Become Your Favorite Character With The 3D Systems Photobooth

3D Systems has unveiled its next generation 3DMe Photobooth, which transfers your face onto a 3D printed figure.

The new version of the 3D printing photobooth offers a better user experience designed at the retail floor and event spaces, and are now available for companies to order. A new user interface offers easier point-of-sale, easier user experience and detailed revenue reporting, writes Eddie Krassenstein for

Become Your Favorite Character With The 3D Systems Photobooth

3D Systems chief hails next generation Photobooth

“We’re excited for the new opportunities that 3D Systems 3DMe Photobooth brings to retail and event spaces for increased foot traffic, recurring revenue, and for the joy it brings users,” explained Peter Theran, Vice President of Global Consumer Products at 3D Systems.

The machines are popular with users, and the new generation offers improvements for business people as well. “3DMe Photobooth is always hugely popular with consumers, and now it’s easier for owners, too. It’s a win for everyone,” Theran continued.

After snapping a picture of the user’s face, the machine imports that face onto the body of one of a number of branded characters. Among their number are figures from “The Walking Dead”, “Ghostbusters”, “Star Trek” and others.

The machine then offers the option of animating the character on screen, sharing their figure on social media or ordering a 3D printed model. Vendors can drive revenue and attract more customers to retail locations using the machines, which offer direct payment via credit billing.

Drive revenue in your business with the 3D Systems 3DMe Photobooth

The system is a real novelty for consumers, and consistently attract crowds at trade shows. Vendors would have to choose their locations carefully in order to maximize profit, and the machines may prove most popular in areas popular with sci-fi and comics fans, such as cinemas or toy shops.

Krassenstein believes that the machines “could be quite the revenue generator for small to large businesses,” but the market for personalized 3D printed figurines would appear to be quite small.

3D printing technology has struggled to find a market since bursting onto the scene a few years ago. Despite consistently being billed as a truly disruptive technology, problems with quality have held 3D printing back from fulfilling its true potential.