Bangkok Hit By Massive Explosion


A dramatic video shows the moments right before and right after the explosion.

It’s likely the shrine where the explosion happened was filled with people at the time of the explosion. One Twitter user posted a photo of the area around the shrine, saying that he had just prayed there hours before the blast.

There are reports that officials found another live bomb at the scene of the explosion in Bangkok.

Bangkok Police are now saying that the explosion could have been caused by a motorcycle bomb, reports the BBC. This is in line with the photo (posted below) of destroyed motorcycles, which is circulating around Twitter. An image from surveillance cameras in the area of the Bangkok explosion may have caught the moment of the blast. This image has not been verified but is making the rounds of Twitter.

Police have set up a perimeter around the area of the explosion. Authorities have briefed Thailand’s prime minster on the situation. Local media are tweeting photos of motorbikes which have been destroyed from the scene of the explosion in Bangkok. There’s no word on whether the motorbikes were used to deliver the bomb or if they were involved in any way.


According to the BBC, many of those injured in the Bangkok explosion are missing limbs. A BBC reporter at the scene said there were body parts everywhere. Erawan Shrine, where the blast occurred, is located next to a five-star hotel located in the central part of Bangkok in a busy intersection. Those who were in the vicinity of the shrine were hit by the full force of the explosion.

Bangkok is in chaos following a blast that took at least 12 lives and injured at least 20 other people. RT cites police and rescue workers for those numbers and reports that the national chief in Thailand confirmed that the explosion was due to a bomb. Authorities in Bangkok are trying to determine what kind of bomb it was. The blast happened near Erawan Shrine, which is a popular tourist attraction.

According to the BBC, many of those injured in the explosion are missing limbs.

Bangkok Hit By Massive Explosion