Apple TV’s Newer Version May Cost Around $200 [REPORT]

Apple has plans to release a new version of the Apple TV that is expected to be priced at $200 or $150 and will be released by October, according to 9to5Mac. Both prices are higher than that of the existing streaming box.

Apple TV's Newer Version May Cost Around $200 [REPORT]

Apple to introduce gaming

On September 9, Apple will hold a grand press event in San Francisco, and at this event, the company is expected to unveil the new streaming box. A number of reports claim the new version of the Apple TV will come with more powerful hardware and a remote control with a completely new look. The device will also have an app store just like the iPhone and iPad with publishers reportedly being able to offer more services on it.

The new Apple TV box will reportedly be optimized for gaming, according to several reports. The remote control is expected to make use of a gyroscope with the help of which interactions of a more complex nature can be easily made with video games, according to a report from TechCrunch last week. The device can also be directly controlled by voice as it will come tightly integrated with Siri, 9to5Mac informed fans.

According to TechCrunch, the remote will come with motion sensors similar to those in the controller of Nintendo’s Wii video game console. It will be bigger and thicker than the current remote and feature physical buttons. There will be a touch pad at the top and a microphone for issuing voice commands through Siri. TV shows, movies and podcasts are currently hosted by the set-top box, and after the introduction of games, it will come be on par with rival devices like Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV.

No streaming service for now

Apple’s rumored TV streaming service won’t be found on either of the two models, says 9to5Mac. The competitor to the cable bundle was to be launched this fall, as per earlier plans, but has now been postponed. Apple’s TV service will reportedly become available on both devices some time in 2016, said 9to5Mac on Sunday.

The higher price of the new Apple TV seems justified as it is offering many new features and services in comparison to the existing streaming box, which the company might choose to keep as an entry-level model. This existing device is priced at just $69 and may not have any new features or access to the upcoming app store as on the new version.

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