BlackBerry Users, Come Back To Us: T-Mobile

BlackBerry Users, Come Back To Us: T-Mobile
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BlackBerry users are being targeted by T-Mobile, which wants them to come back to its network. To accomplish this, the carrier is running a new campaign in the U.S. called “Bring Your BlackBerry To T-Mobile.”

BlackBerry and T-Mobile friends now

The relationship between BlackBerry and T-Mobile is not a very healthy one, but both are working towards improving their relationship by putting their differences aside. BlackBerry and T-Mobile entered into a dispute last year, but now with the campaign from T-Mobile in BlackBerry’s favor, it seems to be resolved. In February 2014, T-Mobile ran a campaign in which it encouraged BlackBerry users to replace their devices with iPhones. As was expected, this infuriated BlackBerry.

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Two months later, BlackBerry made an official announcement severing business ties with T-Mobile, saying that its strategies were no longer “complementary” but hinting that in the future if their strategies aligned, they could collaborate again.

The renewal of their partnership in the U.S. is one way in which the two companies have realigned their strategies. The new marketing campaign from T-Mobile is the latest evidence of their rekindled partnership. Now that the two companies are on good terms with each other, the Un-carrier wants all BlackBerry users to know that they can now rejoin the network.

T-Mobile promises fastest 4G LTE

T-Mobile’s new campaign is attracting BlackBerry users by promising them a lot of benefits. “A simple switch of your SIM card could get you on the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network,” states T-Mobile.

The carrier has mentioned in fin print the prerequisites for getting a BlackBerry device onto its network has been mentioned, but they are nothing more than the standard requirements for joining a carrier with a device of a customer’s choice. To be specific, interested BlackBerry users are required to choose a plan and get a T-Mobile 3-in-1 SIM pack, and an unlocked BlackBerry device compatible with the T-Mobile network. For enjoying the 4G LTE speeds offered by T-Mobile, users need to have a smartphone that is 4G capable.

BlackBerry is expected to introduce a new smartphone soon with 4G capabilities that runs on the Android OS, and now there are good chances that it will be available on T-Mobile’s network.

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