China, Russia And Pakistan: The World’s New Superpower Axis

China, Russia And Pakistan: The World’s New Superpower Axis
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The world is coming toward a bipolar world with China, Russia, Pakistan and a number of other authoritarian countries of Central Asia on one side, and the U.S., EU, Japan and their Asian allies on the other side.

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And that’s not a peaceful nor a promising future, it’s a rather chaotic future where undecided countries such as India, Brazil, Egypt and others will be squeezed between the two sides.


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If you take interest in today’s geopolitics, you probably know that the relations between Russia and Pakistan have recently seen a significant warning. It is reasonable to say that the two countries – who were Cold War rivals – are getting closer.

Meanwhile, China, who is a traditional ally of Pakistan and has always supported the country against its historical rival India with its military equipment and in the fields of diplomacy, is showing clear signs of forming this new China-Russia-Pakistan triangle, which is likely to lead to the above-described bipolar world.

After the Russian economy had been hit by Western sanctions in the summer of 2014, the Kremlin started to look in the direction of Asia, particularly – Pakistan.

Formidable China-Russia-Pakistan triangle

First, Moscow lifted its self-imposed weapons embargo on Islamabad, and then the Cold War rivals signed a historical military cooperation agreement, which was based on exchange of politico-military information, beefing up the countries’ defense and counter-terrorism sectors as well as combining their efforts on developments in Afghanistan.

Russia and Pakistan have already started collaborating in the areas of defense and energy resources. It was earlier reported that Islamabad may purchase Mi-35 combat helicopters in addition to importing of the Klimov RD-93 engines from Russia for its JF-17 multi-role fighters. It must be noted that China and Pakistan are involved in co-production and co-development of JF-17 fighter jets.

Russian state-owned company Rostekh Corporation also announced its plans to build a 680-mile gas pipeline to Pakistan by 2017 costing about $2.5 billion.

The formidable triangle between Moscow, Beijing and Islamabad has been shaped from scratch as a result of recent geopolitical shifts. Russian annexation of Crimea as well as the presence of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine have significantly worsened the relations between the West and Moscow, which prompted Russian President Vladimir Putin to look for new allies.

China and Russia: enemy of my enemy is my friend

Meanwhile, China’s claims and repeated disruptive actions in the South China Sea have rekindled tensions with U.S.-led countries in the region. The above-mentioned circumstances forced both Russia and China to look for new allies, which is why they found one another. Both Moscow and Beijing are distrusted by the West for opposing U.S. global dominance. Both countries do not support the values of democracy distributed by the U.S. and Japan, just as much as they oppose transparent governing.

Both Beijing and Moscow raise their people on nationalism that is based on historical and cultural nature of each nation, which is Confucianism and Russian Orthodoxy respectively. Both countries support the model of authoritarian capitalism as a counter measure to the global dominance of the U.S. Both countries also oppose the freedom of speech and Internet freedom – and the list can go on and on.

However, the two countries were not always fond of one another, but the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” factor plays a crucial role in the developing relations between China and Russia. China’s goal is to change the world order – for better or worse – and this change begins with Russia and Asia.

Having been investing into Pakistan for years, Beijing has also participated in building nuclear reactors for Islamabad. It must be noted that Pakistan is the largest importer of Chinese manufactured defense equipment. Furthermore, Islamabad expressed its eagerness to buy eight Chinese’s S20 or Yuan-class diesel-electric submarines.

For both China and Russia, Washington presents a challenge and U.S. global dominance must be stopped for the sake of their own security, while Pakistan would not mind to ensure its own safety under the wing of the Chinese and Russians.

Challenge for the next president of U.S. in 2016

What makes China, Russia and Pakistan a perfect fit for one another is the fact that Russia can replace Western military technology enough for both China and Pakistan. In addition, Moscow is known to be a reliable energy supplier for its allies.

China, for its part, is much more powerful in terms of its economy compared to the two other countries of the triangle. Besides, a great amount of foreign exchange reserves are looking to invest and require energy supplies.

Pakistan, it its turn, has a developing economy and requires both military equipment and energy supplies from Russia and protection from China. In that case, Russia will open a new market for its military equipment, while possibly continuing to supply weapons to India.

Is the world coming towards the above-mentioned new bipolar order or are we approaching the age of international order with present globalization tendencies? To a large extent, it will all depend on the U.S. and its role in tough conditions when the center of power is being scattered and no country in the world is capable of influencing international relations alone.

It must be noted that all presidential campaigns in the U.S. share the same rhetoric that is directed against Russia and China, while not paying any attention to the fact that the U.S. will have to adapt to the changing world order and the balance of power, especially in the coming years when the new president is elected in 2016.

But that’s how political campaigns work: they are focused on tiny issues that mask massive strategic changes in the world.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  2. Wow a shift indeed. Caught India sleeping hahha. Russians are not babies and so is the case with India pakistan and the rest of the world

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  4. it would be naive to assume that Pakistan will stand with Russia. its the central dilemma for the Pakistan at existing situation ….

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  6. China stance is not clear, chinees always believe on the peaceful rise. it has supported pakistan but according to her own interest. chine has more trade with INDia than Pakistan, then how can you say that china Russia and Pakistan are in the same block?

  7. B4 patronizing india. Must know some facts about it….also known as rape nation.
    Incredible India!

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    India with 43.5 percent of the population who would refuse to live next to someone of a different race was named the world’s 2nd least tolerant country.

    On the other hand, Pakistan is remarkably tolerant where only 6.5 percent of Pakistanis objected to a neighbor of a different race.…/Map-shows-worlds-racist…

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    China :- Population – 1.357 billion
    GDP (current US$) – $10 trillion

    GDP per capita (current US$) –
    5,447 (2011)
    6,093 (2012)
    6,807 (2013)

    India :- Population – 1.252 billion
    GDP (current US$) – $2.1 trillion

    GDP per capita (current US$) –
    1,540 (2011)
    1,503 (2012)
    1,499 (2013)

    Pakistan :- Population – 182.1 million
    GDP (current US$) – $250 billion

    GDP per capita (current US$) –
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    1,299 (2013)

    Gives us a clear idea which country needs to concentrate on it’s economy.…/NY.GDP.PCAP.CD/countries/1W…

  8. I’m amazed to see the spirit of terrorism among you all! But it isn’t your fault Ali!
    You have absolutely no control in anything that is breeded inside you right from your origin! Take care.

  9. Hey Ayush? Guess who absolutely destroyed the Soviets back in the day? Yup.. It was Pakistan :) US couldn’t do it alone.. US could not have done it without Pakistan.. and Pakistan came out on top against the Soviets!

    Guess what else Pakistan did before being Pakistan? Took a huge bite out of India!

  10. Soon to become one..
    And sure why not.. Pakistan is a superpower because it’s in the article.. and of course the foreseen numbers.. I keep hearing things like the world has got Pakistan by the balls.. See here’s the thing.. the world is going crazy over Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and numbers. India’s Cold-Start doctrine took several years to implement. Guess what Pakistan did in a matter of months? Shoved tactical nukes at your face.. Pakistan is not a delusional state Sir.. and you should thank your God or whatever for that!

  11. YEAH …THATS why ur media is full of balochistan freedom movement news….USA and india will gonna destroy pak very hard that they won’t be able to even think abt allying with any nation for next 50 yrs…balochistan will be free within next 5 yrs…and taliban will repeat peshawar and karachi soon

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    Pak is a liability on the region and the world. Pak army has screwed them up and also act as a pimp to sell them around. Pak significance in this world is because they control and breed terrorism.They cannot earn a penny without AID. The fact is that if the world community put sanctions on them (like North Korea or Iran) they will starve to death.
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  15. Actually your view only shows your hate for Pakistan. Start living with the reality and dont be jealous about the fact that indian foriegn diplomacy has failed big time. Give a big slap on your face and go to sleep.

  16. Great article but here is the reality, China depends on the west for its economic engine. Russia do not trust Pakistan or china to be explicitly with him in case of a direct confrontation with the west. in fact no one trusts Pakistan Eg. they fought with russia in afgan then they ditched Taliban for US and then they ditched US and support Haqanni group ,now they are killing Haqani group but also supporting other groups of Taliban . they are ready to ditch Taliban if today Russia tells them to do that or Saudi tells them to support ISIS. They sleep with anyone who give them money and they change their ‘customers every hour. Actually they are Whores of the world. Now they are dreaming to ditch US in parallel begging them to give them aid (Pak PM to the chief of Army all are lined up to visit US this month),in fact Pak is a liability for everyone including China. Russia will not ditch India and it is his 60 years tested partner . India is few countries where people love Russians as well as Americans and that is why India is a genuine friend of both the countries. India still buys 4 times more from Russia than the entire Pak defense budget and China also cannot afford direct confrontation with India and the west as their focus is to develop the country and do not possess stupid JEHADI mentality. So things are not as simple than it looks.

  17. The country you are talking about is not Pakistan. The fact is Pakistan cannot afford more than 15 days of fuel without asking for AID. the present foreign currency is due to cheating US by asking them money to fight the same terrorist that you breed to remain viable. You are the only country that tried to sell NUKES to other countries.
    You are a liability on the region and the world. Your army has screwed you up and also act as a pimp to sell you around. Your significance in this world is because you control terrorism.You cannot earn a penny without AID. The fact is that if the world community put sanctions on you (like North Korea or Iran) you will starve to death.
    They don’t because you can be bought with peanuts . You sleep with anyone who throws money at you be it US, Saudi, China and so are the WHORE of this world getting screwed everyday. So shut up and get ready for another FK.

  18. Great article but here is the reality, China depends on the west for its economic engine. Russi do not trust Pakistan or china to be him in case of a direct confrontation. in fact no one trust Pakistan they fought with russia in afgan then they ditched Taliban for US , they ditched US and support Haqanni group , now they are dreaming to ditch US ,in fact Pak is a liability for everyone including China. Russia will not ditch India and it his 60 years tested partner and still buys 4 times more from it than the entire Pak defense budget and China also cannot afford direct confrontation with India and the west. So things are not as simple than it looks.

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  20. Actually, it’s going lower. On the other hand, acts of extremism in India seem to be growing day by day. Every week a rationalist or Muslim or Dalit or tourist or just an innocent is harassed/raped/lynched/stoned/beaten by people representing the RULING PARTY. i.e. Indians SUPPORT this growing intolerance. By the next decade, your intolerance will have destroyed your country.

  21. That “leaked tape” was a recorded video of a Taliban militant in Swat captured by the army. If you didn’t know, the Taliban is involved in bombing up schools and slaughtering innocents in the Northern Areas of the country.

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  26. These policy shifts in the world don’t happen over a day or months…. must have been going on behind the scenes for years now.. It’s a natural selection on allies and add Iran to that too and ultimately I think India should be part of this block too…. The current Indian government is making the same mistake that Pakistan did when they cancelled the tour to MOSCOW and went to the US….. a more pronounced cold war era has begun.. Russia this time will play a better role…. The Saudi regime is already cloaked in their own problems…… Russia’s latest intervention in Syria seems to have given a real headache to the west…… Last time around US had a powerful ally in Pakistan to drive them out of Afghanistan…. this time it’s Russia who has Iran with it….. Nothing lasts forever change is around the corner.

  27. You thnk pakistan is a superpower cause its written in this article. :D thts why the world laughs at delusional pakistanis.Stop overestimating yourself son.

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  30. Karan what video are you talking about? Kasmiris are great pakistanis and many of them are in the Army itself so how can they do that? Illogical and plain wrong.

  31. Pak-Russia-China will be a real challenge for the west in coming decades. Pakistan China economic corridor and Russian investment in Pakistan will catch much of the world’s economic activity in coming decade.

  32. You are crazy, Pakistan is improving its relations and there is significant economic progress witnessed in just one year. I am sure this axis will be a real challenge for the rest of the world Particularly to the US and India. India is improving its ties with US but Russia has given a second priority.

  33. Pakistan is friend to China only because chineese understand the strategic importance of it otherwise Pakistani govts can never be trusted. Pakistan is not economically stable enough to stand in the axis (if it ever happens) Russia itself is not stable rather declining day by day (falling back from E.Ukraine clearly suggest that). Russia’s adventure in Syria will be a disaster for Russia as it already faces so many sanctions and even if those sanctions are lifted, it’d be very difficult for Russia to recover the trust. JMO

  34. “China’s claims and repeated disruptive actions in the South China Sea have rekindled tensions with U.S.-led countries in the region. The above-mentioned circumstances forced both Russia and China to look for new allies, which is why they found one another.”

    Let’s try that again, this time in the real world:

    “China’s claims in the South China Sea, which have been peaceful and caused no harm to anyone, provided an excuse for countries occupied by the US to wage a war of words on China. US attacks on Russia, in Georgia, Ukraine and Syria convinced both Russia and China to join forces in self-protection, which is why they found one another”.

    There, now, that’s a little closer to the real world.

  35. Well this is nothing compared to the atrocities in your nation! How about the new leaked tape of the Pakistan army torturing the Kashmiris? Every thing is a mess in Pakistan! Right from your leader to your Border!

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  37. Well name a single Country they have supplied with nukes ? and you won’t have a single name so stop spreading false propaganda against your neighbours.

    If India just stop sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan and let their People eat a bit of meat everything will be so much better!

  38. Stop spreading and gaining techniques of creating nuclear bombs and warheads! Maybe that’s when Pakistan could gain a little respect! World does not hate you! They laugh at your stupidity and your delusions!

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    And Pakistan..I dont want to waste my comment on a country which has 70% poor…Globally known as world most beggar country.A country which is running on AID of other countries,No water..

    Pakistan is the only country which you can compare to somalia in this era..its really a stone age country.

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  45. how you can conclude in first para and then writes multiple para with no link to that conclusion. “And that’s not a peaceful nor a promising future, it’s a rather chaotic future where undecided countries such as India, Brazil, Egypt and others will be squeezed between the two sides.”

  46. Another Thing, why you people think India is your GodFather..I know India is Pakistan Father,If something is happening in India or china or any other country, whether its good or bad,It’s fine that can be happen in Pakistan.

    Idiots,stop giving excuses that this happens in other countries and comparing yourself with Giants like India when Infact India considers Pakistan as a dwarf.

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  48. The Jews were hated too by Europeans pre World War II. Now Israel is stronger than any European country except Britain. Things change. Do not hate so much that in future the Creator turn the tables on you.

  49. Rick, your only arguments were ‘being able to feed itself’ as a criterion to superpower status (history laughs) and comparing western China to Ethiopia. I mentioned that western China is nothing like Ethiopia. I should know, I’ve been to both. I should note that you never returned to that ridiculous analogy, accepting you had no evidence or anything to back it up, so you conceded defeat. You have then delivered nothing but ad hominem and vitriol (buy a dictionary, maybe one of those Spanish-into-Real American ones that Trump has). You have no argument. You have no claim. You just have a pathetic need to assert the superiority of last century’s superpower as some kind of ego-enhancement. Get a real job, get a real girlfriend , and grow up.

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    “I most like make WAY more than you do.” Keep dreaming! Maybe some day you can have all the hookers and dog meat you want!

    Now, excuse me, but since you can’t make an argument, I’m going to leave you to rant here all you want.

  56. Maybe US needs another assertive and an aggressive new version president! Now, how on earth can the author of this article not mention a key role of India and Israel? Nobody now can afford to squeeze a country like INDIA (For obvious reasons) I agree to most of your points but somehow this new triangle has a bleak future!

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  59. i feel sorry for you for still thinking that bin laden was hiding in Pakistan, do you seriously think that usa would do an entire operation and Pakistan would not know about it at all, wake up bro its not some hollywood movie its 21st century,it was all propaganda done by mutual agreement of Pakistan and usa to fool the people like you so that obama can have another 5 years

  60. pakistan hasnt make any war india always started war with pakistan you people only see what your government wants to show you
    your governments has hidden the truth from you because they are against muslims
    your media is not independent they say things only which your government to say the do not tell you the truth

  61. Well to each their own! Things are improving rapidly, insurgency is finishing even faster. Whether you like it or not, accept it or not, you are irrelevant.

  62. no Pakistan hasn’t started any war with India your reply is nonsense.
    your governments have given you wrong information
    what do you think why america attack at Afghanistan for only ten years
    the aim of american govt was to notorious Pakistan and Afghanistan at name of terrorism while biggest terrorist was american govt and Indian
    why i am saying this because Indian forces are killing Kashmirs according to a study over 1 lac Muslims are killed in Kashmir by Indian forces

    america has killed over 126000 people at Hiroshima Nagasaki it is not terrorism from your point of view.
    if your government make a drama world trade center i know innocent people were killed.
    1990 people were killed in this attack by but american i have seen documentory made american they had told building was not going to fell down through 2 747 passenger plans
    and american government told that taliban hostage the plane by a simple cutter
    the pailots was soo coward they give by seeing a simple cutter


  63. It was an inside job and an excuse to destroy a dozen of Muslim countries to ensure US oil supply however in the long run this policy has costed US a lot.

  64. Oh sorry, the US and the West support democracy as they are now supporting in Egypt or when they supported in Pakistan in the era of Musharraf and Zia-ul-Haq.

  65. i am impressed with you language. it reflect’s clearly what you are and which country you belong to “cow pie drinkers and monkey worshippers.”

  66. You mean the begging bowl of porkistan? It is huge, but world throws only pennies , dimes and nickels. Cmon man write in urdu or punjabi i will decipher.

  67. What do you mean no fun,that is your lifestyle, I mean you porkis are #1 in watching and enacting porn categories of all styles. This is in your genes.

  68. “Shera9 called Pakistan a rising star.. and I just do not see it”

    He meant that Pakistan has a potential of becoming powerful country/economy in near future due to various reasons. Pakistan
    also sits on one of the largest Gold reserves (estimated two trillion
    dollars), the China Pak economic corridor (CPEC) will link Kashgar with Gwader port in Pakistan at the cost of 35 billion dollars, ushering in huge trade and commerce (India is strictly opposing CPEC). Pakistan could move up economic ladder at a surprisingly fast pace linking Central Asia with warm waters. Pakistan can also become an energy conduit from Gulf and Central Asia to energy hungry India and China, the prospects are unimaginable.

  69. “Pakistan would never dare provoke the US and China is too busy making our iPhones”

    Pakistan knows importance of US. We Pakistanis will continue to see US as our key partner but due to fast pace, continuously changing ground realities, Pakistan has just enhanced its sphere of policy towards Russia and company because putting all eggs in same basket is not good decision though. As far as China is concerned. They are also busy in making missiles that can hit entire US MAINLAND.

  70. Balance of Power is vital for world peace…since west is into different types of unions and allies like eu, schengen and nato etc. and it is not very far fetched that usa were different small countries united to become usa to form bigger power… pakistan china and russia need to develop and should have developed this union long ago but still it is not late… india should be wise enough to support and join this union otherwise she would have to struggle alot alone and will be left alone..
    since monoply of usa and ksa is also being challanged by russia on petrol this will also stablize world economy overall…
    anyway this is better for world peace….
    in FIVE SIX HUNDRED YEARS THIS WORLD WILL BE ONE COUNTRY …. humans will be tired of fighting and killings eventually :)

  71. Qasim.
    Pakistan – China – Russia combination its really an ideal combination but its not easy to be in ally..
    Pakistan Army, Its Geographical existence, Man Power Resources, and Potential
    China a Leasing Financial Power, A trust Worthy Friend, and its Big Army
    Russia X Super Power, same like Two Allia’s ‘Big Army’, and etc……
    We can lead.. but its not as simple as to write or as to Discuss..

  72. There is no such thing as Islamic or Hindu terrorism. When Hindus went of killing rampage in Gujarat on Modi’s instruction was it Modi Terrorism or Hindu Terrorism?

  73. I think ” this triangle” will be good for most of the Asian countries who differ with the US policies/ It may be the cause of US poor policies. We are suffering ” Terrorism” because of the Afghan war against USSR. We fought the war but in return what US did for us? Gifted us with the ” Terrorism”. We are badly suffering. Our armed forces are busy fighting against the terrorists on the KPK border and people of Pakistan are giving sacrifices against the terrorism but whole the World has closed their eyes. Where is justice and when justice is not done then such kind of peace agreements take place. Our media has highlighted the Indian open involvement in Pakistan but no one has condemned but encouraged.

  74. Exactly. Modi recently went to UAE. Begging for money. I thought you guys a lot of money. I guess you broke now. You need arab money now to pay your debts.

  75. If by “bankrupt” you mean the largest military in the history of the world, then I don’t get your argument. The US is not bankrupt. Japan is sovereign as well as Canada and Australia. Conspiracy theorize much?

  76. Let’s talk facts ? Indian Premier Narendra Modi is the biggest terrorist in the world with already have razed thousands of innocents when he was the chief minster of Gujarat.

    Indian prime minster Narendra Modi shame on you for committing war crimes and genocides of poor citizens of Gujarat this monster had burned children alive.

    This man who is now the head of the biggest terrorist state committed so many heinous crimes that I can’t believe humanity can do such things for those who want to know just google this “2002 Gujarat riots”

  77. Millions of Innocent Muslims & Christians Killed in Iraq,Syria,Libya,Afghanistan,Palestinian all this thanks to Our NATO Force.

    US is no longer the country that’s it’s fore fathers created and during it’s role as the world super power it has made the world a very bloody place.

    I sincerely wish that the next US president will not repeat the same mistakes that’s being done in the past 35 Years.

  78. Actuall the internal situation is now much more in control and rapidly getting better. Chances of Pakistan break up far and fewer in between and rapidly decreasing because of Political system working. The province of Balochistan under the Government of nationalist leaders, every day separatists are giving up arms and joining main stream. Further to note, close to 50% of Baluchistan population is not Baluch. Pakistan has tremendous economic potential that is already visible.

  79. The main threat in this planet is Islamic Terrorisms rather than Russia or China. US fed govt is unconscious about it. They (US FED govt) enjoying 10 star lives.

  80. You mean you DON’T? Seriously, I don’t care which backwater you’re killing your liver in, you need your shots. Well, I guess you’re determined to do that liver in no matter what, first step or not. Good luck!

  81. it always take time to turn around nations towards desired destinations. As far internal situation of Pakistan is concerned we know how to handle it. We want FRIENDS NOT MASTERS. Being a friend we do not and will not be a baggage for our friends.

  82. lets hope we will move diligently in right direction with at most care and with out any hesitation and will be taking bold decisions with out any prejudice and undue favouritism. future will be ours. INSHA ALLAH.

  83. what the you are saying Pakistan is stable, progressing, developed highly tourist developed and nuclear country with 6th largest standing army, fourth largest milk producer, wheat, has highest world mountain peaks and largest coal reserves of the world. you just wait and see what this trio is going to make changes in the world!

  84. what the you are saying Pakistan is stable, progressing, developed highly tourist developed and nuclear country with 6th largest standing army, fourth largest milk producer, wheat, has highest world mountain peaks and largest coal reserves of the world. you just wait and see what this trio is going to make changes in the world!

  85. Aryan, name originally given to a people who were said to speak an archaic Indo-European language and who were thought to have settled in prehistoric times in ancient Iran and the northern Indian subcontinent. According to the hypothesis, those probably light-skinned Aryans were the group who invaded and conquered ancient India from the north and whose literature, religion, and modes of social organization subsequently shaped the course of Indian culture, particularly the Vedic religion that informed and was eventually superseded by Hinduism. There is nothing to be ashamed off.

  86. You answered your own question Saqib – Gaza-e-hind is not a Hindustani concept or manifesto – it is the agenda of nutcases who live in Pakistan. Its sad to see how this form of fanatic Sunnat Islam has deteriorated Pakistan as a nation to such low levels.

  87. It tells a lot about the character of Pakistan that even after gulping Trillions of US dollars, hiding Osama Bin Laden, no action against terror in the region that changes the ground realities it still has guts to say Americans were betrayers. How did they betray Pakistan? For not telling of their operation to kill Osama? Pakistan used America as no payback ATM machine, it had to run out sometime.

  88. At least in the next 10 years it is not happening and if it happens will happen under two situation – An intense skirmish between China and US over South China and split of Pakistan due to its deteriorating internal situation as a result of civil war. This is the only situation when Russia and China will be forced to form a stronger alliance with Pakistan that would do anything China asks it to do.

  89. Stop spreading your malicious propaganda it’s beyond funny I’m not sure in which world you live beasue everyone know what 9–1 1 was all about and stop killing innocent Pakistani Kids the World know’s how India’S STATE Sponsored terrorism IS WORKING to destabilize Pakistan.

  90. I know what you are saying, Fred. But yes, Russia has a flat tax of 13%, but that diverts from the rampant corruption and lack of a judicial process or “rule of law” that encourages and protects private investment. I am still confident that as bad as it is here, and in spite of how the media often lauds the economic accomplishments of the East, their system is just not conducive to capital growth. Capitalism definitely has it’s faults and “robber barrons” are still alive and well here, but I think it is still outperforms the managed economies of the one party states with whom we are competing.

  91. Russians could not care less about the US. You seriously overestimate US importance. In economy, US not just dwarfs us but we wouldnt even be seen via microscope. In war and politics, not so. The reason for it is that Russian people have nothing to lose. We are like cornered badger. We do not have the concept of wealth, the spiritual freedom or the idea of sharing and synergy. Thus we are neutrally positive to anyone not caring about us and strictly negative and very aggressive to anyone who tries to threaten us. We have been waging wars for over 100 years now. There is not a single household without killed relatives or war stories. We did not invade some banana republics with jungle rebels nor did we attack anyone with rockets and aviation. We went in on tanks, beat the turds out of everybody, and went out. Half of all wars were on our territory and in our homes. Our central television showed how 18-yo boys had their heads sown-off in Chechnya and how the same goes on and on in the middle-east. Our general population still has to serve in army and all young men are drafted for at least 1 year. Do you know what they say in there? Screw the Geneva convention when it comes to american soldiers. We will chop off their heads,decimate, disembowel and decapitate them, we will videotape it and send the video back to their families. And this is only related to US citizens, ANY other soldier will be treated as a troubled friend. from Germany to SAR to DPRK and Japan.
    And now US is what? Posing itself as an international judge, a first among equals, who is handing out justice and demanding Russia to comply? To remove sanctions and offer us better life, happiness and freedom, international acceptance? Guys, seriously. We do not care about America at all when we don’t see it. When we do, we want to murder it on sight.

  92. Mishab, I understand what you are talking about.. I do.. but still Pakistan economy is 41st in the word, your economy depends on USA, your military depends on USA. Sorry, call me ignorant but I do not recall a single thing Pakistan made big strides in. Yes GDP went 4% higher from last year but in terms of world economy this means very little. Yeah, Pakistan might be getting closer to Russia but Russia is not doing too well right now and Russia has it’s own problems. Not saying diversification of economies is a bad idea, it actually good that Pakistan found another partner but once again.. Shera9 called Pakistan a rising star.. and I just do not see it. Just my objective point of you.

  93. world know pakistan was behind 9/11 and all terror attacks in world leads to pakistan, even attacks in china leads to pakistan, pakistan agenda is one to preach fundamentalist islam for ppurpose of creating terror attacks in world that is its only policy, that is why so many terror attacks in its own nation as 200 kis were killed in pakistan school this year by same terrorists who were trained by pakistan ISI to creat terror in world.
    pakistan needs to work for development and peace not terror

  94. Sooner or Later America will realize that investing on India was the biggest mistake and it looses its most important ally , the Pakistan. We choose the country that would be the next super Power. And this time whether satellites or stars or drones or what ever keep close eyes on us, but we Choose China and Russia and our selves to be the World trade corridor.

  95. First of all. Alex K . You should know that Pakistan is the victim of terrorism not supporters . We are cleaning American mass over Afghanistan, Afghan-China border and inside Pakistan. Pakistan is no doubt a rising country, we choose who shall be the next super power. And we realize by helping CIA in Afghan-Russia collapse was the biggest mistake of Pakistan, at that time we should use political negotiations with Russia and make a partnership offer to Russia for Russian trade route. But we waist our time and potential by collaborating with America, the biggest terrorist of the World.

  96. Bin laden was not in Pakistan and to hide this truth CIA killed all the marines who supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. And Obama, Hillary was watching Paranormal activity 5 in Washington DC rather then Operation Geronimo II. Kindly sale your fake stories in West as they are well brain washed people.

  97. Hinduism is actually not a religion but a way of life. So what you say is right but at the time when Aryans migrated they were just a race whose descendants subsequently might have followed Hinduism and later on other religions.

  98. The religion of the Vedic period (also known as Vedism, ancient Hinduism, Brahmanism and Vedic Brahmanism) was the religion of the Indo-Aryans of northern India. It is a historical predecessor of modern Hinduism, though significantly different from it. The Vedic religion gradually metamorphosed into the various schools of Hinduism, which further evolved into PuranicHinduism. However aspects of the historical Vedic religion survived in corners of the Indian subcontinent, such as Kerala where the Nambudiri Brahmins continue the ancient ?rauta rituals, which are considered extinct in all other parts.

  99. By US and EU and Japan, Canada, Australia you mean US (trillions of debt and sinking economy,EU (a pack of bankrupting nations),Japan (a US base in Asia)Canada(A US STATE ),Australia (Island,Another one of US STATE?)

  100. What is there to deny? Indian subcontinent was made of Aryans and Dravidian’s and many other races which is different from religion. Aryans Migrated from europe very long time ago maybe more than 5000 years ago. India was also known as Aryavarta. I do not hate muslims. I have many friends who are muslims and are they are very good people. So do not know why you are thinking in the negative.

  101. No comprende senor, I think your gibberish is difficult to decipher. So if your mother have been with lot of donkeys and camel that means you are good at donkey and camel language? Isn’t your mother’s past time is donkey and camel? Jus sayin.

  102. It won’t be if your state stop sponsoring terrorists.Anyone who have seen the leaked videos of Indian defense advisor Ajit Doval know what India has been doing with Pakistan since it’s independence.

  103. Can you read? Why are you asking me why something was banned? You need to improve your abilities, making remarks like a kid will get you nowhere with me. Grow up.

  104. You want to discuss rape, what are you an expert on rapes? And you are on a website claiming to be a rapist. I don’t have sick mind, but if you insist, tell me your rape history.

  105. Nothing wrong in killing a Jihadi terrorist who wraps a IED around his neck, we will kill more, there is no end to it. We are cheap, , evil and whatever, but what are you? Simply a by product of Terrorist and Jihadi. Listen i don’t know where you are from, but every word you say or type gets mined by FBI, NIA and CIA systems, on that basis they watch you. Just to let you know, how internet works.

  106. Well good for us, we are pigs, devils and everything you say,but always better than a bearded, salwar kameez wearing, intellectually inferior and number one brain farts of the world and terrorists. We don’t want to take that crown away from you.Now wrap the IED’s around your neck, maybe you want to kill some school kids today.

  107. Visa to Terroristan?,,,Who in their right mind will go to Pakistan?Pakistan is peaceful only in the mind of retarded pakistani. World knows better. They have stamped and certified you as “Terrorists” even mid easterners from gulf treat you like dogs. More pakis are in jails of foreign countries than Burundi.If there was a survey of good people in this world, you wouldn’t be even on the list. But you will head the list of most hated people on this planet. Most of the pakis in the western world claim to be Indians to hide their identity.

  108. Alax,,,what did i tell you, “Guest” doesn’t even understand rhetoric or sarcasm, I said 1 min and he says wait I am here after 5 hours, And he is insisting on cow pee drink. I think he is fascinated by it. Typical porki mind set.

  109. I think you are describing the West as what it was, not what it is today. We have become much more like they used to be as they have become much more like our former selves.
    Growth stifling governments” you say? Well, Russia has a flat tax of 13%, what do you pay when you include Federal Income tax, State Income Tax, Local Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare tax, State Sales tax, Local Property taxes, etc.,etc, etc. Add it all up and you will be shocked.

  110. Now that is the typical madrassa answer from a pee wee brain farts, we are waiting pakis to come and clean our toilets, that will be the best job , being terrorist is not.

  111. “With countries like India, Brazil and Egypt squeezed between the two sides”??? I think if you look close, the actions of India, Brazil and Egypt (and South Korea for that matter) over the last couple of years has shown they are moving away from the West and toward Russia and China. Most of the world does not want to be part of the Western model of open borders, gay/lesbian marriage, overly generous social safety nets, military domination of the world, etc. These countries are not stupid and when they see a country with $19 trillion in unsustainable debt and massive budget deficits for the next 100 years, they know where the power will be in another 20 years.

  112. This is not a threat to the U.S. and it’s partners. The China, Russia, et. al, axis is handicapped by their system. Those countries have had centuries to become 1st tier economic and military competitors and, for the most part, have failed to do so. Despite being rich in human and natural resources, they do not mature. Again, this is because of their governmental structure the preservation of which is the raison d’etre of the ruling parties. Their best and brightest will still flock to the West to flee the economic, academic, and social repressions of these autocratic, rigid, non-innovative, growth stifling governments.

  113. There were numerous UN sanctions that were in violation and explicitly stated that military power could be used to enforce them. The US Congress had also voted to give the President authority to wage such a war. Saddam kept it real. The US put it in Iraq’s ear. China has been trying to, much like Russia, reclaim old territories. Like Tibet. Pretty sure the Chinese invaded Tibet along time ago? Remember? Well sweetie, the Chinese have an old map that shows the boundaries bulging out into the South China Sea. they claim that gives the right to hegemony over that territory now. Now you and the rest of your progressive cronies said we went into Iraq to steal all their oil. Did that happen? Ahh we left when asked to. Sorry. Wrong again.

  114. India was ruled by Mughals who were not from India. They converted lot of people to Islam during their rule. If you are from South Asia then probably your great fore-fathers were either Hindus or some other religion within Indian Sub Continent. So if you hate Hindus then maybe you are hating your fore-fathers also.

  115. Pakistan using all Terrorist camps in own Land which is worried about world obvious eye brow need to be raised Can you give grantee none of Muslim will do terrorist act in the world?

  116. So? Learn how to read sarcasm you simple minded degenerate.
    I am not attacking India, I am not attacking Pqakistan.. I am mamking fun of a stupid writer that makes a big deal for no reason.
    Do not quote me again. clown.

  117. So? Who does not know that? RUssian trying to work both ends. If Pakistan does not like somethign they can continue to burn wood.

  118. thats because pakistan is a terrorist breeding country who is now getting burnt by the fire it set itself , hence trying to seek help from other countries to fulfill their yearly budget and begging. Earth without pakistan would be a better place to live , agree or disagree, thats the fact!!!

  119. you must be one of those islamic fanatics who has to pull other religion in every topic and prove they are wrong, stupid porkistani haha

  120. When India signed Friendship Treaty with the then USSR, nobody raised an eye brow. Now when Pakistan wants to safeguard its interests, all sorts of conspiracy theories are being floated. The simple fact is that everything is being distorted – rather concocted – to malign Pakistan and, at the same time, to appease India. Let me say that India and its backers will have no problem with Pakistan the day the latter accepts the status of an Indian Protectorate. That day shall never come.

  121. Yeah and the holocaust never happened.. The earth doesn’t go around the sun etc etc… Fact is we all saw the planes hit the towers, full of burning jet fuel, which would have compromised the structure. Once one floor falls it’s like dominoes and the whole building collapses. The simple answer is almost always the correct one…. not your typical paki fantasy story

  122. No one is willing or have capability to invade the US, not even Russia and China. However, Russia think the Crimea is their land which they give to friend Ukraine not long ago. For China, they think they what they did is because Vietnam did first. US should not get involve in those regional issue, but focus on the Principle. Which is lead the world to fight the Islam extremism and terrorists.

  123. yeah.. likely story.. Just like Mullah Omar who died in Karachi.. Pakistan is epicenter of world terrorism… There are proven links between ISI and Al Qaida in the 9-11 plot… It was an ISI operation

  124. Shanghai Stock Exchange has been crashing badly since last month or so.. India’s economy is on the upswing now. We all know about the economies of Pak & Russia?! Such an axis is only to de-stabilize and impoverish Indian economy by pushing India to weaponize drastically I feel..

  125. Arabs hate you guys and think you are as worthy as dogs… This is your biggest mistake – you look west when you should be looking east…

  126. Kashmiri’s know that Pakistan is the main cause of problems, just like for poor Afghanistan. If Kashmir was independent, Pakis would invade and install the wahabbism and kill all sufis… Not a great result for Kashmiris. Plus the state is not just Muslim, there are hindus and buddhists who don’t have much in common with Kashmir valley people…

  127. Yeah and Pakis respect women?!! Don’t make me laugh…sadly the North India’s share a lot of your barbarism..Down south that $hit doesn’t happen…

  128. hahaha… Pakistan lost every war it fought against India. India can nuke any city in China now, and soon will have sea, air and land nuclear retaliation capability. However Pakistan will fail as a state as its people begin to see the truth, that Muslims did better in India than those that left for Pakistan. If Pakis start a war again, you will lose your country. China will have to stand by unless it wants to lose cities in the resultant nuclear exchange. It will be easy to pursuade them that India as an ancient civilisation will never go away and neither will China. Pakistan however is a man made creation which can barely survive as it is… Sorry to put the mirror up to you my friend, but yes you’re F*cking ugly

  129. Nonsense… Every war was started by Pakistanis… And every one of them you lost. Lets see who has more friends, Pakistan or India? The game is up for you guys. Either join the modern world or crumble under your jihadi offspring

  130. hahahaha! Can I have some of what you’re smoking?!!

    Pakistan is the biggest $hithole in the world (well maybe after Somalia)… Investors and tourists – they want to go to India, not Karachi or Islamabad… LOL

  131. Keep dreaming… Pakistan is a failed terrorism supporting state. Their financial investment in both 9-11 and taliban paid off handsomely. But at the cost of their country and soul. Yanks will be gone soon and the money will dry up. As India continues to develop it’s military and nuclear forces, China will begin to realise that there’s no point in this cold war. Chinese and Indian civilisations are ancient and neither are going away. Pakistan is temporary blip in humanity…Eventually China, Russia and India will be come partners and friends. This will happen once China becomes more and more free and democratic.

  132. What rubbish. India’s strength comes from its soft power – culture, religion, film industry etc. India has enough land and doesn’t covet other’s territory. Unlike both China and Pakistan. And if they are so repulsive how come their women win so many miss worlds/universe.. India has reached the Moon and Mars with a budget of peanuts… Pakistanis still looking at the gutter…

    India was partitioned, which I think was a mistake, but no indians want to take pakistanis back that’s for sure….

  133. Why? They may have temporary alignment of interests, but Russia is wary of China. They have fought each other before, and it could happen again. India and Russia have more in common and decades of working together. If anything China is Pakistan’s best and worthy ally. However Chinese making a mistake because I don’t think Pakistan will last. They are already a quasi failed state, and partition of India was a huge mistake.

  134. The US invades Iraq for ‘national security’ reasons, without the world’s approval, thinking that might makes right. The Russians take this lesson from bushcheney and take Crimea for ‘national security’ reasons based on the US premise of might makes right. The Chinese are taking the South China sea based on ‘national security’ reasons with the premise again that might makes right. Thanks bushcheney!

  135. They might form an axis, but not a “superpower”. Just the US and EU and Japan, Canada, Australia and the others dwarf them in comparison. So, no.
    Pakistan would never dare provoke the US and China is too busy making our iPhones.

  136. Not sure if I would put it this way “Russia needs Pakistan”. Russia wants to sell arms. India under Modi warmed up to USA.. Ain’t no thing..

  137. The current situation was created not only by China-Russia-Pakistan, but the collective geo-political policies of the West on how to treat China and China’s rightful desire to assert regional influence proportionate to their size. U.S. does not want to give up it’s naval influence in the Pacific. Due to differences in culture and political views, U.S. rather give up it’s long term relationship with China and pursuit short term interest of maintaining status quo in the Pacific and treat China as a regional competitor instead of partner. China’s claim in SCS is not new, it’s just that she now has the strength to carry out these claims. U.S prevented any allies in the SCS to have any bi-lateral talks with China because any deal would have potential implications for the current U.S. – Japan naval dominance in the Pacific. Naturally for China, feeling surrounded in the Pacific, must seek alliance of possible naval blockade of China in the SCS and the Pacific. The fundamental flaw is the West, particularly U.S., does not trust China, or work with China on issues, even with the ever stronger bi-lateral trade. U.S. is retracting back to it’s old Atlantic-NATO alliance and becoming afraid of China.

  138. Even if he was tried in the US they would have to prove he was responsible. It was highly unlikely for one of those building to collapse from a plane crash, but all 3 defied physic’s. It’s like 3 backup hard drives failing at the same time. A statical abnomally that should be less than a percent. Applying machine statistics, to building statistics, there is a 99? chance Bin laden was a patsy for the real lie. No trial, they have to prove or disprove the official story.

  139. Let say those 3 countries are now super power than US. The question is can you armed your civilian citizen? For sure only those military personal are allowed to have guns. In United States doesn’t need to arm their citizen because believe it or not 90% of civilian Americans are armed & can carry guns on the streets if they want to. So, in other words, no one can invade United States just in-case they planned to do that.

  140. Whatever we think about Putin as a person and political figure, we have to agree that Russia is far more democratic today than any time at since 1917. USA and EU should take this fact into account dealing with Russia and Putin.

  141. If this alliance can hold together and deepen — I think the world changes — and for the better, overall.
    For far too long the US has seen itself — insisted on itself as arbiter, cop and — most fundamentally — financial and military master.
    When people aren’t gripped by the moral imperative the American government claims — there’s always that loaded gun “on the table.”
    Its giant blunders in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the 2008 financial collapse still reverberating through the EU — have instigated resistance among many nations — the world is no longer the flat-on-its-back landscape that followed WWII.
    Its chain-jerked allies are flirting with the Eurasian project — even Australia.
    At the same time, its leadership class is a near-comical spectacle — government shutdowns, Bible-thumpers taken seriously as presidential candidates and a clown like Trump with a large following.
    The leader of a client state is invited to attack the president from America’s own Congressional podium.
    Let’s try to imagine that in Russia or China.
    One wonders what the peoples in places like these three countries think of the”freedom” and ‘democracy” offered by the American model — so often administered with a dose of guided munitions. Not to mention “free market” Ayn Rand intellectualism/economics.
    There’s quite a contrast between what the US did in SE Asia — the Afghan fiasco that spawned a widespread and destructive Islamic fanaticism — and the effects of Pakistan’s relations with a powerful and economically helpful China.
    Pakistan is crushing the most extreme and buying off the rest.
    One remembers that China has been operating very profitable mines in Afghanistan for years now — unmolested — even while it suppresses Islamic nationalism in Xinjiang.
    The US alternative “diplomacy” — bomb everything that moves.
    The USSR left a much happier legacy in central Asia: tempered Islam and lots of intermarriage. No one can run an alternate universe to test options, but I’d assert that the Afghans would be much better off now under a Soviet-installed leadership.
    The first commenter that says “but they wouldn’t be “free” gets a complimentary dunce-cap.
    On the positive side, the prospect of solid economic and cultural ties starting to develop in Eurasia holds immense promise.
    Without waxing romantic about the old Silk Route — opening up this vast region and interconnecting its people as they achieve higher living standards could lead to cultural vigor and fusions that could start to offset or at least elevate the dumbed-down global buzz-brain mentality offered by the Shining City on a Hill.
    Is it possible that the peoples of Eurasia will start to see themselves as some kind of global unit?
    A similar idea has been floating in Europe, but is failing.
    Such a development on the immense land mass, among all these billions — would be a stabilizing factor like no other.

  142. An alliance between China, Russia, and Pakistan is unlikely. This would effectively alienate India, who would most likely then seek closer ties to the U.S. China does not want another U.S. ally on its borders.

  143. While I am not debating her credentials, all her articles seem very pro-China and pro-Russia. Then again, so do most of the articles that come out ValueWalk.

  144. Get a visa and visit Pakistan. You are seeing everything from the point of view of Indian media. You wd be surpised to find a major part of Pakistan more peaceful and calm than India.

  145. Situation of india is still same, india is a beggar country, most indian politicians are corroupt, whole society of india is corroupt, modi always beg for money from other countries and imf

  146. Polina holds a Master’s Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.

    How many of you high school dropouts can say the same, while you’re reading this from either your walmart customer loser job or your Russian troll factory career.

  147. Now writer of this article failed to mention bad policies of America which force pakistan to look for another friend in the shape of russia, It is American selfish behavior who force pakistan to make new friends

  148. The so called authoritarian capitalism is not what China’s is all about. It is about strong central government and influence . In this case i believe US has more of it than China contrary to fantasy self belief about American freedom .

  149. The real threat is islamic terrorist to the world. All donkey here open your eyes dont misguide people to fictional conflict. The real conflict is islam against the world.

  150. You said it well. Pakistan has (and will always) need masters. On their own, they are just a failed state with no hope of an independent (of their masters) future at all. The only salvation which (sadly) they will never fall for, is peaceful coexistence with India. Vkh.

  151. @BDD. Actually, Hindu drink pee of cow not Muslims…. :) Secondly, everyone are not terrorist in Pak & India. If some people are terrorist so nobody can say that the whole country is a terrorist… And you & everybody knows very well that RAW involved in terrorist activities across Pakistan. And the Government has handed over evidence to Indian Government as well. Now, Pak ISI has caught Indian agents in Pak. Anyhow, very soon Pakistan would become clear by all kinds of terrorist. And soon would be the Super Power of the world you just wait & watch.. Because mostly astrologists have predicted about it.

    Pakistan & India both are Nuclear Power so both countries should keep good & peaceful relationship. As USA & Canada are an example. So Don’t make a rival for each other.

    And please don’t hate Muslims…. Although always keep in your mind every human is my brother & sister. Then you will see that love would build in your heart for everyone.

    I hope you will definitely understand, what I am trying to say.

  152. Pak & RUSSIA relation: Pakistan is going in the right
    direction after experiencing a lot bitter relation with USA. Because we Pakistani
    realized that USA offering to India to buy weapons and India will use against

  153. So Umbrella wasn’t there before? Did you find it today, after this article? Only a porki can dream of being “underneath” of someone, that’s why chinese made it official calling you a R A N D I. Remember 1971 chopped your body part, Siachen, Kargil, J&K, you worry about ENT, we will chop your body into pieces. That is our ultimate goal.

  154. Rick,,,you can’t convince that to a Pakistani, they are fed daily with this nonsense of Nuclear power. Pakistan is a certified “beggar country” They push their begging bowl to all the western countries every year without fail. Their nuclear power is also “all made in China or Stolen” so it is not really tested. They have it and they think now they can blackmail. It is the mind set. Hardly 12% of the population goes to school. Out of 200 million odd. If you apply any international human indexes to Pakistan they are at the bottom of each one of them. 98% population is muslim, it is islamic state, but they are number one in each and every category of watching Porn. Go figure.

  155. And you keep on waiting. J&K is done deal. India scores. We are aiming POK and then hindu, sikh and other Indian settlement in J&K in near future.

  156. I’m a Pakistani. and i agree with you Sumit. Pak need to mature but the thing is we are forcefully hold back by international politics and terrorism for at least 20 years and now we are kinda desperate for anything to celebrate.

  157. Pakis don’t know the difference between reality and reality show. Their emotional, thinking and logical quotient is tied to Jihad. So they don’t know better.

  158. Well in J&K we are killing Terrorists send across from your country, nothing wrong with that. We blew you so many times, still you have not learnt your lesson. Again if you wanted to do something to India, you would have done it long time ago. But you won’t dare to, because you are a nation of cowards, you loose your pants each and every time with your stupidity. Even with your so called nuclear power u have no guts. Now take that for your bravado. And all your “so called Chinese power” is untested. We have a plan for it. And world has marked your nation “from above” all the satellites of the world are keeping a close tab on you. And those drones, nobody will fight you, the way you want, it will be a surprise and you will doomed forever. Keeping quiet, pushing your begging bowl is the best solution of survival.

  159. Shera,,,,you are right all the stars are in the sky are looking down on you very minutely and closely watching your moves, Any wrong move,,,all the shining will turn into very dark cloud of dust and destruction.

  160. “10th most powerful military in the world “and all of them wear typical punjabi ladies garments. In Kargil war India killed 2790 paki soldiers and the impotent army refused to take the dead bodies. It is army of tribals. All your weapons are chinese, US and Korean made. US has stopped supplying spare parts. Your nuclear missiles are made in China and N. Korea painted with your national colors. Cleansing process? Its a hell hole.

  161. Pakistan? Russia has completely neutral relations with them, hardly a military allegiance I’d like to add. In fact, it is not wrong to day that Pakistan has better relations with Ukraine from a defense standpoint. In either case, Pakistan/China are their own thing.

    Russia’s military allegiance comes in the form of China, Belarus, Armenia, and India among others. After Indo-Pakistani and Indo-Sino relations are smoothed over, we may see an “axis” form. The question is if that it is a bad thing.

  162. “Pakistan is a single country only on paper. It is collection of hostile tribes and Islamic extremists. It has nuclear weapons and that is the only reason U.S and the west want to keep the appearance of a single Pakistan”.
    Nuclear weapons made in China though, have you ever seen any chinese products? Pakistan buys missiles from North Korea and China and then they color them with green paint and give names of their “rapists,killers, marauders, invaders from their history books” Secondly India has experience in breaking up Pakistan. Unleash India, and you have mini Pakistans. By the way China has trillions of dollars of Treasury notes of USA and other western countries. To break China’s back simply don’t honor the notes. China will be doomed.

  163. Hey wake up Paki you been saying it for last 60 years, what happened? Which bombs? Chinese made? Make sure China has not sold you, Macy’s 4th of july bombs? Ohhhhh I remember now that’s why Chinese have named you R A N D I .

  164. Russia got burnt in Afghanistan very badly, they only act in their neighborhood, China, does not have the authority or the resources to move anywhere. With China, simple fact of life is, it is the manufacturing hub of the world, but what happens if those companies who have invested from western countries pull out and invalidate treasury bonds or refuse to honor by western govts? China will fall like a deck of cards. Remember China is run by military junta,they would only care about themselves.

  165. Khan. Your people are probably the least respected and most hated on the planet. Don’t blame me because you wash yourself in sewage water everday, and that your kid sister/mom get raped in the alleys as they walk to work -where they spend 20 hours a day making my clothes. Hahahahaha. Fgt.

  166. This is the problem with Pakistan..You guys always started celebrating on this will happen,Pakistan Future will change,Pakistan will not remain a beggar country.I’m hearing this from past how many years.The things that are so big for Pakistan and are celebrating for past 1 year for a 46 Billion CPEC deal is nothing for India..Even 75 billion trade agreement between UAE and India hardly make a news..

    This is the difference being a Global Power India does trade with every other country and always sees its own interest but Pakistan always does begging.That’s why your claims wont be true until Pakistan future changes and its future,so dont start celebrating.

    Pakistan needs to come out from inferiority complex.They always want to be associated with Big countries,so that on world map people should recognize them and respect them.But that wont happen until and unless they become self dependent and make a mark for themselves so that other countries try to associate themselves with them…Harsh but true.

    Let the CPEC happens than start celebrating.I also want Pakistan to prosper but on reality not on daydreaming.i hate those Pakis who fools their people and people who gets fooled that pakistan future will change.Be cool and lets the things to happen or else no-one care for Pakistan.

  167. This is the problem with Pakistan..You guys always started celebrating on this will happen,Pakistan Future will change,Pakistan will not remain a beggar country.I’m hearing this from past how many years.The things that are so big for Pakistan and are celebrating for past 1 year for a 46 Billion CPEC deal is nothing for India..Even 75 billion trade agreement between UAE and India hardly make a news.

    This is the difference being a Global Power India does trade with every other country and always sees its own interest but Pakistan always does begging.That’s why your claims wont be true until Pakistan future changes and its future,so dont start celebrating.

    Pakistan needs to come out from inferiority complex.They always want to be associated with Big countries,so that on world map people should recognize them and respect them.But that wont happen until and unless they become self dependent and make a mark for themselves so that other countries try to associate themselves with them…Harsh but true.

    Let the CPEC happens than start celebrating.I also want Pakistan to prosper but on reality not on daydreaming.i hate those Pakis who fools their people and people who gets fooled that pakistan future will change.Be cool and lets the things to happen or else no-one care for Pakistan.

  168. i guess u r indian. if u try to put ur nose in it u will be bombed by pakistan and china on both side.
    its better u reconsider ur policy towards pakistan to avoid breaking into more parts

  169. This is pure propaganda! Garbage, another article to make Russia and China look bad, while the US and NATO look like angels. Unfortunately a great number of people in this country believed this sort of thing!

  170. As Pakistan has already made up it’s mind to remove all menace troubling it’s very own existence and Once Pakistan deals with all the proxy militancy and so called fanatic Islamic extremism it will emerge as a very strong and peaceful country.

  171. India has already change its policy and concentrating on becoming self sufficient. On the other hand, Pak is still with the same policy i.e begging. You only change your masters but not begging.

  172. Indians has lost it and trying to blow up everything they thing is Pakistan.

    India do unthinkable atrocities on it’s helpless Muslims in Jammu Kashmir and is the country that openly do state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan and kills innocent children while Pakistan only try to save the helpless people in Jammu Kashmir

  173. @BDD How can anyone take you seriously you make me laugh so hard…The countries in the mentioned triangle CHINA,PAKISTAN,RUSSIA needs each other to counter the growing menace in the world and secure themselves.

    Pakistan is a country on a piece of paper ?? : ))) It has the 10th most powerful military in the world and among the list of handful countries with Nuclear capabilities.While the country is going through a cleansing process thanks to your friends it’s in no way what you said.

  174. This is why you are wrong this triangle was bound to be formed for these simple reasons:

    1. China and India are arch rivals already having fought couple of war because India kiss so much Washington a*** and create border trouble with China.On the Other hand Pakistan was the first country to Recognize and welcome China and their relationship and cooperation sees no bound.

    2. Indian and Russian nexus is fragile now for the simple reason that India has decided to sit in Washington’s lap leaving it’s long term ally in the cold when it was most vulnerable and hit by western sanctions.(friend in need is a friend indeed) Due to this Russia has now decided to find new allies.

    3. After being back stabbed by US (that’s what majority of people believe now when US decided to stay silent and let india try to destabilize paksitan) Pakistan to0 is now looking for new allies and What can Pakistan contribute to this triangle? well it’s the gateway to central Asia and Middleeast,the only Muslim nuclear power in the world (with a lot of allies on it’s back) and with the Worlds 10th most powerful and extremely good battle trained military it’s considered a worthy ally.

    Now india should reconsider her policies if she and this region is to prosper.

  175. I believe this is a new ERA where Russia, China and Pakistan will have a good long term relationship and hoping Pakistan will continue to have good relationship with US as well. Nothing wrong with that. It might upset some. Oh well.

  176. How so? Based on what?
    India and Russia have free politics.. India will not sacrifice their finances, economy but they will not go against Russia in terms of hostility, sanctions or aggression. Russia is a friend to India.

  177. So Russia signed a deal to
    sell 4 helicopters FOUR to Pakistan so now we have this article.. China Pakistan and
    Russia the evil.. Russia is against India? what kind of BS is this? valuewalk
    need to hire some intelligent writers.. Actual journalists.. Not this garbage.

  178. So just because Russia sells helicopters they align with Pakistan?
    Putin invited Pakistan and India leaders to Russia not even a month ago to talk about things..

  179. Really, is making 25¢/hr an insult?? You are even dumber than I presumed. And yes I read what you wrote and I still stand firm by my response to that!

  180. You are right to the point. I hope you will not be in their red book. Tom it is self inflicting wound to tell the truth,so please don;t do that again.

  181. Lol people, don’t take this girl or this one article seriously, Russia will never bond with China, Russia and China would never with Pakistan, also US is close with China and has a close eye on Russia, if this bond is forming, it’s because they are all getting very weak.

  182. You sir are an idiot wrapped in a moron. Your simplistic, myopic and immature view of the world is reflective of your undermined youth. All countries mentioned here are Interdependent on each other, some more so than the others. You should read some history about those countries mentioned here before you open your pie-churner. Pakistan, Russia and China are dependent on west just like the west is dependent on them!

  183. I mean all the little crumbles from India will not survive for very long or exceed whatsoever. It’s better to be part of the everlasting prominent country or the heartland. Don’t create another terrorist country for the world, that’s what it is, just terrorists that have moved in and brainwashed a couple of the poor leftovers that couldn’t escape. Your sitting here expecting the world to help you LOL. You probably don’t represent their true image, read history, don’t get above yourself. We’re focused on fighting that, not feeding it.

  184. Pakistan is a game changer country in region and the world,thats why writer make the Russia china and Pakistan anix,if you don’t know about that then read and correct your history first before opening your month.

  185. Ethiopia is a business partner not a rival, together having a bigger market always benefits all participants, this is why we’d better keep peace with everyone.

  186. I hope India built toilets and stopped rapes cases? Why Muslims killer terrorist modi visiting in Muslims countries off-curse bagging support. Don’t forget One gwadar going to change whole Pakistan, keep weeping.

  187. I have roots in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the real struggle has to come from within not even Pakistan. That’s exactly the point, don’t “wait for independence”. You have to declare yourself independent! And then the world will have to recognise you as such.

  188. Today agreement signed Russia Providing Mi-35 helicopters to Pakistan just search on google you will get lot of results in today date. In future you will see the value of Pakistan for Russia, Central Asians countries and Europe. Off-curse India value will not decrease but Russia will not remain same like before one sided.

  189. Countries must join together to oppose the incredible power of the US Empire. The worst thing that could possibly happen is for the US Empire to take over the world. If it does, the great lie about freedom that the US Empire has been spreading since 1776 will no longer be needed, and the truth will be exposed that anyone who resists the empire will be killed.

    People in the US are concerned about the huge federal deficit, but they don’e realize that this spending is to do what is necessary to take over the world and then when that happens the world will be forever enslaved to pay the deficit and other costs of the empire as well as give the empire whatever else it wants. The empire is betting that it will take over the world before it goes bankrupt. I’m hoping that it goes bankrupt.

  190. seems like this writer is actually paid to write this garbage!
    Russia is a old Indian friend and is unlikely to align with Pakistan. They are just inking up an agreement for billions of dollars on sale of fighter aircraft from Russia to India after canceling the Rafael deal with France.

  191. You guys were completely independent – for about a month and then got raided from Pakistan. Then your king went to India begging. There is nothing wrong in having a dream, but then you need to have a muscle to keep that independence. Between Indian Kashmir, Pakistani Kashmir and Tibet, it is very easy to say that you got lucky.

  192. What does it matter. Russia and China do not take orders from US anymore. Are you humiliated for US pretense of world dominance?

  193. “Both countries do not support the values of democracy distributed by the U.S. and Japan, just as much as they oppose transparent governing”.

    USA double standard character is what drives Russia and China to set a new world order where it will be multipolar to stop warmongering of the USA. USA has only itself to blame for Russia, China and Pakistan triangle relationship.

    India and Brazil do not have to chose to align with USA or the Russia, China, Pakistan relationship. These countries are part of BRICS grouping so naturally they would be part of the new power structure.

  194. Mark my words Pakistan is the rising star of east, we suffered because of grand game played in central asia. soon you will see the shine of the star with Russia and china.

  195. It’s good for Pakistan because China and Russia have their own interests in Pakistan and it’s a blessing for Pakistan that someone is investing huge amount on it. After completing CPEC Pakistan will become super power of middle east, india needs to reconsider it’s policy towards Pakistan now it will be good for both countries. CPEC will also create many job opportunities in Pakistan.

  196. US didnt really mis-used their 50 years of being the number one nation to road roll the other nations and partners to the extent it could have. And the world realises that and hence let US play the polar position for decades.But now its under great threat because of china as emerging figure in game .

  197. Current tension at Loc is actually to make the world think about kashmir . Recently UN cheif ban ki mon statement also shows their coming concern about kashmir issue . I wish kashmiris starts living independent life as soon as possible .

  198. You live and work there? Clearly all the chinese hookers and dog meat quality food has hindered your judgment then. Doesn’t take a genius to make accurate references as to how sh*i*ty and undeveloped China is, so please, -enter your undeveloped country here- when comparing. I’ve been there many times, and I most likely make WAY more than you do.

  199. You’re off your medication again. Either that or I have forgotten how to read Esperanto. Please call your doctor or enroll in an English class.

  200. Let’s unpack this. When I wrote ‘Anti-Asian’, I think any thinking person would know that it means non-Caucasian people of Asia. I know this because having lived in Russia for a number of years, I was always struck by the appalling racism Russians expressed towards Africans, Asians, etc.

    Second, I know it’s a Russian habit to label anyone they disagree with as a fascist or a Nazi, but Europe has democratic institutions and freedoms; Russia is totalitarian with faked elections. So grow up and read a real newspaper.

  201. I live and work in the undeveloped west of China, so clearly you were a drunk backpacker while you were here. Also, your claim remains ridiculous since you never visited Ethiopia.

    My country is the USA, and I do feel your pain for how much your country sucks.

    Glad to see you’re in recovery and working the steps. Actions have consequences, and your so-called career truly drove you into it.

  202. hehehe very funny :D still you have Questions on Pakistan value for China :P, Russia will be our 2nd best friend in world very soon. Pakistan, China and Russia Friendship long live.

  203. Very biased article. Polina Tikhonova, you wrote this article like a American running dog. China never focus on global dominance but focus on business as a partner with respective countries. It is America, in which I read in your article you tried to draw America as an Angel, America is the one which running UNO and suppressing all other countries to show its Fake supremacy. The World in unsafe because of America. Russia, Pakistan and China are the future of the World. We the People will be the saving hands of all suffering Humanity.

  204. It will be a strong axis indeed.All these three countries Pakistan , China and Russia have planned to establish strong economic and strategic ties.Specially the Pak-China Economic Corridor is a game changer for both China and Pakistan.Gawadar port will also give access to land locked Soviet states so they will also get benefit from this corridor.But all this is offending in the eyes of US and India.

  205. Pakistan and USA relations are not very good anymore. its reality Majority of Pakistanis looking to Russia as a new best friend like China. its Reality USA use Pakistan like a tissue paper and through after use. I am sure Russia can be very trustable friend in future. We Pakistanis are Inviting Russians to invest in Pakistan, use our Gwadar port for trade due to small route for Russia as well and win our heart like Chinese great nation. Lot of Respect for China and Russia.

  206. Pakistan and USA relations are not very good anymore. its reality Majority of Pakistanis looking to Russia as a new best friend like China. its Reality USA use Pakistan like a tissue paper and through after use. I am sure Russia can be very trustable friend in future. We Pakistanis are Inviting Russians to invest in Pakistan, use our Gwadar port for trade due to small route for Russia as well and win our heart like Chinese great nation. Lot of Respect for China and Russia.

  207. Look at the Map. from left to right. The link ,Pakistan,Russia,China. Its like UMBRELLA. India is underneath. Pakistan, controls the Indians, Brain, nose,mouth,chest (ENT). Indian got the G.I and the END. Therefore, can not digest any progress of Pakistan. Bangladesh got the Genital area, no fun for India.. so, advise to India, be good with Pakistan and enjoy the life.

  208. Polina Tihonova’s analyses are not correct. She has just made analyses from surface. Pakistan and US relations are very good and helping each other in various fields. Pakistan is in dire need of energy for which it needs to find out ways from where energy can be brought in Pakistan for getting rid of electricity load shedding. The author of the article should not be biased with Pakistan, China and Russia relations. Russia and China has relations with India as well as with European countries and the US. I suggest the writer to be positive instead of creating the seeds of doubts and hate among nations.

  209. its a pity that we Kashmiris have to wait much longer than thought for independence of our own country Jammu kashmir. west was never sincere to our goal and now new triangle would not care of our desire

  210. Well, look at the history pages, American relationship with Pakistan vs Indian relationship with Russia. Pakistan is the best choice for Russia, china and US, to promote their geopolitical and business. Look Indians are only hungry for war technology, for domination. Indians have pile of junk yard, with old fighter,guns,etc. What a wastage of money. Friendship between India and Pakistan, never be hugged, because of their body sweat and smell. Not in compliance by birth.

  211. Polina Tikhonova is not a Yankee She is a smart and beautiful writer, like western. You have to swallow the facts. Some people are bias only wanted to read, see, and listen, opinion that doesn’t conflict, their ideology. I am 100% sure, that World gona change. Like it or not. Cheers

  212. making invest of china pakistan and russia at each other is not for making war with any country.
    there are making investment to develop economy of each other
    yes they are purchasing weapons but people should know that it is part of interest of every country for protecting itself from attack from outsiders.

    suppose pakistan does not purchase the weapon then its biggest enemy india will attack at pakistan.

    for security and protection of country pakistan purchases weapons.

    my english is not good
    please ignore my mistakes

  213. I’ve been to the undeveloped west, and my statement stands. It’s OK to be butthurt because your country sucks. The first step to recovery is admitting it.

  214. Your spelling betrays your level of intoxication, so … Moldovan? Russian?

    China and Russia are not standing up against a ‘pest’, they are standing up for their own interests. And China is demonstrating a willingness to run against international agreements with its illegal activity in the South China Sea.

    Pest? Any big country with a strong military is a pest by definition. Grow up. Oh, and sober up. ‘Spell Check’ is free!

  215. It’s clear that Russia, China and Pakistan are using each other for temporary gain and that no clear long-term alliance is feasible.

  216. Agreed. There’s a great deal of anti-Asian racism in Russia. This is a temporary alliance of convenience, and Xi is clearly using Putin.

  217. Talk about a joke, China and Russia as allies? The hatred the U.S. Has for Russia and the other way around does not compare to how Russia and China feel about each other, Are there two other countries in this world that you couldn’t trust more? Neither one of the two will never have a true friend

  218. I’m sorry but just because you have some nuclear bombs, doesn’t make you a super power. These countries can’t even feed their own people efficiently, and the majority of areas in China, Russia, and especially Pakistan, rival Ethiopia in development.

  219. this author is a sick chinese and russian hater, a racist to the point of insanity like aquino, abe and hot-head US generals who like to pick fight. highly dangerous criminals all.

  220. you are the worst author. Your obviously for Russia and axis powers. This website needs to stop posting your bias opinions on yahoo…

  221. Russia would never turn its back on India. It might be uneasy about Indian military cooperation with the US, and this might be a reason why also to cultivate some relationship with Pakistan. However, Russia remains the largest supplier of defence equipment to India. It will not want to give up on that business. In addition given historical ties and suspicion of the US, it is extremely unlikely that India would want to prejudice this relationship. Russia also has to be wary about Chinese intentions on its borders and has fought a limited war with China in the past. It would take extraordinary pressure by the US and Europe for Russia to fall completely into Chinese arms. This is something westerners should keep in mind too…Pakistan will continue to sell itself to any partner who will finance it and sell them weapons.

  222. Democracy is really good,but can only be enjoyed fully with compliance to natural cultures in such respective nations.Let sleeping dog lie,is the suitable idiom to refer to all the mess caused by regime change in many stable and prosperous Governments.USA are good in regime change but are bad in repairs to it`s effects.After messing up with a lot of one time prosperous nations the US is still adamant on her foreign policy for sphere of interest. World stability is in your hands Mr.America.

  223. In Hell, humans just simply cannot be the Champion, It should be Satan.
    However, we do not call Satan the Supa Powa but the Devil.

  224. As An American I must appoligize for the fool we twice elected, Bush the liar, We are working very hard this time to revive the economy
    to not repeat that mistake and elect war mongers

  225. actually china build fake island is not part of international water because it’s within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, it’s about 80+ kilometers away from the Philippines island Palawan.. but kudos to your comment..

  226. I don’t know about the China and Russia’s future plan but Pakistan would be pleased the WWIII, because wherever is war there you can find Pakistan’s ISI and his government, One thing els that Pakistan’s people really hate their own government
    And Pakistan government is cancer of humanity.

  227. “whole muslim world?” Most of the ME countries are more afraid of Russian backed Iran then anyone, followed by ISIS. Get your facts straight.

  228. “Both countries do not support the values of democracy distributed by the U.S. and Japan, just as much as they oppose transparent governing.” You make mi smile…….. US distributed democraczy – in Irak, Libyen, Afghanistan…………. ???????????????ß US Warmonger the Pest of this world and god thanks China, Russia stand against! I am European !

  229. This time around,the next US President should shut down all heated engines of world disorder by engaging her partner superpowers she marginalized in to sincere & all inclusive partners to fight ISIS,Alqaida,Bokoharam & all jihadists causing havoc or mayhem to humanity.The superpowers should convene a summit to thrash out differences.USA must admit that the various Super powers claiming their rights need to be listened to rather threatening them to give up on what they justify to fight for. It is not business as usual for the US,& therefore the next President must start anew,to merrily make live in our planet earth,peaceful.

  230. It is a typical self righteousness from the ARROGANCE and Imperialist US. First of all, In politics, there is no forever friends, every country is looking after own Interests, US has been showing such mentality for over 50 years. By spying your allies leaders, it shows quite weakness of such “dependable allies”. In EU, the biggest military technology suppliers are France and Germany, two major partners of US; British has been supplying other technology which can be used for commercial as well as military use. All the technologies sold to China are banned by US. Well, again, it is a face losing reality for US, no wonder Valuewalk, National Interest,and Christian Science never reported too much, the only expertise these below average media outlets is to mislead average American and create chaos for own political gains.

  231. Our American government has created all the messes in the Middle East and beyond. We rampaged through one nation after another to topple dictators who had been maintaining stable societies and everyone had a job. Now, without the dictators, we’ve left behind war, chaos and destruction and the rise of other power groups looking to take over like the Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS.
    If that wasn’t enough to make all the Muslim world hate us, we sanctioned Iran to the point of economic collapse FOR THE SOLE REASON THAT THEY THREW US OUT 50 YEARS AGO. Remember, we held a grudge against Castro for throwing us out 50 years ago, too.
    In addition, we go all over the globe telling other world powers what they can and cannot do. We constantly confront China about expansion in the South China Sea and we sanctioned Russia to the point of economic collapse. THAT pushed Russia to form an alliance with China AGAINST AMERICA.

  232. Thanks the clueless American president to make this happen, the failed plan “pivot to Asia” of Obama administration is the direct cause of today’s chaos in the world, Obama withdrew the troops from ME, he want to station the troops to some place so he came up with an idea “pivot to Asia” without know what he would be dealing with, he think he was still dealing with the China that Bush dealt with in 2000, end up it didnt contain China one bit, what happened is entirely opposite, it fully waked China and pushed it to alliance with Russia to full confrontation with USA

  233. What the world is coming to, with the youngsters playing what-if alliances and games? National interests not ideology determines nations’ behaviors. No, Russia and China want the subcontinent of Pakistan and India to work together.

  234. Oh good grief. This is like hyping the war between the US and Iraq back when Iraq had one of the biggest standing armies in the world.

  235. Every time Putin sits in his war room and turns on his TV, and sees how disturbed and perverted U.S. society has become, he’s got to be laughing. Hollywood, porn, and drugs have totally freaked USA out.

  236. An economically unstable oligarchy, a has-been empire, and a banana republic. Sounds like a pub joke with no punchline.

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