China Threatens U.S. Military Superiority

China Threatens U.S. Military Superiority
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China is constantly increasing the size and boosting the capabilities of its missile force, which is why the U.S. should revise its security and change the way it defends its forces deployed in the Western Pacific to counter the rising threat from Beijing, military experts claim.

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In particular, China poses a great challenge to all major foundations of U.S. military superiority, the former director of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Trey Obering, told an audience in his speech on August 19.

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Ever since the World War II ended, U.S. military superiority has been based on three large foundations, as noted by Obering. U.S. military superiority has been thriving on (1) strategic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, (2) power projection capabilities, and (3) a dominant position in terms of technological advantage in a conflict of any kind.

However, Beijing has adopted a strategy to challenge all three of these foundations U.S. military superiority has been thriving on, according to the expert.

“I believe that China is challenging the United States, specifically targeting our strategic ISR, our power projection capabilities, and our technological advantages with their missile programs,” Obering said at the Hudson Institute, an American think tank.

How does China challenge U.S. military superiority?

The missile expert explained that there have already been indications that China challenges the first (1) foundation by showing the world its capability to destroy earth-orbiting satellites during an anti-satellite missile test in 2007. A similar test was carried out again in 2015, thus raising concerns in Washington.

China is already working on reaching even higher orbits that would allow the country to target “nearly all of our space assets,” Obering added. But that’s just one part of the big problem for the U.S.

Although the U.S. constantly increases the amount of investments it makes into its space programs, Washington lawmakers refuse to view the importance of space the same way they view the importance of land, air and sea when protecting existentially crucial lines of communication, Obering warned.

China challenges the second (2) foundation of U.S. military superiority by developing the DF-21 – a medium-range anti-ship missile commonly called the ‘carrier killer’ that is “clearly and specifically targeted” at U.S. carrier battle groups, which are considered a major factor for deterrence and launching strikes on an enemy when required.

Therefore, China is dramatically boosting its power projection capabilities, since “this missile [DF-21] is a formidable threat which represents very advanced technology,” Obering noted. However, no expert present at the forum could confirm that the integrated surveillance and targeting system has ever been tested in a battle against a target floating in the water.

As for the third (3) major foundation – technological advancements and technological readiness for any kind of conflict – China is eager to not only catch up to the U.S. in terms of its technological developments, but actually get ahead of it, the expert warned.

He also expressed his opinion that China is not even thinking of being satisfied with its current technological developments, it’s rather “moving towards trumping U.S. technological capabilities.”

Providing an example, Obering reminded of China’s recent announcement about four successful tests of its Wu-14 hypersonic vehicle capable of moving at ten times the speed of sound.

“With characteristics of both very high speed and maneuverability, this would be a formidable challenge to any air and missile defense system,” Obering warned, hinting that the U.S. would struggle to counter such a technological development by the Chinese.

U.S. missile defenses cannot adequately counter Chinese threat

As for China’s nuclear capabilities, the U.S. military must be prepared to counter them even though there aren’t any clear indications that Beijing has the “intent” to target Washington with the constantly growing force of its nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), according experts gathered at the Hudson Institute.

Obering noted that U.S. missile defenses cannot adequately counter a possible ballistic missile threat coming from North Korea and Iran, neither can it counter “the increasingly sophisticated threats from China and Russia.”

The expert urged Washington to increase the military budget for the development of new anti-missile technologies such as multi-kill interceptor, powerful lasers and a “space layer.” Besides, the U.S. would benefit from coordinating all of its missile defenses by getting more integrated command and control systems, Obering noted.

However, what the U.S. should be worried about is the growing size of China’s ballistic and cruise missile arsenal, which Beijing can dispatch any second against U.S. aircraft and air bases in the Western Pacific in order to defend its dominance in the region, the experts at the forum warned.

U.S. steps to counter Chinese growing threat

In order to prevent China from gaining the superiority over the three foundations of U.S. military power, Washington must do the following three things, Obering noted.

First of all, the U.S. should change the way it develops and fields missile defense capabilities, thus aspiring to “integrated architectures,” as Obering said.

In order to achieve that, Washington would have to integrate all of its existing capabilities to better coordinate sensors, communications, as well as command and control. In addition to that, the U.S. would have to aspire to integrate missile defense capabilities with offensive capabilities, which would require closer partnership with its allies as well as adopting new strategies, techniques, training and tactics.

“This approach can begin to close some of the gaps and help reduce costs to focus our declining budgets on future investments,” Obering pointed out.

Second of all, the U.S. should bring more life and investments into its technology and science programs and research. Obering also urged the U.S. to invest wisely today to have great capabilities tomorrow.

“We must revitalize that investment,” he said.

Third of all, Obering called for Washington to view space as it is – a ‘territory’ where the U.S. should be ready to “fight and win.”

“As I said, the battle space is growing into space. Failure to understand this reality could hurt us,” he concluded.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Nah, its really just bad competition between Chinas own manufacturers, so called price war, nothing to do with foriegn competitor from the start, this happens in US too.

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  19. Thank you for your wish buddy. My life is great when my life partner cheers me up. LOL.

    Bruce Lee is an American, so his ideas are more like American ideas. LOL. Or I should call that “the intelligence of the entire human race”.

    Despite that I am not fond of Mao, i disagrees to your statement that he is evil because he slaughtered many of my country fellow. In the West, you guys have a phrase called “What millions died that Caesar might be great!”. Mao is great because he slaughtered millions of Chinese lives. Genghis Khan slaughtered many Chinese Han with his army too. So the statement Mao is evil does not hold water. I think Northern Europe is more communism than China in terms of social welfare. China is an evil capitalist insatiably thirsty for money.

    I saw your other posts. I constantly hate the fact that drivers are soooo freaking reckless here. I felt so safe in America when I walk around. People are very nice. I also love the statement “Great power comes with great responsibility”.

  20. Man, you don’t have to reason such things with Michael Feng. He is really brainwashed. LOL. He cannot even barely respond to your question “Why do you think Xi Jin Ping sent his daughter to Harvard University in America. Why do you think thousands of Chinese are in American universities? “

  21. David, Weiss, Feng guy is that type of person who has never been to other countries and believes everything printed in the Chinese textbooks. I believed in that bs for a while. Now I don’t.

    My fellow folks back in China always say “HK is doomed! Without China, HK’s economy is doomed!”

    Then I read some HK-based newspaper and checked the UN statistics. It says ” HK is right next to China in terms of total foreign direct investments”. Well what does this really mean? A little small island comes so close to a giant country. Wouldn’t it be a shame for those who in mainland China feel so proud about their economic miracle??? I feel ashamed indeed.

  22. Yo, feng. I think that you need to spend more time reading “Target China”, which is a great book to read. And guess what, it will be completely a different perspective. Uncle Sam itself might not be able to do anything to defeat or kick China’s butt. But beware that the powerful cabal behind US will do something serious to bury China.

  23. they do they could become a threat and act of desire for human rights and a democracy and have freedom of thought from the Communist regimes demands.

    totally agree. It is fully reflected in the Chinese Education in UK, a BBC documentary video. But yes. It is effective to have a better score but it kills the creativity and individualism.

    Recently, I spent some time reading one of the four Chinese classic novels named “all men are brothers/water margin”. I realize that for the last thousand years, Chinese have not changed much or improved much. The majority of us are constantly selfish. Mao is god? Well to me, nope. He is never viewed as God. To my entire family, including friends from my childhood will not view him as god. I don’t remember seeing Mao’s pictures hanging in any of my family relatives. It is funny to see people from other provinces hanging his picture.

    You are open minded. I have to give that to you. But I think you still jump to the same conclusion that I am to some level brainwashed by the CCP. Nope. They cannot, and will not. After all I have a close friend who is an American, I share my thoughts and my own opinions with this friend. And of course this friend agrees to some of my opinions.
    If you look at people in China, it is chaotic. Nobody really follows the rules. Nobody respects the rule of law, including the police force itself. I got tricked some money from some online scam. then I reported it to the police. the police showed up and took me and my friend to the police station for filing a report. On the way there, the police car broke the traffic rules a couple of times. See? That is why the Chinese civilians will be “what? The authority is breaking the law. Why should I follow?”

    There are many other things that shows most Chinese remain to be peasants, think like peasants, act like peasants, and talk like peasants.

    My Chinese Australian friend brought some Australian technology to China in an attempt to strike a deal with local government for water treatment. Local government officials think like selfish peasants. They said ” nope. These water treatment facilities will put many people out of job. You see, when water quality is improved, do you think that the central government still need a water quality control department? They don’t see such need. We will lose our job. If water quality is improved, do you think that we need to hire some workers to check the river and other water system? Guess that there will not be such need. That will certainly and permanently put an end to their job.”

    But I look at this thing in a different perspective. Nope. In fact, it will create a new job market. Educate people how to make such water treatment facilities/equipment, how to maintain such facilities/equipment. Machines will not always work effectively due to their wear and tear.

    However, but my Chinese Australian friend will not argue about this with local governments, as he will be viewed to insult the “intelligence” of the local government if he shares such perspective with the local government.

    That is why I constantly and persistently scream at certain Chinese news “peasant thinking!”

  24. That is because you talk to those idiots who are heavily brainwashed by the Chinese government.

    History is written by the winner. I am living in China as a Chinese national. To celebrate this victory day, well, in fact, I did not really enjoy that much. US, UK, and Russia kicked Japan’s butt. Well, it is true. But without the Chinese holding the Japanese for a very long time, let’s say Japan conquered China, and every Chinese would speak Japanese now. Guess what would the next move for Japan? Japan would go after America. China stalled Japan’s great plan for 14 years until US invented the nuclear bomb.

    Mao slaughtered millions of Chinese, which is true. But nobody will dare to talk about that in the public, as nobody wants to get into trouble. I don’t want to get into trouble, and stay low profile.

    But if you read the Chinese history, who didn’t do that? Almost each emperor in China slaughtered many Chinese lives. Did that make these emperors evil? Think about that. Plus, in the West, there is such phrase called “what millions to kill so Caesar can be great”. Mao wanted to be Caesar, I guess.

    Each time you talk about Chinese being brainwashed, have you ever thought about the possibility of being brainwashed by Uncle Sam?

    For example, if you apply for admission to any US university, they usually ask you the same question :”did your parents study in our university? did any of your direct relative study in our university?” If your answer is yes, it is more likely that you will be admitted. Why? that is called “connections”. Have you ever thought about that before?

    I recommend you read the book ” Target: China: How Washington and Wall Street Plan to Cage the Asian Dragon” by F William Engdahl. It is a very interesting book.

    I guess most people will never look at Uncle Sam the way as F William Engdahl describes. Even most Chinese will never think about that.

    You can label me as a 50 paid troll or whatever. The truth is that I am not. and Now i will get back to read Target: China.

    I think the American TV shows, called the blacklist, and Prison Break, actually are both trying to tell the American public that there is an invisible hand behind the US government.

  25. I would never live in the South again, unless you got rid of the humidity.
    Where I live in California is the Northern part. The beaches up here are clear, clean and cold. Smog up here is no where what it is in San Fran, below the Grapevine or San Joaquin Valley. I live where their is not shortage of water. We have billions of care feet of under ground water that is recycled to grow food.
    As I have stated before, this draught is only effecting areas that receive their water from rain or snow. Gov. Fairy Brown has made No effort to construct new water storage areas. Neither has most of the libs in the State Legislature. All they cry is conserve. He is wasting money for his dream train to NO WHERE, instead of finding places to store more water. It will rain again and have snow. When the big storms happened in the past only about 3% of the water water was able to be stored because not any new water storage. Most of the water went into the Pacific Ocean.
    The real reason for the draught is because the no morals rulings of the government leaders with their ruling. God told the population this would happen should people not keep His commandments. We are living in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ. Before He returns He will cleanse the earth with fire. Global warming is the religion of Al the Gore. The earth is changing because of the prophecies of God Prophets. All through the scriptures it told of these happening, for God to be God, all the prophecies He gave His prophets have to happen, otherwise God would not be God he doesn’t LIE.

  26. Julius Rosen, Gooday!
    Do you happen to have clearance for the exact number of Patriot Missile Batteries?
    The last word I had, the exact numbers were not given. Back in the first Gulf War, 1991, the U.S. Military had the numbers you post.. I know those numbers have increased and their are more ships with the Aegis Missle Systems now, as well.
    It doesn’t make any difference how many this or that the militaries of the world have. Everyone knows that very little if anything will be left after an all out nuclear exchange.
    As things stand now all of the nuclear powers have direct communication lines with each other. They talk each situation through and find a way to avoid having the nukes used. They all know what will happen to mankind should someone order a launch. My big concern is when Iran is on-board. They have nut heads at the top, with no lines of communications, but that will be changing shortly thanks to Obama Yo Mama and his gang from Chicago and the idiotic deal they have. Neither house of Congress will approve it by the numbers necessary to do so. Senator Chuck Schumer is leading the call in the Senate for a NO vote.He will not be swayed by Obama.
    If the NONE deal goes through 5-7 years before Iran launches against Israel. That will be the first nation to get it. Then the domino effect starts. I also don’t believe that will happen
    either, because too much is at stake.
    Another area of defense that you are leaving out are the laser weapons. Those numbers are hush hush. Maybe you have better intel than most other people and again those numbers have never been identified either.
    Most world leaders are well aware of what will happen to the world if nuclear war happens, so I am not worried in the least. Then again I can be way off, not perfect in anyway shape or form.

  27. My biggest issue is when bureaucrats try to sell the idea of using bonds to cover expenses.

    Case in point. Moonbeam pushed his $7.5 billion dollar water bond proposal. What no bureaucrat will ever tell you is the bond’s interest rate, total interest paid, total pay off amount and length of payback.

    For his $7.5 billion dollar bond, 40 years to pay back at $360 million per year = $14,400,000,000.00. (Posted to NBCbayarea . com, Nov 4, 2014)

    Basically tax payers are on the hook for an extra $7.5 billion because the state can’t manage their own budget.

    What I want to see is a new state law requiring any bond issue to show cost of the bond, total payoff amount, total interest, payoff time. Example $7.5b/$14.4billion/$6.9b/40 years. Be honest, be up front. Quit ripping off tax payers.

  28. We have 15 battalions – each consists of 4 batteries of which each battery has 6 missiles – Do the math 15 x 4 x 6 = 360 potential anti missiles .

    what else we got to stop them icbms ?

    and I am not even thinking of long range bombers or the potential ships with short range nuke cruise missles china / Russia have probably hidden in old container ships . – what ten minute warning isn’t enough for you ??????

  29. China is doing what we would do – build an armed force to PROTECT its citizens assets – period.
    How many countries have they nvaded versus USA ?

  30. Heres a good one. I live in florida , my taxes PER CAPITA are
    Florida $ 1,708
    California $3,025

    50% more where you live / My beaches are clean and free and my highways aren’t crowded like yours . Nor smog filled air !
    SUggest you move ….

  31. Of course they raise rates , How come ratables ( new construction ) goes up every year but they try to raise taxes ???? We have more ratables and basically the same real costs – excluding fire houses, police. etc . The parks , and town halls are the same costs every year …..

  32. So do you realy think if Russia fired 1,000 icbms at once ( 20% ) – we would have enough patriots etc to knock em all down ? Even if only 105 got thru – thats about 200,000,000 million dead.

  33. U should f*k urself. Did China invade Japan in WW2, No, Did China invade Iraq, No, American did. Steal and lie is all you know, If you are in America, you should get out, back to where you come from, you mother f*k ass. By the way, get some education first, everyone can talk like sh*t, Be nice, you need education.

  34. English are the most evolved language? Hahahahahaha, LMAO! You obviously know only english dont you? The are words in many language in which english cant even find a suitable translation for, english is a relative young language and easy to learn(meaning that its not very evolved), Britain is the one to credit for its spreading.
    Also, all of americas invention are based on other inventions that came before and were invented by someone else, somewhere else, you didnt reinvent the wheel, you merely added on. Any country that are the richest in the world will get the most invention at the time, as simple as that, many of the so called american invention are due to foreign born talents and foreign developed theory, all the way until sthe begining of the 20th centry USA was considered a backward country technologically and just copied european invention and designs, so why dont you get over yourself for once!

  35. In Noway does China subsidize more than US and Europe, get that straight buddy, the low cost of good are due to low cost of production and harsh competition within China, not due to competition with US campanies. The chinese market is what saved car brands like Buick and GM, US are using its tech and financial advantage to undercut China everywhere, trying hard to destroy Chinese tech companies.

  36. Look at the graph “US federal debt as percent of GDP by presidential party from 1940 to 2014” in Wikipedia. Obama raised the national debt by ~40%. So did Rygan and GHB. That 40% in 1980s should outnumber Obama’s 40% today.

  37. Hey stupid one! Electric guitars were not developed in the Middle East. Rock and Roll and the music you hear on Chinese radio all originated from Black and white American composers and musicians, Where do you think mobile phones, computers, internet and electricity were first developed? U.S. Wowwww! China invented fireworks. We could live without them. Where do you think the use of atomic energy originated? U.S. Where do you think the first talking movies developed? U.S. Where do you think light bulbs were invented by Thomas Edison? U.S. Where do you think cars and motorcycles were developed? Why do millions learning to speak English in China if you bash American’s so much? Because it is the most highly evolved language in the world. Where do you think T.V.’s and radios were first developed as well as recording technology? U.S. Who was the first to land on the moon? Thomas Edison developed the first recording technology. Alexander Graham Bell developed the first phone in U.S. etc, etc. etc. You accuse the west of damaging China? What a joke. We didn’t make you pollute your environment with industry with no pollution control. 4000 Chinese every day are dying fro air unfit for human survival. They are dying prematurely. More than half your men smoke cigarettes. When I was in restaurants I got sick because of poor ventilation and the amount of second hand smoke. We didn’t force you to do that. China is so reckless and mismanaged that it would have ben better that you stayed poor without modernization coming from the west. You are committing environmental suicide and you will never reverse it. It is that serious. It was like putting a gun into the hands of children and very dangerous.Chinese are genetically and ethnically unable to comprehend a safe living standard in a high tec modernizing world. Your pollution is drifting through the entire world and destroying our planet. When there are a few humans left by the middle of the century, history will state that China was the biggest catalyst in the doom for the human race. China will be wiped out first by the millions . Cancer has already increased 40% in 4 years because of toxic food, water, and air in China. You are such a liar to yourself that you won’t even admit that your own mismanaged Commy dictators are destroying China in a reckless industrialization. Who forced you to play rock and roll? what western culture made you watch TV and drive cars and use mobile phones? You chose to, so don’t be irresponsible and so f***ing so immature like a child. immature. Have a little dignity. When I was in China, I see stores selling cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to 13 year olds. That’s not legal in western culture. We protect children. Now Chinese have a little wealth and there is an epidemic of alcohol poisoning in the hospital emergency rooms. They are over eating red meat that is ruinngg their health. Did western culture make Chinese do all these things against their well being? China has to take full responsibility for their reckless actions. You probably won’t because you live with your head up your a** and believe Chinese are the superior race on earth. My advice to you is to stop masturbating your mind and getting so sexually aroused because you are Chinese. I am neither an American or Russian or Hungarian . I am a man and so are you. If you can comprehend this then you could promote truth and world unity. You have a childish mind like always playing this game, “Chinese are on the top and everyone else is on the bottom.” Be a man and get back to traditional Chinese Taoism where higher sense of reasoning. Ever since communism forced your religious practice into oblivion by force, Chinese have become mindless and lack the wisdom and logic that your ancestors once taught openly.

  38. We try. Some have such mind control over their voters they come back like a disease. We need term limits of 8 years for everyone. Term over, you can never, ever work for government in any paid or volunteer capacity, can’t lobby. Nothing. Just like a baby diaper. Full of it, needs frequent changing.

    Once elected, they forget their promises, main job is to take care of #1.

  39. The $ amount is immaterial. China has twice the army size we do and in 10 years will have built up a navy and airforce equal to us , based on 1/4th the budget.

  40. I certainly don’t beleive it – Obama created over 8 trillion in deficit in 6 _+ years . While the entire deficit from 50 years only reached 8 trillion. . This is with the lowest interest rates ever .

  41. and yet you block USA made automobiles and place huge tariffs on them . Not one China manufacturer of Auto’s is sold in USA >

  42. you are right about Communism. I dont remember those “nowhere” part at all. Well, but i disagree with the propaganda part. They cannot successfully brainwash everyone. Some will think about things and look at things from a very perspective. Chinese economy is never good from my perspective. Most people in my hometown prefer to gamble on an illegitimate lottery, wishing to make some quick money. Nobody is serious about making a big business. I believe in a true free market. But guess what the Chinese communist (which I start thinking that it is fake) textbook says? It says “commoners know nothing about economy. the government is obligated to regulate the market. The government knows better.” If you look at such comments, you will have a good laugh. If they knew better, there wouldn’t be any explosion like the Tianjin one. ROFL

  43. So what guitars are from west?(its not, its from middle east actually) Gunpoweder are from China, paper are from China, firework are from china, pressiron are from china, arent you still using it? The entire renaissance were actually using muslim technology and inventions capture after the defeat of muslims in spain, not much of it was originally west, the science behind light and camra photography are also a muslim invention, most mathematic theory too.
    China got its own complete instrument for music too, western cultural invasion are the thing that damaged nit only China but countless countries and people around the globe.

  44. Chinese system encourage capable leader that comes alltheway from grassroot that worked they way up to the leadership by merits and through tough competition, something your countries system obviously never heard of, Obama and Bush jr were hardly merited to even be a major by chinese standard.

  45. Go get your medicine. i highly doubt that you have ever lived a day in China, let alone going into wildness, I personally however have, and have also seen tones of wild animals, you are crazy and making up things, plain and simple.

  46. I can simply show you satellite pictures of mass forest in China to prove that you are lying or been severely missinformed if you want.
    Sure large metropolis in China have bad air quality, but china is more than just cities, also its hardly as bad as you are trying to describe it. About 8900000people dies in china every year including natural cause and accidents, 14600000dies prematurely are just BS tbh. And even if true its just a tiny fraction compared with 1.4billion population, absolute number have no meaning, only %does, and China does NOT have a higher than normal cancer rate compared with west, metropolis like Shanghai have a average much higher life expectancy than the average US citizen. Now that is facts. You are been dellusional in believing how bad China is, you can say what ever you want about ccp but its better than the democratic India in pretty much everything, higher life expectancy, higher nr of educated population(alot higher), better industrial capability and innovation, better living condition, better enviroment condition(yes better air quality even according to UN reseach), better right for women, better support for poor people and countryside, better infrastructure for everything and better sanitation system, what fo you have to say about that?
    And all the friend US got are bought with money, what real friend does US really got? Israel? Britain? Or the defeated and occjpied Japan? Heh!
    China have friendly countries who like us for who we are, how do you think that china got the UN security c permenent seat from the nationalist Kuomintang in Taiwan province? By a vote in the UN congress which included all countries on this planet, US tried to stop it but failed badly. Talk about friend.

  47. Tibet has been part of China for over 700years, get your fact straight. Dalai lama only started to rule tibet after the Qing emperor Qianlong supported the 6th Dalailama, before that Dalailama title holder was nobody, China hade a 2000men strong garrison permenently station in Tibet all theway until the collapse of the Qing dynasty at 1911. China never invaded Tibet, unlike US invaded the native american land and mexico and hawaii. Now that is evil.

  48. China is hurting us economically and their severe pollution is drifting worldwide. They are attacking us as cowards through cyber espionage. If w stopped importing from them we would have jobs back in America.

  49. re an atheist who has no education in what even the great virtues of human are. When you can reply to me with the answer, then we will talk about heaven and hell. Your parents never taught you what is moral or immoral because you believed Mao Zedong was God. God never dies and Mao’s body is a rotten corpse. I visited China and the air and water and food is unfit for humans. It is a reflection of hell on earth. 4000 Chinese die every day prematurely from toxic air. I would say you are living in hell because that is what you deserve, I was in wilderness in China and never saw a bird or animal.

  50. Before your big Chinese army cuts a fart your cities will be leveled. The Army is so corrupt in China that the Vietnamese sent 60,000 Chinese home in body bags and China lost. So if a little mouse like country and kick your ass, I have no doubt that anyone else could. Your so called army is made up of poor malnourished country men who were in poverty that half of the men in China smoke cigarettes and would loose their breath like a paper dragon to fight a war you ever read about the corruption in the military where you have incompetent men as commanding officers. China has no experience in wa

  51. Make sense. American’s aren’t members of ISIS. Where have you been brainwashed? Stop being a cyber coward and tell us who you really are and where you live and who you work for. You are making Chinese people appear really stupid with your comments. I us to be a liar and a cheat like you and Make C. So I know that you are a liar and a thief trying to steal the truth from people who read the garbage you troll out. I am a cyber policeman and I just revealed who you are hiding behind an English name. You have no guts to tell the world who you are. So maybe the CCP will not pay for your tuition now because your thesis in college will fail because you flunked Communist Lying 101

  52. Then get the f*** out of Tibet and many other border provinces that you invaded and go home. The Roman Empire eventually fell because they invaded territory all the way to U.K and far east as part of India. No tyrant ever won a war. Look at what happened to Hitler. 60,000 Chinese went home in body bags after they tried to take land from Vietnam and China never succeeded in 1979. Why don’t they try and promote peaceful coexistence with their neighbors? They have Japan, India, U.S. and other countries up in arms preparing for a war that China provoked. No one invaded and threatened China. Chinese only know how to be barbaric in their actions. Steal and lie is all they know. If you are in America then go back to your polluted environment inn China and die young. 1,460,000 die every year prematurely because of bad air according to the WHO World Health Organization.

  53. Shut up you lying communist! Your a commy chimp whose brain is enslaved by an evil government. If they told you that you were an ass, you would be acting like an ass instead of having the freedom of thought and self discovery by looking in the mirror. Empty of rational logic. Maybe you don’t understand human reasoning, so I will say this to you. Hee Haw Hee Haw He Haw ASS! Sorry I am not fluent in assism.

  54. There is no such thing as true communism. It’s a utopian idea that is impractical in the world of greed. Nowhere does Karl Marx state in his manifesto that a society should be run by a dictatorship with no human rights. Although he said, “Religion is the opiate for the people,” He did not say to destroy churches and Buddhist temples and deny people freedom of religion as the CCP does in China. Nowhere did he say to torture human rights activists. Nowhere did he authorize corruption. Mao Zedong brainwashed 2 generations into believing the CCP is God through massive media propaganda. Nowhere does he say that government should be ruled by the gun, Nowhere did he say to kill millions of Chinese during a revolution. Now here does he say that corruption should be permitted. Former Hu Jin Tao’s family secretly hid billions of dollars. Communism is suppose to be a classless society, but there is a big gap between the slave labor in China and the rich. Communism fell apart in Russia because it is not practical and many people suffered from the oppression and loss of human freedom. China stating that it is a socialist communism is like telling the world 1+1 = 3. Karl Marx sated that to work for another person is slavery and that capitalism is bad. But look at China. They have become almost a capitalism. They though if they controlled every aspect of the corporate world without free enterprise that their new system of dictatorship over the economy would work. It didn’t. It is failing now because true capitalism means free enterprise. And the CCP refuses to admit it, and that is why the economy is faltering badly. Domestically, consumers in China can’t afford the over inflated cost of homes or any high tec things. I have seen retail stores closing down and vacant. China has to depend on foreign exports because they are robbing the Chinese and no one can afford to buy, RIght now China is indirectly causing the entire worlds economy to fall apart, and when we stop buying from China, then Chinese economy will worsen. I can by a computer in U.S. 30% cheaper than in China. Many imported items in China are 3x higher than in America

  55. What rock did you crawl out from under? You have been brainwashed and hidden from the truth in darkness under a rock. Just look on the internet and study true history. China is still labeled the highest population in poverty on earth second is India. Only communist leaders and corporate masters became rich in the last 30 years. I lived in China long enough to see the truth. Don’t make an ass out of yourself with such a foolish comment. There are 700 million in abject poverty in China. They have a very poor educational system behind western countries 75 years. I know I taught in Chinese middle schools. Why do you think thousands of Chinese that have some wealth now choose American colleges over Chinese? If it wasn’t for the world welcoming China into the World Trade Organization, the entire population in China would be in poverty. Stop trolling out you commy trash and have some self dignity and share the truth. You are an embarrassment to the Chinese people to troll out lies and give them a bad name. Have some self respect.

  56. You must be very sick? Do you, your mouth need to clear up. How many years have you not see a doctor, oh forget, you never see a doctor, that is the reason you are so FK sick, mentally sick. You have no knowledge of Cyber attack, Xi or not, Commis or not, not my business, they can die, or live, I don’t care. I care you little fk cheap idiot living in this country, take my tax money, and speck sick mind, you should fk yourself with dirty mouth. I see you comments a lot place, you must been paid 50 cents to do those comments, d

  57. So American Labeled with Republic and Democrat didn’t violate of human rights? So why African American hate white cop, why white cop kills more of blacks other than white? You are so biased. You believe American not run by dictatorship? Look those presidents, look the history, there are always run by big 5 families in USA. Face it!

  58. Who in their right mind wants Chinese land? They destroyed it . THEY HAVE DEFORESTED IT AT AN UNPRECEDENTED RATE. It’s so polluted that you have to go to wilderness to get good air and water. They dump nuclear waste in Tibet and treat the land like a garbage dump. Respect for international laws is what the whole world does to create unity and peace. Is it wrong to steal in China? Yes. Is it against the law anywhere on earth to steal? Yes. There are universal principles that apply to everyone. You are trying to tell me that China is right and the entire world is wrong following international maritime regulations. If so you then believe that China has a right to tell the world what it should do according t China’s demands. If your CCP told you that you were an and you had to act like an you would do it. You have no free will and are a mindless robot. China is barbaric and uncivilized. If the U.S. stopped importing from China China’s economy will really start to fall apart worse than it already is. Philippines asked China to resolve the tension but China refused. China is part of the U,N council so stop using the wild card accusing the U.N of being partial and non supportive to China. You are so ethno centric and believe China is a superior nation theta everyone must kiss their a** TO DO THEIR BIDDING. SORRY BUT THERE ARE MORE democracies in the word than communists and we don’t live under a dictatorship from China and become mental slaves like you.

  59. You are the rest of the worlds concerns and have no sense of unity. No one on earth has a good relationship with CCP. THE Chinese ARE GREAT PEOPLE BUT THE FEW MILLION COMMUNIST TROLLS LIKE YOURSELF HAVE NO REGARD FOR Universal virtues that use to even be in Chinese tradition. The CCP is a weak uncivilized order that can’t even protect its own people from a severely polluted environment. And you call that a big great leadership. I was in wilderness in China and never saw a bird or animal. EXTINCTION FOR CHINA IS IMMENENT. 4000 people die prematurely every day because of severe pollution of air. You name is on the list young man. Do you think you are invincible? Cancer has increased 40% in China in 4 years. You call that something to brag about? There is a difference between good and bad. The most polluted place on earth is China. Did you ever hear about their cancer villages? Young people are dying at an early age because of polluted water and food with toxic levels of pesticides in it. In this civilized world the entire world has agreed on territorial and maritime regulations that keeps peace. Now China has a big dick masturbate their minds because they have a little power and thinks they have a right to disrespect what the entire world agrees on. I was recently in China. There are ghost cities deteriorating. I get sick every time I overstay because of food unsafe for humans and bad air. Malls are closing down because the retail business is so bad. I can buy computers and other high tech products in U.S 3x cheaper. You are being robbed. If the U.S. stopped importing from China, your economy would fall apart further. Your stock market is crashing. 60,000 Chinese moved to America in one year because they want to get the hell out of hell in China. The only thing nice about China is touring remote areas of wilderness, If you go to Beijing you will get sick from bad air. Why the hell do you see so many Chinese wearing surgical masks? You call that a new big guy in town? Don’t make me laugh. There’s the big good guy and the big bad guy who bully’s small countries around like China does. They committed a genocide of 1.2 million TIBETANS AND KILLED MILLIONS OF Chinese DURING THE REVOLUTION. DO YOU CALL THAT GOOD YOU BRAIWASHED MORON. BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ATHEIST YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND BAD IS. YOU ARE LIKE A MONKEY IN A CAGE and if the CCP told you you were an ass you would believe it because you haven’t got a free will to look in the mirror an discover who you really are. You are like a blind sheep being led to slaughter of your mind body and soul. Why do you think there is a massive migration of Chinese to Canada and U.S.? Unless you have a logical answer do not reply to this comment because you will just twist the truth. If you don’t know any Chinese that have moved to U.S. THEN YOUR OPINION IS GARBAGE BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST OPINIONATED AND GUESSING. I use only facts. You are just making an a** out of yourself and making Chinese look stupid with your comments You are such a basket case that you would try and tell the world the sun is out at night time. YOU LACK COMMON SENSE BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED TO WORSHIP YOUR COMMY TYRANTS AND KISS THEIR BOOTS LIKE THEY ARE INFALLIBLE GODS.

  60. US arent even the biggest market for chinese export nowdays, it was never among the top 3 investor in China, yet people still cluelessly claim that Chinas success was all dur to US…..
    China are the nr 1 export destination of american goods outside of the northamerican continent, are the fastest growing export target of amerian goods, how amny american relies on China to get a job already now?
    Trade goes both ways.

  61. It US that want to kill the golden chicken, not China, isnt China thats been waiving the club and showing muscle in the othersides back yard.

  62. Sry, but China have always been the richest and most advanced nation on the planet, at least for the most part of the past 2000years. Get your fact straight.

  63. Nobody is more narrow minded than you, as you only look for flaws on the other side, but refuse to take a look at your own image in a mirror. You think you can get away with everything you have done because your side control the media propaganda mashine of the world. But fact is fact, history will be the judge.

  64. Philipine refuses bilatral talk but instead trying to antagonize China further by using media tricks, we all know those west headed court are biased against country like China and Russia, further mkre they tender to favor smaller country, but most importantly, it lacks any jurisdiction over the matter, the UNESCO maritime treaty was only started after the 1970s, a treaty that USA didnt even sign on even today. I will ask here again how can a treaty that was signed almost 40years after Chinas official claim on the SCS to RETROACTIVELY,I repeat RETROACTIVELY put any claim on a land? Why dont you answer me this first instead of your obviously highly national self-interested opinion based comments.
    And compromise goes on both side, what you have been asking is not a compromise but rather a Chinese one sided capitulation, what dont you get your head clear and stop the dreaming, want to take chinese land? Playing word game or trying to find holes in the international rules and laws is not gonna have any effect, better come with an armata, but be aware, you may lose far more than what you intent to get!

  65. Noone likes China? Who liked you? China are the new big guy in the town, of course people are scared, not because what China have done but because China is china. And thise so called international rules are made without China nor does it consider chinas intrest, as US have shown in the case of IMF and world bank,those rules are also made up by force and coesion using the military power of the west as a base. China is not a pawn on the brick, it have every right to demand changes. You dont have to like it, but its gonna come anyway, unless the current order let China in fully, it will have to change, as I said, like it or not, doesnt matter.

  66. Cry us a river! What China did is fully rightous, and spare me the hypocritical and biased BS you have been wtiting here pls. China is merely protecting its own oil rig when Vietnamese were trying to attack kt, the vietnamese have been using ramming tactic for quite some time now, only they boat were less advanced and oftern couldnt turn as fast, the oli rig are in area that are absolutely controlled by China since decades ago, was never in vietnamese controlled part! It was a big invasion by the vietnamese side and an antagonization, Vietnamese have been using American and russian oil rigs trying to find oil in disputed areas long before China did, and now that China are doing the same its suddently chinas fault?

  67. Some of your statement is true and some is ignorant. For instance, China spends more money a year on alternate energy than any country in the world. When a population of a billion plus people industrializes you are going to cause some environmental problems. But they are actually trying to solve it, their effort certainly cannot be questioned.

  68. How can I refuse to face the truth. I am just simply saying that there are also gang problems in China. If you dont see them here, that is because you are living in a safer area in China. When I was back in high school, literally my parents stopped me from playing with other classmates or strangers outside the school, alleging that they might be drug dealers luring me into an abyss.

  69. China killed millions of its own people during their revolution. They killed more than the Japanese did when they invaded China. They slaughtered 1.2 million Tibetan people. They are killing their own people now because they never enforced environmental laws so the air and water is safe. 4000 Chinese die everyday prematurely because of bad air in 99% of the cities. This is according to the demographic research by the WHO World Health Organization. So China has been at war against its own people. Killing their environment and the people. Did you know the government allows toxic levels of illegal pesticide in food making it unfit for humans? Because of industrial contamination 70% of the rice in China is not safe and the wealthy import their rice from Japan.

  70. Anything labeled communism has always eventually failed because of severe violation of human rights. I had family that use to live in communist Russia and it was hell. The communist party and supporters are only a few million. in China. And you are one of those trolls. I lived in China for 5 years and the people are good people. They are even nicer than majority of American’s. The dictatorship of communist rule are a whole different breed. You cannot rationally and logically compare the communist dictatorship to the people. The people are not allowed to give any approval or any disapproval of what their slave masters in the CCP do in their policies. There is no democracy. If you speak against government you will be jailed, tortured, or executed. Communism is not real. it’s just a label some mindless idiots put on a tyrannical dictatorship run by a dynasty of elitists. Xi Jin Ping is a big joke. He doesn’t want any western influence in China but everything they have since being modernized came from western culture. Even Marxist idea of communism originated in Europe. When a fool speaks they reveal themselves as a fool. Even the music rock and roll today in China is all western influence, GUITARS DRUMS, VIOLINS AND PIANOS CAME FROM THE WESTERN CULTURE.

  71. All China is inventing is what was stolen through corporate cyber espionage. They never invented anything original. They are all counterfeit copies of western inventions. The only thing they are inventing by piracy and copy are weapons of mass destruction and military technology they got from Communist Russia Russia and stole from the U.S. You wouldn’t even have a computer or internet access if it wasn’t for this U.S. invention. You wouldn’t even have electricity or a light bulb not to speak of a mobile phone. Your university standards are very poor compared to America. Why do you think Xi Jin Ping sent his daughter to Harvard University in America. Why do you think thousands of Chinese are in American universities? China violates patent laws from other countries. They are plagiarists. If China had so many great inventions why aren’t they sold in the U.S? Because we wouldn’t wipe our with it. Put the shoe on the other foot when you talk about cooperation. China forces people to cooperate. Learn your English meaning of the word. Don’t you think China should also cooperate and bring some evidence to the U.N and peacefully meet with the entire world and prove their claim to the entire S, China Sea instead of threatening war with anyone who gets in their way? To avoid war you talk about it. This is common sense you seem to lack. If I met you on the street and I didn’t like you pushing all the small children around in the neighborhood, would you rather talk about it or would you want me to kick your back to China? Look up the meaning of the word “Bully.” When you know the meaning then reply to me and tell me I am right you mindless idiot. I pity you. You are like a monkey in a mental cage being fed bananas by the CCP to perform stunts for them on the internet. You are a very poor liar dude. Get a life.

  72. If China refuses to negotiate and compromise with all it’s neighbors who disagree with China’s actions, whatever recourse is there accept military? Philippines asked China as wells as the U.N. to come to the table and talk but China refuses . If they are right about their claims why are they afraid of producing evidence so there is peace and not tension with all its neighbors? It is obvious that China is lying and are trying to be dishonest in their dealings. Why do you think no one likes China? They are separatists from the world and trying to demand that everyone violate international law. China has an oil drilling operation off the coast of U.S. If we changed international maritime and territorial laws like China is doing, we could tell China to get the f* out of our waters because we say so. The entire world respects the international laws but China refuses. China is stealing fish and fishing vessels from Vietnamese who have been fishing in the S. China Sea for centuries. They are ramming and sinking Vietnamese boats and shooting water canons at them. If you don’t call that aggression and a military action, don’t wast everyone’s time with your stupid comments. You are making the CCP and yourself look worse than you already are.

  73. Yes you are narrow minded because all you think about with your ethno centric mindlessness that only China has a right to do what they want and by force threaten all their small neighbors because their penis is bigger than everyone else. DID YOU EVER HEAR ABOUT SHARING INSTEAD OF TAKING EVRYTHING YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON? I WAS IN CHINA AND I SAW THEM destroy a church and take crosses off the roofs of churches and make the people cry. I saw a Buddhist temple vandalized by CCP authorities. Do you call that religious freedom? If so you are one sick mother f*****. I made a mistake in one of my replies to you. 4000 Chinese die prematurely every day in China from severely polluted air. That is 1 million 460 thousand a year. this was a figure established through research by the WHO World Health Organization which has members in China and all over the world. Cancer has increased 40% in 4 years in China because of contaminated food with illegal and toxic levels of pesticide as well as contaminated water and air pollution. If your beloved CCP cared about their own people this would not have occurred. I taught in the schools there and their educational system is behind western high standards 70 years or more. Don’t make an a** out of yourself. 60,000 Chinese families gave birth to their child in U.S. in one year to gain citizenship legally. Canada and U.S are overwhelmed with the massive migration of Chinese who can’t stand living without human rights, clean air, better education and health care. 99% of the cities in China are below air quality considered safe for human life. Do you call this good government management for the Chinese people’s well being? The monks in the Buddhist temples are not permitted to teach about Buddha’s teachings. they are restricted by the CCP to ritualistic prayer repetition. Do you call that religious freedom? You are certainly a mindless idiot with the IQ of an infant.

  74. Yes, I read news. About Land Rover case, it is copy and paste. No question about. So Apple, it copy and paste Samsung’s design. those companies response to investors, not government.
    I don’t like it, but for Hack the US personnel files, I don’t believe it, because my job is deal with cyber security, there is no way someone hack the server from government level, it is just too stupid to do it. Also if it does, it has no way to trace it. because they don’t have to do it inside China, but somewhere outside of China, then how do you know it is Chinese do it, because that is US government want public to think that way. You have no knowledge about it, so don’t make it up because someone say so. News are not evidence. Corp level attack? maybe, it all over the world, from one to another, you may think US didn’t do something like it, actually they do all the time. You just don’t know.

  75. Mike C: Have you been reading the headlines? What did China do with Land Rover Evoque? Did you miss the news about the US Govt Personnel files being hacked? What did the headlines said who did it? If these are not evidence, what is? If you missed these news or just simply tries to be blind about it, then you should shut up so that your ignorance could remain hidden.

  76. Yet, everyone who says something good about China, they are communist. Are you nuts, or stupid enough think everyone opposite your idea, they are communist. “Communist” is just name, wake up, people who not in that party, still can do something ugly, you think you are not communist, I believe you are one of dirty communist here actually. Don’t tell me you are not, you are sick, and dirty communist after all.

  77. 14600000 dying prematurely per year? What are you high on? Do you even know what you are talking about? And there are plenty of religious freedom in China, in China government always control religion, not the otherway around like in europe, and this is for the better.
    Western propaganda just make up lies or tell partial one sided truth about China, but really, none of the chinese cities even comes into the top 20most polluted air in the world by latest UN chart, mostly those most polluted cities are in the democratic India, and some in Iran, yet China are the one been targeted, Chinas CO2 emission are also now found to be much lower than previously thought in a international study.
    When it comes to water pollution, european cities and rivers are still the most polluted from past centries of industrial polluting, not Chinas.
    The sensational and politically correct anti chinese propaganda in western medias brainwashing effort might have got to many, but the fact is another.

  78. You monotheistic religious nuts thinks that religion is good, and god is absolute(dictator).
    China is a philosophical civilization, have always been, Taoism comes from a philosophy of balancing the nature, it included the ealiest form of science, gunpowder for example are a product of Taoism chemistry research, granted the goal was to achieve a way of immortality through knowing the nature better.
    Buddism in China are also more philosophical than the original version, Zen buddism for example, it teachs people of non violence, do good to compensate the bad that you have done in last life and prepare for the next life, it teachs that all life are equal.
    It has never been a religious war been fought in China 5000years of history, masskilling and genocide, invasion, all in the name of religion and faith.
    And go learn more about the principle of Confucianism, it teaches loyalty respect and honesty, hard working, and to stand by the principle and never waive.
    Now what great virtue does your christianity got except for self-righteousness, killing, robbing, genocide, all in the name of god? Sounds more like a dictator that could accept anyone that have any different opinion. i would like to know.

  79. Haha, what a bunch of pure B S you are uttering here. China fought the Imperialist Fascist Jaoan for almsot 5years alone before the US finally found its guts to get into the war, after pearl harbor was bombed. It is the west that have not helped China when its been invaded, and it happened before hitlers war with Britain and France, for years, when China was fighting Japan, US was a major supplier of war material and fuel to Imperial Japan, it is what kept the Japanese war mashine running, just weeks after US finally decided to end the supply,pearl harbor became bombed, US only care about itself, did little to help anyone, especially in Asia, europe was the priority, not because the jews, but because of its own intrest,period. Soviet Union was the one that did the main job on defeating Nazi germany, not US, britain, and on the Japanese front, according to post war research about 70% of Japanese war resources during the entire war was engaged in China, China also sent hundred thousands of troops to support British Myanmar and Vietnam, Korea, with very little help from the US, you can see how much help China ever got from the US before the defeat of Germany from the leasing act, almost nothing, hell, even the free French forces got several times more than China, and there were over a million gerrilla force behind the line, if it wasnt for Chinas sacrifice, Japan could have sent 3times the ttoops to the pacific or plain attacked the almost undefended Soviet from the east side, you think US could have defeated the Germans without the Soviet Union?

  80. China had always been the poorest country on earth and still 700 million are in severe poverty. China never assisted all of Europe and Russia when Hitler invaded and tried to take control of Europe slaughtering millions of innocent civilians because they were people of Jewish faith. Nazism by Germany was they believed they were a pure race and if you were black, Chinese, Asian you were rejected as a human. China made very little effort to join alliance with England and U.S. to defeat Japan. All they cared about was what was happening in their own borders not to any of their neighbors surrounding them. Yes we did engage in a middle east conflict because of an attack on U.S. soil by terrorists killing thousands of innocent civilians. What the f*** would you do sit back like a coward or go to the source of your enemy in the middle east and cut the snake head off at the source of international terrorism.. China is facing terrorist attacks now. Look what happened in Kunming. Look what happened to the Malaysian flight with almost when 300 Chinese on board were killed by a terrorist. Yes U.S. has always been a rich world power that had the strength to defeat any threats to itself within its borders and outside its borders. China is like a child that just grew up in the last 3 decades. U.S. was always the strongest military on earth. After WW2 and the Japanese war, Korean conflict we made friends with many because we as their neighbors developed a positive diplomatic relationship and we support each other and protect each other. That is why our military presence is worldwide. We are prepared to protect and defend our allies and ourselves after two major wars. Why? Because we must be prepared for the unexpected massive invasion like Japan and Germany perpetrated during WW2. China is doing a poor job of developing friendship. india and all of Chinee neighbors hate their bullying and disrespectful attitude. Even though you are a communist atheist that supports a tyrannical dictatorship, tell me why 69,000 Chinese families in one year gave birth to their children in America? Because they reject the poor education lack of human rights, polluted environment in China. Did you know the World Health Organization stated that 4000 Chinese die prematurely because of highly polluted air in China. That’s 120,000 a month and that’s 14,600,000 a year. Do you want to die young under poor government management that allowed the destruction of the Chinese environment? If so you are a mindless slave who is controlled like a puppet by the CCP and are empty minded of rational logic and a free thinking mind. I have a lot of Chinese friends who are against the governments policies and violation of human rights. The communist party and supporters are a small minority in China. They will torture you execute you or jail you if you speak against the government publically. For some reason humans always want to be a follower of some powerful being and have even blind faith in them. I don’t support all of U.S. policies and I follow only God as my leader. You as an atheist don’t even know what its like to be an honest person. You and other’s troll out lies while Chinese Christian churches are destroyed by the regime. Buddhist temple as vandalized and accused of superstitions. Buddha and Christ taught to love your neighbor and do unto others what you would like them to do to you. Would you say it was an act of kindness if I destroyed your home? So why does China destroy a church that people share as a place to share the teachings of God.? The CCP is trying to make themselves into God and try and destroy Jesus and Buddha. I know more about the teachings of Buddha than you do because it is against China law to distribute religious literature and you can’t buy religious books in Chinese stores. The Chinese repeat ritual prayer and never know the meaning of what they are saying. Why do you think there is so much corruption in China? Because the teachings of the great virtues in Taoism and Buddhism was wiped out by communist rule. So no one knows what the great virtues are. If you reply to my comment, I want to see if you can tell me what the great virtues are that are universal and taught in Buddhism and Taoism.

  81. And you thiink US and Japan arent? You are nothing but a hypocrite, what ever damage that China might have done, its still NOTHING compared with the damage that west have done to the planet in the past 300years! So stop make me laugh!

  82. you are just another communist troll online. Do you know how much China executed in cyber attacks on U.S.? I work for the state department like you lying mother f***er. You are not very funny. Where’s the vomit bag? What the hell do you think China is doing manipulating currency and screwing up all the other countries up economically dragging them down with China’s corrupted stock market?. They are lying thieves. We took China out of poverty and then they stab us in the back. Don’t you read the news? The communist party is ready to get of Xi Jin Ping, your God you kiss the boots of, because he is messing up China with bad international relations and putting in prison thousands of his own party members and screwing up the Chinese stock market.. You are a cyber coward who uses an English word that makes no sense for your name. Are you another coward afraid to tell the world that you are a commy troll getting paid to make an ass out of yourself with lying comments? What do they give you a bowl of rice with worms and chopsticks. C

  83. You are not American, you are a racist, American are open mind, not like you, a sick person,on the way to hell. You know nothing but a racist, I can tell you what your real name is, where u come from, and what you do, how about that, how do I know? because I spy on you, scared? Enjoy your retired life, don’t make trouble.

  84. Clearly you have not learned much English yet. And you tell us that you are an American? Can’t fool anyone here! By the way I have served this nation, now retired, deserved to enjoy the freedom and all the great things this great nation provides to all its citizens. Again there is a one-way ticket to China in the mail for you. Enjoy the rest of your life in China.

  85. “Make C” does it really matter what my real name is to you? I am an American. That does matter! You are a Chinese. How do I know? Do you want me to tell you what your real name is and where you live? Again if I were you I would stay in China, live and die there.

  86. It only means, every country has similar issues, so don’t judge other country because you have no knowledge of certainly issue of your own country. Please watch and learn, that is real America spirit, that made us so great in the world. Not someone who so blind and refuse to face the truth, and learning it from others.

  87. You are certainly a racist. No wonder, this country is on downhill. By the way, why not show your really name, let everyone knows who you are.

  88. So America is not concerned only for America? Very funny, Have you ever work for the state department, our first mission in foreigner affair is “mess up other countries so we can protect our interest in over sea”. I believe you have no idea what I am talking about, because you are so blind to see the truth.

  89. Don’t tell me you are Indians, who live here for thousands years. you should go back where you come from, same words for you, by the way, if you can’t contribute to the nation, get out this country, retired somewhere else, this country doesn’t need you, who with a sick mind, can’t see the future.

  90. Revenge seeking like you are will not lead to more freedom. Money is the biggest motivator in the world. China is making more money than ever due to opening op the market. As result more Chinese are making money as well. This is the path to more freedom. As more people make money in the free market the harder it becomes to take away freedom. In fact it increases the chance for positive change/

  91. Never mind. This is too hard for you to get. Don’t forget to send your grandchildren there fighting the Chinese, as they have a very large military. War additive troll.

  92. Shine, first you asked me and my sons to dare to sign up for war against your China, then I told you that my sons are currently in the military to serve this great nation. Now you ask my sons to quit their services. Come on, man, Chinaman, you can’t fool anyone here.

  93. Well, you are right. Chinese people will suffer due to a war between US and China. However, I think it is more like for those rich scumbags in China will suffer more, as most poor Chinese have already lived a poor life for almost half of their entire lifetime. It doesn’t matter when water supply, electricity supply, and other supplies are cut off due to a war.

  94. I agree with most of your statements. Regarding the slaughter of Tibetans. In fact, I think it is just partially true. If you are too busy making money and money is too good, you might not think about the invisible things like freedom. That is why most Chinese capitalists are moving out of China when they make enough. That is too sad. When I was in college, we actually had a Tibetan dude in our class. His English is like elementary level. I wondered whether he could end up being admitted to any second-tier university.

    Chinese government indeed is evil. But in fact, I think most Chinese governments in different dynasties/different periods are evil. Recently, I spend time reading one of the Four Great Chinese Classic Novels. The Water Margin. What happened to those heroes in the novel is exactly what is happening these days in China. History repeats.

    Indeed, Americans have freedom of speech. I heard about a black screaming “bring communism over here to America” last xmas when I watched the news on TV in America. I was like ” gee, what do you really know about communism.” Some people in America are just insane. What happened last year?? I think it had something to with those people who got shot and blamed racism.

  95. Not a wise statement. Guns don’t kill people but its the people who use the gun for evil immoral purpose that misuse it. It’s like fire. Fire can keep us warm. give us light, cook our food; however it can destroy. It depends on the person using it. So what your saying is cars kill other people in the millions every year, so should we get rid of cars and blame America? Should we believe the invention and use of electricity in America was in vane and evil? What about the Wright brothers that discovered with others the ability of man to fly? Your idea is a utopian idea of living in a safe world. There has always been war from the times of primitive man until today. What about Muslim faith. Has all religious institutions become a threat to the world? What about processed foods? They are a threat to health. So inadvertently or directly everyone is a threat to each other. This where universal human morals must be applied. When greed and envy are in anyone’s heart, they are a threat to themselves and others. Because America is the richest country on earth other countries out of envy compete and try to be on top out of envy. This is sophisticated animalism of competition for food and territory like an animal Whoever is bigger believes they will reap the rewards. China is an example of survival of the richest as their means of eventually taking military action to gain more land. Their land is so contaminated from pollution that they can’t even grow enough food to be self sufficient. The surface and ground water or contaminated and there is a water shortage. They have to import bottled water. They are so densely populated they will not survive much longer because of a massive change from an Agrarian society to an industrialized nation. Many farmers are moving to their cities for higher wages and soon there will be food shortage.

  96. Some Americans fight very hard for peace as well. I guess you don’t know, nether bother for that. Please believe me that giving up your war addiction is good for you and your sons.

  97. I don’t think so. If I had a power to do so, first I would first remove all people with Chinese background of my employment list. It is one way to prevent these Chinese people from stealing our technology secrets. Second I would stop allowing any Chinese students to come here. It is well known that they have been cheating to get into the American high educational system. They are not really contributing anything to our schools except taking rooms that are meant for Americans and others. Before you thought about “if they brought all high tech jobs away with them,” I had already wondered if we could just ship all these Chinese back to China with a one-way ticket. By the way I don’t worry much about my Social Security check. I do worry about our America’s security first.

  98. Your lies are increasingly becoming funny. Americans love freedom. We understand freedom is not for free. Americans fought and earned it. You see. It is very difficult to pretend to be an American, isn’t it? Shine, you can call yourself anything you like, but you still are not an American. Got it?

  99. Talking like what to be an
    American? Stupid, f**k you, kill you, bomb them, nuke them? You used many of them. If you think that
    are the characteristics of Americans, I rather prefer to call myself “a
    citizen of the USA”, meaning a civilized person in this country in
    contrast to a creature of America that you deserve to be.

  100. Again I am an American, and I love my country. If you have the habit of lying, keep it with you and don’t try to make every one in the world a liar.

  101. Stop lying. Americans don’t talk like you Chinese. And you Chinese will never be able to talk like an American. Did I catch you lying again?

  102. “China has the most evil ruling government on earth”

    Really?? you are one dumb idiot? Someone should slap the creator for breeding you, morons?!!

    Since 9/11/2011, which government created the most chaos? which government has been killing the most innocents? For each every ISIS’s beheading and killing, you morons are responsible for it? If you are going to troll, pls think first before you open trap. what a moron?

  103. I would not say that. They are here holding competitive jobs and paying good taxes. Remember our Society Security fund is heading to bankruptcy that would come sooner if they brought all high tech jobs away with them. You got to regret when your Society Security pay check is cut by a half.

  104. I would not say that. They are here holding competitive jobs and paying good taxes. Remember our Society Security fund is heading to bankruptcy that would come sooner if they brought all high tech jobs with them. You got to regret when your Society Security pay check is cut by a half.

  105. And you think China and the US going to war will improve the life of the Chinese citizens? Not so, a war with America will make life worse for the Chinese population. I understand what you are saying but change in China isn’t going to happen like that. As long as China and some Chinese are doing will with a free market change is possible. The change has to come from within.

  106. Let me give you some more info that will really get one ticked off.
    In the last twenty years do you know how many new water storage projects have started in CA.?
    None up here and hundreds have been proposed. Every place one is proposed, an endangered something happens to live their. It is like the spotted owl. It was to have been an endangered species. Don’t cut down any old growth forests, that is the only place they can live. Another big fat lie by the environmental lovers (communists). Our congressman paid for a study out of his own packet, to determine the truth about where Spotted Owls live. They will live in anything that is away from humans! Old abandon barns, junk vehicles, anything that provides a safe shelter for them. It was the same problem when the Tennessee Valley Project was introduce in Congress. The Enviro’s claimed the Snail Darter, fish on endangered list lives in those water ways. Several Congressional members paid out of their own pocket for a study into where they live. These studies were performed by universities, not some independent group, that will report whatever, if paid enough. Yes, the Snail Darter will live anywhere their is moving clean water.
    Moonbean, is blowing billions of dollars on his bullet train from So Cal to Nor Cal. It will cost more to ride it than to drive it.
    Do you know why he has said nothing about marijuana growers? The Brown Family has owned land up here in Nor Cal for over 90 years. It is located in North San Juan, State highway 49, out of Nevada City, CA. Guess what He has been farming up there, this is forest land? Yup, pot. He has been selling it and using it, his own special blend, real potent stuff, for 40 plus years and nothing has been done. Family name has kept every law enforcement agency out of their. That also explains his memory problems and his cognitive think difficulties. Smoked so much, the damage is manifesting itself more everyday.
    California, land of shake and bake or California land of the fruits and nuts, the two legged type. Fits in with, How does one tell a happy motorcyclists, has a green smile!!!!! Not protecting the environment by killing all those bugs.
    Also, Davis, CA., home of the Peoples Republic of Davis, more bicycles than any other city in the nation and University of California. Interstate 80 parallels the South side of the city. The State of California paid to have a cement tunnel constructed under the freeway, so the little frogs could travel from one side to the other without becoming part of the roadway.
    They didn’t do that up here. Every year in the late summer those same little green frogs travel from one side of the road, getting killed by the millions, and no cement tunnel to save them. That happens where rice is grown something to do with their life style.
    YUp, wonderful California Government at its best.
    To many wealthy people with to much time on their hands, so they can afford to hire homeless folks to go protest for them and their enviro idiot causes. Promise them free meals, fresh bed to sleep on and a shower a day, all while being in jail for trespassing!

  107. Like games there are rules to determine the
    outcome of wars. Withdrawal for whatever reasons is a failure. Besides,
    the US goal was to prevent Communism from taking over Indochina, while the
    Chinese goal was to reject American. Who failed to reach their goal? I hope
    that you do not mean killing was our goal. We both love the USA. Refusal of the
    reality does not mean that you love the country more.

  108. You may not believe this,
    but the debt left by President Rygan is more than Obama’s today! The debt went
    up exponentially. What would you do if you were the President after GWB? The
    country was broke. How would you save the economy without borrowing?

  109. I’m in South Cal. Love the way our utterly clueless elected bureaucrats/water agencies willfully waste water, yet spin it “Do as I say, not as I do.” Frequent news story showing city/state agencies caught wasting water. When interviewed, you can cut their BS answers with a chainsaw. Refuse to accept responsibility while Moonbeam wants a $10k fine. Really Moonbeam?

    Latest fiasco in the news when our water utility bureaucrat said due to everyone cutting back on water usage (as we were required to) they need to jack up the rates we pay to make up for the decrease in water bills. Really? Why not cut your operational budget? Why did you fail to mention this with all your whining to save water?

    There was the requirement for 10 minutes of lawn watering twice a week. Then without a word, 5 minutes appears on your water bill. I water my lawn twice a week on the appointed days with enough to keep it alive. Reduced lawn watering by over 50%, installed drip irrigation, etc. Doing my share.

    The utter incompetency of our elected and appointed bureaucrats never ceases to amaze me.

  110. Like games there are rules to determine the outcome of wars. Withdrawal for whatever reasons is a failure.
    Besides, the US goal was to prevent Communism from taking over Indochina, while the Chinese goal was to reject American. Who failed to reach their goal? I hope that you do not mean killing was our goal. We both love the USA. Refusal of the reality does not mean that you love the country more.

  111. Actually stores do still sell cat box liners as even the clumping litter cannot prevent soiling the sides of the box when the cat has, well, you know. hehehehe

    Love the bird cage idea, hadn’t thought of that one. Would also be good at the bottom of trash cans.

  112. You are way off their. They do work and with the improvements that have been made, even better. Same with the Israelis Iron Dome System.

  113. They now believe they are the golden calf or cow, no matter. The explosions that happened this past week show how uneducated their public safety organizations are. Spraying water on a chemical that explodes when the two meet, takes a lot of smarts. LoL!!!!!

  114. We don’t line cat litter boxes anymore. The junk that is put in them absorbs it all. It would be better to line the bird cage.

  115. Then I should show you a video when Chinese gangs in China slash at each other and drive their cars over their rivals, while the chinese police stand aside recording their fight.

  116. Indeed, nobody really cares about who is no. 1. haha. That is what some movie about the vietnam war. The character lost his legs. I think the character was played by Tom Cruise.

  117. Zuloo, what is the current population of Communist China? Do they have nuke safe bunkers for the population? Do they have an early warning system?
    They are always claiming that with the size of their population it is impossible to nuke them all.
    They could not have a fraction of the nuke safe bunkers for their population, because of its size. They have enough to cover the government heads just as we and the Russians. The North Koreans have the same. Not sure about India, Pakistan, Iran or Israel. France and England have a few.
    It is not going to matter one bit about how many of these nation’s populations are alive after a global nuke exchange. Almost everything would be radioactive afterwards, thus killing all human life at some point and time.
    With the leaders of the United States giving away military technology or the other nations stealing, it comes down to readiness and continued development.
    A global war won’t last more than 2 or 3 days.
    Everything in this story is a dead issue before it starts. With the entire world living on credit, not one nation will be any type of a world war winner.

  118. “Let China be the Asian super power, it isn’t going to hurt us at all.” I strongly oppose such statement. Without America, there will be even less freedom of speech in China. Folks in US can mock at Obama. Try mocking at my current president in China, and see what will happen.

  119. trade benefits are for both countries……millions low and middle income Americans have enjoyed life style that is not sustainable without Chinese cheap goods! how much we paid for a color TV box in early 80’s made in USA or Japan? and what is a 40′ TV cost today made in China????

  120. How exactly am I been narrow minded? Its not me who claim that a military counter measure against China or anyone who have the capability to be the only way out here now isnt it? So look again who is narrow minded?

  121. China is a peaceful nation without any history of conquest of foreign countries.

    It only seeks to take back what rightfully belongs to it namely Taiwan province and the Diaoyu islands.

  122. Cub reporter is at it again with another very verbose post on an area she is totally clueless about. Having never served in the military, never met the qualifications, she tries hard to armchair quarterback, failing miserably.

    I’ll give her writing the proper respect as always, lining my cat’s litter box with it, picture up.

  123. China’s growth is due to international trade. without that they would crumble. Your isolationist separatist theory is blind and stupid. Everything is relative in the world. U.S. is not trying to stop China’s economy a**hole. We have billions invested into China and China has billions invested into U.S. China grew fast and now its falling down economically. the same thing happened in U.S. Japan and other’s. Does Chinese coillges teach you how to be narrow minded?

  124. Where is your brain dude? If it wasn’t for U.S. importing one fifth of China’s exports they would fall back into poverty, The U.S. and other foreign countries put thousands of industries in China and promoted employment and prosperity

  125. China never defeated U.S. Vietnam sent 60,000 Chines home in body bags over the 1979 conflict and China never achieved its goal. Evil never wins a war. U.S was fighting communist infiltration in Vietnam and tried to assist the South Vietnamese. U.S. was not defeated a**hole. They decided it was a waste of time

  126. It has to increase because China is increasing is obviously to take control of the world by force and usurp all international laws it wants to.

  127. Great comment. I lived in China. Because of the dense population they are highly dominating and competitive for survival and if they have to lie and cheat it doesn’t matter to them.

  128. Hey dumb one; China is meddling in the world and raping the earth of all resources at an unprecedented rate forcing us into extinction. The U.S. has not forcefully taken anything from anyone, We even protected these terrorist countries against Jihadists in their own domestic conflicts. China has flooded the market with their exports so badly that there is too much supply to meet the demand and it is causing countries worldwide o decline in economy. Now even in China no one will by their products. No one needs it. China is meddling in the environment and causing polluted air to move throughout the earth. No one hates the west. We hate what China is doing so recklessly. They are arrogant and have no manners. It’s not what they do but how they do it. And you think China is not Meddling. They come baring gifts to poor countries just to control their resources and economy from within. Beware of strangers baring gifts because China only is concerned for China,.

  129. These power ego trips of being the top power is an attempt to even usurp God . It is promoted by envy greed and anger. Competition is a sophisticated form of animalism when it comes to a desire to dominate through violence. Sharing is a human form of prosperity. China is as barbaric as their ancestors. Kill, pillage, and steal everything in sight like a plague of locust.

  130. here we go again!!! mistakes after mistakes!!! Morons just wont learn their lesson from the craps they piled up in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. dont you garbage learned pre-emptive actions will not work? why dont you morons stick your head back into iraq’s where the sun dont shine and clean up the mess? How would you idiots like it if Russia and china take pre-emptive actions against the axis of evil if they perceived the axis of evil as a threat to its interest. Frankly, you morons are a threat to humanity.

  131. I lived in China for years as an American. The people are wonderful but the Communists party is a whole different breed. They torture human rights activists who are lawyers. They destroy Christian churches and even some Buddhist temples accusing them of superstitions. Didn’t you he about the genocide in Tibet where 1.2 million Tibetans were slaughtered? Of course China gets a bad reputation through media. It’s not the people it is the communist loyalists that promote this. China has the most evil ruling government on earth. Stop being a mindless slave to a tyrannical dictatorship. You would go through a culture shock if you moved to U.S permanently. because you have been mentally enslaved and in a polluted environment for so long with no freedom of expression you will feel uncomfortable because of the change from an inferior environment in hell to a superior environment in heaven.

  132. The time is now to go to war . Their military is very incompetent and corrupt and they are not advanced enough as the U.S. and allies. The danger is China are fearless about the consequence of a nuclear war and will use nukes because it is evident that they have no regard for preservation of human life even their own just looking at their environment which is self dectructive. They have no moral foundation because of atheistic immorality which teaches none of the great virtues China once had. It’s like a game of chess and we must know their moves are to prepare for a forceful world domination. If their economy collapses and weakens them it would be our only hope not to use war as a deterrent.

  133. It is common sense logic that China is trying to contain everything on the earth and stepping on everyone in their way. They are deforesting other countries to control valuable wood. They are forcing species into extinction because of their superstitions. If their neighbors aren’t happy with their attitude is it their fault or is it China’s? they are very unfriendly in their tactics. China is stepping on their own people. haven’t you a brain cell left that Chinese laws are not enforced to protect the environment? Didn’t you know about the shortage of water in China because of massive pollution? Didn’t you hear about toxic levels of pesticide and cancerous additives to food that makes food unfit for animal or human consumption in China?. Do you think anyone sane would approve of China to manage the worlds affairs? If you say yes you are not fit enough to make any kind of logical comment in China’s favor.If we allowed China to mismanage the world like they do their own country, we would all be destroyed. I lived in China and I know. You are probably a brainwashed mindless individual who never traveled abroad to experience freedom. good air and water. When I was in China I spent more money on bottled water than I would in U.S. China will not survive if they want a nuclear war. Right now the U.S. and allies have nukes ready to level Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. Geographically these are very badly situated. I card for the people but Chinese are so reckless and have no foresight of future consequence of their actions millions will die before they even have the chance to employ a nuke strike on U.S. Japan, S. Korea Australia and India have them surrounded. From Alaska we could level Beijing in 10 minutes with a nuke strike and millions will die. We did it in Japan and we could do it again. China has no experience in warfare. Their military exercises are nothing but like playing computer war games. A virtual war would have them on their knees. They couldn’t even stop Japan and lost 350 million Chinese in that conflict. The U.S. and U.K ultimately saved their ass. In the 1979 conflict up to 60,000 Chinese WENT HOME IN Body bags because Vietnam beat them and China never achieved its intended goal. You see the word goodness wins over evil always. So stop humiliating yourself on internet because your comments are a reflection of a desire to allow China to dictate to the world and vil;olate all ionternational laws that they even signed in approval. U.S. loaned China almost 6 trillion Yuan and they refused to pay it back because they say it was agreed to under a different regime. What would China say if we saiud the same to them after we borrowed the same from them and refused to pay it back?

  134. your laughing days are over! who are holding our debts? US dollar will meet up new comer this year then we will see what happens when the fat lady sings!

  135. Why don’t we ask China right out front why they are building up their military? Do they threaten world peace? Are they literally trying to be war mongers and take over the world? It doesn’t work anymore. More than half of U.S citizens have guns and will not allow Communists to take over America. If they nuke us and succeed what would that bring them? Contaminated dying American’s and they could not get any water that they don’t have enough of. I think they are being fear mongers and tring to make us piss our pants for fear of them. Muslims, Christians and every other religious group will fight them til death instead of giving up religion for this demonic country of China. When we defeated Germany and Japan we did not try and dominate their country. Only the Russian Communists tried to do that and it failed after a few decades. There is nothing gained in war except pain and suffering. I say kick their ass now while we have the advantage, They are bullying many countries worldwide and raping natures resources at an unprecedented rate. Time is the essence. A sneak attack swift and destructive with no mercy toying around with them. We need to get out of the middle east and focus on China and Russia who are planning a world war 3. They are mindless tyrants of the consequences they will face. They underestimate our military capabilities.

  136. Superpower comes with responsibility. You Chinese are very irresponsible to the world. You are irresponsible even to your own Chinese people. Everyone knows it. So don’t lie. You, too, should go back to China, live and die there for your beloved China.

  137. Keep in mind: freedom is not free. By the way, I don’t care how much you are making. Don’t brag about it. I’m retired, but I’m still making much more than you are. Still it does not matter here. You should go back to China and spend the rest of your life there. Don’t come back here. America does not need people you.

  138. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha how stupid is that , if it wasn’t for America opening it’s markets to Russia and China … both would be sill stuck in the third world …. Russia collapsed trying to compete with the U S economically and they had complete control of the monetary system in Russia as China does ….. America’s currency competes world wide with all comers ….. the point you miss is so simple , without America China and Russia would be fighting over the bones of the victims of the world ….. your outlook is simplistic and sophomoric ………

  139. you seem to forget the debt Obama has created while in office …mixed with the social spending he has increased and the demand that for every 1 dollar spent on defense 2 dollars must be spent on social programs plus the sequester ….. you can believe what you want , but the facts are staring you in the face , you just have to look and comprehend what you see …. unfortunately with some even that doesn’t get through …….

  140. Challenged but still who is superior many people here under estimates the power of the US military. If US wants to destroy China it can destroy china 5 times over either Conventional or Nuclear. That’s a fact face it people. The US is not spending more 500 Billions dollars a year just to get their ass kicked in a major war or conflict. China can only go defensive. If US decides to attack its power plants, dams and its industrial complex. China is back to stone age.

  141. Sorry, guys, my post (message) was intended for the opposite meaning. Many posters here accused China of copying and stealing. This article clearly said China is ahead of the U.S. and the Western nations on long range missile weapons.

  142. I am not a Democrat. I rather believe that Republicans should take the blame. The country started weakening during Iraqi war where we consumed all valuable resources for competition with other superpowers.

  143. Tree, you sound like a solder. If so, we appreciate your service. Have you been in Vietnam? Why would you have stayed there, if we had won the war? In Korea, we were once on the Yalu river before the Chinese joined the war. Where did the war end up?

  144. China has been very candid about what they want. The want the US to stop meddling with Asia. The US has been meddling in the middle east since the 40s and look at that mess. We have meddled with the Syrian, Iran a couple of times. Iraq four times, and Turkey governments by using our CIA to fund regime changes. And we wonder why the people in that area hate the west.

    As an American I would much rather stay out of problems than to assume we know what is best for a country. The middle east experiment is a complete failure. Let China be the Asian super power, it isn’t going to hurt us at all.

  145. “Obering noted that U.S. missile defenses cannot adequately counter a possible ballistic missile threat coming from North Korea and Iran, neither can it counter “the increasingly sophisticated threats from China and Russia.”” If US cannot counter NK and Iran, then “CERTAINLY” not “neither can” US cannot counter China and Russia.

  146. America’s refusal to share the world with China and Russia would lead to own economic destruction or a long period of Cold War.

  147. Open your eyes, learn the history, American has been beating by not only China, but also by Japanese, also in Africa. Cover your eyes, doesn’t mean it never happened before.

  148. America’s military industrial complex needs paranoia/propaganda to get it’s undeclared wars going one after the other. First off there is trillions of us debt that china has yet to collect. Secondly look at how many chinese companies are acquiring us companies and real estates. It’s a love and hate relationship, you love the chinese money, yet you hate them for it. The more accurate prediction is to see how each country spends their money or pays off their debt. The old idea of diverting attention to wars than paying off debt is childish. Economic wars are where the action is at.

  149. Get ask this question,

    What FOOLS financed this rapid American military expansion????????????????

    Answer: We are, the stupid Americans.

  150. Never happens, right stuff with right price??, it always over priced, you know how much is F35? give me the money for one F35, my village will be much better.

  151. You know we might want to change our strategy from one where we just buy lots of stuff so our contractors can stay in business, congressmen can repay their campaign donations and our military guys have the best toys to practice war with to one were we actually buy the right stuff at the right price based on value.

  152. So your son follow some stupid order, fighting for someone’s war, clearly not American’s war. We do have a great nation, but lead by a bunch of stupid people.

  153. Hi, American is a country when we accuse someone, we need provide evidence. So in this case, Do you have an evidence to prove what you are saying, American government may accuse any countries for whatever, but without evidence, better shut up. Because it is not true, is just politicians propaganda. So some Arm companies can sell more weapons. Further more, we all know there are clear evidence that American government spy other countries, even allies. Why no one talk about this. Because it make government bad.

  154. Japanese not stupid, they are smart people. There will be no chance to nuke any countries in the future. China not stupid either, only country think others stupid are actually stupid.

  155. The tide has turned a long time ago, nothing US can do to stop it, cop with it is the only thing anyone can do, Chinas growth are not only in economy but also innovation and Tech, just go check the statistic of international invention patent seeking, China are a Close 2nd after only the US and growing waaaaay faster than any other country on the planet, with over 3 million unerversity graduate annually in China, how exactly are US gonna counter this? Capability and intention are 2 different thing, US should stop been paranoid and start to cooperate instead of trying to contain.

  156. Unfortunately, there are tons of low information Americans who are liberal and libertarian who underplay the threat to America and want the United States to be isolationists which makes us so weak as these other countries continue to grow their military. Those idiot Americans are a waste of time. I want the best and strongest military that America could produce like Trump has stated. He gets it and these other Americans are dangerous.

  157. What FOOLS financed this rapid chinese military expansion????????????????
    Who invented the INternet technology that enabled them to LOOT info about dozens of crucial American Military systems?????

  158. nah. China won’t mess with America. if China dares to, there will be huge consequences. Just like what the stupid Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Guess what? America nuked Japan twice.

  159. nobody wants to fight. We all want peace. But the politicians want to manipulate the people to their own interests.
    I have been to America at least three times for the last four years. I normally spent 1 month staying in US. I find people are very friendly. Nothing like what the communist papers paint here in China.

    Also, whatever the western media say about China is not 100% accurate. I welcome you guys to come over and see China yourself.

    As a Chinese, I never fully understand my own culture either. In fact, there are at least several languages widely spoken in China. Mandarin is just one of them. If someone in the north never heard about my “dialect”, they would have kicked my butt by assuming that I speak a language that sounds like Japanese.

    After I am done with the Four Great Chinese Books, I will read the “Target: China” written by some American scholar regarding how to cage the Asian dragon. That is a very interesting perspective. I admire such American spirit. Dares to seek the truth.

  160. Agree!… China have been silently and surreptitiously undermining the US. Pretends to be a “friend” but quietly hacking the US in the back. China copies or steals American technologies, hack it’s computers and steal business secrets. China has been, through the years, like an Acid that quietly destroys those within it’s path. America and other western nations must wake up and see what China really is doing before it’s too late.

  161. Replace one to another, who cares? Only stupid people care who is number 1, who is number 2. We as people, normal Americans, we only care everyday life, the education, the health system, the public safety, the religion issues in our home. Number 1 or 2, if your own peoples are poor, even number 1 on weapons, how long can you stay on that top. Your own people will crash it.

  162. This is a game I wish could be discarded. Humanity is always at the receiving end of it all. Welfare of various kinds are readily sacrificed on the altar of military advancement which spells capability to destroy the earth’s human population.

  163. It is getting very clear that China is planning to replace the US as the number one superpower. We can’t let that happen. In sports, everyone says if you want to be the champion you must show you can beat the best. America can’t affort to settle for less in this inevitable war. If you don’t want wars, then tell China to back off.

  164. We will never fight a war with China, trust me, is just some companies propaganda, So those companies can sell more weapons to American government, of course, we will short money for education, health, public safety, and all other stuff related to everyday life of American. The writer may not work for those companies, because this topic is hot now, so her article related to China can be used, read her article clearly, all copy and paste other people words, which people we have no idea of who they are. So the writer can get her $10/ hours pay worth.

  165. If China is as weak as Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, our GIs would have already set foot in the Beijing Summer Palace again. Find the truth and don’t just take on things you read.

  166. Is so stupid those articles try to misleading the public and congress, so we the people who paid tax, get nothing, no money for education, no money for the health system, no money for the poor, The local road in my village fixed every year, not even can compare to third world country, Right, buying the weapons free to other countries, we get money, Buying those very expensive weapons for some kind non-existing war, we get money, And most people here either not American or work for other countries, for its own interest, Not for American’s long run, we as middle class American, work day and night, are all screwed.

  167. I don’t agree that we have to go to war. There will be nothing gained by the devastation a 21st century war will do to either participant.

  168. I agree, Greek fire used by the Byzantines is the only weapon that I can think of that wasn’t copied or reinvented. The Chinese had a primitive flame thrower but their paths never crossed. The 20th century flame thrower is the offshoot of either of the above weapons but several centuries later.

  169. What about the US constantly increasing the size and boosting the capabilities of its force, ( I am going to copy and paste, I am American, so what? ), does it threat any other counties in this world, or maybe specifically to China??? So the opposite is not for USA. What stupid Article it is?

  170. Talking about superiority, China is our nightmare. That is the only country in the world that has ever defeated us, not once but twice, in Korea and Vietnam.

  171. Every country, every company copying and stealing, only you don’t know it. Because they don’t have to tell you the truth. As long as for its own interest, everyone is doing everything for its own good. This Article is clearly an example of copying and stealing.

  172. For clarity,even a anti missile system that has a higher top speed is incapable of catching up to a moving vehicle at mach 10.. Missiles by there nature have always been vulnerable to pilots using evasive turns.

  173. China now has the best and most technologically advanced ballistic missile. It will be a matter of time before China becomes top dog. Get use to Pax Sinica sooner than you think.

  174. I don’t think there is much if any advantage to staying ahead of the game with the 21st century weapons. A vehicle that can maneuver at mach 10 cannot be stopped with a missile defense system with any degree of comfort. Blackbird pilots simply outran any missile launched at them and they are slow compared to mach 10. It will be dumb luck to hit a maneuverable warhead cruising along at mach 8 or 10.

  175. We are always revising our defenses when other nations develop a new weapon. We stay ahead of the game. With our high energy laser weapons and kinetic energy weapons, we can stop these incoming ASMs.

    Also, the U.S military has destroyed satellites from Earth’s orbit too.

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