Android Pay May Launch In The U.S. This Week

Android Pay May Launch In The U.S. This Week

A new leak from fast food restaurant McDonald’s suggests Android Pay may roll out on Aug. 26. The leak comes in the form of a document uncovered by Android Police. The document seems to inform McDonald’s employees on how to accept Android Pay transactions. One McDonald’s employee also posted a similar document on social website Reddit.

Android Pay, Samsung Pay expected to arrive soon

One of the documents also mentioned that Samsung Pay will arrive on Aug. 21, but that document is either old or incorrect because the South Korean tech giant recently confirmed that its mobile payment system would arrive on Sept. 28. That said, Samsung will kick off a limited public beta for Samsung Pay on Aug. 25, so it is likely the fast food giant is preparing for the update just in case a trial user stops by the restaurant. There is no official release date for Android Pay, but Google claimed it would arrive with the Marshmallow version of Android.

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Google to replace Wallet with Android Pay

Android Pay was unveiled during this year’s Google I/O event. The open-system platform uses NFC to make financial transactions safer and more secure. It was designed to replace the current Google Wallet system. Android Pay will support most major credit cards: American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa. It will also be accepted by many major retailers and websites, including Aeropostale, Babies R Us/Toys R Us, Bloomingdale’s, Etsy, GameStop, Walgreens, and Uber, among others. The new service will work exclusively with Android 4.4 or later.

Google said the new system is centered on Simplicity, Security and Choice. The system works like most other NFC-based payment systems. Just select the registered card you want to use and hold the phone to the terminal where the charge is processed and the digital receipt is stored.

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