 3 things and pretending they are the universe. First of all China starved millions of people less than a generation ago. Second of all if you don’t think North Korea has a “real” military you are nothing but a North American size queen. And second of all, if China were quite as pragmatic as you imply they probably would have let Taiwan go about 40 years ago and wouldn’t be antagonizing World trade for the building of a few fake islands.

  66. Congrats on picking 3 things and pretending they are the universe. First of all China starved millions of people less than a generation ago. Second of all if you don’t think North Korea has a “real” military you are nothing but a North American size queen. And second of all, if China were quite as pragmatic as you imply they probably would have let Taiwan go about 40 years ago and wouldn’t be antagonizing World trade for the building of a few fake islands.

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  73. China and NKorea are basically two of a kind..

  74. The Chinese are traditionally the worst of allies, willing to stab anyone in the back if the payday is worth it, and it’s been that way throughout the centuries back to when the dynasties struggled for power. There is danger in leaving NK to its own devices, a cornered and injured animal is always the most dangerous and they could well try something stupid as a last ditch effort for “honor”.

  75. Diplomatic alliances, cultural friendships, military agreements all evolve continuously and change and can not be judged today by yesterdays standards because time brings change 7 decades ago Germany and Japan was our sworn enemy and China and Russia was our allies so the only race we have to worry about and strive for is the human race

  76. China is more about money. China needs to ask itself this question. Would China be better off with a unified Korea under Seoul or do they want to keep it divided with a nut job on their border. Sooner or later The Little Troll is gonna decide he does not need China. With a unified Korea on its border with Seoul as the capitol China has a new trading partner and there would no longer be a need for U S troops in Korea because the Korean War would be officially over. Win win for China.

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