An Alternative To High Brokerage Costs

An Alternative To High Brokerage Costs

An Alternative To High Brokerage Costs by Ben Reynolds, Sure Dividend

As Sure Dividend reader you know that I advocate investing in high quality dividend growth stocks to build wealth over the long term.

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Simply put, I believe this is the best investment method for individual investors.  It’s also the way I personally invest.

Many of you already use direct reinvestment plans (DRIPs) to build up large positions in your favorite holdings.

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If you have not yet opened a DRIP account to invest directly in your own name on the books of the company instead of going through a broker, I’d like to introduce you to the Temper Enrollment Service. It makes it easy and convenient to become enrolled in a plan. In fact, you can order enrollment in up to 15 different companies on any one form. You can find information about that service at the Website and I am providing a link below to the enrollment order form.

Temper Enrollment Service is offering a portfolio of no-fee DRIPs on a “Special Offer” basis. They have selected a group of no-fee DRIPs that you can enroll in for a very much reduced service fee.

There’s a catch though. The offer is only good if they receive your order before the end of the month. For that reason, your order should be postmarked by the 27th  of August. For investors looking to reduce brokerage fees (and that should be everyone), DRIPs are certainly worth your time to look into.  The list of companies on the Temper Enrollment Form includes many excellent companies that would be appropriate for long-term accumulation. There’s also a link to the online order form that can be used at any time to enroll in any company offered by the Enrollment Service.

Click this link to see the Special Enrollment Order Form and the companies available on that form.


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Sure Dividend is designed specifically to simplify the process of investing in high quality businesses with shareholder friendly managements for individual investors. Sure Dividend takes a quantitative approach to this task, while providing qualitative analysis backed up by fundamentals. The Sure Dividend approach uses The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing to simplify the process of investing in high quality dividend growth stocks.
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