China And Russia: Masters Of The Pacific?

China And Russia: Masters Of The Pacific?
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China and Russia are further strengthening their military ties by carrying out a new round of naval drills. And keeping in mind recent measures adopted by Japan that are aimed to strengthen the country’s military ties with the U.S., the idea to hold joint naval drills is most likely a counter measure.

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On Saturday, China dispatched seven Chinese warships, five warplanes, six shipborne helicopters, 21 amphibious vehicles and 200 marines from the port of Qingdao in Shandong province to join the Russian navy’s 12 naval aircraft, 20 battleships, nine amphibious vehicles, two submarines and 200 marines in Vladivostok.

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The naval exercise will take place in the Sea of Japan and is an extension of Joint Sea-2015 (I), which was the naval drills held by the two countries in the Mediterranean Sea back in May.

Apart from the Sea of Japan, the drills will be held in Peter the Great Bay and waters off the Clerk Cape from August 20 through 28 and are aimed at simulating anti-submarine combat, air and naval defense as well as other military exercises.

The nine-day maneuvers will also include bilateral operations for both Russian and Chinese marines, sailors and naval air pilots in an amphibious assault exercise. This is the first time in history when a naval exercise will include joint amphibious assault drills.

The main goal of the drills is anti-submarine training, protection of naval communications, air defense exercise and anti-ship exercises.

In late July, Russia released a revised naval doctrine that named China the Kremlin’s core partner in the Pacific, which was widely interpreted in the West as the beginning of joint efforts to counter the Japan backed ‘Asia Pivot’ doctrine of the U.S.

Asian U.S. allies are worried over the drills

It must be noted that the Sea of Japan is surrounded by four countries – Japan, Russia, North and South Koreas. The Chinese Navy has not conducted any military drills in this area before.

However, a source close to the joint military drills mission, told Xinhua news agency that the exercises “are not targeted at any third party and are not relevant to the regional status quo,” emphasizing that the upcoming drills are a mere part of annual exchange program between Beijing and Moscow military units.

The fact that both Beijing and Moscow included 200 marines from their side means that the countries are planning to carry out a joint beach landing, which could become worrisome for other countries amid ongoing island disputes in the Pacific.

Explaining the decision to hold the drills, the Chinese Defense Ministry said that they are meant to “bolster the comprehensive strategic cooperation and partnership between Russia and China, and to increase the military capabilities of both countries to counter maritime threats.”

The Chinese squadron will reach Vladivostok port this Thursday, August 20, according to Xinhua. While staying in Vladivostok, the Chinese ships are expected to be publicly opened for civilian visitors.

U.S.-Japan partnership can lead to a ‘disaster’

The week-long drills are taking place at the time of the increasing militarization of the Pacific under U.S. President Barack Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ doctrine. The idea of the doctrine is to allow the U.S. Pacific Command to draw more than sixty percent of all U.S. forces under its command.

Japan, in return, is making legal efforts that would allow the country to break away from its pacifism and combine forces with the U.S. in operations in the region. However, not all Japanese people consider this move as reasonable.

Because of the growing strength of ties between Tokyo and Washington, “Japan may miss the boat in connection with the vast Eurasian infrastructural developments, including high-speed rail connections across Siberia linking Chinese coastal cities directly with ports in Europe (which promises to become the heaviest traveled trade route in history),” The Japan Times states in an article published on Saturday, the day the Chinese navy dispatched its ships to Russia.

“In the longer term, a Japan that allows itself to get entangled in America’s full-spectrum dominance scheme can only invite disaster upon itself,” the author of the article warns.

As a response to the Japanese getting so close with the U.S., Moscow and Beijing have been strengthening their military deterrence, which included Russia’s revised naval doctrine and China’s shift of focus to carry out naval exercises in the Pacific and, in particular, in the disputed South China Sea.

Big military ambitions of joint China and Russia’s military

Furthermore, Russia and Japan have recently started a new round of war of words regarding the status of Kuril Islands in the Pacific. On August 14, the Russian Foreign Ministry dismissed Japan’s objections over the visit of the Kremlin’s officials to the Kuril Islands, which Tokyo claims its own.

Besides, earlier this month, the relations between Moscow and Tokyo reached a new height in its intensity due to the announcement of Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, that troops on Kuril Islands would be rearmed. In turn, the Japanese have been expressing their concern over the Russian military build-up in the east of the country, including on the Kuril Islands.

It must also be reminded that Russia has agreed to participate in naval military drills along with its Asia Pacific allies in the disputed South China Sea in May 2016.

In addition to that, China is making plans for a massive military parade to be held in September to celebrate victory over Japanese forces as well as the victory over the Axis powers in World War II, while Russia has also agreed to take part. It would be an exchange of courtesies, as China participated in Moscow’s Red Square Victory Parade back in May.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Remember folks the reporters in the field have ONE OBJECTIVE in a COMPOUND PROCESS, as expressed by CNN:
    “SELL NEWSPAPERS, by being the FIRST TO REPORT the “event.” CNN has a HISTORY of NOT caring about ACCURACY, AND VERACITY. This bunch of blabber mouths are as bad as POLITICIANS; just blowing HOT AIR and not even turning a FAN BLADE!!!!!!!!
    CNN and FOX BOTH beat a news item to death, and are MOST dismayed when they have NOTHING NEW top talk about.
    As for China and Russia, currently it is a marriage of necessity, especially for Russia.
    Russia has to act-out its inferiority complex, as its economy is in the commode, the ruble is hardly a currency one would trade in, sanctions over Ukraine, and its inability to ship due to ice-bound ports for about half the year.
    Russia exists in this form due to China’s help. China facilitates shipping of Russian goods.
    Militarily, Russia has a big nuke arsenal, but also has problems with its navy’s operational state, and parity with other major navies. Problem is Russia wants to be one of the “big boys,” but just doesn’t have all the ingredients, as of now.
    The US has been on some borrowed time. However, that country DOES have to start getting people back to work, and SOON. The politicos need your TAX RECEIPTS.

  2. chruda,

    You are clearly another Chinese troll, and I am afraid that you are the monkey in this case. I receive geopolitical reports from, a global intelligence firm with an international reputation. The information was paraphrased from one of their reports. The information and analysts on the oil was from a Citigroup report as reported by Bloomberg. You Chinese trolls really are pathetic.

  3. Monkeys can put on human cloths and imitate human speech. But they are still monkeys. This authors appears to know something but it does not take long to realize he is full of BS.

  4. Yes, somebody is always “worried” or “warning” someone else. I read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” once when I was a youngster, so this is what I expect from a splendidly educated woman who needs a job to support her aging parents.

  5. Cub reporter Polina Tikhonova appears to be just filling white space, nothing of substance here. USA is worried. Russia is worried. China is worried. Japan is worried. Same ole, same ole mindless drivel we see every day from this rag. Boring.

  6. Alina: Yes, you DO have a point. PART of that status is achieved by OUR desire to ease our PHYSICAL effort, yet EXCEED the performance of the previous mechanization device, be it horse power, water wheel, or even a steam engine.
    YES, we HAVE become obese, in part DUE TO better medicine, BUT, our various chemical combinations ALSO mingle and produce action / re-actions we do NOT intend. The medicine ACTOS results for MANY people in WEIGHT GAIN, a/o swollen joints. I know, as my wrists swelled up, and I discontinued Actos, 20 YEARS AGO. But the enlarged wrist joints have NOT totally disappeared. Still a slight lump, but N-T-L, EVIDENCE of the negative effect of a prescription medicine.
    You can also throw it the environmental pollution, and we have another causation of our present condition. Again, due to CHEMICAL mixing, and sequential reactions.
    Another reason is OUR dependence upon TECHNOLOGY to solve all our problems. No such luck. Sometimes, the results are NOT so complimentary. Technology may solve some problems, BUT we merely SUBSTITUITE one problem for another. Add STRESS to the list ,and a load of health problems.
    Ultimately, for the USA, the choices are very limited against an inferior opponent. A third-rater can be dispatched with over-kill. But is it the RIGHT choice? And then we have world opinion which the USA is abnormally concerned with. David vs. Goliath. This time, Goliath wins.
    So, YES!! Obesity is a handicap, but so is lack of wage-earning work on a steady basis.
    David C.: Your info is quite correct as to what I have read in reports on many such topics.
    Basically, we have the “Old Guard,” in passing, It does NOT WANT to disappear, but it ALSO does NOT want to have its legacy disappear, or be REPUTIATED and denied.
    What has to be understood is that in RUSSIA in 1917, you had a corrupt imperial administration, defeated in battle, and forced out of a war for the SECOND TIME in less than 20 years. The SERFS had had enough, and wanted CHANGE. The OCTOBER 1917 revolution made significant changes, but NOT in the ruling hierarchy; still imperial. However, the BOLSHEVIC Revolution scrapes all the old regime away, and enforces the communistic method on ALL the population. NOT without misery, but NOT ACCEPTED, either.
    The problem was that COMMUNISM as a LIVING society is successful in only TWO instances of human existence: A MONASTERY and a NUNNERY, IF these are ROMAN CATHOLIC. Yes, there ARE some very successful ORTHODOX monastic communities, BUT, by an large, the more successful are Roman Catholic. Reason? NO GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE.
    Why? Because the occupants throw off the normal human urges VOLUNTARILY. This escaped Lenin and Mao. Humanity is NOT built that way.
    However, for China and Russia, PLUS the ruling hierarchies of the globe, the “Old Guard” has NOTHING USEFUL to offer. This is very true for PARENTS in raising their children in this time frame. What USED to be sound advice, based on PROVEN principles of the PAST, no longer apply in the same fashion. If one tries to pay their bills on time, the banks want to PENALIZE this dedication by an EARLY PAYMENT FEE. The BANKS are promoting INDEBTEDNESS by destroying the INCENTIVE to be an honourable debtor, yet, we encourage a high CREDIT CARD RATING that means NOTHING to the banks when granting a loan.
    For Russia and China, the yielding to even LIMITED CAPITALISM has brought some prosperity, but also ENORMOUS HEADACHES, such as UNEMPLOYMENT. The old party stalwarts have nothing to offer here. The YOUNG, have NO LIFE EXPERIENCE, and no past from which to draw inspiration. The YOUNG want to make their mark on their national society, NOW.
    For the US, we have the SAME situation. Right now, we have the blind-leading-the-blind. Stubbing one’s toes, however, is NOT escapable. It means the REACTION has to be withheld until the APPROPRIATE expression can be made. Thoughtless reaction is an easy way to war. The old niceties are gone. Who ever shoots firstist with the mostest, will win. However, what WILL BE the prize?

  7. Polina, why are Russians so stupid?
    Do you remember Tsushima?

    There are 1.35 billion Chinese and 140 million Chinese sharing a common border of 2500 miles. Vast Siberia is resource rich and sparsely populated. China is bursting at the seams.
    Who is Russia, biggest potential land grabber?

    Why is Putin so stupid? Does he want to learn to speak Chinese that badly?

  8. America reminds me of Ford and Detroit. Their time is gone. Their big cities, first became Black and now Hispanic. It did not stop them from becoming slum eyesores

  9. “The US navy is larger then all the worlds navy’s put together.” And now it is even stronger, being full of honeymooning gays.

  10. Both China and Russia are in serious trouble despite the show of force. Last week, Chinese media issued, at Party leaderships order, that former and retired Party members must stay out of politics and not use their networks or prestige. As with all actions, this order was taken for a reason. The Chinese Party controls the country and all that happens within it and it is riddled with corruption. Worse the governing and economic model established by Deng Xiaoping in the early 1980’s no longer works. China has made its internal mismanagement problem worse by engaging in international military forays such as this, which brings additional pressure on it to not back down even when prudence and flexibility demand that it do so. Party micromanagement and intervention has allowed the Chinese economy to grow in an unhealthy manner. Xi is now in crisis management mode. The threats to his leadership are real. Hence the announcement for former and retired Party members to stay out of politics. For the Party to survive, China must liberalize its economic model and currency but that also places the Party in danger from internal threats so it has cracked down on the media, the free flow of information, social freedoms, and Party members to prevent what happened in the former Soviet Union. It is a dangerous dance. Make no mistake China is in a dangerous transitory period right now. All is not well.

    Russia is sick as well. It is in full blown recession, and oil prices, upon which Russia depends for its lifeblood, will not recover in the foreseeable future. How do we know this? OPEC did away with individual state quotas and went to an OPEC wide target. This allowed Saudi Arabia to take Iran’s market share, which was hampered by the sanctions. OPEC is already pumping 2 million barrels a day over its 30 million barrels per day quota. When the sanctions come off Iran’s oil their oil will flood the market. Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members have already said they won’t slow down pumping. So oil will start heading south and quick. It is reasonable to expect to see $20 oil again. In short, the Russian economy, which has kept Putin in power, will implode. You are already starting to see Putin cronies start to turn on him and go away. So Russia and China can show international force all they want, but their continual confrontation is costing them big time. In the end, it may cost them all.

  11. The obese americans will crumble under the might of Russia and China,3 quarters of their population is so fat they can even wage war with a third wold country

  12. Perhaps the authoress can get to restore this YAHOO-POSTED news item as I feel that it IS very important in rebutting your article It appeared o/a 02-15-2015; tried re-activating such link, not available.

    However, the base line is: China IS Russia’s “800lbs. “gorilla” that happens to be Russia’s next-door NEIGHBOUR. It is ALSO the #2 economy in the world, and can NOT satisfy what consumer demands are occurring in China, at present.

    Granted China IS a “BIG boy;” and wants to be RECOGNIZED AS such. Russia, however, has ambitions of REMAINING as the CHIEF / SENIOR partner in this alliance. But, let us look at the population facts, and draw ONE major conclusion. China has about 1.5 BILLION FUNCTIONING BODIES, at present. Russia has CONSIDERABLY LESS; about 150 MILLION. Militarily that is a 10:1 kill ratio in active combat. AIN’T gonna happen.

    Russia has 40 MILLION living in Siberia China WITH Mongolia has 1. 503 BILLION. China has also made utterances of developing Siberia through establishing private companies of many types, and BRINGING their OWN PEOPLE with the business. Mr. Putin has a BIG headache, here.

    Militarily, Russia may NOT necessarily count on its Central Asian Republics to chip in manpower to the old Soviet Union quantities. China is TOO close to NOT factor in a massive occupation manoeuvre that deprives Russia of such benefit.

    Also, China has SUCCESSFULLY closed the gap in terms of NUCLEAR PARITY. NOT necessarily to the point of QUANTITY, but as to having hardware that CAN DELIVER enough nuke power to make Russia tread VERY CAREFULLY as to policy-making.

    As to the co-operation of naval operations, Russia may have some edges, but NOT the ability to produce such hardware., is a report that DOES pique Chinese interests as INDIA will press for some sort of “special equipment addition” to have an edge over CHINESE subs of the same class. Russia SELL such items to BOTH nations.
    Each country will take what it can get from the Russian design, and adapt the equipment to fit THEIR concepts of what the hardware SHOULD DO and be CAPABLE OF.
    As to the USA, and potentially, JAPAN, The US has to be able to field a MUCH STRONGER Pacific presence, and be in a position to operate REMOTELY for an EXTENDED period of time. Forward bases are always nice, BUT, how close top the enemy? Will the host nation crumble and side with the adversary? What is the BACK-UP plan IF such scenarios take place?
    Also what steps is the USA taking to SEE TO IT that the NAVY has enough personnel and HARDWARE to do the job? Regardless of what “pabulum” is being fed by the un-responsible Press, the US economy is NOT doing THAT well. We just do NOT have the BREADTH and DEPTH of manufacturing we had when Franklin Roosevelt occupied the White House. Many of our component parts used in defense equipment are made OUTSIDE the US. We have just TOO many young men of military age “standing on street corners.” The LESSON is to be found in the OCTOBER REVOLUTION of 1917 in RUSSIA. Too MANY unemployed MEN, MOST of which were VETERANS from the war front; NOT having civilian jobs to go TO. Idle men breed REVOLUTIONS. Sociology 101. Yet, our LEADERS do NOT LISTEN!!! Nor, do they ACT!!!
    It is high time that the USA take stock of what its “JOB” IS, and to do what is necessary TO perform, and be SUCCESSFUL in DOING its “job.”

  13. I do not believe we would have to put any more sanctions on Russia they are very close to going into a depression, their country can no longer afford much of a war and their navy is in pretty poor shape. The US navy is larger then all the worlds navy’s put together.

  14. People it is not China or Russia we need to worry about, If worried about war at all, Need to worry about the Muslim extremists that hide like rats and have access to enriched plutonium, Such as Iran. If they acquire the bomb they will use it. And just maybe after they use one will hold another against us as we did to Japan, Surrender or else, Who knows they mite be here already building a few in a garage or a warehouse somewhere.

  15. I left the door open for you to add something meaningful from your own experiences. Instead, you revealed yourself to be exactly what I suspected from the very beginning: An uneducated troll trying to sound big by bringing up subjects (i.e. Russian anti-ship missiles, modern Naval strategy) that you know absolutely NOTHING about.
    And in defeat, you resort to cursing. A smoke screen to throw up to hide behind while you run home with your tail between your legs.

  16. I left the door open for you to add something meaningful from your own experiences. Instead, you revealed yourself to be exactly what I suspected from the very beginning: An uneducated troll trying to sound big by bringing up subjects (i.e. Russian anti-ship missiles, modern Naval strategy) that you know absolutely NOTHING about.
    And in defeat, you resort to cursing. A smoke screen to throw up to hide behind while you run home with your tail between your legs. Resorting to cursing means I win. Go home, troll. By the way, the proper spelling is with a “u” and a “c”.

  17. I left the door open for you to add something meaningful from your own experiences. Instead, you revealed yourself to be exactly what I suspected from the very beginning: An uneducated troll trying to sound big by bringing up subjects (i.e. Russian anti-ship missiles, modern Naval strategy) that you know absolutely NOTHING about.
    And in defeat, you resort to cursing. A smoke screen to throw up to hide behind while you run home with your tail between your legs. By the way, were you being polite, or do you need to be told that the proper spelling is “f “?

  18. I win! I finally beat a Russian troll at his own game. You can’t find a civilized answer to a well phrased comment, so you launch a mindless attack. I WIN!!

  19. You searched it? Well.. good for you.. I mentioned wiki because this is normally 1st thing that pops up on google. Not sure why sarcasm.. I guess sarcasm helps you sound superior. Yes there are 3 kinds.. Not sure why I want to discuss that with you.. Not the topic I am looking for… If you do not wanna reading about something new you can fok off.

  20. Russia and china economy depend on US and the Free World consumers, if put sanction on both Russia and china, they will collapse any time soon. Without Russia and china products the SUN is STILL RISING.

  21. we Definitely need to watch out for a sneak attack from russia and china remember the movie RED DAWN it could HAPPEN. and i don’t trust neither Country.

  22. And yes, I have been stationed aboard a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier _the USS Eisenhower_ and I am trained in battle damage control and weapons handling. I could go into detail but the videos you can find on Youtube are pretty accurate, though they can never portray the sheer desire to just be back home with your family when you are out at sea on extended deployments.
    Do you have any relevant military experience to share? Or are you a lounge chair Admiral?

  23. Actually, I read “Defense Trends”, and “Aviation Week and Space Technology.” These are actual printed publications… like books and magazines. Maybe YOU get your information from Wikipedia. By the way, you got me to searching online, and there some fascinating videos on the performance of the Klub and other underpowered Russian missiles. There are numerous articles on your 3M-54 you’re so proud of. There are also three other variants you seem to be unaware of, and every listing of the missile’s vital statistics is slightly different, depending on which website you look at.
    Any medium range anti-aircraft missile would bring down your Klub before the terminal phase. It may be a low flying skimmer, but there is a capability called “look down/shoot down”.

  24. If there is a war in the future in that area it will be between china and Russia Both countries are in a expansionist mode and with russias resources and chinas need for them and their common and historic borders. Two pitbulls in a backyard will fight it out sooner or later since neither really trusts the other. Rusia also will face a threat from the Islamic unrest on its borders and its own ethnic problems. It would seem the U.S. is trying to pick a fight. in a new neighborhood.

  25. Did you have to give me details? I mean this is why I mentioned 3M-54 Klub.. because it could do all this damage.. and this missile cost close to nothing when you take into considering the price for career.

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  27. Be awake DerpDerpDerp,many have likened Putin with Adolf Hitler,including Hilary Clinton.You all are wrong in your assumptions.Hitler took the whole world unaware,then technology was poor while communication was slow.The USA have to admit that a lot have changed over the years as Great Britain admitted her rise as Super Power to dominate nations.Rusia is no doubt a super power and obviously every body is aware that China has far overtaken the US in many areas of development.As the saying goes,on quote“If you want it all you may end up loosing all“on quote.The US knows the consequences of a 3rd world war.The US should be mindful about the way she handles her external policies.In Ukraine,for example,a Democratically elected Government was toppled because The US & her NATO allies want a President that switches allegiance to them.Obviously Putin would not sit by to be belittled.China on the other hand interfered in non of the international aggressions the US conducted through out.Now if China saw the bug that disturbs her is the same that disturbs Rusia,obviously they shall join efforts to stand firm on their rights as Super powers armed with all sort of lethal wapons as the US is.What is good for the goose is good for the gander as well.Let the Super powers exercise restrain & the US back out of it`s international political behavior. It`s over USA,you can no more claim to be the master of this planet earth.Try and reconcile with your partners to save our world.

  28. I guess we will have to wait and see. The US is spread out, but we have like ten Russian navies. so. Also, people are thinking like it’s a video game. When your weapons level cities from miles and miles off the coasts, you have to spread out.

    Wouldn’t one nike to wipe out half your fleet, now would you? You don’t group modern navies in to sloppy clumps. Why would you? It’s just more losses in one event.

    No, I’d have to say Russia and China are not masters of the ocean. Especially since US is far from alone in those waters.

    You guys are sounding about as Stupid as Hitler did. Don’t bite this cookie. Don’t poke the dragon… And no, China is no dragon. It lost any cool title when they decided to murder 60 million of their weakest people.

  29. Definitely its not US, spread too much over 187 counties in the world. Its got them broke. There is a new boy on the block (or I should say – boys). Time to go, Yankees!!!

  30. Did I fail to mention the Falklands War in 1982, and French involvement in Indo-China that eventually descended into the Vietnam War? The list goes on.

  31. (Disclaimer: I am aware that the majority of Europeans and their overall intelligence are not represented by the writer of the comment to which I am responding.)

    I’m not sure which is more breath taking: Your patronizing attitude or your lack of knowledge of European history.

    How old are you, anyway? Is your knowledge of your own history limited to what you read on social media? You call me a “typical American”? Coming from a limited point of view as yours, I wear that badge with honor.

    I did humanitarian work in Slovenia (part of former-Yugoslavia) in 1994. I saw what Europeans can do to each other during war. Shall we talk about the decades that led up to World War One? It took nearly three years for you people to drag the US into the conflict. How about World War Two? It was 829 days from the beginning of the war, when one European country _Germany_ invaded another European country _Poland_ until the US was drawn into ANOTHER European war. And then only because Germany declared war on the US.

    Ancient history, you say? Let’s talk about the Suez Crisis of 1956, which involved a land invasion of Egyptian territory by Britain and France. No involvement by the US in that one. The Cold War wasn’t just an American playground, either. And let’s not forget that crown jewel of European warfare, Yugoslavia beteeen 1991 and 1995. The US was there to help you people with it because treaties we had signed said we had to.

    Shall we talk about the current sabre-rattling by Russia? Yes, they are part of Europe, whether you like it or not.

    Why do Europeans need to fight? I don’t really know. You will have to ask them yourself. I’d love to live in the goody gumdrop world you are currently residing in. However, the real world is waiting for us every day. I have a suggestion for you: Put your video games away. Log off of Facebook or whatever other sites you spend your time on. Go to a library and read some books on history. YOUR history.

  32. Polina, you offer nothing new in your, “Funny paper comic”. You claim Japan will be hurt by Chi-comms & Russians joining for some naval exercises. That is not possible. Japan will increase in knowledge of how different and difficult these two navies don’t operate together.
    Japan will increase its naval size, by adding more battleships, as you call fighting ships. They will rival some of the U.S. fighting ships with their modern electronics. That may be a mute issue, with the new electronics the Russians used on the American destroyer, in the Black Sea, this past May. Knocking out the Aegis electronic system, with one flyover the ship, then doing it 12 more times to scare the U.S. sailors, to request reassignment that second, off the ship.
    As for Obama Yo Mama’s new pivot action, he knows nothing about naval tactics, or any type of tactics, but being a thug for organized crime Daily Machine in Chicago. That is probably what this is. If so, it is to only do one thing, sink the U.S.Navy ships and kill our sailors.
    It is part of his plan to destroy this government. To punish the United States for its imperial actions since the U.S. won its independence.
    Obama Yo Mama is a proven traitor, having broken the oath of office, hundreds of times since taking it.
    Read all of the information Judicial Watch has uncovered about his , “Lack of following the Rule of Law, U. S. Constitution.” The Republicans have done ZIP to stop him and his, “Gang of Undemocratic leftist, from Chicago!” None of them have any morals.

  33. Yes. Russia and China must be really confident that carriers are useless. That’s why they (particularly China) are frantically trying to build up a fleet of carriers themselves. Sounds legit.

  34. Why do the Europeans need to fight? Your mindset needs a change. People CAN live without a war. I know it is hard to envision for a typical American. Try to think that as a possibility.

  35. The Japanese are concerned they may “miss the boat” regarding the Trans Siberian rail line linking China to Europe? I can’t imagine they would have much access to that, no matter what. There is no love lost between either country and Japan. But I suppose business does not necessarily follow politics.

  36. Germany stared war and lost big area to Poland Japan started the war they should be happy that they lost just Kuril Islands..

    “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

  37. Well of course it is Obama’s fault. Who else. ‘Lawrence of Arabia”? The rather poor showing of the Perseid Meteor Shower Wednesday night was Obama’s fault also

  38. Half of China’s sailors are non swimmers ..

    As for Russia, it must be so hard for Russians to pretend that they like the Chinese !

  39. i think she meant short range Corvettes and Frigate. Most of which could be hung from the cranes of a traditional battleship. About 50% of Russia’s navy is unseaworthy so it must have been a real struggle to cobble together enough of a fleet so as not to completely embarrass themselves in front of the newer and shinier Chinese navy.

    If you really want to enjoy the might of the Russian Navy watch this, watch towards the end of the recording for the funny bit. Sort of premature missile ejacultion:

    The only way that missile could have killed someone was if they happened to be underneath it in a small boat and it landed on their head. This recording as from 4 weeks ago in Sevastopol

  40. In answer to your question of whether the missile could sink a carrier… I assume you mean a modern US large fleet carrier of the “Nimitz” or “Ford” classes. Probably not, accept under extremely unlikely circumstances. Modern damage control, fire suppression and weapons handling are very good. However, the impact of the missile’s warhead (the 54 has a 450 pound warhead) would cause a huge mess under in any situation. Carrier operations would be badly affected any way you looked at it.

  41. The Author is a woman, don’t listen to her . She definitely don’t know anything about war or the balls it takes to build war machines , she probably Ukrainian. Typical woman, refused to stay in the kitchen and now trying to play men’s game.

  42. Exactly, thanks to Obama, now China and Russia is closer to each other than ever. This is what every american president had tried to avoid since Nixon/Kissinger, until a black president with zero strategy vision and he care about his legacy more than the interest of USA, interest of American people and everything else

  43. Which variant? The basic model, code named by NATO as “Sizzler”, can be launched about 200km from its target. That would put the sub, ship or plane that launched it well within the range of a US Navy Carrier battlegroup’s own missiles and aircraft. Other versions of the missile allow it to be launched from asfar as 600km. The missile’s ability to make a final supersonic “dash” to the target is a direct countermeasure to current close-in defensive systems, such as the CIWS “Vulcan-Phalanx”. However, newer laser-based systems that have been tested could easily erase any advantage that the final dash to the target may bring. Warfare is all about measure and countermeasure. The balance is always shifting between the attacker and the defender.

  44. Pretty whimpy display of force compared to most US-SE war games. Last time Russia sent its lone mini carrier on a war game exercise, it broke down.

  45. Does that mean that Europe is ready to fight her own conflicts for a change? Can the US stop wasting her people, money and time on you?

  46. Ms. Tikhonova, you may be fluent in English, but your command of Naval terminology needs some effort. Russia does not have any “battleships.” In fact, no country has had any since the last of the Iowa-class battleships was decommissioned by the United States in the early 1990’s. Do you mean destroyers and cruisers?

  47. Likely as not, Russia will pay China Rigs to explore for Crude Oil offshore of Kuril Islands; finding Crude Oil and pumping it out would prompt much more bitterness from Japan who produces no Crude Oil !

  48. the usa needs carriers ,china and russia don,t —-they are not war chasers like the usa –but they patrol interest in their neighbor hood

  49. It’s just a part of international political and military games. Nothing wrong. Nobody to blame. The same could be said about the currently ongoing much bigger U.S.-S. Korea military dills and the often held U.S. – allies military drills in S. China Sea and its vicinity.

  50. Aircraft carriers are a thing of the past and only USA needs them to further its imperialistic effort in Europe and Asia, countries far from continent America. Russia and China are part of the largest continent USA envies and they do not need aircraft carriers because their proximity is sufficient. Only USA is crazy about aircraft carriers that Russia and China can destroy with their missiles whenever war breaks out.

  51. Have Russia and Chine have any military bases on Pacific islands? None! Haw many drills USA and other allies conducted in Pacific comparing with Russia and China? So those who is yelling of Russia and China aggressiveness should shut up.

  52. I think that the writer and mag do not know the difference between battleships and other warships.
    I think that the last battleship was finished around 1948 and I am not sure if any are still able to operate.
    I think that the Us has one still on its roles which is the USS AZ.

  53. I didn’t know Russia had TWENTY Battleships! That’s amazing! I think twenty tugboats for the inevitable breakdown of Russian vessels would be advisable. Bon Voyage!

  54. No nation can threaten any because all nations come from God. Almighty Our God is near.No nation can attempt to destroys the Infinite creations.That being so,Putin will soon expire.Period!

  55. All these dramas are started with Obama failed foreign policies. In 2010, he started to withdrew its troops from Afghanistan and Iraq to fulfil his promise to end the war prior election. In order to station all these military personnels, he came up with an idea- pivoting to Asia. The move make the China government to reconsider its SCS strategic alignment. They found themselves vulnerable to the mighty U.S military presence, and decide to catch up its islands reclamation work in order to catch up with its other neighbor such as Vietnam. All these foreign policies are widely be seen by most strategic analysts as failure because it has created a power vacuum in middle east and giving room for the growth of terrorist groups such as Isis to regain the territory; at the same time also created instability in SCS.

  56. Nah… The Chinese people will not allow any leaders in any political system to use the power to nominate any where except protecting her homeland include islands , because the Chinese knew the pain to be dominated or victim colonists , Chinese like peace, long live have prosper and the Chinese are the only human who has and worship the ” God money” !

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